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This past fortnight there were a confluence of seemingly unrelated yet mutually reinforcing reminders that genuine 3rd world development isn't as straightforward as it appears in the textbooks.Instead its more like the cliche of the unwanted stepchild and the cruel stepmother or disinterested birth mother  who throws obstacles in the developmental path of the youngster. When he ends up in the inevitable youth justice system she announces:"see,I told you that little nigga was no good!"

There are stages at which all human must pass. We're born helpless and on our time here on earth we grow and in so doing become self sufficient . We leave childish things and enter the world of adults.

These are the things reserved for children. 

Not developing into adulthood is a sure sign of arrested development. To forever be immature emotionally,financially,physically and mentally is to  abandon the dictates of one's own innate biology just as hatchlings are genetically driven to leave their nest as soon as they're able.

In Africa,indeed all the 'ex colonies' control measures are used to keep us at this childhood level. Our 'leaders' are first approved in the West. Those who will never rock the boat demanding for better pay for their diamonds,gold,oil and timber are lauded to the skies. The MSM lionizes them as practical non ideologues. Case in point Paul Kagame.

Since the mid 90s his murderous Tutsi led RPF and innumerable  proxies have killed at least 6 mn throughout the Great Lakes.Instead of leading an armed invasion of Rwanda to arrest him he's feted by the Zioilluminati-in truth he's their regional agent ensuring their mineral grabs throughout the DRC.

Here he is with Rabbi Boteach and Elie Wiesel celebrating;wait for it-Jewish values!! This was in August during the Caucasoid Neanderthal rampage of Gaza that killed over 2000 Palestinians. By the way,Boteach is a typical Chosenite-he's media savvy and intimate with Oprah and the late MJ advocating dialogue and tolerance. Did I mention he was investigated by the Brit Charity Commission for possible misuse of funds? I digress.

In this neoliberal era gunboat diplomacy and sabre rattling are passe. The days of invading Panama and/or Granada are long gone. Only the  French with the Fashoda Syndrome monkey on their backs still regularly take military action in their 'ex colonies.'

Executing Madagascan independence fighters. A civil war in 1947-48 left at least 70,000 dead.

French army units in Abidjan 2011 supporting the Outtara forces against legally elected Gbagbo. For Jean-Fraud de Peau Peau things will never change!

Nowadays control mechanisms are usually more subtle. Agents are embedded within the nations of the 3rd world-security/intel and equally important our socioeconomic structures through Global Elite funded NGOs while their Economic Hitmen are placed within the policy making frameworks peddling the latest economic mantras-'competitive currency/competitive labour laws/ laissez faire regulation in all things.

The national agenda is distorted to fit their own interests-millennia old cultures are trampled into the dust and age old knowledge is lost forever. Example;how many Kenyan NGOs are helping the girl child with education,income generation,anti 'FGM' strategies, free tampons etc, etc? At last count over 50,though probably a quarter are inactive, simple recipients of foreign funds for their local directors. How many help the boychild? Why is this the case?

Simple-ultimately this will distort the fabric of society by reversing gender roles reducing marriage rates fulfilling the all important depopulation agenda. Kenya leads in continental single motherhood .

The survey, conducted last year by Prof Shelly Clark, an associate professor of sociology at Canada’s McGill University, and Prof Dana Hamplov√° from Prague’s Charles University and Institute of Sociology, found Kenyan women have a 59.5 per cent chance of being a single mother by the age of 45 either through a premarital birth or dissolution of a union.
The research, believed to be the first of its kind carried out in the country, also established that about 30 per cent of women in Kenya are giving birth before they are married.
Comparatively, only 18 per cent of women give birth before marriage in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, 5 per cent in Ethiopia and slightly more than 10 per cent in Malawi.

This after all has always been from the colonial beginnings a society heavily influenced by the Anglosphere.
For such critical tasks of social reengineering  local Agents of Influence in the media and assorted house niggers and mammies are used. Their loyalty can be surprising.Its not just cash and material benefits but the emotional satisfaction derived:they can voluntarily stop a bullet for Master.

 A typical US slave era house mammy-they were above the field hands. Usually their job was domestic duties and they were older and plain so as not to antagonise Miz Janey. Often she had her room in the main house.

They still exist as part of the neocolonial control mechanism.

Fatou Bensouda,tormentor of Uhuru Kenyatta,the Kenyan people's choice for prez;head mammy of the ICC. Do you see a resemblance?

