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THE SECRET HISTORIES OF BLACK PEOPLE-south east asiasia-Update!!

The African migration continued deeper into Asia. Some settled in  India while other black Africans continued into what is now Burma,Laos,Vietnam and Cambodia. Even the untrained observer notices architectural,religious and cultural similarities in India and S. Asia.
Those are representations of blacks.

World famous Angkor wat in Cambodia built in the 12 th century by King Suryavarman 2 according to current history. The first Cambodians,the original Khmer were like original .S.E Asians as explained by a noted expert: In 1923, in his Racial History of Man, a hallmark work in ethnology and anthropology, Harvard University anthropologist and Librarian of the Peabody Museum, Roland Burrage Dixon (1875-1934) noted that the ancient Khmers were physically:

"marked by distinctly short stature, dark skin, curly or even frizzly hair, broad nose and thick negroid lips. While metrical data are almost wholly lacking, it seems probable that we have, in the latter group, the much mixed survivors of an early Negroid stratum, of mixed Proto-Australoid and Proto-Negroid types (with perhaps some Negrito)."
These are random Khmers. The black/Mongol mix is evident.

A biblical anthropologist made a startling announcement recently. Alice Linley declared: Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a symbolic representation of Mount Meru. Angkor Wat faces west toward the Nile. Angkor Wat and the Egyptian royal tombs correspond in form to the number 72. The number 72 represents represents the numerical sequence linked to the earth’s axial precession, which causes the apparent alteration in the position of the constellations one degree every 72 years. It has been noted also that Angkor Wat is located 72 degrees of longitude east of the Pyramids of Giza. The name Angkor correlates with the ancient Egyptian Anhk-Hor, meaning "May Horus Live."
The implications are interesting. They not only confirm a continuous African presence but make the case for much earlier settlement,before the Mongolians,the modern Asians even existed.Whatever one believes the case is strong as there are still blacks throughout the region.
There is another group of black/Mongol hybrids,the Moken sea gypsies,who are nomadic fishermen living off the Thai and Burmese coasts.


Here's Horus the Egyptian Christ depicted on an Angkor wat frieze:

He's the falcon flying to the sun in the west on Ra's solar boat.



  1. I encourage you to read this also:

    The Afro-Asiatic Dominion

  2. Am reading it now along with other material on your fascinating blog. I truly admire your painstaking research and the courage of your groundbreaking conclusions. Certain people must have been extremely unhappy with your work: L.Chad was the land of Noah,Ijebu ws the homeland of the biblical Jebusites, the Nok culture was the Enochian culture......

  3. I think the black Mon people in South East Asia were the original S E Asians. The black Mons eyes, noses, mouths and face shapes looks like the majority brown/yellow S E Asians eyes, noses, mouths and faces today.

  4. All the first Asians were Africans. As far as N E Asia;see this

  5. Mwaura, I am not bothered by what people may say or think. Truth will find a voice, one way or the other. I pray my research will be a small piece of truth to point people in the right direction.

    You have an interesting blog also. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Deep ocean oceanography now confirm there was once an Indian ocean continent linking Asia and Africa.

    2. There wasn't a continent linking Asia with Africa. Instead, the S.E. Asian peninsula extended further out into the Pacific, forming a huge landmass that linked Australia with the Asian mainland. I've done a little research on this myself, and I don't claim to be any expert in this field of work, but I believe my studies have lead me to the right place.

      The first few links I'll post is proof that during the last glacial period(roughly 12,000 years ago), the sunda shelf was exposed, stretching out into the pacific ocean:

    3. Sunda Shelf archaeology project:

      Not much is known as to who originally inhabited the sunda shelf over 12,000 years ago, or if it was even inhabited for that matter. What is known is that many cultures have a profound belief that a flood wiped out a past civilization and virtually erased it off the face of the earth. Only remnants of this advanced culture remains and a few of their descendants live today...Could this have been ancient Sundaland that was talked about so much in the ancient texts? If this a fact, then it would prove that Plato was correct and that the late psychic Edgar Cayce who wrote a lot about Atlantis, Lemuria, and lost civilizations, wasn't actually a fraud..

