Wednesday 31 October 2012


Politics,of course is about perception, and how we modify or outright change those perceptions,not with Sunday school means but lies,propaganda,misleading advertising,subliminal TV messages and doctored opinion polls are all widely accepted stratagems in the bastion of democracy-the West.
Here in the 3rd world we haven't graduated to such subtleties and are at a simpler stage of the art of perception management. Repetetive buzz words 'Mt.Kenya mafia/kunajisi katiba (raping the constitution)/unfair resource allocation/ethnic based favouritism' are those easily understood by undereducated have nots looking for an explanation into their plight. Especially when your opponent is widely accepted by all to have grown the economy by over 7%,such simple incendiary agitprop of the type used by American feminazi types always finds eager listeners.
Look back at the Grand Regency hotel saga of 2008. The minister involved, Amos Kimunya found a private buyer willing to pay 1.6 billion shillings and was promptly lynched by the media,parliament and the hordes of professional idlers aka,civil society who all accused him of accepting inducements to sell at a throw away price and mortgaging the future of the nations's children. What was neglected in the whole circus was that that price for a running 5 star establishment unrefurbished  in its 15 years that allowed it to continue as a going concern was higher than expected as valuers later declared. Also MPs were looking for revenge ever since he waged a media war for them to pay tax.

He was cleared in an official inquiry and one of his principal tormentors ,James Orengo,with a taste for 6000$ suits as his bosses inside man recently revealed, apologised publicly but still Kimunya's name in our notoriously unethical press is  prefaced with the 'Grand Regency Hotel Scandal,' moniker.
But this press penchant for supporting false narratives was best observed in the December 2007 election. They enthusiastically allowed criminal incitement and were complicit in what turned out to be a failed Odinga led civilian coup. While they all lambasted Kibaki as an election thief the truth was 180 degrees in the opposite direction;it wasn't even a long or complicated story. Odinga rigged massively! The rigging ranged from deceased voters casting their votes, polling station staff colluding with agents to mark ballot papers of those who did not turn up to vote and illiterate people being guided to vote for a certain presidential candidate, among others forms of irregularities.
It is alleged PNU agents were chased away from polling stations while others failed to report at the stations for fear of their lives.
According to the Kriegler Report, six constituencies recorded more than 94 per cent voter turn out during the elections.
Bondo, the Prime Minister’s home and Kisumu Rural constituencies had a record 102 per cent voter turn out. Karachuonyo had 94 per cent, Rangwe 93, Nyatike 95 and Mbita 95 per cent. I personally will not be purchasing your book…
Mr Benjamin Tolo who was a PNU point man in the province and a parliamentary candidate for Kisumu Town East said election irregularities were rampant in the area.,%20dead%20voters%20%E2%80%98showed%20up%E2%80%99%20at%20the%20polls&articleID=2000008868

As this happened tame NGOs shrieked to the heavens about stolen elections without an iota of proof. Here's one of them Hassan Omar,former head of the KNCHR who spent his term writing turgid inflammatory pieces like this:
 February 13, 2011: “Globally, the dominant view on President Kibaki could be that he represents part of the cacophony of obsolete despotic African leaders who must pave way for better governance. Not only is he viewed as having stolen an election in 2007, but also ‘stole’ hope and an opportunity for a genuine national rebirth by undermining the spirit of 2002 popular revolt. How do you explain a character that has been to some of the world’s finest schools and toured the globe coming across as an unrepentant ethnic bigot?”
 Now he's running for Mombasa senator on Odinga's ODM party.

Prof. Paul Collier,a British development expert was one of the few who saw through to the heart of the matter saying,
He gives very short shrift to the fashionable cause of self-determination or special status for minorities espoused by the Kosovo
Albanians, the Luo in Kenya or the rebels in Darfur. He casts Raila Odinga, the Kenyan prime minister, and not President Kibaki as
the provocateur in the country's last elections (in contrast to most foreign media covering the story).
And still to this day,Odinga is innocent and Kibaki the thief. I've held focus groups and one on one interviews with Kibaki's PNU insiders and haven't found any trace of rigging. Dear reader,feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and provide proof,but the evidence must be neutral. Don't shove school exercise books from Kibera filled with clumsy numbers in crayon ,purporting them to be election tallies favouring Odinga in my inbox-that will not do;neither will submissions from Friends of Raila Association be accepted.
To me the most obscene untruth is about the PEV. Kalenjins admitted killing,raping,looting and burning but 'explain' it as a reaction to Kibaki's 'rigging,' though months before the elections many were all over cyberforums gleefully spilling their heinous designs. I specifically remember one forumer on mashada who bragged of thousands of Kalenjin warriors ready in Molo in early October 2007. There are obvious intertwined interests keeping these narratives at play .
The thing is these orthodox histories as written by 'court historians,'poison the entire political framework. Like a seed planted in bad ground nothing good will fruit. The sun has risen and the truth must out.

