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Every Wednesday morning on Citizen radio at 730 one Benjamin Ndolo reels out a chronicle of national woe/failure and trauma that he would have us believe is the only Kenyan condition. According to him we're half way down the abyss and the best we can do is tighten our seat belts.
This morning he was cheerleading Kethi Kilonzo as the new presumptive Senatorial saviour of Makueni and by extension Kenya. As always his stock narratives were unquestioningly accepted by the Citizen radio djs who are more of co-hosts than serious radio journalists ,even by Kenyan standards.

To wind up he reminded everyone how he experienced racism in the US south and how during last years Rhino Charge a white neighbouring camper discharged a shotgun into the air saying,"one down.,millions more to go!" How brave! Heroically escaping a non murder attempt! Wow!
In the mid 2000s there was a Benji Ndolo, a 30 something year old dreadlocked light skinned St.Marys school Westlands alumni in Atlanta,Georgia who hit upon a genius idea. A combined private mortgage brokering and home refinancing operation. Apparently the business literally took off like a house on fire;for which he was profiled as one of the successful Kenyans in America in mid 2005.
What really happened is a tale involving promises,disappointment and outright conmanship possibly swindling. Incendiary diaspora emails from Atlanta flew thick and fast. I attached the whole series for readers to see and decide for themselves.

This is how the scam worked...a buddy from ATL who is privy to it broke it down...
...was this Benji chap a realtor?  How exactly did he swindle chaps?  One of the incidents in the article talk about him making $200K in one RE deal?  Do you know in what capacity he made that loot?  It sounds like a lot of loot for a realtor/broker, to make off one digz...unless we're talking about a very pricey one.
What Benji had going for him was a one-stop shop. After dealing with foreclosures and fixer-upper deals, I know how much of a biyatch it can be. First you need to locate a wholesaler, from whom you can buy the houses. Second, you need to get a hard money lender who can loan you the float to buy and fix the house. That's coz "legit" banks do not touch fixer-uppers. Yaani even if all your house needs is an AC unit and some sheet-rock work, the bank won't touch that. So these hard money lenders give you float but of course you pay another jacked up interest rate. So of course the deal is you quickly fix the house then refinance it with a legit bank. Third, you need to find legit contractors who will fix the house for you. Again, after dealing with some seriously punda contractors, I know how hard a job that can be. Also, lets assume you grab a pal from TTQ and show him a jacked up house and ask him how much it would cost to fix, he would honestly have no idea. It takes a while to know how much paint and such a house needs, and how much it costs. Bila that knowledge, you stand the chance of getting totally conned. Finally, once the house is fixed, you need to be able to refinance it and then market it, either for sale or for rent.
So if you're a chap who has never dealt in real estate and you wish to ingia, what I have described above is definitely a load. So what Benji did was to offer a one-stop shop - he'd get you a house from his whole-salers, get you a hard-money loan, get you contractors who'd fix the house, then help you get tenants. All for a fee of course, but it was a deal which were it legit would be a very serious deal for many investors.
I heard that in the beginning things were cool then at some time he just went crooked. Fulton County (where Atlanta is) is the Number 1 county in the nation when it comes to mortgage fraud. So the pals who were crooked there made a shit load of money. So what I heard Benji would do is he's be in cahoots with everyone from the wholesaler to the appraisers, the contractors, the hard money lenders, the mortgage brokers, etc.
He played kadhaa pals. My chile pal, like I said, lost everything she had worked for and gotten in Stato. Our other pal got a house for $280 G at a serious deal of about $220, spent like $30 fixing it, and then tried pull some float out and then re-finance it for about $270. The legit bank sent out it's appraisers who told him that the house is actually worth only $140 G. So now our pal can't rent or sell the house. He owes those banks about $250,000 for a totally non-performing asset. Sure, he can let it foreclose, but it's going to be on his credit until 2017, and since he deals a lot in buying and selling homes, that would destroy his career kabisa. Yaani totally jacked up shit. I personally know of 3 more pals, and how much they lost, plus I've heard of other pals. And these are the only ones we know about. That's why I applaud it coming out coz pals need to know about such shit.  
One thing Benji had going for him is he is a very smooth talker. Plus he's the jamaa who got talked about in that Nation article that mentioned Kenyan millionaires abroad. Of course that lends serious credibility when he approaches you.  Here's the Nation article, Benji is mentioned somewhere in the middle.

