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The whole year there has been persistent talk from informed sources declaring,"Hillary will be arrested."  The date I was given swore this would before Easter over the email server scandal. Later high level sources stated Obama would remain in power and another source swore Micky,umm,Michelle would somehow take over from Obama. The common thread in all these reports is that Hillary doesn't feature.
 She knowingly sent classified documents over an unsecured server and when caught clumsily attempted to delete them. This was an effort by the America first faction in the intel and armed forces community to finally retake America from the Zio elite who were pushing for Hillary Clinton.
On all fronts its bad news for the Zio Elite. Peace has been made with Iran,there's stalemate and imminent defeat in Syria while the Saudi invasion has produced the predicted Yemeni backlash. Yemeni forces are now active in all border regions. They tried to bribe Putin to fight on their behalf early this year once knowledge of their desperate strategic plight sunk in promising control of the global oil market-he said nyet.

America First Faction managed to take control of the White house reversing  Zionist wishes of war in Syria in 2013 and climbed down from the 3 decade long Iran threat posture with a peace deal last year and are now actively seeking peace in Syria.
The man they've chosen to front them is Donald Drumpf,bka Trump,an Irish-German immigrant,with very real connection to crime and occult societies;of which more later.

While Hillary's rampant lesbianism,or rather carnivorous carpet munching is well known;even Bill admits she's had more women than he ,her Secret Service bodyguards have seem her cavortings with Crypto Zionist Saudi intel agent Huma Abedin aren't  a secret and a mind controlled sex slave swears she had sex with Hillary in the eighties.
Hillary, I brought you something you’ll really enjoy. Kind of an unexpected surprise. Bill ordered her out of the meeting and I took her to my bedroom and made an interesting discovery. She is literally a two faced (referring to my vaginal mutilation carving) bitch.’‘Hmm?’ Hillary opened her eyes and sleepily roused herself. ‘Show me’. Hall’s wife ordered me to take my clothes off while Hillary watched. ‘Is she clean?’ Hillary asked, meaning disease free.
‘Of course, she’s Byrd’s’, [Hall’s wife] responded, continuing the conversation as though I were not there. ‘Plus, I heard Houston say something about her being a Presidential Model, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean’.
‘It means she’s clean’, Hillary said matter-of-factly as she stood up.
I was not capable of giving thought to such things back then, but I am aware in retrospect that all Presidential Model slaves I knew seemed to have an immunity to social diseases. It was a well known fact in the circles I was sexually passed around in that government level mind-controlled sex slaves were ‘clean’ to the degree that none of my abusers took precautions such as wearing condoms.
Hall’s wife patted the bed and instructed me to display the mutilation. Hillary exclaimed, ‘God!’ and immediately began performing oral sex on me. Apparently aroused by the carving in my vagina, Hillary stood up and quickly peeled out of her matronly nylon panties and pantyhose. Uninhibited despite a long day in the hot sun, she gasped, ‘Eat me, oh, god, eat me now’. I had no choice but to comply with her orders, and Bill Hall’s wife made no move to join me in my distasteful task. Hillary had resumed examining my hideous mutilation and performing oral sex on me when Bill Clinton walked in. Hillary lifted her head to ask, ‘How’d it go?’
Clinton appeared totally unaffected by what he walked into, tossed his jacket on a chair and said, ‘It’s official. I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed.’

There's more-unbelievably more to anyone who still believes in MSM koolaid.
She was reported by ABC to have died in hospital on the 11th after her 'pneumonia episode'.

ABC7 Joe Torres made the announcement. as a rumour.

Almost immediately the info was erased from the web. We were told she had lunch at her daughters but her handlers made a major boo boo. They not only changed her jacket but had her lose at least 20 pounds!

If you still doubt,fine. That's her standard,umm,'matronly' figure.

Incidentally this isn't the first report of Hillary's death. In 2012 the Iranians said she was and her bodyguard died on a secret mission to Iran when their C122 Huron crashed in Ahvaz airoport.

