Tuesday, 5 February 2013


...or rather ,why do his handlers (controllers) make such a major issue of this extremely unfortunate pathology of arrested development?
Do homos secretly control the coming & going of the seasons? Do their perversions somehow keep the sun's UV rays from destroying the world and all the Normal Human People living upon it? No-then why have the cultural imagineers reinvented & repackaged   this developmental disorder as 'cool,'and its practitioners as unfairly persecuted as panda bears?
How and why did acceptance of the whole LGBT agenda become the new morality? These creatures can already serve openly in all branches of the US armed forces;they have a special month,June,when they and an increasing number of brainwashed humans 'celebrate' their (mis) deeds, in 2011 of that same month the Fed Reserve allowed them to fly their flag on the property!!

Its obvious to everyone with a working mind the script has been written and everything is unfolding accordingly. That's why when Obama ordered the Boys Scouts of America to accept homos 2 days ago a  pre-Superbowl CBS interview,few were shocked. Basically,he demands these youth must fend off the advances of faggot Scout Masters on camping trips.

Generally sodomites are ruled by their desires. Their rectal urges are at the centre of everything, the alpha and omega of their existence. This also explains why in normal times they were universally banned from sensitive intelligence and/or security related fields,indeed all areas of responsibility were off limits. In times past people had more innate common sense rooted in life experience and morals than in this information overloaded era where ten minute Google browsing passes for knowledge.
Its fitting and by no means ironic that the Kenyan occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue should be so friendly to the LGBT brigade-very good authority has had him among their numbers for quite a while. Veteran researcher,Wayne Madsen has identified him and Rahm Emmanuel as  members of a sodomite Chicago  bathhouse called Man's Country where he plays 'top' to elderly Anglo bottoms.

Gentle Reader,when such people practically order their misbegotten broke back kind among kids ,Satan has already won.

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