Friday, 12 July 2013


No. Just. No. If you were looking for a wank bank,Dear Reader,you're sadly lost. Abandon the yearnings of your lower chakras and stimulate your mind: read a good book or meditate. At the very least you'll be forced to disconnect from the white noise once you turn off your I shit/tv and endless internet browsing.
Frankly,the antics of these noisy no talent  media hogs precludes humanity from applying their intellect toward deeper understanding that transcends ignorance; a modern day Roman style bread and circus entertainment to keep us perpetually bamboozled-don't fall for the Global Elite script!

Once you meditate you raise immunity levels,lower blood pressure and heart rate along with longer term benefits,the most significant of which is the activation of the pineal gland. This mysterious, misunderstood cone shaped organ in the brain produces melatonin,not melanin.

Among Africans,its larger , healthier and not as calcified as among Asians and whites who suffer roughly  up to roughly 75%,40% and 15% healthy pineal gland rates. Once you can channel the powers of the pineal,it literally morphs into the 3rd eye-new states of consciousness,truly a higher state of reality some have wrongly compared to the effect of psychotropic drugs can be reached.
Alas! Its difficult even taking the first step for many in our world, habituated to meaningless 24/7 cacophony-first of all we must stop with the noise and the distractions.

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