Monday 29 October 2012


Ex-Cote de Ivoire president,Laurent Gbagbo was actively lobbying fellow CFA zone leaders to depart from French economic neocolonialism. By the time of his ouster he was making efforts to introduce his own currency and urging neighbours to follow suit.

France couldn't countenance such a situation and in time honoured tradition found a local collaborator,Alassane Ouattara,trained and armed his aggrieved supporters (read:militia),flew in special forces for tactical stiffening as and when required and instigated a civil war. Paris has always been particularly ruthless in their African dealings never shrinking from robust ,military action or subterfuge  that would make Johnny Brit,himself a believer in strictly situational ethics blush.

There are 2 main reasons for this attitude. Firstly economic;without the CFA zone financial contribution toward subsidising their own economy,now estimated to be possibly half a trillion ,at least 400 bn euros since 'independence' in the 60s,France is just another European backwater-a Romania or Portugal,insignificant and doomed to the periphery of world affairs. Unlike the Germans they really don't have much productivity or diversification to speak of while plagued with socialist like labour relations.
Secondly,possibly most important is unfortunate history. The 20th century was especially cruel to France. On the verge of surrender to the Germans,for the second time in 40 years,(Hans Mueller had thoroughly defeated them a short generation before,capturing Paris,emperor Napoleon 3 at Sedan,seizing Paris in a 3 month siege and winning Alsace-Lorraine)this time they were saved by their bete noire,the uncultured Anglosaxon. It was not lost on observers that Germany's rise to a world power was at the expense of the French.
Just before the 1900s,some 30 years after this national tragedy another psychological body blow was dealt by the Brits in the Sudan when they were forced into a humiliating climb down. Both nations wanted cross continental colonies,the French east-west and the Brits north-south. The former led an expedition from the lower Congo under Maj.Marchand to Kodok (Fashoda) in an epic 14 month cross country trek hoping to claim the entire territory for the tri colour.

It wasn't to be. Fate intervened in the form of the last Englishman to ever entertain such French pretensions,Herbert Kitchener,arch imperialist,enthusiastic coloniser,mass murderer,fresh from his spanking of the Mahdi at Omdurman. Of such happenstance were major wars manufactured at the time. Again,the French had to bow to the possibility of superior firepower,in this case the British Navy. Another embarrassing public lesson in the realities of force.

de Gaulle himself ruefully explained how that incident in a obscure region in the middle of Africa affected him.
"Ever since an incident in the Sudanese village of Fashoda ... the French had been vigilant in guarding against anglophone encroachment in what they considered to be their own backyard — le prĂ© carrĂ©. In his memoirs, General de Gaulle listed the disasters that had afflicted France in his youth and that had led him to devote himself to upholding France's 'grandeur': the first on the list was the Fashoda incident. The 'Fashoda syndrome', as it was known, formed a basic component of France's Africa policy. To ensure that African issues received due attention, the French presidential office included a special Africa Unit — Cellule Africaine — with a wide remit to cover everything from intelligence work to bribery."[1]

Never again would Jean-Claude fail on the battlefield. Mais non! Many think this was the real reason for the bloody defeats in Indo china and messy Algerian divorce. Driven to compensate for previous history they were immune to the pragmatism the Brits showed in their own decolonisation. Not for them catastrophic  Dien Bien Phus or the agony of mutinying paras amidst national soul searching.
And so it is that Ouattara now leads Africa's number one cocoa producer while Gbagbo sits in a jail at the Hague waiting for his war crimes trial at the ICC.

Saturday 27 October 2012


ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda jetted in 2 days. Unlike her predecessor the Argentine Luis Moreno Ocampo,she's less of a media hound.

