Tuesday 29 January 2013


Kenyans were pleasantly surprised by your interview performance with Kidero. You consistently came across articulate,practical and dedicated while the ex-Mumias MD looked redundant,pompous and egotistical. As a revealing post interview tweet proclaimed succintly,"Waititu talked to millions while Kidero talked to millionaires."
We've seen your colourful past since your election as Embakasi MP. Repeated run ins with the police for protesting land grabbing and protecting public land.

These episodes scared off the middle & upper class. Some of whom saw your ardent defence of the Eastlands proles as a propensity for the worst kind of media limelight-the love of the sound of chants,screams,police sirens and breaking glass interspersed with gun shots while striking heroic poses dripping fiery speeches. Some Kenyans who would otherwise inhabit solely the criminal and comedic professions in more politically developed countries have manged to dominate the national imagination with precisely these ultimately self defeating antics.
From your impassioned input at the Kiambu county consultative forum I know you care-deeply. As things stand now the race for Nairobi governor is yours to lose. In the real world things are never as black & white as we'd like: there's give and take,pettiness,sloth,stupidity and the all too frequent problem of dealing with committees  who not only don't share your vision but are too ignorant to be of any use-the democratic system is all that ensures the continued existence of useless parasites;alas!,they're found in every form of government. If this city of 4 mn plus can see you achieve your major goals you will reside at this residence in post-Uhuru 2022.

Your job function is the perfect platform for high visibility across national ethnic boundaries-I'm sure you already know.

Sunday 20 January 2013


The world finds the very nature of Royalty & Aristocracy fascinating. The strange esoteric rituals that hint at divinely ordained uniqueness. For example the Keeper of the Stool,simply put the Royal Ass-Wiper.
It is said the tradition died in 1906,I wonder. There are pages of honour whose sole duty is to see her long ermine cloak doesn't touch the ground.
There were many strange & varied tasks that demanded numerous job functions like ladies in waiting who were basically confidants who arranged discreet liaisions,abortions and appropriate friendships.

 People also find the dysfunctional nature of Britains' Royals fodder for a sitcom. Years ago Charles abandoning a young hottie to cavort with Camilla,the new princess Kate who somehow manages to repeatedly get herself photographed topless,Harry's true paternity, Philip's inhuman elitism that saw him declare he'd like to reincarnated as a virus to reduce the world's population,and on top of it all Elizabeth,heir of a legacy of centuries of drug dealing and colonial genocide committed in her name.

But then again such cuckolding is much more common in the real world,or at least in the stratospheric heights in which the Royals,international banksters and Aristocracy inhabit. Many have commented on the interesting resemblance between Jemima Goldsmith & