Wednesday 31 July 2013


After a heroic 11 labour last week at the 4500 gbp a night Lindo wing of St Mary's hospital,where William himself was born in 1982, Kate Middleton squeezed out this royal scion to a combined roar of happiness from Royal watchers,the wide eyed public and assorted idlers.

The Controlled Corporate Media,Ministry of Truth,Mainstream Media bka CNN/Sky/ITV/CNN/BBC eagerly informed us that the delivery team consisted of
Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, professor of midwifery at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Arona Ahmed, from East London
Jacqueline Venkatesh, from Harlow, Essex 
Lisa Greene, from East London.
and was all natural,no painkillers or surgery was resorted to.

Ohh,happy day! Now that the deafening bleats of the overjoyed sheeple have subsided its time for the truth. Kate and William married on April 29 2011 and immediately announced their intention to inflict,err sorry gift the Brits with an heir. 18 months later people were discussing the Prince's alleged lack of fertility/virility and Kate's very real anorexia issues.
What is fact is that Camilla,as early as 2 years ago had openly stated Kate was infertile due to heavy cocaine use and frequent 'social diseases' caught at her friends sex club,killing kittens a private establishment catering strictly to the jaded tastes of the Aristocracy. Here is the mission statement from their website:  Populist myth has it that every time a woman 'sins' by pleasuring herself God, in retribution, kills a kitten. Overtime, 'Killing Kittens' has become a colloquialism for female masturbation. What better name for a movement and community whose sole aim is the pursuit of female sexual pleasure!

Founded by Kate's boarding school friend Emma Sayle,the club features vetted members,millionaires,Brit and European aristocracy who enjoy the services of strippers,bisexuality or normal encounters,bondage,role playing indeed all that wealthy constantly over indulged adults could possibly imagine.  Kate was a regular on this circuit,from whence sprang her diseases,a consequence of which was infertility. Whatever the case,the situation wasn't helped by her anorexia,as she weighed just over 40 kg late last year,casting further doubt about her pregnancy.

Usually there is swelling in the ankles,face and neck partculuarly the 3rd trimester. As you can see no such thing in the first photo.
In December last year was the odd case of the  nurse Jacinta Saldanha suicide. A pair of Aussie DJs prank called her at the King Edward VII hospital when Kate had gone for a checkup into believing they were representing the Queen herself.
When she hung herself 'in shame 'she left no less than 3 suicide notes and had defensive injuries on her forearms. Also,she forgot to mention to coworkers,friends and family that she was depressed.
Of extreme importance also is the birth date. Though I try to avoid talk of Illuminati, its clear the Royal Family are at the apex of that organisation. Dates of birth are critical for Occultic reasons which experienced researchers swear are the source of  the Illuminati and by extension Royal power. To perpetuate the power of the latter ,indeed the very institution of Royalty itself it was imperative William's first son be born under the sign of the lion, July 22-August 22.
Dear Reader,think back-how many dead bodies have been discovered outside Royal  households the past 2 years? Remember the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State early this year found Queen Liz guilty of the murder of indigenous Canadian kids over 40 years ago. These incidents are all connected by the Occultic demands of Satanism.
Whether,Prince William is truly the father we may never know outside of a dna test. I have my suspicions based on numerous if not most of his forebears. Like all Royalty,the Windsors have suffered episodes of changelings,impostors,cuckolding,inbreeding and illegitimacy-Victoria and King Edward VII were in this last category. The Queen Mother was the daughter of a French cook. Prince Albert ,the royal consort of Victoria was actually the son of a stable boy.
So,George Alexander Louis Windsor,welcome to the world.

Wednesday 24 July 2013


In 2006 the MoH banned smoking in all public places in Kenya. They chose to define public places in a juvenile manner like a junior high school prefect drunk on newly found authority over his fellow students. Not just buildings but even open spaces were declared off limits in the whole country! Within a fortnight sanity prevailed and now its only within the CBD where a hard working smoking citizen must segregate himself like a wild animal.

Later,the Nairobi City Council kindly gave us the semblance of shelter!

Major towns to a certain degree subject smokers to this indignity in the name of health.
Smoking in the Old World was imported from S America. The Spanish copied the habit from their conquered Aztecs and introduced tobacco to Europe. The first returning Spaniard to smoke in public,Rodriguo de Jerez was immediately arrested-the first victim of the anti smoking hysteria .

Smoking gained popularity and everyone was free for at least 5 centuries to enjoy their habit in schools,hospitals,theatres,offices and restaurants the world over. The tide turned a decade or so after WW2 when the British Medical Research Council stated lung cancer rates doubled between 1945 and 1957. Though no explanation was offered, cancer deaths increased exponentially by a factor of 3 in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Prof.Schrauzer,a bio organic chemist told a Congressional Committee in 1982 that "no ingredient of cigarette smoke has been shown to cause cancer and that nobody reproduced cancer in lab animals from tobacco smoke."
At the same time the oldest humans are almost universally smokers!  Here is Jean Calment,the oldest woman who ever lived. She smoked over a 100 years but stopped 9 years before her death aged 122 years. With failing eyesight she couldn't see well enough to light up and was too proud to ask assistance.

In Milan,Italy, over 35,000 Milanesi are over 87 years and many smoke high nicotine cigars. Over 200 are centenarians

The comedian George Burns was another famous and inspirational life long cigar smoker who died at 100. Between 10 and 15 Cubans daily-wow!

Totally ignored in the noisy "smoking kills" chorus is the effect of kitchen smoke on child asthma. In the 3rd world,especially Africa,smoky wood burning fires in poorly ventilated kitchens are the major cause of asthma/bronchitis. However,there is no "kitchen smoke kills!" campaign on TV,Hollywood or the internet-correct me if I'm wrong. Why? This issue affects the lives of tens of millions of our youngest, suffering severe smoke inhalation effects throughout their childhood.

Simple. There is no monetary need for shoehorning the developing world into social reenginering on this matter. The Global Elites would gain nothing from forcing the dark peasants of the world to institute special smoke free child friendly kitchens for their offspring.
Anyone can inquire of any doctor anywhere in rural Africa the cause of childhood asthma and/or bronchitis. This is the cause-no  special investigations or expensive studies are required.
I've hinted at the real cause of lung cancer,though cancer is linked to B 17 deficiency. The late great Joe Vialls did a terrific report on the whole smoking.shebang.

 Professor Sterling of the Simon Fraser University in Canada is perhaps closest to the truth, where he uses research papers to reason that smoking promotes the formation of a thin mucous layer in the lungs, "which forms a protective layer stopping any cancer-carrying particles from entering the lung tissue."

Read twice! Simple minds will of course be overwhelmed and scream in denial. However disconcerting the truth may be ,never forget what French essayist Jean de la Bruyere once said: "people generally believe the exact opposite of the truth."

Like all smokers last month I was heartened to hear one of our endangered tribesmen enjoyed yet another birthday-his 126 to be exact. Born July 7 1888 Jose Aguineldo dos Santos has smoked for most of his adult life of well over a century as a labourer in Sao Paolo,Brazil.
This son of slaves is childless smokes a pack a day ,walks unaided and is untroubled by existing medical diseases or conditions. Jose only takes supplemental vitamins and a pill for appetite which decreases with age.
Sir,you are our inspiration-may you live to smoke another thousand packs!

Scientific fraud!!
Basically deliberate misrepresentation of facts  to arrive at  conclusions unsupported by the data. The medical dictionary says: the fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism of research data, or other violations of ethical standards of the scientific community.

“Dr. Duane Carr – Professor of Surgery at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, said this: “Smoking does not discolor the lung.”
Dr. Victor Buhler, Pathologist at St. Joseph Hospital in Kansas City: “I have examined thousands of lungs both grossly and microscopically. I cannot tell you from exmining a lung whether or not its former host had smoked.”
Dr. Sheldon Sommers, Pathologist and Director of Laboratories at Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York: “…it is not possible grossly or microscopically, or in any other way known to me, to distinguish between the lung of a smoker or a nonsmoker. Blackening of lungs is from carbon particles, and smoking tobacco does not introduce carbon particles into the lung.”
And Brigitte even found a Youtube video:
There is even this (in German) in which a forensic medic states that these “tar” lungs do not exist.
Rich White’s Smoke Screens reports the same:
This was confirmed by Dr Jan Zeldenrust, a Dutch pathologist for the Government of Holland from 1951 – 1984. In a television interview in the 1980’s he stated that, translated from Dutch, “I could never see on a pair of lungs if they belonged to a smoker or non-smoker. I can see clearly the difference between sick and healthy lungs. The only black lungs I’ve seen are from peat-workers and coal miners, never from smokers”.
Nevertheless, the black lungs are all over cigarette packets these days.
And black lung disease (or pneumoconiosis) is a real disease. Coal miners get it.
So where does the smokers’ black lung idea come from?
Part of the answer can be found in a photo-essay on Medicinenet:
This photo essay will focus on smoker’s lung. The term “smoker’s lung” refers to the structural and functional abnormalities (diseases) in the lung caused by cigarette smoking. First, the normal structure and function of the lung will be described and illustrated. Then, the structural and functional abnormalities caused by smoking will be described and illustrated.
  A bit further on the effect of emphysema on lungs is described.
As a result, emphysema also disrupts the normal blood supply. Figure 4 contrasts the nasty appearance of a smoker’s emphysematous lung with a normal lung.
So it’s emphysema that causes the nasty appearance of a smoker’s emphysematous lung.
It continues:
As you can imagine, cigarette smoke contains many impurities that are inhaled in great numbers directly into the lung. For this reason, the alveolar spaces of the smoker contain numerous scavenger cells (macrophages) that are filled with engulfed (phagocytized) particles of impurities and debris, as illustrated in Figure 5.
Under the microscope, with this high magnification, you can actually see the black and brown engulfed particles in the alveolar scavenger cells. Indeed, smoker’s lung may have so much of this particulate material that the lung looks gray-black to the naked eye. So, most of the time, you don’t need a microscope to tell if someone is or was a heavy smoker. A naked eye examination of a smoker’s lung usually will reveal an enlarged gray-black lung with enlarged air spaces (the emphysema, as you saw in Figure 4 and will see again in Figure 8).
I’m not sure why people are asked to ‘imagine’ what’s in tobacco smoke. But since the emphysematous lung has simply been renamed the ‘smoker’s lung’, maybe it’s necessary to explain why it’s turned grey-black. And it’s that imaginary stuff in tobacco smoke that is conjured up to explain it.
The lie hinges on first asserting that smoking causes emphysema (it may do, or it may not), and secondly asserting that emphysema turns lungs grey-black (it probably does), and then finally dropping the connecting middle term of ‘emphysema’,  and asserting that smoking turns lungs grey-black. Or it’s just calling emphysematous lungs ‘smokers’ lungs’.
A parallel false ascription might be found elsewhere. People who visit Delhi may get food poisoning from ingesting bacteria. The food poisoning may cause vomiting and so on. But if the ‘bacteria’ link is missed out, and the malady is just called ‘Delhi belly’ (as it often is), it may mislead people into believing that it’s visiting Delhi (or Indian restaurants) which is the root of the trouble – although in fact most visitors to Delhi (and Indian restaurants) don’t suffer such ill-effects, and there are lots of other places in the world other than Delhi where you can contract ‘Delhi belly’.
It’s a thoroughly dishonest and disreputable mis-attribution of a disease. It pins the disease on a particular social group: smokers. And it makes it their disease, and nobody else’s – even though not everyone who gets emphysema is a smoker, and not all smokers get emphysema. But at least we may now see why pathologists aren’t finding grey-black smokers’ lungs: they didn’t have emphysema.
But this doesn’t seem to be the only way the black lung lie is propagated. There are also the pigs’ lungs used in demonstrations. I even found an ad for one:

The accompanying text helpfully explains:
The inflatable swine lungs have been stained realistically and then specially preserved by the BioFlex odorless, nontoxic process that retains the texture and elasticity of fresh lungs. The lungs dramatically and unforgettably demonstrate the effects of prolonged smoking. A palpable simulated internal tumor and a physical simulated external tumor encourage students to feel the texture of the lungs, and to remember that smoking is a known cause of lung cancer.
So firstly they’re pig lungs. And secondly they’ve been preserved and stained realistically. And simulated internal and external tumours have been added. And all to demonstrate the effects of prolonged smoking!  It beggars belief.
No doubt the students aren’t told any of this, and are led to believe that they’re looking at real human ‘smokers’ lungs’.
There are even discussions of the effectiveness of such imagery.
Marketing researchers at the University of Arkansas, Villanova University and Marquette University surveyed more than 500 U.S. and Canadian smokers and found that the highly graphic images of the negative consequences of smoking have the greatest impact on smokers’ intentions to quit. The most graphic images, such as those showing severe mouth diseases, including disfigured, blackened and cancerous tissue, evoked fear about the consequences of smoking and thus influenced consumer intentions to quit.
“These results suggest that there appears to be little downside on intentions to quit from using extremely graphic pictorial depictions of the negative health outcomes due to smoking,” said Scot Burton, co-author of the study and marketing professor in the Sam M. Walton College of Business.
In fact, there may be a downside from using such graphic images, if they have been fraudulently obtained (a consideration which doesn’t appear to have crossed the minds of the marketing researchers). And we’ve just established two methods by which they are fraudulently obtained.
And the downside is that, when it is shown that they’re fraudulent, the people who publish them will be accused of fraud, of twisting logic and manufacturing evidence. And when that happens, people will cease to believe not just the fraudulent evidence they have produced, but everything else that they assert too. They will lose all their credibility. Nobody will believe a word they say.
That’s quite a big downside, I think. And it’s a downside that doesn’t even seem to have occurred to them.
It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the mass media that help propagate these lies that people will cease to believe a word they say either.
Nor does it seem to have occurred to the medical profession which allows these lies to be propagated unchallenged that people will cease to believe them too.
There’s an awful lot of downside waiting to go down.
Update: The lying is deliberate. From the Delaware News Journal:
Pankiw described the centerpiece of his anti-smoking display as the diseased lung of a 150-pound man who smoked for 15 years. Actually, it was a pig’s lung shot full of various carcinogens on purpose, but, Pankiw said later, his lesson was made stronger by not passing along that tidbit of truth.
And furthermore smokers’ lungs are routinely used in lung transplants:
In the UK donors with a positive smoking history provide nearly 40% of the lungs available for transplantation, according to the study’s lead author Professor Robert Bonser, of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham and University of Birmingham. He said in a press statement: “Our data show that patients awaiting lung transplantation in the UK are likely to survive longer if they are willing to accept lungs from any suitable donor, irrespective of smoking history…

So;pig lungs stained and passed off by medical researchers as smokers lungs are an act of scientific fraud. Smokers lungs are also frequently used in transplants and many centenerians are smokers! Wow! Lets all light up.

Tuesday 23 July 2013


As Africans we're constantly shouted at about the need for ethnic tolerance by people who themselves still haven't outgrown their primordial nationalistic rivalries.  In the pre colonial era Tutsi were extremely careful choosing mates wanting to keep certain phenotypes within their lineage. Before the Germans came in the early 1900s they married first cousins and step siblings,extremely unusual kinship patterns for Africa.

Here are Tutsi profiles. Typically they're more angular high nosed and oval faced than Hutus.

 Paul Kagame,the butcher of the DRC is a typical Tutsi.

 Hutus are rounder faced,wider nosed and more bantu.

 The MSM and their numerous local agents remind us endlessly of the Rwanda events of 1994 . Ad nauseum they parrot how ethnic differences should be not only tolerated but celebrated. Even homos have hijacked the same argument for their agenda.
It seems ,however even in the white world they suffer similar if not identical issues.French,English,Germans,Poles and Russians have never been friends and it seems will never be. As for the Southern Europeans,GASSSSP! "They're practically negroes! Look."

A Portuguese lady

A southern Italian

A Sicilian

A Greek

These are fairly representative samples of the Southern European population types,the Greeks,Italians,Spanish and Portuguese. Below are what the media informs us is the norm for Northern European populations.

The Nicole Kidman type fairly represents Germans,Scandinavians and Anglo saxons.