    4. Edgar Cayce's theories on past cultures and the true origins of Haplotype B:

      Congressman Donelly's writings regarding Atlantis and theories of plato:

      There are also archaeologists who have gone looking for this forgotten land and have wrote books, even some have drawn maps depicting what it actually looked like. Perhaps these maps were done before we had more knowledge about the climate of the earth at the time, or able to use satellites to look at the land.

      James Churchwards sacred symbols of Mu:


    5. This links should have a map drawn by churchward himself, depicting what he believed to be the sunken continent at that time(we now know that map is a false representation because with the technology we have today, we have discovered that their was no large landmass smackdab in the pacific ocean.

      Churchward's map was an exaggerated depiction of the S.E. Asian peninsula which was exposed in the ancient past. James Churchward was on the right track, but he seemed to be more concerned with the legend itself, and not its whereabouts. Notice that the sunda shelf is infact, an extended version of the S.E. Asian peninsula, whereas James Churchward's mu(mu and sundaland being the same) is a giant continent in the middle of the ocean. It has been proven that Sundaland existed, but no giant continent in the pacific. except maybe Australia, but he depicted Australia in the map alongside mu, correct? so mu wasn't Australia according to Churchward's map.

    6. Now i wanna go a little bit into the Ancient monuments in this region. The largest and probably the oldest of the Ancient sites is Angkor Wat located in Cambodia(also a part of the S.E. Asian peninsula). It is believed that Angkor Wat, the largest temple complex in the world, was built by the Khmers, and is no older than 500 years. But I seriously doubt it and here's why. Number one is the fact that the history of India and that region as a whole, consisted of war and famine. and when there was peace, it was only short lived. It could've been anyone besides who history says built it, because of the facts i've laid out already. again, I'm no expert in this field and I don't claim to be, but I'm aware of history.

      Number two, is that when you look at the markings on the statues and the stonework, its all eroded by water. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or even a college graduate to see the actual water erosion on the stones, or the moss and plants growing from it. To me, it indicates that Angkor is much older than 1500 ad and that it could possibly be linked to my topic regarding the Sunda shelf which was exposed 12,000 years ago. I'm not jumping to conclusions and saying that Angkor was built when the sunda shelf was exposed(12,000 years ago), but I would be foolish to dismiss that theory. it could turn out to be more than theory. there are more monuments in this region.

    7. Borabudur temple in Indonesia(also a part of the ancient Sunda shelf)

      If sites like Borubadur temple in Indonesia were really built 12,000 years ago, then Its truly amazing how these structures are still standing today, withstanding the test of time. Its almost as if they were just as resourceful as us and that our ancestors outdid us.

      I have another theory that i've done some studying on. If these civilizations like atlantis and lemuria existed in our ancient past, then its safe to say that the bible was referring to it in the book of Genesis as the garden of eden. Furthermore,(let me get to the point) These cultures must've influenced early religions such as Hinduism. Hinduism ties perfectly with this regions history as a whole and I believe hinduism emerged from Sundaland!
      1. The Mahabarata(an ancient indian work) describes the sunken lands in great detail and also talks about the ppl who inhabited it. could the Mahabarata be much older than we believe?
      2. Hinduism deals greatly with the worship of nature. Hindus have much respect for all living things whether its an animal, a tree, or a human. being close to nature is like being close to God for Hindus. even Buddhism(another religion which branched off from Hinduism) deals with a similar subject. Again, i'm no expert or crazy spiritualist rambling on about chakras and the 3rd dimension lmao. Im trying to deal with facts here.

      I've done a centuries worth of typing only to cover about 30% of what I wanted to discuss. When i'm able to, I'd like to do more research into who actually inhabited the region 12,000 years ago. After all, we can't say it was Europeans or the Boogyman for that we weren't there 12,000 years ago to see with our own eyes.

    8. Another theory I'd like to add(and i'll probably be deleted as i've posted way too many comments) is the constant theme of ancient cultures building cities on or around waterways and rivers. Take Giza for example and its location which is close to the nile waterways, or angkor which is is basically in the middle of the mekong...what if The Nile, the Tigris, the Ganghes, and the Mekong waterways were all somehow linked in one way or another and that one culture controlled all the waterways in the past...

