Sunday 19 April 2015


I was actually done trying to educate people on the reality of false flags since some people will just never learn. Blame it on the low level mind control courtesy of American TV or sadly low IQ.

This Caucasoid Neanderthal,Andrew Adler is the editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times and called for Obama's killing. Barrack,for the past 2 years has been under the influence of the Patriotic Pentagon faction -not the Zio Elite. He refused to invade Syria in 2013 and has made peace with Iran seriously annoying the latter.

So,the Khazarian Illuminati are stuck-what do they do? Let me reprint in toto,what Kevin Barret,a top ME researchers says.
Historically, in such situations, ruthless leaders like Bibi Netanyahu have occasionally resorted to “false flags:” High-profile acts of spectacular violence designed to change policy by powerfully impacting public opinion. The two most common categories of high-impact false flags are assassinations and terror attacks. In both cases, the violence is committed by professionals, then falsely attributed to the attackers’ enemies.
So what could Bibi do? Netanyahu could conceivably order his intelligence assets, including hundreds of the world’s most highly-trained assassins supported by tens of thousands of well-placed “sayanim” (Mossad volunteers) to try to assassinate Obama or stage a terror event or apparent military attack falsely blamed on Muslims in general or Iran in particular. Such an act, Bibi might imagine, could transform the political landscape so that the P5+1 deal would be impossible, while war would be natural if not inevitable.
Amazingly enough, Netanyahu’s American supporters are openly calling for this! Andrew Adler, the editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times newspaper, has published an editorial urging Netanyahu to order the assassination of President Obama. And Patrick Clawson, Director of Research at the AIPAC-allied Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP) has advocated arranging a fake “Iranian attack on America” to trigger Netanyahu’s avidly-desired US war on Iran.
In his speech calling for a false flag blamed on Iran, Clawson admitted that such false flags are the customary means used to start wars. And he is right. Every major American war since the Mexican war has been sold to the American people, and officially launched, by way of a fabricated or orchestrated “enemy attack on America” for which America’s own leaders, sometimes in collaboration with friendly foreign leaders, have been responsible. From the nonexistent “Mexican attack” of 1846 to the USS Maine in 1898 to the Lusitania in 1915 and Zimmerman telegram of 1917 to the eight-point-plan that produced Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 to Nurse Nayirah and the fake satellite photos of 1990 to September 11, 2001 and alleged Iraqi WMDs, every American war is sold to the people through one or more spectacular acts of deception.
Assassinations often accomplish the same objectives. The assassination of President Kennedy, for example, prevented the US from making peace with Vietnam, Cuba, and the USSR. The JFK hit was falsely blamed on a communist (actually a low-level CIA-FBI asset pretending to be a communist) in order to create an anti-communist atmosphere in which the Vietnam War and the larger Cold War could flourish.
Some false flags don’t work as planned. One “false flag fail” was Operation Northwoods, a 1962 plan by American military commanders to murder Americans in fake Cuban attacks. (It was called off by a disgusted President Kennedy). Another spectacular failure was the 1967 USS Liberty attack, in which Israel (with a nod and wink from US President Johnson) intended to murder every crew member aboard the unarmed spy ship in order to falsely blame Egypt and bring the US into the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. The plan didn’t work because the Liberty crew was able to cobble together damaged communications equipment to send a message that the attackers were Israelis, not Egyptians.
A French soldier patrols in Paris following the announcement of an unprecedented deployment of thousands of troops and police to bolster security at sensitive sites following attacks in the French capital, January 14, 2015. (© AFP)
The most recent high-profile false flag – January’s shootings in Paris – also appears to have been a failure. As bestselling Israeli investigative journalist Barry Chamish has suggested, the Charlie Hebdo and kosher deli shootings appear to have been orchestrated by Netanyahu in order to convince France’s 500,000 Jews to move to Israel. In the new book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, Chamish says of Bibi’s plan to terrorize French Jews into moving to Israel, “It looks like it’s not going to work terribly well.”
Also in We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, a former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Wall Street Journal editor, Paul Craig Roberts, suggests that the Paris shootings were orchestrated in order to keep France subservient to NATO. But that won’t work, he adds, because the right-wing nationalist parties will be the ultimate beneficiaries.
So it appears that the key objectives of the Charlie Hebdo false flag – supporting Israel by punishing France for recognizing Palestine, terrorizing French Jews into fleeing to Israel, and forcing France to remain an obedient slave of its NATO masters – will not be achieved. Charlie Hebdo may go down in history as one of the biggest-ever “false flag fails.”
The Charlie Hebdo false flag failed in part due to the quick response by truth-seekers. Within days of the event, every intelligent, historically-aware person on earth who cared to know was already aware of evidence suggesting it was a false flag. And in less than three months, the book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo brought together twenty of the world’s leading public intellectuals to question the mainstream propaganda.
So we may be living through a paradigm shift: A quantum leap in public awareness of false flags that is making it ever-harder for unscrupulous political leaders to deceive the public by way of spectacular, scripted psy-ops. Bibi Netanyahu would be well-advised to reject the advice of people like Andrew Adler and Patrick Clawson, and leave such devious, murderous plans on the drawing board.

