Monday 8 July 2013


Last week something totally unprecedented happened. For the first time ever the continent hosted 2 ex US presidents and the sitting one simultaneously. Dear Reader,by now you'll know that while sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, nothing happens without a good reason neither are there are  accidents or coincidences in this world.
Dubya and Obama commemorating the twin Dar/Nairobi 98 micro nuke embassy attack in Dar es salaam.

Dubya was opening the African First Ladies conference organised under the auspices of his NGO,the George W Bush Institute. Basically a talk shop to repeat the same memes about womens empowerment/the girl child/HIV AIDS and issues that excite the angst ridden Western do gooder in Africa.

Officially,Obama announced a 7 bn $ power program for Africa,which pales in significance compared to Chinese or local investments in the sector. While in Dakar,he annoyed everyone reading from his handlers script, barking about the importance of homos rights;an unthinkable topic for an American Caucasian leader to an African audience. His mixed race allowed him to mainstream the issue without more a heartfelt robust response had he not been at least half African -a tribute to his sponsors (owners) strategic vision.
Bill Clinton while in Senegal just before Obama landed passed through the former slave entrepot of Goree to "discuss the democratic dividend," according to MSM press releases.

As expected there were the usual write ups expounding on America competing with the Chinese,securing energy resources and the most endearing cliche "encouraging the growth of democracy"-! A strange story about the difficulty of Obama's personal security while on a planned game drive further confused observers.
Though,I've personally avoided the whole UFO/Nibiru/alien theories since they're damn near impossible to confirm despite the the impeccable credentials of many trained witnesses like pilots,military,police officers and journalists this angle has been mentioned by top level international geostrategists. A top level Japan based political researcher swears that Off World Intelligences helped humanity in the wake of the banksters Fukushima nuke/tsunami attack.
Apparently the Annunaki are returned-and are here in Africa. If you read the late Zechariah Sitchin you'll know these aliens supposedly landed on earth and improved the original human stock by genetically manipulating existing Homo erectus in S Africa and used them as miners. Whatever your opinion it is fact the earliest human stone works in the World that completely rewrote the theory of human intellectual development are found in S Africa,where Sitchin alleges the Annunaki human intervention took place.
Here is Adam's calendar,a 200,000 year old stone observatory, 180 km west of Maputo.

This returns us to the topic-the visit of Obama,Dubya and Clinton to Africa was allegedly to acknowledge the alien/Annunaki suzerainty on planet earth. Will update as and when new info becomes available.


  1. Well why is the american government trying to hide that these people have returned. More than a million people have seen ufos and ets including me. I think its dangerous for earthlings to participate with them, because obviously we have something they need or they wouldnt keep coming here. WE are Gods creation, have a soul and many of us will go to Heaven or a higher dimension while the illuminati and fallen angels, which is what these annunaki are, will not. Humans and their animals are the only beings which will ascend into a higher dimension, if that is possible, or after we did will go on to Heaven, if we are prepared and deemed worthy. I do not think man is God, is meant to be a God and that God will not alow mankind to create monsters or download brains into animals or robots. Anything like this will be destroyed as life was during the flood. God will not allow it to live. But mamy reports have been made of huge ufos over africa at the time bush and obama were there so perhaps they were being given orders by the illuminati. But they wont give orders to the rest of us, because we are Gods people and are protected by his Grace.

  2. True,but the implications on the development of the history of Mankind and the resulting philosophies and culture are HUGE!. For example it would mean rewriting everything we think we know about evolution and religion and force a thorough reevaluation of those narratives;what do you think those who've established careers and gained respect in those fields will do?

  3. Though I don't do it for the money or public appreciation blogging can be the most thankless task in the world. Newly informed awakened readers and those with gratitude such as yourself make this worthwhile!