    9. No,I don't delete comments, generally. You're onto smth-keep it coming!

    10. I have also been doing research into colossal heads in Asia, and Japan.

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    12. Thanks a lot Mwaura. I also wanted to discuss another topic which i think is relevant to the topic brought up about past cultures. Atlantis, the mythical city that the late Psychic Edgar Cayce, and philosopher Plato wrote about. acoording to Cayce, Atlantis was a continent and not a chain of islands. It existed in 10,500 bc. before a time where history was recorded, or I should say that we did not record this forgotten era in humanity...Plato said that Atlantis existed in 9,000 bc, was a seafaring nation, and relied heavily on livestock(brahmanical castes of India???) This date is not far off from the late Edgar Cayce's predictions of 10,500 bc. Cayce also wrote about ancient technology and vimana(ancient aircraft) before this topic was even discussed in the western world, and was only a mere myth in India and Asia. And before any begins to bash me on the subject, the answer is yes. I believe their could've been technology 8,000 years ago. the reason I say this is because, These people had way more time to develop these kinds of inventions that we used today, and we know that an advanced culture existed in the past and was wiped out. So isn't it a bit stupid to ask "where's the proof?" It doesn't take aliens to build pyramids or to build a jet. all it requires is the resources and manpower.

    13. Atlantis was a mythical tale of a continent located in the Atlantic ocean in 10,500bc. it belong to an ancient culture that is believe to have thrived for hundreds of thousands of years. they used crystals to power the cities so they had working lights before benjamin franklin harnessed electricity. They had working aqueducts and manipulated the environment to their liking, so its safe to believe they planted crops, grew livestock, developed culture and writing, pottery, etc...So where did they go, and where the hell did atlantis go. I want to get into that. Not much is known what happened to Atlantis, or if it was nothing more than myth. What is known is what Edgar Cayce and Plato wrote. also other myths regarding lost civilizations.

    14. The Philosopher Plato wrote that Atlantis was wiped out in one single day by a cataclysm in the past. The Gods sunk the entire continent into the ocean, destroyed the empire and leaving it to be forgotten to time.

      Edgar Caye's views are quite similar, but he discussed it on a much larger scale than Plato. Egdar Cayce even claimed to be in touch with the ancients who lived there in the distant past. He did readings on people that claimed they had dreams of past lives, and that they were linked to the ancient continents of atlantis and mu. he was told by past lives that Atlantis was an advanced race that was very spiritual. they possessed advanced technology that they used to power machines, electricity, they even were said to have aircraft and maybe computers. they were destroyed by the misuse of their own technology, and the island continent was left inhabitable. the ones who stayed died, and the ones who left went on to influence uncivilized ppl in other parts of the world and migrate to preserve their own culture. He wrote much more on this subject, but much of it is in the form of spiritual writing. I wont delve into that part much, but some of it is relevant to the topic that was brought up...

    15. The late psychic Edgar Cayce believed in a theory of root races.

      According to theosophist by the name of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who wrote a book in 1988 called "The Secret Doctrine", The 1st root race was ethereal, consisting of only etheric matter. they reproduced similar to amoeba. this is when all life was primordial soup. The second root race lived in hyperboria, and was golden yellow. they lived in a tropical climate. The 3rd root race, the lemurian was black. They lived in the indian ocean, australia, and the south pacific islands. It is believed that they lived alongside dinosaurs 100s of thousands of years ago and that their descendants are African, aboriginals, and dravidians. This is when humanity began to breed the current way we do now by having sex. The fourth root race was atlanteans which are a subrace of lemurians. it is believed that their descendants are Amer-Indian, mongloids, and caucasians. they eventually migrated to the americas. The 5th root race is Aryan. they are descendants of Atlanteans. It is also noted that she states that the semetic races(or the descendants of past root races) will become "spiritually degenerate" and that descendants of lemurians are semi-animal.

      Personally, I don't believe in this mumbo jumbo written by a wacky clairvoyant who believes she can predict what occurred in human history. And furthermore, I was lost when started bringing up Aryans and ether...