The Russians say she survived the crash at the airport where Ahmedinahjad had just landed. What's also fact is that the MSM at this time reported her suffering stomach flu and concussion.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will return to work next week after a nasty bout with stomach flu and a concussion sidelined her for three weeks.
"The Secretary continues to recuperate at home. She had long planned to take this holiday week off, so she had no work schedule," her spokesman, Deputy Assistant Secretary Philippe Reines said in a statement. "She looks forward to getting back to the office next week and resuming her schedule."

Here is one of the hacked email leaks the America First Faction is using to stop her. She admits worshipping Moloch. 

Moloch isn't your friendly smiling anthropomorphic smiling old kindly faced white man in the sky. He was the earliest god of the Original Black Isrealites,to whom they occasionally sacrificed their own kids and animals by burning.

Though this illustration has the usual fake Caucasoid Israelites shown in the MSM,the practice was very very real. To this day their descendants,or those who claim descent practice ritual animal and child sacrifice. Moloch and Baal are considered by some to be not interchangeable terms but the same deity.

This is a 2500 tear old Carthaginian tophet,which in ancient Hebrew means place of burning. Near present day Tunis in Tunisia,it was the homeland of the Carthaginians aka,the Phoenicians/Canaanites/Original Black Israelites.

Buried beneath the tophet are charred infant bones-hundreds of such burials have been found. Yes,this is wikipedia but its a true explanation of early Carthaginian/Phoenician/Canaanite/Israelite child sacrifice:

According to Stager and Wolff, in 1984, there was a consensus among scholars that Carthaginian children were sacrificed by their parents, who would make a vow to kill the next child if the gods would grant them a favor: for instance that their shipment of goods were to arrive safely in a foreign port.[22] They placed their children alive in the arms of a bronze statue of:

Later commentators have compared the accounts of child sacrifice in the Old Testament with similar ones from Greek and Latin sources speaking of the offering of children by fire as sacrifices in the Punic city of Carthage, which was a Phoenician colony. Cleitarchus in his "Scholia" of Plato's Republic mentions the practice:
This reference also seems to clarify that the statue itself was not made to move by the flames, but rather the burnt and shriveled body of the victim was contorted by them.
Diodorus Siculus too references this practice:

At 20 mns her arm then whole figure vanishes. Obviously she's been edited into the picture,by a process called greenscreening which allows superimposition of videos or stills onto a background.

Lady Gaga's 2009 video Bad Romance revealed the secret human cloning technology used by the Illuminati. At the beginning you see the pods used to gestate the human clones. As the clones are revealed they make disjointed gestures unaware of how limbs work. That Dear Reader is true technology used by the Global Elites-the video only held back from showing the holographic light tech used to download mental info ,computers and cable connections.

Clones gestation chamber
Hillary miraculously managed to bilocate during her 2008 campaign, She was seen in Iowa and N Hampshire at the same time. Her handlers somehow dropped the ball and showed noticeably different clones.

She has no moles.

Notice the 2 moles above and below the right side of her mouth.

There's worse much worse from her hacked emails. A series of messages between her and John Podesta,chairman of her campaign revealed a familiar demonic practice hidden behind innocuous codewords.

Clones have the dna of their creator but aren't fully human,lacking the human essence of a soul. The clone can be programmed to mimic our behaviour and universal mores but nothing more. The manufacture and/or downloading of a human soul has completely eluded the best Illuminati efforts.
On average they live at most a month before termination and replacement.

That her handlers are determined to continue the Hillary drama shows the desperation. Its no surprise giant shredders have mysteriously turned up outside the NY federal reserve at night.

What task could this be.?

Here are the different Putins. Look at the ears. The photos were released after an August 2012 assassination

Observe closeups of Dubya's nose throughout his presidency.

Even Obama has clones. Notice the different fingers,short and stubby and again long.

The death list of those hindering the clone/CGI presidential campaigns directly or otherwise is relatively short compared to the known 100+ who've died at the Clinton hands

Putin is known to be supported by forces wishing the return of the Romanovs to Russia. Also the fate of the billions,they held in trust for the Russian people is in his hands.

The murdered Emperor Nicholas 2,shown here with his family had entrusted 400 mn$ in cash with New York banks. After the Revolution of 1905, the Czar had prudently prepared for further outbreaks by transferring some $400 million in cash to the New York banks, Chase, National City, Guaranty Trust, J.P. Morgan Co., and the Hanover Trust. In 1914, these same banks bought the controlling number of shares in the newly organized Federal Reserve Bank of New York York paying for the stock with the Czar's sequestered funds. Thus the Romanoff family actually owns the controlling interest in the Federal Reserve Banks today!