Not for her frequent press conferences and endless selfpromotion like a used car salesman. Ocampo had publicly and unwisely bragged to show the world how human rights violators will pay the price. Alas! All he showed expectant Kenyans was how the West always manipulates events in the 3rd world to their own interest.
Here he is trying to stick his uninvestigated hearsay reports on Uhuru during the initial mention last year .

Back to Bensouda. 3 days ago she accused the government of failing to supply evidence on the remaining 4 ICC suspects she only described as 'private and confidential.' Strange,since the ICC used prior evidence to prove they have  a case to answer. Evidence,by the way collected and supplied by an ally of the main suspects chief political protagonist. The huffington post commented on such a farce thusly:Instead they used intermediaries - such as a local charity branded the "Kenya Human Rights
Commission" and another organisation named the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights who were particularly helpful when it came to the witnesses. One of its Commissioners a Mr Omar Hassan it is alleged handily unearthed some of the main witness for the ICC's prosecution. (One such witness, incidentally, has proven himself to be utterly unreliable, having changed his statement on no fewer than four occasions, including attempting once to retract his statement completely).

Hassan's good work has not gone unnoticed. He has since been appointed vice chairman of the Friends of Raila, an organisation working to elect Odinga to the Presidency in upcoming elections.

Surely, you would think a witness who has changed his statement on multiple occasions, having been assisted by an intermediary whose intentions were so palpably political, should be dismissed by any reasonable provincial court, let alone the ICC.

Last week it was conclusively proved via a new opinion poll that Raila Amolo Odinga,the Anglo Jewish hope,can't win the election. Though ,registered voters weren't used RAO's lead has shrunk drastically and he'd lose a runoff. Uhuru and Ruto both score over 50% combined-to disenfranchise the electorate to put their Yeltsin in State House would have disastrous consequences . Of course the ICC,in the person of Bensouda is sending a message cognizant of this belated reality

If you truly thought the ICC was apolitical and concerned with only justice go back to sleep or read how Milosevic was poisoned at his trial to prevent embarrassing details surfacing.
Based on the evidence provided by the ICTY themselves (some of it clearly inadvertant as a result of their clumsy coverup in the immediate aftermath of his death) i.e., public statements from ICTY officials (doctors/toxicologists) that they performed blood tests on January 12 which revealed the presence of the Leprosy drug ‘Rifampicine’ in Milosevic’s blood but kept it secret from Milosevic,his doctors,lawyers and the entire world for TWO MONTHS until March 7, is clear evidence of foul play on the part of officials in the ICTY.

I'd rather avoid predictions,I'm not a fortune teller ,but here goes.  Bensouda is setting the stage to declare the remaining 4 suspects cases terminated. She can't just come right out and hurl the grenade among the unprepared masses and must first drop carefully nuanced hints and insinuations. This explains her public complaints about lack of government assistance. She'll say," the Kenya government failed to cooperate and supply more evidence,my hands were tied. What could I do?"
This will happen before Christmas at the latest mid January. The West will simply return to the drawing board,revising their playbook;funding ever more NGOs to capture the civil society space,instigating local crises (western ambassadors for some reason recently found it necessary to meet with the violent secessionist MRC) or even blatant destabilisation a la the DRC.
However the more Kenya develops its internal capacities,the more remote the possibility of success of these tried and true methods of 3rd world control. Make no mistake,in the wider geopolitical scheme ,the ICC is a tool of the West and is no more capable of true judicial independence of action than a tyre jack.

Friday 26 October 2012


..the Dinka of S.Sudan. For a generation they've been bathed, fed,armed,trained and diaper changed by the West who swallowed their own propaganda believing tall tales about heroic Herculean struggles against Arab slavers.

This well intended humanitarianism has created a monster of self entitlement,especially for a people dehumanised by a generation of war;who never learned the skill sets necessary for modern life but like children simply want it all-now.