 That's why Kenyans are slaughtered in malls,colleges and on their farms by proxy forces. Occasionally such attacks are also a   straightforward punishment,a lesson to other  3rd worlders not to deviate from Anglo Zionist instruction.

As always Dear Reader,you're encouraged to do your own research-don't take my word on false flags as the gospel.

Monday 6 April 2015


Firstly,I'd like to extend my deepest sympathies to the bereaved parents of the Garissa dead. No parent should ever bury a  child.

This is about false flags and proxy wars to not only  dominate and control emerging nations,but to also one up competing developed countries. Its a story about which many of us still know very little and understand even less  involving mineral resources and Neo Imperialism.
In the early 20th and late 19th centuries things were easy for the Imperialists. There were no busybodies such as Human Rights Organisations,the respective media knew their role and uniformly stuck to the  script sweeping the citizenry into war fervour when required.
When the threat of force failed against recalcitrant unwhites, military force was used with little qualms. This era has been called the 'Golden Age of Empire;' the time when Britain ruled todays India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,, Burma and was fighting small wars in S,W and E Africa.

Here's a typical example of gunboat diplomacy from the Anglo Zanzibar of 1896,the shortest war on record : The immediate cause of the war was the death of the pro-British Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini on 25 August 1896 and the subsequent succession of Sultan Khalid bin Barghash. The British authorities preferred Hamud bin Muhammed, who was more favourable to British interests, as sultan. In accordance with a treaty signed in 1886, a condition for accession to the sultanate was that the candidate obtain the permission of the British consul, and Khalid had not fulfilled this requirement. The British considered this a casus belli and sent an ultimatum to Khalid demanding that he order his forces to stand down and leave the palace. In response, Khalid called up his palace guard and barricaded himself inside the palace.
The ultimatum expired at 09:00 East Africa Time (EAT) on 27 August, by which time the British had gathered three cruisers, two gunboats, 150 marines and sailors, and 900 Zanzibaris in the harbour area. The Royal Navy contingent were under the command of Rear-Admiral Harry Rawson while their Zanzibaris were commanded by Brigadier-General Lloyd Mathews of the Zanzibar army (who was also the First Minister of Zanzibar). Around 2,800 Zanzibaris defended the palace; most were recruited from the civilian population, but they also included the sultan's palace guard and several hundred of his servants and slaves. The defenders had several artillery pieces and machine guns, which were set in front of the palace sighted at the British ships. A bombardment opened at 09:02 set the palace on fire and disabled the defending artillery. A small naval action took place with the British sinking the Zanzibari royal yacht HHS Glasgow and two smaller vessels, and some shots were fired ineffectually at the pro-British Zanzibari troops as they approached the palace. The flag at the palace was shot down and fire ceased at 09:40.
The sultan's forces sustained roughly 500 casualties, while only one British sailor was injured. Sultan Khalid received asylum in the German consulate before escaping to German East Africa (in the mainland part of present Tanzania). The British quickly placed Sultan Hamud in power at the head of a puppet government. The war marked the end of the Zanzibar Sultanate as a sovereign state and the start of a period of heavy British influence.