On 2/21/07, Kithinji Mwirigi < > wrote:
check the fwd below...

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Date: Feb 21, 2007 1:28 PM

Subject: Screw Benjamin Ndolo formerly of Atlanta

To: George Mitoko <>, "Macharia, Chris" < >, Tony Wanyoike <>, Don Owino <>, Brian Were <>, Godfrey Waluse <>, Victor Nasibi <>, Gilbert Ottieno Jnr <>, Munene <>, Morris Kabuage <>, Walter Chelski <>, Kithinji Mwirigi <>, krisskarume mwangi <>, Frank Koinange <>

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I hate to take it upon myself, but I cannot sit back and let someone ruin other people's lives anymore…..I'm talking about one BENJAMIN NDOLO that used to live in Atlanta, and now based in Nairobi. I understand that you can catch this goon on capital fm, its about time he made some $$ from all the shit that comes out of his mouth …at least his broke days are over...........perhaps the audience will believe his BS.

This fool lived in Atlanta for almost 10 years, Sold people houses that were a REALLY BAD DEAL: I'm talking about making people that are his personal friends buy property that HE KNEW was not worth anything…..He left his friends high and dry with ridiculous mortgage payments that they can never sell and will never make $$ back on just to break even… can you call him a friend?? He actually pulled the same stunt on an unsuspecting friend right before his sudden departure to Kenya for good…….I hope the money you made from that rotten deal made you happy!! His roommate paid all the bills at his very own house, yet he couldn't even come up with one cent but was always out flossing like he had money…and when someone asked him for a loan he would always say his money was tied up in investments then refer them to some of his boys….…....No wonder your house was foreclosed on MR MILLIONARE!!! When was that? Early May 2006?? Why? Because you couldn't pay your damn bills for a looonggg time…….At that time 2 of your boys took you in, on 2 separate occasions…..they let you crash at their house, which you turned into trash for the period you were there…..…..and you used to brag to your obese girlfriends that their houses were your crib??? The same friends I heard you talking shit about in Kenya saying how you helped them, took care of them!! Who was taking care of who??? Isn't it true that one of them used to hide your BMW in his garage for you so that REPO MAN doesn't get a hold of it??

Benjamin is a parasite…actually a tapeworm to be precise….makes your tummy big thinking you've shibad but kumbe you're housing an animal that feeds off your insides….He lived off people for the last 6 months before his departure, after he lost his house…..bought suits with his meager money to floss to people in Kenya like he was balling over here.......even his own brother came here thinking he was balling only to be kicked out in the cold and made to fend for himself in a foreign land....he let his own brother live in the streets......the man is a snake!! ……He's perfected the art of mind f*cking….. His charisma is very hypnotic that once he start giving you information about other people, you have no choice but to believe…he's brought healthy relationships down to their knees…..caused breakups, mayhem…the works!!! Gossips like a biatch…..pretending to be a friend, somebody people can trust, yet all he does is get to the core of their emotion and short circuit it.…and for what Benjamin?? Have you no shame? No conscience?

And I heard you've been talking shit about people in Atlanta being broke as a joke…….isn't that ironic??? You relate to the word broke better than anyone I know…. Cause you're ass was always CRAZY broke…..could never afford to go out clubbing or hang out with others because I guess you were busy scheming…or trying to find who your next victim in real estate would be. How about when you invited a friend of yours to come visit you in Atl from Kenya in summer 06….yet you forgot to inform the person that housed you about the visitor……He still housed your friend for almost 3 weeks and entertained him for you while you spent $0?

Please BEWARE: Don't let his eloquent language or his personality fool you. Beneath it all lies a man, waiting to pounce on his next "victim"…..Not to mention, he will try stick his infamous small dick in anything in a skirt, including his friend's girlfriends….He will say anything to get some ass and WOMEN I mean ANYTHING!!