In explanation some background into the recent civil war is required. In 1983 Chevron announced an oil find of almost 600 million barrels in Bentiu in what is now Unity state of the south. A few months later John Garang then an army major serving in Bor led a mutiny of disaffected Southern officers and the war that would kill an estimated 2 million had begun. Observers attempted to portray this as a selfless Gandhian step or Saul like conversion but insiders say it was a business disagreement with his Arab seniors over wildlife products including leopard skins.
Whatever the motivation,its clear he bears large responsibility for setting the template for the kind of fighting his forces fought. Entire populations were misused as pawns for food aid ,child soldiers were openly recruited and most importantly for young Dinka observers the idea that physical force equated to respect and money was born.
At the beginning most Dinka weren't interested in fighting,content to continue the same patterns of existence they'd led for millenia in the flood plains,semi deserts and savannahs of Bahr el Ghazal-cattle herding and subsistence farming. To encourage them he promised post war resettlement in the wetter regions further down south. That these lands were already settled by Kakwa,Lugbara,Madi and Nuer was never considered.
Within a year he had precipitated irrevocable splits with the Nuer when he killed their leader Col.Gach who unlike him at the time was fighting for complete independence of the South.  Quickly he realised the need to control food supplies and ordered all food shipments to pass through their own NGO,the SRRA, Sudanese Rescue and Rehabilitation Association,a scandalous group of Dinka idlers who camped at the Panafric in Nairobi running up fantastic bar bills.
The West,supporting him from the get go,turned a blind eye to these blatant misdeeds even as disaffected journos gained a slightly less heroic view of the SPLA. By the late 80s they controlled the distribution of thousands of tons of food aid which was used as a tool of extortion and control. Unfriendly areas or uncommitted ethnic groups would be denied. In 1998 a 2 year drought exacerbated by 2 mn IDPs without farms caused a catastrophic famine similar to Ethiopia 84m killing at least 100,000.
Also the internecine death toll of Dinka vs Nuer/Shilluk/Anuak or internal hostilities and its easy to see how the final death toll reached 2 million. Wholesale villages were uprooted and entire regions emptied of all but wildlife as the Dinka officer core of the SPLA pursued an outright personal self aggrandisement agenda stealing cattle and kidnapping women from 'enemy tribes'. By wars end in 2005 many had taken over homes and businesses of IDPs as far as Yambio near the Congo border-and told the returnees in no uncertain terms of new realities.
On a trip to Yei in Central Equatoria,the landlady of a hotel explained her predicament. After the CPA was signed in 2005 she returned to her small abandoned hotel only to find a new owner;a Dinka colonel with the Military Police. As she tried to repossess her business she was bluntly warned off,with the officer saying,"we fought for independence." There are many such cases.
Now its foreigners,especially Kenyans targeted.A high number of Kenyan investors in South Sudan are increasingly coming back home distressed, some having being robbed of millions of shillings investments or harassed into submission by citizens of the world’s newest State. Others have paid the ultimate price with their lives with no one held liable for the cruel murders

A Kenyan woman who was killed in South Sudan was laid to rest on Saturday in Makueni County.
Tabitha Musangi, who died on May 13, was given an emotional send off by thousands of mourners who included people from South Sudan.

 A  Kenyan businesswoman has been killed in the Republic of  Southern  Sudan in mysterious circumstances. Pamela Atieno Abonge, 30, died on October 11 in Aweii , Southern  Sudan. Atieno’s family suspects the was murdered. His brother Samuel Abonge said  yesterday that his sister  was shot and injured on the head and neck. He said a doctor in Southern Sudan who performed the postmortem examination told the family that Atieno  had a broken skull.

Boys will be boys but its time the Dinkas learned the way the world works. We're practically handholding them into the 21st century,having assisted with independence last year and the signing of the CPA in 2005. Thousands are being trained here for the Civil Service and Army while soon they shall have an outlet for their oil at Lamu. Its time we played some of those cards as a lesson.
Its a forlorn hope they'll learn the game on their own without Garang,who for all his faults was a pragmatist,with the charisma to lead and control his people. Salva Kiir strikes many merely as the perfect subordinate,a natural born VP. Already Sudanese are crying out to rein in the rampant corruption;he responded like a 1980s Moi banning foreign newspapers. The ban was rescinded this week.
For the short term his position as president mirrors that of his nation. As long as the threat of Arab aggression remains he can project national angst outward;without this bogeyman the very real internal Sudanese disquiet with his Dinka  dominance may prove the ultimate threat to national existence.
Already several competing  militias are in the field fighting ethnic domination,corruption and land grabbing by the ruling elite.
   As rebel leader, late Lt. Gen. George Athor Deng admitted in an interview in March 2011, “There is no equality between Dinkas and non-Dinkas in the government of South Sudan”. He further noted that most institutions of the government of South Sudan are built on tribal dominations and there is no equality and equity between various ethnic groups that would take place without regime change in Juba.
For now the low literacy rate of 27%,the world's lowest is on his side along with general lack of awareness of State functions and hence low expectations among the citizenry. Youthful,armed discontents with genuine grievances will inevitably start the countdown.