That was how things went those days. Quick and conclusive. Alas! Things have changed-nowadays the ICC awaits anyone reckless enough to display such contempt for human life. Subtlety is therefore imperative to achieve geostrategic ends.
Goodluck's loss to Gen.Buhari,a man he beat by 10mn votes in 2011 has been universally blamed on Boko Haram depradations. At one time they all but controlled the North East battling and were even engaging and beating the army. Repeatedly he looked weak and indecisive and despite the enormous advantage of incumbency he lost

BH like all modern terrorists,especially the 'hardline Islamic fundamentalists,' killed only their fellow countrymen-they never never attacked the local Anglo Zionists or their proxies preferring to slaughter poor Christian and Muslim villagers in the dry remote savannah lands of the mainly Muslim north.

Observers recalled an official US policy document predicting the breakup of Nigeria by 2015 giving rise to memories of Biafra.

No coincidence. Soon after independence the majority Ibo committed  a series of extremely unwise collective provocations. In an Ibo led coup attempt Muslim northern officers and politicos were killed and the later retaliation sparked off what can objectively be described as a seriously  hubristic attempt to secede.The results were predictable-over a million Ibo dead and a generation politically atoning for their peoples secessionist attempts.

Here are the infamous ISIS of Iraq with some of their brand new 2000 Toyota Tundra pickups. Who paid at least 40 mn dollars? Why have they never coalesced into an effective anti Zionist force? Israel isn't far. Why, indeed.

Why are their attacks aimed strictly at fellow Muslims?

Closer to home we have the new nation of S Sudan. The MSM portrayed the black Southerners as heroes battling racist N Arabs.

As always the truth is rather more prosaic. John Garang was a major in the then Sudan army based in Bor in the south in the early 80s. He disagreed with his superiors over a consignment of leopard skins and took to the bush sparking off what became a 2 decade long struggle. At the same time Chevron had just discovered billions of barrels of oil in the region.

His SPLA forces were all along equipped,funded,trained and even occasionally actively advised by the Westerners on the ground.

The Northerners were seeking an accommodation by the 90s and the fighting would have stopped. Personal differences between him and the Nuer leader Riek Machar led to the worst period of fighting in which food aid was a weapon and starvation was an accepted tactic. Insiders say between 1991 and 2002 at least a million died,mainly through starvation as their respective forces withheld food shipments from enemy tribesmen.

Things still haven't changed. Though the fighting that broke out in December 2013 has stopped Riek and Salva Kiir are still at war with each other while observers witness their casual indifference to their own peoples suffering. Scathing comments were made of how concerned  their respective camps were with the free whisky and generous per diems at the ongoing Addis 'peace talks.'

A long running Western hand can also be seen in India's 4 decade struggle with Marxist Naxalites. They're so named for the village of Naxalbari in West Bengal where the violent village Marxist movement kicked off and comprise mainly India's tribal people.

Christian missionaries trek into the remotest areas to 'save' the non Hindu Tribal People who do have genuine issues,expected from living in what is often a racist caste based hierarchy. Many of them have been marginalised for centuries and are found in the far jungles.

                      Tribal Gondh women

As is often the case in such situations their lands are mineral rich,in this case bauxite. Orissa state in the east had its deposits conservatively valued at over 3.5 trillion $.These disaffected tribesmen are now actively fighting the Indian government

They're now armed into military style units fighting local and state forces

It has been established the Naxalite terror closely follows bauxite rich areas. The Tribals are coerced to leave their nature worshipping religion and become Christian. After which they abandon their communal lands upon which their ancestors have lain for centuries.
The missionaries are active agents working for both mining companies and Western intel. There are at last count 30,000 Naxalites.

Notice how well the Naxalite map corresponds to the mineral map.


Azania,aka Jubbaland,is under Kenyan control as Sector 2.

When Kenya flushed out Al Shabab forces from S Somalia in 2012 to protect the LAPPSET project,a 25 bn$ transAfrica Chinese funded rail/highway/oil pipeline  a worrying signal was sent to the West.

 Such adventures are the reserve of 'serious  nations.' Not for us the successful externalization of military force!