In todays money that's 8 bn$; at a modest 5% compound interest that money is well over 52 bn$. There's also over 10 tons of Romanov gold shipped to London and priceless cultural artifacts and treasures sequestered-umm,stolen ,actually by the same people.  Its been estimated total inflation adjusted Romanov wealth is worth at least 300 bn$. 
Strangely those who stole it or rather their overseers, the Rothschilds and British Royal family will return all the wealth on condition the Russians reinstate the Romanov dynasty. 

 These are the same banksters today directing Hillarys' best efforts. Its also known Trump and Putin run a mutual admiration society.

Donald Trump is again under fire for warm comments he directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin, this time calling him a stronger leader than US President Barack Obama at a national-security forum this week.
"If he says great things about me, I'm going to say great things about him," the Republican nominee said.

The America First Faction truly desires peace and an end to saber rattling and brinkmanship with a resurgent Russia,plus the fact of de facto control of the Federal Reserve-thus the Drumpf's crooning.

Donald's family background is fascinating .

Enter Donald Drumpf,son of Fred a well known,well connected  NY contractor.

Fred and Donald at a New York construction site in the seventies.

Fred,was son of Friederich Drumpf,a Bavarian born German who migrated to America to avoid the draft.

He changed his name to Trumpf and operated 'rooms for ladies,' (cough!/cough!) in Seattle in the early 1890s. A few years later he sold out and moved to serve the gold rush regions north in the same capacity.

These are the prostitutes at his new brothel,the Arctic Hotel and Restaurant  in British Columbia to serve the gold miners. 

3 years after the establishment of his latest brothel he returned to Bavaria for a wife. Finally his immoral peripatetic lifestyle had earned a profit as he deposited savings of 80,000 marks or 500,000$ in todays money. Forced to leave by the German government for avoiding military service he returned to New York in 1905 where son Fred,father of Donald was born.
By the time he died in 1918 he was wealthy with a 7 bedroom 2 story family house in Queens and several vacant New York plots. This formed the foundation of son Fred's real estate business parlayed by Donald into the global chain know today.

The story deserves a movie. Its unnecessary,indeed counterproductive to invent statements like this:

Researchers checked People magazine archives and found no record of any interview.

Yes,he has been unkind to minorities and Muslims variously describing them as 'lazy,terrorists'

My personal favourite. HAHAHAHA!

Wait-its still funny!! HAHAHAHA!!

He may be forgiven his origins but connection with crime figures gives cause for concern.He's always been close to crime figures in both construction and casino business.

Here's an FBI report on those ties dating back to the early eighties.

It must be remembered the AFF chose him primarily for his brand recognition:he is their tool,as much as a spanner in the hands of a mechanic.

Politicos by their very nature are all things to different people. He can be a radical/reactionary/capitalist/communist/libertarian/authoritarian simultaneously without suffering any 
cognitive dissonance. The late great Joe Vialls said this was to be expected since many were already accomplished liars by age 2 convincing mama they'd suckled only once not twice from the right nipple.

This is the reality of the new US economy. Can it be reversed? Can the economic template of debt fuelled growth actually accrue benefits to the greater mass of citizenry?

We'll only know the Drumpf and the AFF is for real if the following measures happen immediately after his swearing in
-the heads of the global pedophile blackmail and Satanic child sacrifice rings are arrested
-the use or rather misuse of war as an official foreign policy instrument ends
-the massive illegal immigration in the US and Europe is not only ended but reversed
-the chemtrail assault in the West and the secret contamination of food and water supplies with infertility agents stops
-the end of the media homo assault psyop in the Anglo world
-an end of false flags as at the Westgate,Paris Bataclan,Pakistan army school massacre
-bringing to book allies like mass murderers and genocidaires like  Kagame 
-no more government sanctioned drug dealing by state agencies like the CIA
-no more resource grabs that enrich company shareholders but impoverishes 3rd worlders
-the end of the use of usury as a tool of debt enslavement for individuals and whole nations
-a stop to haarp induced weather warfare and earthquakes like the Nepal tremor April last year,the most recent major haarp tectonic action 
-the reversal of the new American police state with 24/7 surveillance , the dismantling of the DHS and a stop to NTSA airport harrassment
-the last of CIA/military mind control programs which involve torture and death of kids whose youth makes them ideal for such programs
-the truth about aliens,both from outer space and those of the inner space

On the Richter scale it measured 7.5. Hundreds of villages were flattened.

