Thursday, 18 October 2012


This is a photo parade of fools,fuckups and fruitcakes who actively and collectively encourage the worst  behaviour among us. Make no mistake however,without exception they're willing participants in the race to zero. The problem is the lifestyles they promote hurt not only us but are being encouraged as black culture and now affecting the wider world. From Vietnam to Guatemala and the Ukraine who hasn't suffered the sound or the in direct effects of their psychotic confusion-gender confusion,empty materialism,crass self centredness and subliminal Satanic worship.

The Queen Vampire of Prime time tv encouraging lesbianism and homos who has done more to establish the Angry Black Woman Syndrome than anyone else. ABWS is now a recognised disorder of negative self reinforcing attitudes among black women. Throughout her years as social reengineer she pushed messages of rejection of marriage disguised as self esteem and independence-the result? An entire generation of woman throughout the West is now unmarried,single mothers and/or childless with nothing but BOB,Battery Operated Boyfriend to talk to,(vibrator). Btw,how did the lesbo pedo scandal at her girls only school in S.Africa turn out? She deserves a seat in hell next to Mao and Stalin.
The truth will always out;hers is ugly enough for a one hour special!'Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea,' claimed her cousin, Katherine Carr Esters.

For now let's not even go into the allegations about her dad.

I'm not a hater and would ordinarily big up any dude who gets with Bey on the regular but Jay Z has flooded us with empty materialism of the most vulgar kind. Bling down to his balls and emptyheadedness. Boooo!!!!!

Among black entertainers this nigga,takes the case. Just....SIGHHHHHHH. Enough said.

Music lyrics aren't poetry or metaphysical statements;neither are they meant to be. Rihanna,however has enthusiastically embraced the worst of her handlers demands to push hideous subliminal images in her music.

This clown get dishonourable mention for his contempt for human life in his lyrics endlessly going on about death , killing and perpetual tough guy posing.

Purely for his craft I have nothing but respect for Mayweather. I never believed he's ducking Pacquiao and think its actually the other way round. But WTF is this??! Nobody,not even Bill Gates has enough money to throw on stretch- and skid marked hoes like these.

This isn't an exhaustive list,only the most eager visible practitioners of negativity that ails us all. I could've named Obama, Prof.Gates,Tyler Perry and ten others but I hope by now you get the drift.

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  1. I agree they are useless negro that's why the white elite allow them to make millions of dollars.