Monday, 2 September 2013


I have tried to avoid the word 'Illuminati,'in referring to the misdeeds of the secret World Rapers and their perpetual manufactured wars,genocides,horrendous social reengineering,brutalitarian banksterism and continental resource grabs. Because there is no single monolithic easily identifiable structure with spokesmen and a global HQ and also this Elite is also often at odds with each other doesn't mean such a group doesn't exist-it does. It has existed for centuries and has brought Man to this sorry impasse;where decency is dead and the people celebrate shit-literally,lap it up and scream for more.

There is a Satan worshipping secret Elite of related families who directly exercise control of the financial  and natural resources of the world directly or through proxies,agents or nominees. Though this group,the Illuminati  is composed of occasionally mutually antagonistic cliques and or factions they're loyal to their ultimate Master-Lucifer.
Thus they worship Satanic ideals and hate morality. All that is decent must be overturned with its Satanic opposite. Heterosexuality must die to be replaced with homosexuality,families must be atomised to cause a mass of disaffected alienated individuals,people should be distracted with the lowest of impulses mainly sex. All Illuminati businesses and those linked to them now push these messages and the performing arts,especially music are an ideal means of dissemination.
The artistes themselves normally have no idea what they're getting into. The vast majority have no idea success in music literally involves dealing with the Devil and its always been that way. In the early 1800s,Italian violin maestro Niccolo Paganini was widely believed to be possessed. Other accomplished musicians like Liszt and Schubert were mystified by his abilities.

Once after borrowing a violin and giving his usual flawless yet energetic performance the owner fearing enchantment from the instrument begged him to keep it. He could play 3 octaves across 4 strings within a handspan,a task so enormously difficult it can be considered impossible. At his death the church refused to accept his body on holy ground and he was buried in a village graveyard -after which villagers swore they heard violin music at night.
More recently it was revealed Billie Hollidays lyrics were actually incantations. Bob Dylan admitted "he made a deal with the Devil." The Rolling Stones sacrificed black kids in their hotel rooms while on tour in America of the seventies. The music producers often perform Satanic rituals on the master CD to assure sales..... and on and on and on.

Has anyone noticed the strange deaths that seem to haunt successful artistes? Jennifer Hudson lost a mother,brother and 7 year old nephew 6  years ago in a multiple murder. Brandy was informed to give up her baby as a sacrifice and had agreed to do so  but suffered a last minute attack of humanity. To make amends her brother Ray J agreed to participate in Whitney Houston's murder. Insiders insist Aaliyah's 2001 plane crash death was actually a sacrifice by Damon Dash though others say it was done by Jay Z.
The bottom line is to get ahead you must pay the price,usually a human life. Lady Gaga,aka Stephani Germanotta,the tranny (what,you didn't know?!) threw her  friend Lina Morgana with whom she collaborated often ,off the 10th  floor of a building in October 2008. She actually alluded to the killing in her Paparazzi video.

If you can stomach complete sexually simulated crudeness accompanied by untalented auto tuned screeching unenlivened by the true vocal talent of Robin Thicke here's the whole 6 minutes. I couldn't watch it. I had to turn away and as it got worse I gave up after 2 and a half minutes.

Not everyone, is a mindless drone,happily lapping up whatever the  Illuminati or their faithful agents offer as 'entertainment.' The series of photos show embarrassment,confusion,shock and genuine sadness at what happened to this former innocent child star. Drake,can't look while Will Smith and his kids reaction is priceless-there is still some humanity,at least among some of the major players in entertainment industry.

What made this 20 something year old ex Disney poster girl simulate masturbation and scream like a banshee in the name of artistic expression? Even her intelligent admirers,  (there are some) were left aghast. People surmise this event was a celebration of the moral death of the Anglo female and with it the entire culture and they're right but at the root are truly,out of this world dark forces;take that literally Dear Reader.

Miley,shows her white girl ass!

Such a performance was only to be expected-after all its the function of the entertainment industry,the movies and music to confuse and demoralise the youth. Subliminal messages have always been embedded in lyrics but now the music industry seem confident enough to  mainstream their Luciferianism-serious cause for worry.

Remember Britney,Christina Aguilera and Madonna's scandalous exhibition at the MTV awards a few years back?

Madonna,the middle aged Jewish woman,actually a Witch of the Kabbala,basically Jewish ritual magic acted as husband practically assaulting the 2 much younger women. Her hands were all over both of them culminating in that hideous kiss above.