Almost 9000 were killed in this usually geologically stable zone. It was to send a message to the neighbouring  Indians only America with its superior technology could protect them from China-and of course possible consequences of annoying the sole remaining hyperpower..

This haircut meme from a recent Kenya/Nigeria tweef is a warning.

In Nigeria President Buhari won against the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan,an exceedingly rare feat in these parts riding on a wave of anger against Boko haram outrages and corruption scandals. The slump that began with falling oil prices deepened.

Dear Reader,that's the graph of a full on recession.


Thursday, 22 October 2015


The Zionist world control grid of lies,buttressed by ruthless application of force used by their collective enforcers including the US Marines,the UN Security Council and most international law enforcement agencies is slowly but noticeably  unravelling. Polls repeatedly reveal public trust in government among Western nations is at its lowest ever.

There was a time the Khazar Illuminati and their lackeys could publicly meet anywhere with a minimum of fuss,unbothered by angry crowds less than a decade ago-not anymore. Here's part of the army of cops for the French summit in St. Moritz 2011.

The same year when the World Economic Forum met in Davos,Switzerland there was an actual mobile radar station protecting the site!

While the attendees were hidden by razor wire surrounded by the Swiss army.

Yes,the World Rapers know the people are mad. A significant number know who to blame for the bankster crisis and the litany of false flags from Nairobi to Mumbai.

Last year the fake Jews made a totally unprecedented admission. After centuries of manufacturing a Palestinian presence complete with myths of mythical 'Choseness,' they finally admitted their real  origins in todays Georgia/Ukraine area,the kingdom of Khazaria a millenia ago.

In 2012, Israeli researcher Eran Elhaik published a study claiming to prove that Khazar ancestry is the single largest element in the Ashkenazi gene pool.
 Khazars were  a Caucasoid Turkic tribe who founded a kingdom upon war,plunder and tribute. From around 400 ad to their fall in mid 1000s they ruled their corner of the world. A contemporary chronicler wrote:  The Arab chronicler Ibn-Said al-Maghribi writes, "they are to the north of the inhabited earth towards the 7th clime, having over their heads the constellation of the Plough. Their land is cold and wet. Accordingly their complexions are white, their eyes blue, their hair flowing and predominantly reddish, their bodies large and their natures cold. Their general aspect is wild." 14 
Also they choose Judaism to separate themselves from both Christians and Muslims at the time trying to expand through the Caucasus.

They ruled their little roost til the 960s when Slavic king Svyatoslav 1 demolished Khazaria and send them Khazars scampering to Central Europe and beyond. The latter got their revenge almost a millennia later when they ushered in communism killing over a hundred million ethnic Russians and Ukrainians during the awful 75 year old night of communism.

The Caucasoid Neanderthals who genocided the ethnic Slavs in the name of communism

That the Khazars chose a satirical e publication to announce this doesn't in anyway the invalidate the truth of the message. Some observers feel the chaotic civil war in the Ukraine is simply an attempt to clear a lebensraum for returning Khazars who can see the future in Palestine is at an end.
No less than the inimitable Wayne Madsen,experienced geopolitical commentator and ex US Navy intel officer is convinced this is the case.
The Israeli and Ukrainian Jewish plan is to resettle the Ashkenazis from the West Bank in the Russian autonomous republic of Crimea after what they see will be an eventual retrocession of the peninsula to Ukraine. The ultimate plans of Ukrainian Zionists such as Kolomoisky, in addition to such American allies as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, is to establish an autonomous Jewish region of Crimea and restore to the peninsula the original Khazarian name of Chazerai

Thanks to centuries of Sunday school bullshit we've internalised this picture of Moses assisted by Aaron and Hur whenever we imagine the Biblical prophets.

