Thursday, 22 August 2013


A new Reality dating show Tujuane (getting to know each other) on KTN has confirmed what most Kenyan men and many women already know: Bitches in Kenya done lost their minds! The natural women have been outnumbered by skanky,demanding, pretentious  and low class females intent on living life ripped out of the pages of an American urban lifestyle magazine. Here is Happy (Edda) Atieno listing her demands like the delusional zombie she is.

Here are just 2 of her classier FB photos.

The pussy beggar cohost calls her a "strong woman!'

Here's Mirfat ,('I don't do fries! Look at me!I like fencing!) inflicting herself on George ,a pro photog.

Even if there were Kenyan fencing clubs I'd lay good money this is the only fencing she knows.

Not the rasp of rapier ,strike of sabre or the blinding feint of foil.

How did the Kenyan gender sphere reach such an abysmal point? When was dishonest pseudosophistication valorised and when was ill mannered dishonesty ever a virtue? It was a long time coming but was as sure a development as the chronology of the days of the week.
This was always a more thoroughly colonised country than our neighbours. We were a settler colony and also suffered "more missions per square mile than anywhere else in Africa," as John Gunther wrote in his best selling, 'Inside Africa.' Written in the 50s it reveals him as a man of rare insight.
 His writings are still relevant. We're still the same thoroughly colonised country but the new missionaries are ushered into our lives via the cyberspace. The new gods of today are praised for anti social behaviour,mocking public mores and being 'strong,' especially women. No matter how asinine their antics legions of simpletons,especially women in countries like Kenya with a history of foreign inspired  social  are mesmerised. If in doubt look at those unfortunate hood turd poses above. With hordes of aspiring Nikki Minajs is it any wonder Ratchetness is the defining national  female norm?
The Kenyan  media of course has been an enthusiastic cheer leader of the whole women's thing further overloading the amgydalas of our females. Early in the millennium a Nation media editor told me they had 'instructions from above,' read the Aga Khan,who was obviously himself under the writ of higher authorities to push the issue to the max further alienating women from reality ,making them egomaniacs.
5 days ago the same media house announced 60% of Kenyan women are single mothers,no surprise,but the same article attempted to pass it off as men evading responsibility.
Six of every 10 Kenyan women are likely to be single mothers by the time they reach 45, one of the highest rates for single-parent families in Africa.
According to new research that reveals an astounding new face of the Kenyan family, an increasing number of women are drawn into single parenthood as more men abandon their traditional role as providers for their children.
An array of factors, including irresponsible fathers, peer pressure and the struggle to cope with modernisation, are blamed for the trend, in which three in 10 Kenyan girls become pregnant before the age of 18.
The pan-African study by two Canadian sociologists shows that Kenya has one of the highest levels of children born out of wedlock on the continent.

Compare with normal countries not swamped with fake Westernization:  Comparatively, only 18 per cent of women give birth before marriage in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, 5 per cent in Ethiopia and slightly more than 10 per cent in Malawi.
But then again,Dear Reader,did you truly expect a mea culpa from the media?

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