Britney went downhill as fast as speeding luge. Here she is,not only having forgotten her underwear but enjoying the company of her infamously useless BFF,Paris Hilton.  

Though to be fair, its actually Paris Hilton  who began the whole,"get-your-photo-taken-by-pararazzi-when-not-wearing-underwear," thing.

How did this happen? How did seemingly decent well brought up Christian girls morph into moral zombies?

Many have a connection with America's most wholesome entertainment,Disney. Their Orlando,Florida Disneyland tunnels were built by CIA contractors in the seventies. The massive Disneyland resort also has its own private police force.

Britney was a child performer with the organisation. So was Christina Aguilera and for every recognisable face there are hundreds that fall through the cracks to remain unknown. Generally almost every child star with Disney or peripheral ties to that massive group with numerous tentacles in strange places has a predictable trajectory.
Massive fame and fortune. To be followed by a biblical morality tale of a meth/cocaine/booze fuelled fall from grace. Lindsay Lohan,Amanda Bynes,Vanessa Hudgens...the list is long.

The Disney child star Britney Spears.

Christina Aguilera as a Mickey Mouse club member in a more innocent time.

 For exactly what happens when a star is 'born' or 'made,' we need to look long and hard at the entire Disney machine ,purveyor of children's fantasy and maker of dreams even adults yearn for. Its pioneer Walt Disney was  an anally obsessed practicing pervert with a penchant for ice packing his penis-(you can't make this shit up!)In public he set strict guidelines for all his employees. Swearing,indecent dress like short hemlines or bright skirts and facial hair were all sacking offences.

Disney himself,33 degree Freemason ,a friend of Ronald Reagan and Bill Hoover,then FBI chief wasn't actually an animator but more of a visionary though like all his kind his perversion misruled him. Many long time insiders accused him of direct involvement in the death of Bobby Driscoll,one of the first child stars since he was discovered as a fresh faced 9 year old in 1946.
Walt Disney told a fellow homo,a movie producer,mothers would never let their kids see his films if they knew his secret life. He adopted a girl Sharon to be playmate for his daughter Diane and after years of indifference suddenly seemed to transfer arrested heterosexual feelings onto her while she was in early adolescence. He shocked everyone as he seemed to court her,buying her expensive meals,taking her shopping and on a 2 month holiday-just the 2 of them.

By his teens distraught at being dropped by Uncle Walt,after he outgrew his babyishness he sunk into regular heroin use. When he stumbled across Andy Warhol's eye in the early sixties his fate was sealed and he was found OD'd in 1968.

The Disney corporation,showcase of American successful  entrepreneurship  is what is always was-an occult organisation dedicated to Satan and his works. In the beginning, the moral climate forced subtlety;those days are long gone. There's little need to embed messages anymore.

Here are just 2 screen grabs from popular Disney cartoons.

When Miley Cyrus was still innocent Hannah Montana. Observe the obviously phallic symbolism of the candy Disney corp. markets in her name.

The little Mermaid

Look who else is wearing the famous Mickey Mouse ears.

Christina Aguilera shows us what Disneyland is really about.

All musicians,especially those who started in childhood are no longer responsible for their actions. Years of traumatic mind control have destroyed the normal human behaviour patterns instilled in infancy to the age of five and six. Morality,the knowledge of right and wrong is broken down using traumatic techniques,Satanic abuse -torture really, combined with psychotropic substances and hypnotism reduce the budding child star to a hollow wreck-an empty psychic vessel.
Which is exactly what the handler or programmer masquerading as manager requires. Then the victims mind breaks down into separate individuals,a psychological fracturing known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Each fractured piece,an alter is an individual  that can be summoned at will by the programmer with code words or ritual. At this stage the the mind controlled subject is a moral ,mental and emotional zombie,with no feelings beyond base desires and a desire to please the programmer.
This is a highly condensed thumbnail of an extremely complicated process as lengthy as building an Airbus 380 or pediatric microsurgery;Dear Reader for in depth info on this look at those who've observed multiple cases fist hand
This is very very real. So when you see Miley Cyrus at the VMA acting the zombie hoe from Uranus;just know she's truly not herself. That's what her handler working for the Illuminati wanted.

I personally thought it would be a while before she did it,at her level overexposure is a very real danger but it seems this Miley has already 'smiled' at the world.

Now,Dear Reader,like her fellow female 'artistes,'this snap shot, the modern day equivalent of showing cleavage shows us she has truly come of age. The moral death of the Anglo woman!