Monday 22 October 2012


... and is written in their blood chemistry. Its not smaller waists,bigger asses and plumper lips but in the causes of these physiological differences-testosterone.

 The unmelanated sistren due to lower testosterone are less endowed with curvature as the following pix reveal.

Though you will of course find outliers on both sides of the scale,these pix are by and large faithful representations of the physiological differences viz a viz black and white women. This hormone is both a curse and a blessing. As anyone knows it gives strength,speed and stamina.

 Its also responsible for women's sex drive;which explains a controversial study recently claiming black women are 50% more likely to achieve orgasm than white women.

The side effects among women are serious,especially in these feminised times. Everyone on earth with a working internet connection has  noticed the epidemic of public violence by black American women on youtube. On buses,in restaurants shopping malls and other public fora they instigate exchange of fisticuffs after pathological verbal violence.

Such displays will soon be normalised in the West wherever there are black women. In a world of female rights and privileges without corresponding responsibility and the usual women's atrophied amgydala and a climate that demands women to act out (be strong!) it would be surprising if it were otherwise.
The amygdala is an ancient part of the brain, influenced by hormones, that processes fear, triggers aggression and action, and stimulates competitiveness. It alerts us to danger and switches on the rest of the body. The amygdala in men's brains is larger than in women's. Moreover the male amygdala has testosterone receptors that heighten responses, providing a biological reason for why men compete with each other more aggressively than females and why men can quickly escalate situations and enjoy the fight.

Will the West therefore realise the biological reality and reverse their neurotic crusade for "womens rights?" I think not.
And now a young black Canadian woman ,victim of her high testosterone level,underdeveloped amgydala, woman-friendly consequence free Anglo gendersphere has decided to go deep and 'explain' why white guys all over London,Ontario,with only 2% black population want her. False self confidence bordering on narcissism with the mental capacity of a woman have combined to make the unfortunate spectacle we see here.
Looking at her photo,one truly understands why modesty and humility were highly valued among women in normal times.

Dear Reader, you may find her blatherings of interest,read it here.  The comments are worthy of a laugh.

Thursday 18 October 2012


This is a photo parade of fools,fuckups and fruitcakes who actively and collectively encourage the worst  behaviour among us. Make no mistake however,without exception they're willing participants in the race to zero. The problem is the lifestyles they promote hurt not only us but are being encouraged as black culture and now affecting the wider world. From Vietnam to Guatemala and the Ukraine who hasn't suffered the sound or the in direct effects of their psychotic confusion-gender confusion,empty materialism,crass self centredness and subliminal Satanic worship.

The Queen Vampire of Prime time tv encouraging lesbianism and homos who has done more to establish the Angry Black Woman Syndrome than anyone else. ABWS is now a recognised disorder of negative self reinforcing attitudes among black women. Throughout her years as social reengineer she pushed messages of rejection of marriage disguised as self esteem and independence-the result? An entire generation of woman throughout the West is now unmarried,single mothers and/or childless with nothing but BOB,Battery Operated Boyfriend to talk to,(vibrator). Btw,how did the lesbo pedo scandal at her girls only school in S.Africa turn out? She deserves a seat in hell next to Mao and Stalin.
The truth will always out;hers is ugly enough for a one hour special!'Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea,' claimed her cousin, Katherine Carr Esters.

For now let's not even go into the allegations about her dad.

I'm not a hater and would ordinarily big up any dude who gets with Bey on the regular but Jay Z has flooded us with empty materialism of the most vulgar kind. Bling down to his balls and emptyheadedness. Boooo!!!!!

Among black entertainers this nigga,takes the case. Just....SIGHHHHHHH. Enough said.

Music lyrics aren't poetry or metaphysical statements;neither are they meant to be. Rihanna,however has enthusiastically embraced the worst of her handlers demands to push hideous subliminal images in her music.

This clown get dishonourable mention for his contempt for human life in his lyrics endlessly going on about death , killing and perpetual tough guy posing.

Purely for his craft I have nothing but respect for Mayweather. I never believed he's ducking Pacquiao and think its actually the other way round. But WTF is this??! Nobody,not even Bill Gates has enough money to throw on stretch- and skid marked hoes like these.