This LAPPSET  will end in Douala in Cameroon and will shorten considerably Asia/Europe shipping times and open up the entire waist of Africa consisting of S Sudan,CAR and N Cameroon..

Hopefully it is now apparent as to why the gunmen taunted the students thusly: you're dying for the political arrogance of your leader who has refused to pull out his troops from Somalia. As long as the Kenyan military remains in Somalia you will die."
Quite a mouthful from an empty headed brainwashed mass murderer-doubtless his handler implanted the thought,along with the training.At the same time Omar Hassan,one of the typical strident opposition ODM officials said:" we'll remove Uhuru from power,then remove the KDF from Somalia."

The time has come for Uhuru to confront certain realities: Kenyans  must be informed the way the world works! They must collectively be made to understand who is behind these atrocities and why-easier said than done given decades of programming via TV.

Of course the Anglo Zionists,their many followers and the reluctant Kenyan sheep who refuse to wake up will scream hysterically but growth is often painful. Its like the coming of age in these parts. Teenage boys face the knife and become men.

Without the process you will forever remain a boy. That's where we are as a country. On the cusp of real adult statehood with one of the fastest growth rates worldwide  or permanent 3rd world status. If we lose our nerve and withdraw from Somalia we'll be doomed to remain poor.

Also its long past time for a more modern civilian gun licensing procedure more attuned to these times. Malls and public places are still guarded by men with sticks-we were promised more accommodating  licensing in the immediate post Westgate period after it was discovered how the few armed civilians prevented a complete massacre.
This is a priority! Really its criminal for sane men to have to rely on prayers against well armed  mind controlled mass murderers because unrealistic draconian colonial era laws leave them unarmed.

Dear Reader,one last critical detail of the Garissa attack-it took place on April 3rd,the beginning of the Jewish passover. This a favourite time for the Chosenites  to sacrifice non Jews,goyim aka human cattle.


Increasingly,hitherto secret info is being mainstreamed;deep secrets,formerly only whispered about in the company of close family  are now  coming into the open. Even among the Caucanderthals,there is a growing admission of the tendencies that have antagonised Goyim for centuries..

Over 10 years Haaretz,one of the biggest Israeli newspapers bemoaned the tradition of Purim,the perpetual violence against Goyim,culturally codified by the ritual. Here,a lone Arab woman is set upon by the descendants of 'survivors,' at a rail station.

 According to the report, the light rail security guard, as well as some 100 religious Israeli men, stood by and did nothing. Eyewitness Dorit Yarden Dotan, who was horrified by the violence and took photos of the beating with her telephone, reportedthat the security guard even “watched and smiled”. “It was simply terrible,” she added.

A Jewish writer revealed long standing tribal inclinations  behind Purim bloodletting.
Reckless Rites reassesses the historical interpretation of Jewish violence--from the alleged massacre of thousands of Christians in seventh-century Jerusalem to later medieval attacks on Christian symbols such as the crucifix, transgressions that were often committed in full knowledge that their likely consequence would be death.A book that calls for major changes in the way that Jewish history is written and conceptualized, Reckless Rites will be essential reading for scholars and students of history, religion, and Jewish-Christian relations.

Purim 2009,a Jewish settler throws wine on passing Palestinian woman,Hebron West bank.

The biggest Purim 'event,' though was undoubtedly the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in 1994 when this US born doctor,Baruch Goldstein surrendered to his Ice Age pathologies and gunned down 29 Arabs at the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. He was immediately beaten to death.

Isreali intel had warned about Goldstein,though nothing specific. Also there were persistent reports by the wounded of at least one more shooter. He became a hero to the more rabid of his tribe,inevitably.

This is just what they do,Dear Reader.

We are here to kill and die with you). We are not afraid of death. You are dying to pay for the arrogance of your political leader [president Uhuru] who has refused to pull out their military officers from Somalia. As long as Kenyans military are in Somalia, it will be paid with its citizens blood,“ one gunman said.
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We are here to kill and die with you). We are not afraid of death. You are dying to pay for the arrogance of your political leader [president Uhuru] who has refused to pull out their military officers from Somalia. As long as Kenyans military are in Somalia, it will be paid with its citizens blood,“ one gunman said.
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