These minor differences,dressed up with politics, encouraged by religion were responsible for much of Europe's tribal bloodshed these past centuries. The 30 years war in the 1600s killed an estimated 25% of the entire European population.
More recently,Hitler's more rabid  followers referred to Frenchmen as Negroes during their WW invasion. Italians despise Romanians as lazy shiftless gypsies mocking their near 3rd world state. In an unforgettable episode of historical revisionism Poles hate Germans for 'starting WW2 by attacking them" while it was actually they themselves who allowed their misuse by the banksters intent on world war. A massive inferiority complex,self delusion and chauvinism combined to lead the Poles on the path to war.
When things turned south for Hitler's boys,Poland's Catholic clergy nearly unanimously assisted pogroms against their numerous German countrymen . Slaughter,rape and looting was on a scale like the fall of Berlin. However the Poles had shown the anti German hatred as early as 1919 after WW1. By official order they:
 Closed German schools
  Prohibited the German language
Prohibited German church services
Prohibited prayer in the German language
Prohibited German names
  Closed German newspapers and confiscated all printing presses
  Closed all German cultural institutions.

At the close of the war the hardworking productive German farmer and settler whose labour civilised the lands of E Europe as far as the Volga 500 years ago was made homeless,chased away by envious Hungarians.,Romanians,Ukrainians and Russians.

Newly dispossessed  Germans leave Poland.

 As for the Brits,whoa! The Germans predictably sneer at their moral schizophrenia while the French suffer an inferiority complex. In the late 1890s they humiliatingly backed down in Africa at the threshold of owning colonial holdings across the continent-stymied by Albion. That Johnny Brit later pulled their brioches out of the Teutonic fire twice withing a generation in both world wars  worsened their sense of frustrated powerlessness. Many say French robustness of action in Africa is rooted in this mindset of compensation.

Look at their long history of military intervention in their ex colonies;a left handed way of telling the Anglo saxon,"we're strong and mighty,see how we vanquish the enemies of Paris!"

Perhaps the most victimised group in Europe are the Irish. Ever since  Cromwell depopulated the emerald isle selling 500,000 into slavery after he defeated the Royalists in the mid 1600s they've constituted the majority slave population in the Americas and Caribbean,not blacks.

The anti Catholic war continued on the socio-legal front. Laws were instituted to dispossess Irish Catholics and were so effective a French sociologist wrote in 1835 "I have seen the Indian in his forests, and the Negro in his chains, and thought, as I contemplated their pitiable condition, that I saw the very extreme of human wretchedness; but I did not then know the condition of unfortunate Ireland...In all countries, more or less, paupers may be discovered; but an entire nation of paupers is what was never seen until it was shown in Ireland."

When the potato famine rolled round a decade later the new British overlords finalised their plans for the Irish people. Pauperised starving farmers lost their holdings after defaulting on rent on their farm plots-over 500,000 were evicted. By 1848 at least 1 million died while another million fled ,mostly into slavery. 

The British remained remained remarkably unbothered. Maybe these cartoons from the time show their attitude.

These white slave kids of mid 1800s America  were most likely Irish.

We don't all sit in a circle of love and sing kumbaya. Ideally,we should be honest in our ethnic narratives  First world chronicles of tribalism are as depressing as in the 3rd world-the motivations are equally simple. Distortions of the truth ,chauvinism and misguided ethnic pride all play a part. 

Monday 22 July 2013


During the Kibaki tenure disaffected ODMers would theatrically wail about how the Nyayo era was actually a qualitative improvement over Kibaki, the quiet Keynesian economist style of governance. The combined volume of their frantic ululations reached such a pitch one would have thought Kenya was approaching Haitian living standards;for the 90s babies,at least 30% of national population  who never experienced the corruption,incompetence and sheer difficulty of survival for many in the Moi years,this is for you.

Moi was a beneficiary of the authoritiarinism of not just Kenyatta ,but the entire  era. In the late 70s when he took over,ideas of democratic competition,the so-called women's agenda or animal rights were as foreign as talk of homo rights or ancient Vietnamese architecture. Life was simple-citizens generally did what they were told and trusted the government in exchange for affordable consumer prices,peace and development. The equation worked til the early 80s.

At this period,for the first time ever there was genuine widespread discontent with the government. Inflation,in the wake of IMF.WB mandated cuts to the strength of the Kenya shilling,the usual 3rd world balance of payments problem coupled with torture of dissidents and talk of increasing corruption caused a silent sea change in the attitudes of Kenyans.