The Post Election Violence of early 2008 will never go away.

 Violence had been planned for at least 2 years. After Kibaki won his razor thin victory killings,rape and looting began in the Rift valley and major towns. Violence started in 1991 in the Moi era when Kalenjins allowed themselves to be misused to prove multipartyism can't work but died down. Peace had reigned for at least half a decade.

 The Post Election Violence displaced at least 250,000,mainly Kikuyu settlers in the Rift.

The non Kenyan reader must know certain facts. Then prez Kibaki had turned the economy round in 5 years. Growth peaked at 7.1% in 2007. Long dormant government services were revived-,coffee and tea farmers saw their earnings jump significantly,major national infrastructure projects were finally undertaken as a sense of national purpose finally took hold.
The West took note and saw a black country with very real potential of escaping perpetual poverty-enter Raila Amolo Odinga,a political conman and 'revolutionary' as fake as Fidel,after whom he actually named his eldest son with a history of abandoned friends turned  bitter allies,violence and no real political or economic agenda-(not that supporters ever interrogated him on these issues.)

After much political smoke and mirrors our political class collectively decided on the foreign International Criminal Court in 2010 to try those with greatest responsibility.

An Argentine prosector,Luis-Moreno Ocampo landed in Nairobi. He announced to all he would "set and example for Africa."

Kenyans were entranced by the earnestness of his many lisping interviews. In between he carried himself like minor royalty.

When he finally announced his list of those to be tried abroad for bearing responsibility for rape,forcible displacement and crimes against humanity there was a national outcry.

Top left,William Ruto,then of opposition ODM,next,Uhuru Kenyatta,who won prez in 2013,Henry Kosgey of ODM,Gen Ali of Kenya Police,Richard Sang of Kalenjin Language radio KASS FM and head of civil service Francis Muthaura-none of the two principals,Raila or Kibaki.

The evidence was so preposterous it read like the script of a sitcom! Muthaura allegedly told Gen Ali over the phone to allow Mungiki,an alleged pro Kibaki Kikuyu militia to pass through road blocks to attack Luos in Naivasha town. A witness in State House was in the room and heard everything.

Uhuru and others supposedly planned violence in mid December 2007-before the PEV even broke out! THAT WAS THE QUALITY OF HIS INVESTIGATIONS.

Since the trial actually started in late 2011 several witnesses have publicly recanted. Some have admitted in open court they were not only coached but even paid by her office! Instead of demanding their trial for perjury they're declared hostile witnesses-it must be said though the ICC doesn't follow the standards of normal courts.
Others manufactured statements with NGOs;witness 637 testifying against the DP Ruto and radiojourno Sang is a case in point.
Witness 637 told the court that during the interview prosecution staff would stop the recording, leave the interview room, and have a discussion. He said they would then return to the interview room and tell him he had to implicate Ruto and Sang.
“Did these persons tell you, you had to say anything else in particular?” asked Zago.
“The only thing they told me was to confirm the names of Ruto and Sang. It was these two who were supposed to appear as the leaders and the others were merely to follow them,” replied Witness 637.
“Were you told to say anything else in addition to what you have just mentioned?” continued Zago.
“They did not tell me anything else,” the witness responded.

Previously, the prosecution had requested for nine witnesses to be forced to appear after they recanted their evidence while others alleged they had lied in their primary statements.
The previous two of the witnesses who appeared in court alleged they were asked to lie to the court in exchange of financial benefits.
The 23rd witness alleged that he was given an already prepared statement by the prosecution and was just asked to append his signature to it.
In late August the ICC judges gave Bensouda an ultimatum to confirm whether or not she could continue with Kenyatta's case-she said yes. How she got this far is either a testament to her faith in the law or desire to please her masters,the real owners of the ICC. In December last years she publicly stated she didn't have the evidence to maintain a case against Uhuru.

Its no wonder since last year many Kenyans have read this leaked letter allegedly from the original prosecutor Luis-Moreno Ocampo, which though very likely fake circulated widely.
Dear Kenyans

I have taken so much time thinking about this statement and I have decided to apologize to the people of Kenya.

When I was the Chief Prosecutor at the ICC, I came under intense pressure from countries that were funding my office to do something with the Kenyan violence. We did investigations, but we could not come up with a watertight case.

But former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan pressed my office to heavily rely on statements that had been collected by Justice Waki.

