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Almost a decade ago I discovered anime-a parallel universe of fantasy,magic heroes and weirdly compelling story lines. Watch Perfect Blue,my first ever anime or Outlaw Starr,my second. The first an intense pyscho drama,the second a more relaxed sci fi but both are among the best of their respective genre,though I do admit a certain type of anime has an almost pathological penchant for urological detail in sexual situations and insistence on tentacle sex but I digress.
Like every African I noticed that much of Japanese language is similar to E.African bantu. W.Africans  and Somalis also noticed these similarities with their own languages so I decided a little historical detective work was in order. If Japanese has African roots as seems to be the case then there should be a black African presence in S.E Asia,India/Pakistan and the Middle East.
Gentle Reader, I hope you're seated because what I found in plain sight overturns all previous accepted 'histories.'We have all been lied to,deliberately and cruelly miseducated by those we faithfully entrusted to instruct us. I will reveal skeletal,cranio metric,linguistic,dna and contemporary reports showing unimpeachable evidence of Africans in the Middle East,W.Asia,S.E Asia and N.E Asia ie China and Japan.
As I earlier revealed the biblical figures have been identified as W.Africans who controlled continental water systems and migrated to the ME and Asia.
In fact Israel,Jordan,Palestine the whole of the modern Middle East from Turkey down to Saudi Arabia was,and in some cases still is African. Here are skeletal analyses of the ancient Elamites who ruled ancient Mesopotamia in todays Iran and Iraq.
The archaeologist Marcel-Auguste Dieulafoy (Dieulafoy,2004) and Hanberry (1981) maintains that their was a Sub-Saharan strain in Persia .
These researchers maintain that it was evident that an Ethiopian dynasty ruled Elam from a perusal of its statuary of the royal family and members of the army ( Dieulafoy, 2004; Dieulafoy, 2010;Hansberry,1981). Dieulafoy (2010 ) noted that the textual evidence and iconography make it clear that the Elamites were Africans, and part of the Kushite confederation .Dieulafoy (2010) made it clear that the Elamites at Susa were Sub-Saharan Africans.

Marcel Dieulafoy and M. de Quatrefages observed that the craniometrics of the ancient Elamites of Susa indicate that they were Sub-Saharan Africans or Negroes (Dieulafoy,2010).

Ancient Sub-Saharan African skeletons have also been found in Mesopotamia (Tomczyk et al, 2010). The craniometric data indicates that continuity existed between ancient and medieval Sub-Saharan Africans in Mesopotamia (Ricault & Waelkens,2008).
So,the producer of 300 was right,many of the Persians were of  African blood. Here are some of them below. Mind you,they're not the usual descendants of slaves or runaways the media would explain as the reason for their presence but the children of the original inhabitants.
Guess who this is? The progenitor of the house of Saud! Al saud alrahman al Faisal.
That's right,the grandaddy of these guys,Saudi royalty.
The Saudi case epitomises the fate of ME Africans. They were invaded by white Turks who were themselves pushed out of Central Asia by the Mongols.Here are more of the original Arabs.
Sometimes,we must first unlearn;only then can we learn the truth!

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