Kenya's most overambitious politician,Raila Odinga latched onto these narratives of disaffection to 'save the country' in a typically  unsuccessful scheme that killed at least 1500,civilians,mutinying air force officers and loyal troops. The junior air force non coms kicked off a day early before their conspirators were ready, no doubt the booze in the mess the previous night affected their decision making even though how technicians such as ordnance men,radar techs and aircraft refuellers ,the overwhelming majority of any air force personnel were supposed to battle infantrymen was never seriously considered.

This was the result in most of Nairobi. A journo said of the scale of looting during the August 1 1982 coup,"they could have dismantled Kenyatta conference centre,brick by brick!"

By evening the coup leaders were in disarray,dead or in full flight. But not before hundreds of innocents caught in the crossfire were shot while others died in the orgy of rape and looting. The full effect of the coup upon the lives of Kenyans was seen in due course.
The story is told of how Julius Nyerere who was never the ever smiling,earnest Socialist he pretended to be but a ruthless schemer jealous of his larger Northern neighbour advised Moi on the down and dirty of complete political control. This account is from 2 separate senior Kenyan sources,one in intel ,the other in business.
Nyerere is alleged to have advised Moi Kenyans were too prosperous to be properly ruled and on the primary importance of controlling not just wealth but the 'avenues' of wealth,the parastatals,the coops that distribute our national produce indeed everything that directly or indirectly produced wealth in Kenya. Whatever the veracity of this tale in the mid 80s government sponsored interference in agricultural organisations from marketing to the appointment of personnel wrought havoc in the entire farm industry. Coffee,sugar,dairy and grains sectors suffered major dysfunctions of deliberate sabotage.
In the post coup atmosphere the Special Branch powers were increased without any semblance of legality. Lecturers were watched full time,politicians,academics and suspected 'disaffected elements' were often detained without warning ,armies of informers swarmed all meeting places reporting on everybody and everything. Politicians outdid themselves declaring loyalty to KANU ,the then ruling party,'the father and mother of the nation' and in extension Moi who said openly 'you must parrot after me'.
This period was the national political equivalent of the warlord era;district KANU bosses wielded more power than Cabinet ministers. Regularly they subjected  suffering Kenyans to public insults,threats,warnings,unbridled hubris and all manner of ill considered boasts. Here are the most memorable,Kuria Kanyingi of Kiambu, JJ Kamotho of Muranga and Shariff Nassir of Mombasa.

Kuria Kanyingi

J J Kamotho

Shariff Nassir

As for Moi himself he veered very close into the Cult of Personality. His pronouncements,no matter how inane were the lead on the single station VOK and the 3 dailies throughout the 80s-yes,its true! There was a strictly followed yet unofficial rule stating he was to be the lead item in not only VOK but print media which though private had been reduced to a semi propaganda organ.

The experience of a personal friend in this oppressive political climate is instructive. Studying political science at the University of Nairobi he was picked up in mid1987 along with 10 or so students. Slaps,karate chops,punches and kicks were the starter in an effort to force confessions of working with foreign forces . Pliers were applied to testicles and at least one didn't survive.
Throughout the 80s such stories were legion. Compared to other nations on the continent or in S America,Kenya was a benign dictatorship but its estimated at least 400 to 1000 Kenyans disappeared in the 80s. By the onset of the 90s the Structural Adjustment Policies were taking a hitherto unseen toll on poor Kenyans with establishment of urban hunger. For the first time ever pockets of desperate poverty in Nairobi were seen. Kibera,Korogocho and Mathare grew exponentially as rural formerly subsidized farmers trekked to the capital looking for non existant jobs.
Increasingly all levels of government exhibited a level of lethargy compounding national disaffection. The telecom monopoly,Kenya Posta,perhaps the poster child of government lack of concern. At one time it was overstaffed by a factor of 3 yet as recently as the late 90s it was near impossible to make a landline call  between the city centre and Mombasa Road or Embakasi. The city admin had collapsed almost everywhere and services like water and sewerage were provided sporadically or nor at all.
For months at a time residents of entire estates would buy water from friends in other areas. As the national unravelling exacerbated and crime spiralled urban areas began to fence or wall themselves off from the armies of petty criminals. Formerly ,for example,one could walk unrestricted through Magiwa to Ngumo near Wilson airport-by the 90s this was no longer possible.
Even when the government was innocent,public  reaction was negative. The Ouko saga being the perfect illustration of relations between the ruled and rulers. When Moi announced his disappearance shortly after an official trip to Washington many pointed fingers in his direction. Matters weren't helped by an unbelievably clumsy cover up attempt where the pathologist,the late Jason Kaviti,who suffered the contempt of all Kenyans til his death years later alleged he committed suicide-he'd have had to shoot himself while on fire!  A decade and a half later a Brit researcher accused his own government of the murder to forestall,a popular pro American leader in 'their' arena.Alas! By then we had all moved on.

