Thursday, 7 August 2014


Its official-since the Ebola outbreak in southern Guinea in March, the death toll has now reached 1000 with fatalities reported in neighbouring Liberia,Sierra leone and Nigeria.

The nightmares of the 1995 smash hit Outbreak on the same viral haemorrhagic fever are being replayed in real life.

Nothing much however is said of Patient zero-no doubt it must be the mythical bush meat hunter who cut himself skinning a monkey infected with the dormant Ebola.

 According to the WHO Ebola is a filovirus. The other 2 are Marbug virus and Cuevavirus. This particular strain has a 60% fatality rate. Its spread by body fluids and contacting environments of sufferers.

Mandatory cremations have been ordered.

Year Country Ebolavirus species Cases Deaths Case fatality
2012 Democratic Republic of Congo Bundibugyo 57 29 51%
2012 Uganda Sudan 7 4 57%
2012 Uganda Sudan 24 17 71%
2011 Uganda Sudan 1 1 100%
2008 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 32 14 44%
2007 Uganda Bundibugyo 149 37 25%
2007 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 264 187 71%
2005 Congo Zaire 12 10 83%
2004 Sudan Sudan 17 7 41%
2003 (Nov-Dec) Congo Zaire 35 29 83%
2003 (Jan-Apr) Congo Zaire 143 128 90%
2001-2002 Congo Zaire 59 44 75%
2001-2002 Gabon Zaire 65 53 82%
2000 Uganda Sudan 425 224 53%
1996 South Africa (ex-Gabon) Zaire 1 1 100%
1996 (Jul-Dec) Gabon Zaire 60 45 75%
1996 (Jan-Apr) Gabon Zaire 31 21 68%
1995 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 315 254 81%
1994 Cote d'Ivoire Taï Forest 1 0 0%
1994 Gabon Zaire 52 31 60%
1979 Sudan Sudan 34 22 65%
1977 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 1 1 100%
1976 Sudan Sudan 284 151 53%
1976 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 318 280 88%

Though the Main Stream Media,has been quick to chronicle the progress of death,(disaster journalism of this sort is what they do best) they still haven't told us certain extremely interesting details about the origin of Ebola and the presence of highly suspect individuals at the beginning.

Its apparent Tulane university of New Orleans researchers in collaboration with USAMRIID,the premier US army infectious disease research agency were in Sierra leone in 2007 doing tests of hemorrhagic fever test kits.
Dan Bausch, director of the Tulane program in West Africa, says, “These initial clinical test results have shown that it is possible to develop a detection system that will have a meaningful impact on the practice of medicine and quality of life in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Quite. In fact  As a group we intend to expand this program to address other important infectious agents with both clinical health issues and threat of bioterrorism such as ebola.”

Incidentally one of the contagion centers was the very same site of a specially constructed ward.  “Most recently, a new Lassa fever ward is being constructed in Sierra Leone at the Kenema Government Hospital. When finished, it will be better equipped to assist patients affected by the disease and will hopefully help to end the spread of it.” [The Kenema Hospital is one of the centers of the Ebola outbreak.]

In late July,the Sierra leone,MoH ordered Tulane researchers to stop Ebola testing! The Ministry of Truth,the news media we all trust has told us none of this; not even the near decade long presence of Tulane biowarfare researchers (that's what they are)at Ground Zero or that the Ebola started at their own purpose built facility.
Oversight? Instead their talking heads  flog the now cliched tale of bushmeat infecting a hunter who spreads the infection rapidly due to cultural norms much like the AIDS story which supposedly began in a dead monkey with simian HIV that morphed into HIV/AIDS.
At the end of the day these facts will decide for the Reader the truth about the nature of this outbreak. America couldn't be responsible for this-could they? While pondering consider this: if these powerful viral fevers have always existed in the African wild why are we still here? Shouldn't we all have died out from on of these epidemics in the pre colonial era?

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