    16. But I believe that Blavatsky, as crazy as she may have sounded was on to something. here's why:
      number one is the fact that bringing up a subject regarding root races is completely relevant to to topic of past cultures that was bought up here. If we are looking for ancient civilizations, then its safe to believe that some may have belonged to a lost race of forgotten people. Generally speaking, we all originate from Africa. So, wouldnt it be safe to say that the africans are in fact, the 1st root race? and if we go from there, then it makes more sense? Actually, no it doesn't.
      I'll tell you why...the reason is because there is hundreds of thousands of years of history that has not been recorded and forgotten, and different types of species of subhumans that existed on the planet alongside one another, before homo-sapiens arrived on the scene. We believe that homo-sapien is the smartest being to exist, and maybe we were. but there is nearly a million years of unaccounted human evolution and we have only recorded a small percentage of that. My belief is that early humans(before we were called homosapien) inhabited these lost lands and after time, they begin to branch out throughout the world. obviously, Africa woulve been a start. any place with a tropical climate close to the equator because the climate was different in the past and ppl were dark skinned like Africans. So its not far-fetched to believe this. everyone living today descends from the equatorial region(south india, central africa, and s.e asia). eventually these people begin to develop genetic mutations over thousands of years and develop variations. so they inadvertantly create a subrace. we are that subrace more or less..

    17. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in my opinion had an agenda that was seperate from her field of work. She had racist views in my opinion. for one, she called semitic people "spiritually degenerate". another reason is that she referred to the descendants of lemuria as "semi- animal creatures". obviously, Helena Blavatsky had something up her sleeve and had other intentions besides informing the public of her work. After all, she discussed the Aryan race as if it was an actual race. As far as I can remember, germany used the term "Aryan" to describe a Germanic master race to rule over the world. and we know where that got got them. History refers to Aryans as "hordes of armies sweeping through ancient palestine and egypt". India refers to Aryans as a way of life. The word Aryan is used in the vedic texts over 40 times and never a mention of an actual race...So Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, You are wrong in your assertation that Aryans are an actual race and that your opinions regarding semitics are racially biased.

      I want to leave that subject alone and talk about another subject. Whether or not Atlantis and Lemuria truly existed and are more than just myth. The Mahabarata which is an ancient indian text almost mirrors some of what Edgar cayce and plato wrote about. The Mahabarata discusses ancient wars that wiped out entire civilizations, that these people were using technology on par, if not greater than our own. It is also said (and this is very important to what im getting at) that in the past, we possessed nuclear weapons. If we are to believe that Lemuria(sundaland) and Atlantis(a later branch of lemurians who also lived during the same era) were the most advanced civilizations in the history of the earth, we can assumed they had knowledge of nuclear physics, we know they had knowledge of the climate, seasons, the path of the stars(no aliens!, this is how they were able to predict the seasons of the earth not make a star gate lol). So this would prove the Mahabarata and the ancient extinctions stories described in the Bible and other texts are true...

    18. Getting to the point here. The location of Atlantis. we know the location of Mu. I have discussed this earlier in my recent comments. Mu, Lemuria, or sundaland, whatever you want to call it, is An extension of the S.E.Asian continental shelf which was exposed during the last glacial period, roughly 110,000 years to 12,000 years ago. It linked the pacific islands together as well as parts of australia. Australia may have very well been a tropical climate during this age and this area is still one of the most biogeographically diverse places in the world today. this landmass in the pacific lasted according to studies, for almost a hundred thousand years!
      Atlantis is thought by some scholars and archaeologists to be a sunken landmass in the atlantic ocean which the last parts of it sunk around the same time as sundaland. If we want to believe what the Mahabarata and the bible says, it was destroyed in one single day. The Mahabarata, in my opinion is pointing at it being destroyed by a nuclear weapon. Edgar Cayces says Atlantis was wiped out by advanced technology. perhaps the flood in the bible was a side effect of the nuclear war described in the Mahabarata? There are a few maps drawn by researchers of the loat continent of Atlantis described by Edgar cayce, and Plato. Ill post a few links:
      Athanasius Kircher map of atlantis:
      James Churchward map of atlantis:

      So, the location of Kircher's and Chuchward's Atlantis hasn't changed compared to edgar cayce and platos location of atlantis. The only thing which is unknown is what it actually looked like. I'm a bit weary of both of the maps in my opinion, but we can deduce which map has the better representation of an actual island continent. James chuchward's map depicts mu and atlantis as the largest continents in the world atlantis is nearly the same size as Africa and almost stretches out into the north sea according to churchwards map. Im more inclined to take Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis more seriously then churchwards maps. its a resonable size and actually fits in the atlantic, it even gives credit to Platos writings, taking into account the large structure in the middle of the landmass and the extensive rivers that run through it, full of water from the atlantic.