This isn't an exhaustive list,only the most eager visible practitioners of negativity that ails us all. I could've named Obama, Prof.Gates,Tyler Perry and ten others but I hope by now you get the drift.

Saturday 13 October 2012


It has finally happened. Not astonishing that its a Kikuyu cause sometimes with our facade of modernity ,or rather relative over exposure to Western ways we're prone to that kind of bullshit. Like a blind man stumbling through a minefield too many of us are unaware of very real consequences of  willfully transgressing  against God,culture and all social norms,bulletproofed by our job titles,upward mobility and of course the Media Monsters hard at work normalising these infernal behaviours.
 David Kanyingi Kuria,the open homo vying for Kiambu senate. Expect to see our jua kali media,ever eager to parrot their Western counterparts shower him with encomiums like an ANC freedom fighter simultaneously whipping the ghost of Eugene Terreblanche while delivering the continent from the debt crisis at the G8 Davos summit. Nearly a decade ago ,several local print columnists went pro homo in widely read opeds. They toe tested the waters,and jumped in enthusiastically.
Now every megaphone mouth brain-dead radio presenter in Kenya wishing to be deep,clever and caring yelps pro homo messages. Of course they'll never tell us the frequent lower intestinal tract infects;sphincter incontinence or mental problems going with his affliction since like all the simple minded,their function is simply to parrot.The main FM stations Hot/cool/fresh 98/96/100 are infested with these types.
Like,all societal changes,the homo agenda was a long time coming. The movement was entirely below the radar and so subtle,its like people woke up one morning to discover they were surrounded by the whole LGBT brigade.This is how it began. In the early 70s and 80s men were men,and women were women. You could tell just by looking-there was no androgynous ambiguity as the following pics will show.

In the 90s,the media began pushing a semi-faggot image. It was called metrosexual. Men's  makeup was mainstreamed while they were exhorted to pay attention to accessories and it got so ,people would ask,"is this a boy or a girl?" To be fair the Elites in the West are using behaviour modification additives in food and water(check pthalates). This is now the prevailing male media image.

Why are the secret world rulers pushing homoism so relentlessly? The first reason is population control;favourite bugbear of the World Rapers and their tame think tanks. Their vision is of a Malthusian nightmare of a society of 'useless eaters,'collapsing under its own weight. Many of them are partial to that perversion themselves but there is a deeper reason.
The homo pathology is basically the desire to physically dominate and possess another man sexually. Its no accident that the most violent cultures throughout world history also have the highest rates of homosexuality. The Greeks,Romans,Arabs,Persians,Turks,British and Jews have always been a joy for the practising pederast. They sublimated their intrinsic pathologies to political ends dressed it up with high sounding military,racial or philosophical disguises and did what their rectal yearnings commanded. Entire continents,whole peoples and their way of life were wiped out by homos acting out their natural inclinations to dominate. Yes! Fyi, Gentle reader,though the Nazis were terribly misunderstood,had a laundry list of quite legitimate grievances and deliberately slandered and never did a fraction of their alleged war crimes,that organisation was founded by homo pedophiles in a homo bar.
 “The Nazi Party ladies and gentlemen, was formed in a gay bar in Munich and historians agree that Hitler’s earliest enforcers, the Storm Troopers, the Brown Shirts, were almost without exception, homosexuals. So it was homosexual thugs that helped Hitler to form the Nazi party.”

This Kuria cocksucker is obviously the spearhead of an international well funded campaign to indoctrinate the youth of Kenya into this culture. Let's send him and his fellow perverts where they belong. Lastly ,look at Eugene Terreblanche. Until his murder 2 years ago he was the head of the fearsome Afrikaner Resistance Party. In between dressing up and issuing dire threats during thunderous speeches he loved to surround himself with sexy young Afrikaner men.

In fact a male soldier of his Ystergard,Iron Guard (these types love role playing) the AWB militia sued him for sexual harassment! Let's refuse to suffer sight and sound of these creatures and their satanic lifestyles.

Here's Germany's Angela Merkel in the 70s with umm,err girlfriends at the beach.

Nowadays only Kenya's most hardened professional beach boys with years of experience with this particular sort would approach her.

