Monday, 22 October 2012


... and is written in their blood chemistry. Its not smaller waists,bigger asses and plumper lips but in the causes of these physiological differences-testosterone.

 The unmelanated sistren due to lower testosterone are less endowed with curvature as the following pix reveal.

Though you will of course find outliers on both sides of the scale,these pix are by and large faithful representations of the physiological differences viz a viz black and white women. This hormone is both a curse and a blessing. As anyone knows it gives strength,speed and stamina.

 Its also responsible for women's sex drive;which explains a controversial study recently claiming black women are 50% more likely to achieve orgasm than white women.

The side effects among women are serious,especially in these feminised times. Everyone on earth with a working internet connection has  noticed the epidemic of public violence by black American women on youtube. On buses,in restaurants shopping malls and other public fora they instigate exchange of fisticuffs after pathological verbal violence.

Such displays will soon be normalised in the West wherever there are black women. In a world of female rights and privileges without corresponding responsibility and the usual women's atrophied amgydala and a climate that demands women to act out (be strong!) it would be surprising if it were otherwise.
The amygdala is an ancient part of the brain, influenced by hormones, that processes fear, triggers aggression and action, and stimulates competitiveness. It alerts us to danger and switches on the rest of the body. The amygdala in men's brains is larger than in women's. Moreover the male amygdala has testosterone receptors that heighten responses, providing a biological reason for why men compete with each other more aggressively than females and why men can quickly escalate situations and enjoy the fight.

Will the West therefore realise the biological reality and reverse their neurotic crusade for "womens rights?" I think not.
And now a young black Canadian woman ,victim of her high testosterone level,underdeveloped amgydala, woman-friendly consequence free Anglo gendersphere has decided to go deep and 'explain' why white guys all over London,Ontario,with only 2% black population want her. False self confidence bordering on narcissism with the mental capacity of a woman have combined to make the unfortunate spectacle we see here.
Looking at her photo,one truly understands why modesty and humility were highly valued among women in normal times.

Dear Reader, you may find her blatherings of interest,read it here.  The comments are worthy of a laugh.

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