The truth is this Ghanaian Ga Adangbe priest with unleavened flour is the original race and culture of the first Isrealites.

Of course this sounds unbelievable-but it explains why Israelis have Ghanaian,specifically Ga Adangbe first names.
 Here are some Ga-Dangmes names and their Hebrew equivalents
Ga-Dangmes Names Hebrew Names

1. Aryeh             Aryeh
2 Afra                Ofra
3. Otto              Yishai
4. Aryelle           Aryelle
5. Ofei               Ofer
6 Ada                Ada
7 Tema              Tema
8 Nunu               Nun
9 Dodoo             Dodo
10 Ashi              Ashi
11 Dangme         Dan
12. Anan            Anan
13. Ga               Gad
14. Abe             Avraham (Abraham)
15 Sachar (Saka) Sachar
16. Dode (Dodi)    Dodi
17. Kadi              Kadi
18. Nerle             Nerli
19 Ayah              Ayah (female)
20 Ayaa              Aya (male)
21. Adama           Adam
22. Nete              Natanel 

There are over 40 names.

Their biblical tormentors,the Assyrians were none other than the Fulani of W Africa.Yes,Dear Reader,the early Middle East was an extension of Africa til relatively recently.

For decades the Israelis ululated to all in shouting distance the danger of a nuclear armed Iran.Almost as soon as the Iran-Iraq war ended their MSM agents alerted us to that imminent danger. Using their stranglehold over 4 US presidents,both houses of Congress and the entire English speaking media spectrum sanctions were placed on Iran.

Usually the Israelis are smarter-on the Iran issue they overplayed their hand to the point of comical redundancy like failed comedians. The fomenting of tension on imaginary grounds has always been their forte as it justifies their own innate paranoia and aggression.

When Kerry signed the historic peace deal with his Iranian counterpart Muhamad Javad Zarif in July it crystallised the increasingly common viewpoint among knowledgeable observers that Zionist power over the US and the world was in serious decline. The sanctions have been withdrawn and Iran can continue peaceful nuclear research with international regulation.

There was enormous shock among the Zio Elite,especially when many of their own supported the deal. Here is a list of 16 Congressional Jewish Democrats who went with Obama's initiative,which was scripted by the Pentagon Anti Zionists,(Obama is just a puppet,his strings are pulled by the dominant faction-you should know that by now!) :
 Michael Bennet
  Barbara Boxer
  Dianne Feinstein
  Al Franken
  Brian Schatz
  Bernie Sanders
Stephen Cohen (D-TN) l
Susan Davis (D-CA)
 Sander Levin (D-MI)
 Alan Lowenthal (D-CA)
 Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
 Jared Polis (D-CO)
 Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
 Adam Schiff (D-CA)
 Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)
 John Yarmuth (D-KY)

Dear Reader,this is a development which should be recognised  for the sea change that it is-for the first time ever,a substantial number of  ethnic Jews voted against their AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committtee is a pro Israeli lobby that's actually a cut out for Mossad)) orders.

2 weeks later the press announced John Kerry fractured his leg biking. Actually the infuriated Israelis made an unsuccessful assassination attempt.

During the hajj on September 24th a tragedy occurred during the stoning ritual-the pilgrims literally stone the devil with pebbles. The Saudis  say 2 groups of thousands converged on a bridge leading to the site. In the ensuing crush almost 2000 died.   

As always the MSM either lies or misinforms! The fake Jews,those Caucasoid Neanderthals more accurately known as the Khazars needed a diversion to kidnap visiting Iranians,many of them ranking military and political figures. One of the high level Saud princes whose family have been Zionist from the beginning, either Mohamed bin Nayef or Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud or both in conspiracy led a group of armed bodyguards into the peaceful procession.

Firing into the air and hurling tear gas grenades immediate panic was precipitated causing  a mass stampede with inevitable casualties.