The only reason he got away with shit in Atlanta is because these were his friends that he f*cked over, and nobody wanted to blast him out of the water…..they just tolerated him. The article below…about him being a millionare…..that's the funniest joke ever. Every time anybody asked him about the article in Atlanta, the nigga would quickly ignore or be as quite as can be…….if you were indeed a Millionaire, would you not be proud to be what you are?? I challenge ask any one of you to ask benjamin about his self acclaimed title of MILLIONARE as per he article below that was published in th NATION in 2005. I guarantee that you shall be met with silence, followed by a sudden excuse or joke about it from this brillian mind twister....but hey, its worth a try.

Benjamin, Kenya is not USA, niggas will not take your punk ass ways as quietly as they did in the states………….so PLEASE GROW UP AND QUIT F*CKING WITH PEOPLE…. ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN THERE FOR YOU DID NOT DESERVE THE PAIN YOU CAUSED.....what do you get from all this??….in the meatime….watch your back….cause KARMA'S A BIATCH AND ITS GOING TO BITE YOU IN THE ASS SOONER OR LATER!



›› JP (02/19/2007)

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›› Pumpkin. (02/19/2007)

LMAO@obese girlfriends. If this is true shame on to him! ...reply # 3645
›› Cookie (02/20/2007)

jEEZ....yaani we got people like that on other peoples money. Ati obese galfriends.....hehehehehe ...reply # 3648
›› Githiora wa Gurai (02/20/2007)

I live in ATL and I can confirm that everything in that email is true..........not only did the dude kick his bro out in the cold and render him homeless, lakini the jamaa screwed many of his pals over, yani stubbing 'his boys' in the back at every opportunity possible just out of pure evil.

Word on the street is that the deal he pulled was about him playing broker in closing a house purchase deal for one of his 'boys', when he got the $200,000 cheque he was on the next flight to Nairobi, leaving the poor victim to deal with the lender and the resulting problems. He's splashing those dollars in Nairobi at the moment. ...reply # 3669
›› Jigga (02/20/2007)

Here he is..........the said Benjamin Ndolo

›› herbo (02/21/2007)

and trust me,every city has thier benjamin ndolos.its all too familliar story;broker selling to all his fellow kenyans hopeless deals knowingly all the a way from loans for anything...then bragging at parties how loaded they are and trying to screw every skirt,usually never successful though. ...reply # 3706
›› Jusper (02/21/2007)


update from the author


I'm sorry for writing yet again, but I have received an overwhelming response about Benjamin Ndolo since my last email.

I will try and respond to all the questions asked.

For those that wanted to know if this was really true.... Yes it sadly is.

For those that really wanted to know why he suddenly left the country...that's a question I really can't answer, but I have a feeling he was getting away on a scum he ran on someone. I'd suggest you ask him that question

For those that talked about how he tried to get you on investment deals but you never quite did business with him....good for you and I'm glad you saved your money.

For those that feel victim by venturing into business/investments with him....I'm so sorry, like I said KARMA'S A BIATCH...he will get his someday.

For those that asked again about his millionaire status and company...go to Google and ran a search on "The Benjamins Group" get ZERO hits....but a search on The Benjamin Groups gives hits on a sales and marketing company located in Massachusetts and NOT an REAL ESTATE/INVESTMENT COMPANY IN ATLANTA.

For the comment "thank you for Shedding the light, yes Karma is a bitch but I am still surprised that The same person who I went to high school the same one who is so deceiving" life changes people...that's something that none of us can control.

For those that asked "...why you decided to let it all out?" because I could not sit and watch him hurt others with his devious behavior anymore.

DISCLAIMER: I did not write this out of malice. All that I stated were cold facts I felt should be put out there so that others don't fall prey like some did.

You can clarify this information from people that know him...not people that just know him or know of him, but people that REALLY REALLY know him. ... reply # 3708
›› Anonymous (02/21/2007)

Holy sh*t! Is this for real? I hung out with this cat when I was back home for hols. I have to holla at him to hear his side. ...reply # 3715
›› Jigga (02/21/2007)

All this from the cat that was boasting for people here in ATL ati he was going home to work in Kalonzo Musyoka's presidential campaign team.