In addition, he gave me recommendations and names of people who were suspected of fueling the violence. The initial list had President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Politically, it was not viable to indict them, that is why we had to settle on the six. As of now, I regret why I succumbed to much pressure from the donors to indict the six Kenyans.

Let the truth be said. I hope my successorFatou Bensouda who opposed the indictments in the first place, can have the courage to drop the charges.
The Hague-based housemammy boldly decided to go for broke: a national humiliation and diversion in the first ever summoning of a sitting prez for a 'status conference.' She raised the stakes refusing a videolink appearance,doubtlessly hoping he'd do a Bashir and refuse to appear justifying his warrant of arrest,allowing her to salvage something something anything for her case which is far underwater.

In a political masterstroke he duly left but as an individual,not as president of the republic. He handed over official powers to his deputy and coaccused and departed avoiding the stigma of our nation seeing a popular innocent president subjected to national indignity.

At the VIP lounge with Kenya Airways head, Titus Naikuni.

In truth the so-called status conference was nothing but a fishing expedition. The OTP repeated their stance of Kenyan non cooperation while Uhuru who was present as per ICC demands didn't say a word leaving his lawyer Stephen Kay to say the obvious:
“Every time defence provides evidence, OTP takes another turn. I have drawn a line,” said Kay.
“He (Uhuru Kenyatta) is entitled to his verdict of not guilty…there is no evidence because if there was, we would have a trial,” he added.
For now I can't speculate-the ICC and all its works are dictated by its Western owners. They could keep this charade running indefinitely. Kenya is too valuable,especially now with significant new found oil reserves for them not to seek such (in)judicial arm twisting.
Upon return he took back his constitutional duties-and life continued!

DP Ruto handing over after his 2 day presidential stint.

Kenya is a top exporter of fresh produce.Thousands of small and large scale growers produced almost 400,000 tonnes of vegetables in 2012 worth nearly a billion dollars.

Despite the vagaries of weather and exacting EU phytosanitary demands and minimum residual levels of chemical use the past half decade has averaged earnings of between 850 mn-1.1 bn $. Kenya has cornered the EU market.

The EU gave Kenya til September 30th to achieve a common position within the EAC regarding horticulture exports. This would allow a common position on a beneficial Economic Partnership Agreement. The truth is Tanzania dragged their feet since last year when the consequences of not signing an agreement were made apparent.

The most affected products are vegetables that will be subject to up to 30 per cent of their export value in duty. The rates vary from 22 pc for pineapples, 20.5 pc for tuna, and between 6.9 and 8.5 pc for flowers. Other affected products are beans and peas (10.10 pc), other vegetables (6.9 pc), fresh fruits (such as avocados 1.6 pc), and processed fruits (2.1 pc). Coffee and tea will be exempt; roasted coffee will be charged at the rate of 2.60 per cent.

 This is no surprise-our southern neighbours have always been schizophrenic in their relations blaming us for thje break up of the original East African Community. In the 80s Nyerere did his best with his limited means to sabotage us and in the Moi era backed 'socialist' KAF rebels when they clumsily tried to snatch power. Later he (mis)advised Moi on how to rule by deliberate impoverishment. At the last EPA meeting on the matter in August our southern 'brothers' didn't even turn up! By the way it was held in Arusha in N Tanzania.

The results of a long awaited economic rebasing were released at the same time confirming knowledgeable observers. After the base calculation was changed from 2001 to 2009 our economy is 25% larger growing from 42 bn$ to 53 bn $ giving us a GDP per capita of 1250$ .
 Immediately the poverty porn advocates ululated hysterically charging false stats and that its all a meaningless exercise anyway avoiding the issue of how such news positively affects debt ratios allowing room for borrowing.They also ignored the soon incoming revenues from proven minerals and oil flows which would have invalidated their usual doom laden reports.
There are many Kenyans on the Western koolaid of utter national deprivation and the "dollar a day" mantra who would be jobless once these 'facts' were challenged. For them,Kenya must always be on this level-whether the perception is accurate or not. The mentality of childlike helplessness and constant recipient of aid can be unlearned

This condition isn't permanent

The journey to complete independence,dignity and finally full prosperity,however isn't for the faint of heart.

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  1. The International court of Europe should investigate the war crimes committed during the invasion of Irak, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria by the USA and EU/NATO. Kenya should have a reconciliation and forgiveness conference like South Africa. The West recommended that Nelson Mandela forgave the Apartheid criminals like Peter Botha and Frederick De Klerk. They should investigate Paul Kagame for war crime. I hope one African country become powerful like China.