Saturday, 27 October 2012


ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda jetted in 2 days. Unlike her predecessor the Argentine Luis Moreno Ocampo,she's less of a media hound.

Not for her frequent press conferences and endless selfpromotion like a used car salesman. Ocampo had publicly and unwisely bragged to show the world how human rights violators will pay the price. Alas! All he showed expectant Kenyans was how the West always manipulates events in the 3rd world to their own interest.
Here he is trying to stick his uninvestigated hearsay reports on Uhuru during the initial mention last year .

Back to Bensouda. 3 days ago she accused the government of failing to supply evidence on the remaining 4 ICC suspects she only described as 'private and confidential.' Strange,since the ICC used prior evidence to prove they have  a case to answer. Evidence,by the way collected and supplied by an ally of the main suspects chief political protagonist. The huffington post commented on such a farce thusly:Instead they used intermediaries - such as a local charity branded the "Kenya Human Rights
Commission" and another organisation named the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights who were particularly helpful when it came to the witnesses. One of its Commissioners a Mr Omar Hassan it is alleged handily unearthed some of the main witness for the ICC's prosecution. (One such witness, incidentally, has proven himself to be utterly unreliable, having changed his statement on no fewer than four occasions, including attempting once to retract his statement completely).

Hassan's good work has not gone unnoticed. He has since been appointed vice chairman of the Friends of Raila, an organisation working to elect Odinga to the Presidency in upcoming elections.

Surely, you would think a witness who has changed his statement on multiple occasions, having been assisted by an intermediary whose intentions were so palpably political, should be dismissed by any reasonable provincial court, let alone the ICC.

Last week it was conclusively proved via a new opinion poll that Raila Amolo Odinga,the Anglo Jewish hope,can't win the election. Though ,registered voters weren't used RAO's lead has shrunk drastically and he'd lose a runoff. Uhuru and Ruto both score over 50% combined-to disenfranchise the electorate to put their Yeltsin in State House would have disastrous consequences . Of course the ICC,in the person of Bensouda is sending a message cognizant of this belated reality

If you truly thought the ICC was apolitical and concerned with only justice go back to sleep or read how Milosevic was poisoned at his trial to prevent embarrassing details surfacing.
Based on the evidence provided by the ICTY themselves (some of it clearly inadvertant as a result of their clumsy coverup in the immediate aftermath of his death) i.e., public statements from ICTY officials (doctors/toxicologists) that they performed blood tests on January 12 which revealed the presence of the Leprosy drug ‘Rifampicine’ in Milosevic’s blood but kept it secret from Milosevic,his doctors,lawyers and the entire world for TWO MONTHS until March 7, is clear evidence of foul play on the part of officials in the ICTY.

I'd rather avoid predictions,I'm not a fortune teller ,but here goes.  Bensouda is setting the stage to declare the remaining 4 suspects cases terminated. She can't just come right out and hurl the grenade among the unprepared masses and must first drop carefully nuanced hints and insinuations. This explains her public complaints about lack of government assistance. She'll say," the Kenya government failed to cooperate and supply more evidence,my hands were tied. What could I do?"
This will happen before Christmas at the latest mid January. The West will simply return to the drawing board,revising their playbook;funding ever more NGOs to capture the civil society space,instigating local crises (western ambassadors for some reason recently found it necessary to meet with the violent secessionist MRC) or even blatant destabilisation a la the DRC.
However the more Kenya develops its internal capacities,the more remote the possibility of success of these tried and true methods of 3rd world control. Make no mistake,in the wider geopolitical scheme ,the ICC is a tool of the West and is no more capable of true judicial independence of action than a tyre jack.

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