Wednesday, 9 July 2014


This is a term usually used in societies where bride's virginity is taken as absolute. Once the deed of defloration is done she is forever disvirgined. The childlike innocence is gone and the world of girlish things vanishes -frankly that's what happened to Brazil;a complete undoing,a thorough dismantling that has set a record for descriptive superlatives.
The most goals scored in a semi final;the heaviest home defeat in a World Cup and the most humiliating display ever. By the 25th minute as the German machine was three nil up shocked Brazilian kids cried;women screamed and wept while men cursed and groaned.

Even I,as a lifelong German supporter was in disbelief expecting a 2-1 or comfortable 3-1 victory. In retrospect,however it was to be expected and when Schurrle came on the second half I knew more pain was coming Brazil's way-he added 2 goals worsening the collective state of the Brazilian national psyche (I truly think a form of mass therapy is in order!).
 The truth is the hosts have had an easy ride from the beginning. Their opener against Croatia saw them enjoying 60% possession but at least one goal was offside while the penalty for the foul against Fred was harsh. In the Cameroon game Brazil looked better than they were. The disjointed Africans allowed them room and possession letting Neymar score twice in the Selecaos 4-1 win.
The Chile match should have been a wakeup call. Against  a technically more accomplished team possession was equal and they only advanced to the quarter finals after a Chilean hit the upright in the penalty shootout. Knowledgeable observers expected a crashing return to earth with he Colombians. The match was memorable for the fouls-a record 50+ kept interrupting the game.
Shoves,late tackles,sliding studs high challenges and shirt pulling predominated. Neymar's foul was actually a retaliation for his sides continued flagrant and unpunished infringements.

The local media are also responsible for the debacle in no small way. As partisan as the Brit hacks of old,they were just as full of  unrealistic expectations as the fleet street writers of the nineties scribbling on about how the Cup was 'coming home again.' Noone noticed the dangerous over reliance on Neymar or questioned his lineup in May.
The typical tactic of individual ball artistry wasn't as successful largely because quite frankly Neymar isn't a Ronaldo-remember how they collapsed in France 98 expecting him to carry them to the trophy? Facing a well drilled team with all round technical skills they were bound to come undone. Despite equal possession the visitors scored almost at will dominating the rhythm of the game.
Scolari admitted even  with both absent Neymar and Thiago Silva nothing would have changed. Someone must take responsibility. In the meantime they can all take this-it will ease the pain.

Dear Reader,if you know Portuguese,please translate.

This might stop the tears in Brazil-or it might not! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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