When the global shift to multi partyism arrived Moi quite cynically manufactured ethnic violence that came to be known as land/tribal clashes. He gained 2 benefits: he punished the Kikuyu agitators for democracy and 'proved' to the West such democracy isn't for Africans. The same mentality internalised among his ethnic group culminated in the worst spate of killings in the 2007 post elections fighting.
The national trauma on the economic front,unfortunately wasn't over. A young Asian wheeler dealer,Kamlesh Pattni in 1990 had a genuine plan to increase the GDP by an export compensation scheme. Impeccable evidence now shows his idea was hijacked by the senior most intel operator at the time and turned into a personal cash cow,now known as Goldenberg. The late spy boss by the time of his death in 2008 owned a 5 star hotel and an entire block in London's most fashionable shopping district as well as another hotel at his personal home in Kiambu county,among countless other multi million dollar assets.
Along with the money handed out to the infamous Youth for Kanu operators to basically  buy the first multi party elections,in the billions,inflation in late 93 peaked at 100%. Yes,you read that right.
At this stage,Kenyans,especially the middle class,just resorted to survival,a perfectly understandable reaction. Families living in solidly middle class estates like Buru Buru phase 3 or Donhoolm found themselves going distinctly downmarket relocating to Dandora or Huruma while those in the latter zones moved to the slums. KANU bosses would be often overheard joking "Kenya is simply Congo plus 10!"

Meaning in a decade this Kinshasa market scene would be replicated everywhere in Kenya,such was the dismal national trajectory. 

For many ,latent hope was revived only in 1999 when the government signalled intent to licence the first mobile phone operator. The fact that Moi would finally surrender his stranglehold on the telecom network was a sign from the mountain that he was serious about relinquishing power.
The joy that greeted his departure in 2002 was of near biblical proportions. The architect of national poverty and trauma was seen as a near other worldly figure, a phantom sent by dark forces to try the patience of Christians.
Whatever the case many,including me believe he got off very lightly,too lightly for what he did to us as a nation. He's been unfairly blamed for the Goldenberg scheme and the Ouko murder but shall forever be held responsible for the systemic poverty and lack of development afflicting much of Kenya. Throughout the whole of his regime his government didn't initiate a single large scale urban housing project or invest seriously in energy or the railway-we all know where that has led us to.
So,young Dear Reader,next time someone says ,"Moi was better than Kibaki/Kenyatta/Kenyatta jr",don't argue- force feed them this.

The condition of Stanley Njindo Matiba,one of the fighters for the estbalishment of multipartyism in the nineties is instructive. Six or so years before his 1990 detention he climbed Mt.Kenya,while still MP ,running his business including his flagship Alliance hotel group,Hillcrest school and carnation export firm;a true paragon of productive energy.
After a few months detention he was wheeled into Nairobi hospital,more dead than alive,having suffered a near fatal stroke,during maltreatment. Luckily,the, Moi government didn't want a a martyr and he was released for further London medical care.
Though he improved and came a creditable second against the Moi machine in the first multiparty elections of 1992 he later served as the epitome of political and financial injustices inflicted upon dissenters by what had become a ravenous cannibal state concerned only with survival.

In the early years of the millenium the usurious lending practices of Barclays Bank Kenya saw him nearly  lose everything. The courts sided with him and though he saved his hotels his empire took a hard knock and he is crippled by creditors.

The Matiba of the 90s who on his return from London in 92 filled the airport and the 15 km route to the city with an estimated 1.5 mn Kenyans.


Right thinking Kenyans correctly blame one man for this development.