Monday 8 October 2012


is unfolding to a familiar pattern. From a strong front runner a few months ago,polls now conclusively indicate he will lose the expected runoff. His once nearly invincible Rift Valley support base of 2 mn voters has diminished to the extent he'd be lucky to get 10%; the 5 national regional bosses of his Orange Democratic Movement  have left with their solid local vote banks bar 2;his right hand man Miguna Miguna,resigned in a huff last year and published a book filled with embarrassing detail that confirmed what informed Kenyans knew of the PM's business dealings;the September by elections are seen by many as a precursor to a coming electoral disaster come voting day, March 2013.

How did this come to pass? What caused such a spectacular slow motion self destruction? With even only a scant knowledge of Raila Amolo Odinga's history,it was only to be expected. As scion of Luo peoples' would be saviour,the left wing Jaramogi Oginga Odinga,Raila fell into the role naturally embodying all their hopes ,however unrealistic. His first appointment with the Kenyan public was in the Kenya Airforce coup of August 82-this was Raila par excellence!
A group of Air force corporals and NCOs were supposed to capture strategic state buildings presenting the government with a fait accompli,preventing any serious counter measures. But any reasonably intelligent analyst could have told him 1 or 2 things wrong with such an operation: Air force personnel are primarily non combatants. Not for ordnance technicians,mechanics,aircraft refuellers and radar engineers the sound of battle. These were the guys supposed to resist trained infantry in urban warfare in our capital city.
Within hours most of them were KIA and captured-but not before an orgy of looting,rape and death that killed an estimated 1000.
It was with the democratic gains of multipartyism that we saw his true nature-love of grandiose gestures gave him a slavishly loyal semiliterate slumteriat in the infamous Kibera in 1992, an ever growing parade of once faithful upper level activists who want nothing to do with him and warn all and sundry of Raila. For a case study,lets look at a man who would have once willingly taken a bullet for him-Miguna Miguna,former aide for 3 years.
He was sacked August 2011,but says he resigned. He wrote a book of the goings on in the PMs office with his insiders knowledge as Raila's personal assistant. A litany of family corruption,dirty business deals,nepotism,betrayal,broken promises,lethargy,pettiness,dishonesty and love of other people's wives,ohh and whisky filled the detailed 500 or so pages.
Now the PM's once most loyal servant has a new function-ensuring his bete noire doesn't approach even shouting distance of State House.Here he is in Mombasa being subjected to the usual crude attentions of his former bosses admirers at the launch of his expose ,'Peeling back the Mask'.

Kenyans know that Raila may at best pose presidential and pull of the requisite gravitas for a short while,but beyond that he turns into a professional comedian or active saboteur of our vital interests. He inserted himself into the Ivorienne crisis demanding 'Gbagbo must go!,' with the fervour of a pro Outtara youth leader helping legitimise violent French overthrow of a democratically elected leader.
Early this year,he went to Tel Aviv and announced important new security deals with Israel and in an unheard development was immediately contradicted by both Netanyahu and Peres! "We never discussed anything of that sort ,"declared Netanyahu bluntly .
This then is the man whom some would have take up residence in State House;the Kenyan Yeltsin has already reached a dead end. His hangers and 'advisers' are too busy hogging the gravy train to tell him.Thankfully,for Kenyans we won't have to endure such sights suffered by Russians in the Yeltsin era.

Thursday 4 October 2012


In the late night hours on Oct. 1, masked gunmen went door-to-door in the off-campus housing section of Federal Polytechnic College in Mubi, a city in the remote Adamawa State in northeastern Nigeria (see map,near Cameroon)calling students by name variously shooting and stabbing the them to death. This is part of the Muslim Hausa Fulani zone while the South is settled with mainly Christian Ibo and Yoruba.

Immediately 26 students were confirmed dead fingers pointed at boko haram,a shadowy movement that first shot to world prominence in 2009 when the Army attacked their Maiduguri HQ killing hundreds of members. Many were found to be Sudanese,Chadian and Nigerienne.
BH also began an urban bombing campaign car,the most spectacular of which was the UN HQ in Abuja,killing 21. Hundreds more died in nation wide Christmas bombings. Suddenly BH,previously by all accounts a rural menace staffed by disaffected disenfranchised youth from the remote North had become a significant security threat to Nigeria. Informed observers saw a familiar hand providing sophisticated timers,detonators and training for such attacks.