God help Kalonzo Musyoka if he allows this fellow to work for him in any form........someone write to Kalonzo and give him onyo > ama

Rehani House 9th floor

Koinange street

P.O BOX 67121

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone +254-020-213460



Fax +254-020-214787 ...reply # 3721
›› meonly (02/21/2007)

all thats said about him is true, everyone who knows him willvouch for the story......he is a caniving S.O.B who preys on women with inferiority complex's and young hungry guys ready to make a buck with promises of riches then just leaves them hanging with bad credit......don't know how the chap lives with himself

...reply # 3722
›› meonly (02/21/2007)

all thats said about him is true, everyone who knows him willvouch for the story......he is a caniving S.O.B who preys on women with inferiority complex's and young hungry guys ready to make a buck with promises of riches then just leaves them hanging with bad credit......don't know how the chap lives with himself


Kithinji Mwirigi

 As you can see these are all people with inside knowledge many of whom lost money to the said Benji Ndolo. A year or so after these emails circulated a 3 series BMW owned by the same individual was often seen parked outside Lonrho House with a personalised licence plate,reading 'benjamins.'
For those who don't watch rap videos,this is what it means. 100$ bills with Benjamin Franklin.

One thinks instead of posing as political analyst/cheerleader/professional heckler and final arbiter of ethical standards its time to set the record straight. Raise your hand if you agree.

After a one week hiatus,Benji's back! As usual he was entertaining with the same assertions and sweeping statements and hyper critical of our political structures. Starting off attacking those who have an "allergy to the truth,"  he unloaded cliche after cliche which must be examined since Cindy Ogana,the purported 'journalist' cohosting his 'realtalk' show on Citizen fm never bothers to interrogate his 'truths'.
Firstly we can ignore his potentially slanderous comment about those who killed Mutula Kilonzo,father of future Makueni senator Kethi Kilonzo,slated to inherit his seat. The truth is Mutula was never that important. Apart for being former prez Moi's lawyer for which he made many many millions few can point to any substantive transformative agenda tabled or implemented by the late Senator during his 5 year cabinet time in 2008-2013 or the prior 5 years when he was Mbooni MP.
What he is remembered for is his tedious defense of his client,immediately after the 2002 election in which he practically vowed to die for Moi. He morphed into an enthusiastic Kibaki basher of a near Odinga type. Oft times he was on TV mouthing identical phrases during the manufactured fake constitutional crisis talks in the early years of the Kibaki era-recall the whole Bomas mess? He would  accuse the immediate former president of ethnic favouritism,corruption and all manner of malfeasance ending with the stock "kunajisi katiba/raping the constitution," pointing at his crotch.

Trumpeting Kethi Kilonzo as the new Nelson Mandela, is a major self sabotaging move that will haunt him;(who hasn't noticed her stereotypical  Kenyan woman character?,the displaced anger,failure to understand issues,deliberate antagonising perceived enemies and a love of shooting off her mouth?).

Her performance during the CORD presidential court case didn't endear her to unbiased minds;though she raised some laughs looking like a first year law student in front of the Supreme Court. Speaking of which it is now apparent this woman doesn't have a voter's card. Therefore she is ineligible to stand for election anywhere in Kenya. How exactly she was cleared by the IEBC is story they should tell us.

 The most annoying narrative however is the timeworn elementary school spiel about the "ethical American foreign policy,so of course Obama couldn't visit us" sold even more energetically than a paid US state department official,leading people to ask-"what about Libya and Syria, forget Gitmo for now."

Here are a few of Libya's 100,000 dead in Obama's undeclared war.

They died faster than these black Libyans. These are the 'best' photos. Others are to gruesome even for men.

Some Syrian army dead. All this happened when Obama's handlers wrote the script for the unfolding death and destruction. Both these countries have suffered immensely. Libya lost at least 30,000 civilians while the Syrian death toll is conservatively estimated at 50,000.

Since Mr.Ndolo seems unaware of this perhaps Cindy should ask him next time he parrots the "ethical foreign policy" line. If she knows-or cares.