Saturday 13 July 2013


Lucky for me I outgrew porn while still in my mid twenties. Quickly I realised that watching 2 hours of sex isn't only mind numbing but outlandishly fake-contrary to the upside down reality that is the parallel universe of blue movies normal girls don't scream with pleasure taking 9 inches up the poop chute and neither do housewives  automatically fall to their knees to orally please lost schoolboys.
What killed it was a 1997 docuporn movie,Sex about a female,Annabelle Chong who wants to set a world record gang bang scene. Made by a frankly hideous anorexic Singaporean  who  felt the need to constantly intellectualise her pathological hoism to strangers,strippers,herself and at one stage even to her mother!  Later she triumphs in the end having sex with over 200 men in 10 hours. Sadly-for her,that record was later broken by an even tougher porn hag,the details of which are irrelevant.  

The dialogue of course is absolutely incidental or rather minimal,while the plot lines of the genre are entirely absent so very quickly I found I was finished with porn watching. Later researching the whole adult film some interesting observations were made.
Most of the Jewish (you did know such a business would of course be controlled at all levels by the Chosenites?)producers are fags-look at the popularity of anal,rare in real life. They externalise their innate hatred of women.
The actresses themselves prove that women on the metaphysical level simply aren't made to have random sex with hundreds of men. They're deeply affected, possibly even genetically. Firstly,over 90% of all the actors,both sexes ,the producers,cameramen,everyone on set are on drugs,from marijuana or meth to cocaine or crack. Apart from the sky high STD rates is the reality the viewer is spared: the occasional sudden sphincter incontinence,the sheer exhaustion of enthusiastic  sex with multiple partners and worst the tragic toll on the mind.
Look deep into the eyes of the following adult entertainment actresses.

Sativa Rose,whose popularity is largely due to her 'exotic' Indian origins.

Deep throat star Linda Lovelace,the biggest star of porn who helped mainstream the business in the early 70s.

Traci Lords,a popular porn star.

Jenna Jameson,"the world's most famous adult-entertainment performer"


 One need not be a behavioral specialist to see a disconnect ,a deadening of the soul.

Something identical happens with serial killers. Even a child will see the emotional zombie lurking in the empty eyes. Porn hags and serial killers share very similar pathologies-both are rooted in childhood trauma,attanuated in sex abuse and mature into physical and emotional self destruction. The latter simply manages to externalise these impulses to the detriment of the wider world. 

Richard Ramirez's career began with theft and burglary in late 70s Texas ending with rape and multiple murder and necrophilia in Los Angeles 1985.

Charles Manson led a gang of about 10 to 20 Satanists in S Kali in the late 60s as a kind of hippie cult leader. His arrest for the horrifying Tate murders,including Sharon Tate,wife of Roman Polanski introduced the concept of the mass murder to the public at large.

Ed Gein was a Wisconsin cannibal who was an active homo by puberty and loved to cross dress. Found guilty of only 2 murders,the body parts of at least 20 women were found in his possession.

Jeffrey Dahmer,a Jew, of Milwaukee,arrested in 1991 in Milwaukee is known to have eaten at least 20 fellow homos over a 13 year period.

Friday 12 July 2013


No. Just. No. If you were looking for a wank bank,Dear Reader,you're sadly lost. Abandon the yearnings of your lower chakras and stimulate your mind: read a good book or meditate. At the very least you'll be forced to disconnect from the white noise once you turn off your I shit/tv and endless internet browsing.
Frankly,the antics of these noisy no talent  media hogs precludes humanity from applying their intellect toward deeper understanding that transcends ignorance; a modern day Roman style bread and circus entertainment to keep us perpetually bamboozled-don't fall for the Global Elite script!

Once you meditate you raise immunity levels,lower blood pressure and heart rate along with longer term benefits,the most significant of which is the activation of the pineal gland. This mysterious, misunderstood cone shaped organ in the brain produces melatonin,not melanin.

Among Africans,its larger , healthier and not as calcified as among Asians and whites who suffer roughly  up to roughly 75%,40% and 15% healthy pineal gland rates. Once you can channel the powers of the pineal,it literally morphs into the 3rd eye-new states of consciousness,truly a higher state of reality some have wrongly compared to the effect of psychotropic drugs can be reached.
Alas! Its difficult even taking the first step for many in our world, habituated to meaningless 24/7 cacophony-first of all we must stop with the noise and the distractions.