Nationalities of victims
Nationality Deceased Injured Missing Ref.
 Afghanistan 2 8 6 [25]
 Algeria 28 5 31 [26]
 Bangladesh 92 0 80 [27]
 Benin 52 2 41 [28]
 Burkina Faso 22 0 7 [29]
 Burundi 1 0 6 [30]
 Cameroon 53 1 52 [31]
 Chad 52 0 50 [32]
 China 4 0 0 [33]
 Djibouti 2 0 3 [34]
 Egypt 181 10 53 [35]
 Ethiopia 47 2 0 [36]
 Gambia 0 0 2 [37]
 Ghana 12 6 26 [38]
 India 114 21 10 [39]
 Indonesia 127 5 5 [40][41]
 Iran 428 0 36 [42]
 Iraq 1 0 0 [43]
 Ivory Coast 14 13 70 [44]
 Jordan 2 0 1 [45]
 Kenya 10 0 0 [46][47]
 Lebanon 0 1 1 [48]
 Libya 10 0 7 [49]
 Malaysia 1 0 0 [50]
 Mali 119 6 246 [51]
 Mauritius 4 0 1 [52]
 Morocco 36 5 3 [53]
 Myanmar 6 0 5 [54]
 Netherlands 1 0 0 [55]
 Niger 72 11 44 [56]
 Nigeria 168 7 114 [57]
 Oman 1 0 0 [58]
 Pakistan 100 2 19 [59]
 Philippines 1 0 0 [60]
 Senegal 61 2 4 [61]
 Somalia 8 0 0 [55]
 Sri Lanka 1 0 1 [62]
 Sudan 30 0 2 [63]
 Tanzania 22 0 43 [64]
 Tunisia 7 0 4 [65]
 Turkey 7 0 1 [66][67]
 Uganda 2 0 250 [68][69][70]
 United Kingdom 1 0 0 [71]
Countries Total 1,902 107 1,224
Saudi Arabia Official 769 934

Wiki shows Iran suffered the highest casualties. Insiders say the real figure is at least 4000 maybe nearly 5000 dead. What is known is that there are still Iranian missing and Their supreme leader spoke thusly: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has so far showed self-restraint, observed Islamic decency and brotherly respect in the Islamic world,” Ayatollah Khamenei said in a statement aired on Iranian state television. “But they should know that Iran’s hand is superior to many others and has more capabilities.”

Prince Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,King Salman's elder brother and special advisor, widely suspected to have planned the massacre died on the 29th September aged 83. The Iranians had their revenge-but its not over yet.

Prince Mohammed bin Nayef al Saud,interior minister.

Since the first quarter of 2011 over 250,000 Syrians have died in the Anglo Zionist aggression in Syria.

Both sides have used artillery and air strikes.

Not even the alternate media has recognised the importance of the Russian warfighting in Syria-its being carried out with the active approval of the anti Zionist Pentagon faction. This faction has accordingly ordered Obama,the talking head, to behave appropriately. Its not such a surprising development-in September  2013 the Zio Elite ordered him to lead a ground invasion of Syria

The Pentagon got him to  call a  House vote as the law demands-predictably they voted no. Putin has thrown out all the stops for this operation.

There are 1980's Su-24 Fencers

A flight of Su 34s and a Il 76 refueller flying into their Syrian base.

The latest Su 34 Fullback is fully operational and American fliers themselves admit it outperforms the F-35 its intended adversary.

Also there are unconfirmed reports of Spetnatz on the ground coordinating airstrikes against the so called Free Syrian army-which does make sense. Without real time target marking and immediate follow up by ground forces bombing isn't the magical wand airpower advocates insist.

In April this year the Saudis decided to teach the Yemenis a lesson and reimpose their proxy,President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. The map shows the strategic implications of Yemen just across the Red Sea entrance gateway to the Suez. In the colonial mindset of the crypto Zionist Saudis it must be controlled outright by themselves or a lackey. 

At last 5000 Yemenis have died in air and artillery strikes while the rebels,the Houthis,supporting deposed prez Ali Abdullah Saleh are arrayed against Hadi elements in the army and allied militias. Al Ciada,bka Al Qaeda  joined the latter forces while the Saudis led Bahrain,Kuwait,Oman,Qatar and the UAE into the fray..

