Saturday, 13 October 2012


It has finally happened. Not astonishing that its a Kikuyu cause sometimes with our facade of modernity ,or rather relative over exposure to Western ways we're prone to that kind of bullshit. Like a blind man stumbling through a minefield too many of us are unaware of very real consequences of  willfully transgressing  against God,culture and all social norms,bulletproofed by our job titles,upward mobility and of course the Media Monsters hard at work normalising these infernal behaviours.
 David Kanyingi Kuria,the open homo vying for Kiambu senate. Expect to see our jua kali media,ever eager to parrot their Western counterparts shower him with encomiums like an ANC freedom fighter simultaneously whipping the ghost of Eugene Terreblanche while delivering the continent from the debt crisis at the G8 Davos summit. Nearly a decade ago ,several local print columnists went pro homo in widely read opeds. They toe tested the waters,and jumped in enthusiastically.
Now every megaphone mouth brain-dead radio presenter in Kenya wishing to be deep,clever and caring yelps pro homo messages. Of course they'll never tell us the frequent lower intestinal tract infects;sphincter incontinence or mental problems going with his affliction since like all the simple minded,their function is simply to parrot.The main FM stations Hot/cool/fresh 98/96/100 are infested with these types.
Like,all societal changes,the homo agenda was a long time coming. The movement was entirely below the radar and so subtle,its like people woke up one morning to discover they were surrounded by the whole LGBT brigade.This is how it began. In the early 70s and 80s men were men,and women were women. You could tell just by looking-there was no androgynous ambiguity as the following pics will show.

In the 90s,the media began pushing a semi-faggot image. It was called metrosexual. Men's  makeup was mainstreamed while they were exhorted to pay attention to accessories and it got so ,people would ask,"is this a boy or a girl?" To be fair the Elites in the West are using behaviour modification additives in food and water(check pthalates). This is now the prevailing male media image.

Why are the secret world rulers pushing homoism so relentlessly? The first reason is population control;favourite bugbear of the World Rapers and their tame think tanks. Their vision is of a Malthusian nightmare of a society of 'useless eaters,'collapsing under its own weight. Many of them are partial to that perversion themselves but there is a deeper reason.
The homo pathology is basically the desire to physically dominate and possess another man sexually. Its no accident that the most violent cultures throughout world history also have the highest rates of homosexuality. The Greeks,Romans,Arabs,Persians,Turks,British and Jews have always been a joy for the practising pederast. They sublimated their intrinsic pathologies to political ends dressed it up with high sounding military,racial or philosophical disguises and did what their rectal yearnings commanded. Entire continents,whole peoples and their way of life were wiped out by homos acting out their natural inclinations to dominate. Yes! Fyi, Gentle reader,though the Nazis were terribly misunderstood,had a laundry list of quite legitimate grievances and deliberately slandered and never did a fraction of their alleged war crimes,that organisation was founded by homo pedophiles in a homo bar.
 “The Nazi Party ladies and gentlemen, was formed in a gay bar in Munich and historians agree that Hitler’s earliest enforcers, the Storm Troopers, the Brown Shirts, were almost without exception, homosexuals. So it was homosexual thugs that helped Hitler to form the Nazi party.”

This Kuria cocksucker is obviously the spearhead of an international well funded campaign to indoctrinate the youth of Kenya into this culture. Let's send him and his fellow perverts where they belong. Lastly ,look at Eugene Terreblanche. Until his murder 2 years ago he was the head of the fearsome Afrikaner Resistance Party. In between dressing up and issuing dire threats during thunderous speeches he loved to surround himself with sexy young Afrikaner men.

In fact a male soldier of his Ystergard,Iron Guard (these types love role playing) the AWB militia sued him for sexual harassment! Let's refuse to suffer sight and sound of these creatures and their satanic lifestyles.

Here's Germany's Angela Merkel in the 70s with umm,err girlfriends at the beach.

Nowadays only Kenya's most hardened professional beach boys with years of experience with this particular sort would approach her.

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