    19. If Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis turns out to be true, then it's possible that Atlantis couldve been sunk beneath the ocean because theres no continent in the atlantic ocean, But here's why I cant completely buy that. an expedition was done in the 60s to the mid-atlantic ridge, researchers were able to find fossilized fresh water animals and fossilized plants, at a surprising depth below the sea. they also discovered evidence of ancient riverways and lakes. This is where i'm gonna get into the theory of plate tectonics. it is believed that 400,000-250,000 years ago, there was a landmass located in the Atlantic ocean right on top of the mid-atlantic more evidence to the fact that fossilized fresh water fish and fossilized plants found on land, were discovered beneath the ocean close to the mid-atlantic ridge. According to geologists, the landmass begin to become unstable and break into pieces around 250,000-110,000 years ago. parts of the continent floated away from one another, other parts were taken by the mid atlantic ridge(which was the cause). by this time, there wouldve most likely have been one large landmass and a few smaller landmasses that survived the cataclysm. this is the atlantis we have come to know. about 110,000 years-12,000 years ago, atlantis finally begins to sink beneath the ocean floor and forever forgotten...But I dont fully believe this and heres. why.

      Based on Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis, it vaguely resembles a continent that is currently located in the north sea. Greenland to be exact. perhaps greenland is a remnant of the lost continent which was broken up by tectonic activity 100s of thousands of years ago, and floated to its current location close the the pole. If we flip Kirchers map the opposite direction, it resembles earth even more. You can clearly see the coasts of Europe, West Africa, The eastern parts of the americas, and even south america. And when you put a photo of Greenland directly over Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis and flip it 180 degrees, it fits perfectly!

    20. I'll post a few links regarding tectonic activity in this region and the theory that greenland is in fact, a lost remnant of atlantis which moved from its original location to its current location north:

      If greenland was actually the lost continent of Atlantis, then it could also prove the Bibles flood to be correct and the ancient war described in the mahabarata. if atlantis was destroyed by a nuclear war, then greenland fits the bill perfectly because it has been covered in ice for 120,000 years. And if this is the case, then atlantis is much older than we think it originally was and that Mu(its mother culture located in the pacific) is older than we think. Perhaps the Mahabarata was correct when it referred to an ancient nuclear war. maybe the nuclear war was the cause for the mid-atlantic ridge becoming unstable and causing the continent to break up. perhaps part of atlantis has been swallowed up by the ridge itself? It could even be the reason earth experienced an ice age for that matter. Edgar Cayce did say that the Atlanteans used advanced technology and destroyed themselves. maybe they fought with another advanced culture, the Lemurians.


  8. All humans traced back to African female and male let it go racist and post I just posted Asian scientist proved white skin is a mutation. And Asians have long since proven their ancestors were 1% African

  9. Joseph,there's much evidence of later African people in Asia as this post shows. Why should that be 'racist'?

  10. In search of MU:

    Great reading material from Arsyio Santos:

    A sundashelf archaeology project is underway:

    Carbon dating on Gunung Padang, an ancient pyramid in Java, Indonesia, suggests an age of 21,000 years old:

    Read everything here for the truth:

    The truth of Angkor Wat told by the natives:

    Nan madol, an ancient island city in the pacific built on a coral reef:

    Eden in the east:

    Sacred Symbols of MU, by Col. James Churchward, one of my favorite books:

  11. I believe, in my opinion, there is alot of unknown ancient history of humanity in the region of s.e. asia. I forgot to also mention easter island which could also be linked to MU:

    No disrespect to the original posters, but I believe there is much more to the story than "we were here thousands of years ago". More work needs to be done in this area of the pacific as well as S.E. asia and its unknown history. this was eden in my eyes.