Even if the Saudi defence minister Mohammed bin Salman,also deputy crown prince and second deputy prime minister is only 28 or 30 as is commonly claimed, a modicum of common sense from the US experience in neighbouring Iraq should have shown the limits of airpower and the importance of political groundwork before the guns begin to boom.
But then again when an entire nation is run as a family business there are no professional military/intelligence people who can give an honest neutral assessment of his plans to invade Yemen and tell him: "Nigga,hell no!"

This kid may have directly led to the end of the House of Saud-as we'll soon see.

The Houthi rebels are resisting strongly and the Coalition are acting like,well.....typical Arab armies. Coordination between arms is poor,often the infantry,armour and air aren't properly coordinated

The Houthis have captured large areas of southern Saudi Arabia. Already fighting has taken place in Najran as they're supported by disaffected  Saudis their ethnic kin.

In this incident they attacked a Saudi Arabia National Guard base in Jizan capturing an M1 

At the same time a grandson of the late King Abdulaziz ibn Saud publicly released an unprecedented announcement warning:  "we have got closer and closer to the fall of the state and loss of power." Since 2011 there have been long running gun fights with mainly  disaffected Shia protesting against prince Nayef himself  in the expansive Eastern province which is home to most of their oil production bordering Yemen with many native ethnic Shia sharing cross border kinship.

Frankly,Western observers place too much truck in the Sunni/Shia dichotomy often speaking as if the 2 are entirely separate creatures-nothing could be further from the truth.When the unrest began in 2011 the Shia were railing against marginalisation but are now openly calling for an end to the House of Saud. However,its not just Shia,even the majority Sunni,estimated at 88% desire an end to the crypto Zionist Saud monarchy. 

The extravagance and biblical  waste of the Saudi monarchy is astonishing. One estimate had them skimming the equivalent of 1mn bpd daily! Depending on the oil price this is anything between 40-100 mn $-daily.
 If they were so inclined that kind of money could've made deserts bloom,colonised Mars and the moon but it all goes on self gratification for which enough is never enough.

Planes,palaces,yachts and sex slaves,though the Saudis are famous for their homo tendencies.

These boys are the Saudi equivalent of female strippers! Anyone who's spent time in KSA can tell you what actually happens when a carload of Saudi men drive into the desert for a 'picnic'.

In 2013 mass protests broke out when the government actually demolished the oldest standing mosques in Mecca,with the very evidence of Mohammed's (pbuh)presence.

 “It matters because many of these columns signified certain areas of the mosque where the Prophet sat and prayed,” he said. “ The historical record is being deleted. A new Muslim would never have a clue because there’s nothing marking these locations now.

Just this week a Yemeni scud strike killed tens of Saudis and destroyed at least 17 F-15S and 9 Apaches at Khamis Mushait airbase in the southern province of Asir. Earlier,the Saudis had actually offered the Russians control of the global oil business in exchange for long range missile technology.

Hard figures are difficult to get but the best estimates are that the combined Gulf Cooperation Council forces in theatre have suffered 400 KIA out of  a total of 10,000 Saudi,UAE,Bahraini,Kuwaiti,Jordanian  and Qatari ground forces.

A few observers have made prescient predictions that chill the Saudis: The KSA will get bogged down and retreat after a year or 2 with no solid gains,control of only Sanaa and Aden the capital ,with the rebels keeping the rest. A worse scenario,looking increasingly likely is that the Houthi rebels taking advantage of worsening internal tensions in KSA will consolidate their presence in the crucial E province making it ungovernable cutting off the Kingdom's cashflow.
At this point the West,(either the Pentagon faction or a desperate Zionist faction) will insert 'peacekeepers,' whose role will be de facto control of Saudi oil facilities starving the House of Saud of income relinquishing the Royals to history. Incidentally,both factions have planned such a scenario since the seventies;Kissinger  called for just such an operation. Neo cons have publicly suggested seizing  Saudi oil fields during Bush 2's first term.
Mohammed bin Salman's hubris  may have led to a nightmare for the House of Saud. 
“We [have] got closer and closer to the fall of the state and the loss of power,” the letter read.
“We appeal to all the sons of King Abdulaziz – from the eldest Prince Bandar to the youngest Prince Muqrin – to summon an emergency meeting with all the family to discuss the situation and do everything that is need to save the country.”
The letter was signed “a descendant of the King Abdulaziz of the House of Saud”.
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