Its not generally known outside W.Africa that many of the ubiquitous Lebanese in mining,tourism,plantations,transport ,all manner of business are actually Israeli. They were,and still are behind the real diamond wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone.Nigeria is as thoroughly penetrated by the Chosenites as any other country in the region-the Megaplaza mall on Victoria Island,Lagos is reputedly owned by Alon Nelken,their,Lagos Chief of Ops. The former prez,General Ibrahim Babangida was put in power by a CIA/Mossad coup in the 80s. In exchange he allowed them to use Lagos as a drug transit and money laundering centre.
As of now China,owns outright a sixth of all Nigeria's known oil reserves and launched a geostationary commercial satellite, owned by Nigeria and operated in Abuja. In 2010, China and Nigeria signed a $23 billion deal to construct three fuel refineries in Nigeria, adding an extra 750,000 barrels per day of domestic refining capacity.
 One study by the National Intelligence Committee tested the US Africa Command’s capacity to respond to a disintegrating Nigeria on the verge of collapse amidst civil war, by sending 20,000 US troops to battle vying rebel factions seeking to control the Niger Delta oil fields . At a press conference at the House Armed Services Committee on March 13, 2008, former AFRICOM Commander, General William Ward stated that AFRICOM would operate under the theatre-goal of “combating terrorism” to prioritize the issue of America’s growing dependence on African oil . At an AFRICOM Conference held at Fort McNair on February 18, 2008, Vice Admiral Robert T. Moeller openly declared the guiding principle of AFRICOM is to protect “the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market”, before citing China’s increasing presence in the region as challenging to American interests.
Such pronouncements are to mentally prepare their citizens for eventual military action in Nigeria. Remember Tears of the Sun? He was a Specops officers saving the murdered Nigerian president's son from cruelly caricatured animalistic Fulani. Predictive programming right there.
The West has been comprehensively outflanked.We have seen before their dependence on psychologically devastating false flag attacks to justify war-its their true and tested modus operandi. Ask Iraqis, Indian residents of Mumbai or Pakistanis slaughtered by CIA/Mossad terrorists. Enter boko haram.

Tuesday 2 October 2012


No it wasn't-by no means. It seems as early as the mid 1600s Up to one-half of all the arrivals in the American colonies were Whites slaves and they were America's first slaves-ever since James 2 sold 30,000 Irish prisoners. These Whites were slaves for life, long before Blacks ever were. This slavery was even hereditary. White children born to White slaves were enslaved too
 Poor children on the British Isles would be kidnapped,(from whence the term,kid-nabbed) herded to Liverpool,Bristol and Aberdeen, stuffed into tiny ships,occasionally by the hundred and transported to the USA. The Irish however suffered terribly. Cromwell crucified the Catholics;whatever the agenda of the commentator,its fact that at least 500,000 Irish were sold while 300,000 were sold into American and W.Indian slavery.
Strangely,since they were treated as harshly as the black slaves Hollywood continually projects onto the public consciousness,suffering whippings,lifelong servitude and branding the Establishment insists they were indentured servants or bonded servants. In fact,they may have suffered more than their African counterparts.
Ships carrying White slaves to America often lost half their slaves to death. According to historian Sharon V. Salinger, "Scattered data reveal that the mortality for [White] servants at certain times equaled that for [Black] slaves in the 'middle passage,' and during other periods actually exceeded the death rate for [Black] slaves." Salinger reports a death rate of ten to twenty percent over the entire 18th century for Black slaves on board ships enroute to America compared with a death rate of 25% for White slaves enroute to America.

Even in the 1850s  Frederic Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who designed New York's Central Park, was in Alabama on a pleasure trip and saw bales of cotton being thrown from a considerable height into a cargo ship's hold. The men tossing the bales somewhat recklessly into the hold were Negroes, the men in the hold were Irish.
Olmsted inquired about this to a shipworker. "Oh," said the worker, "the niggers are worth too much to be risked here; if the Paddies are knocked overboard or get their backs broke, nobody loses anything."

Britains' rulers always despised their Irish Catholics,and the story of their inhumanities is a long one. Look at this 19th century cartoon. No wonder they comprised the bulk of white slavery.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the magnitude of white slavery the Mainstream Media still shows only this.

Not a mystery really. The white elites can share can a false ethic kinship with their victims blinding them to their own plight,the black intelligentsia on the other hand can whine and screech emotionally extorting 'reparations and damages' out of guilt tripped white business while they act as gatekeepers for said funds. A win-win situation for  the likes of Prof.Gates,Sharpton et al and those who inflicted centuries of indignities upon their fellow whites who now suffer complete collective amnesia.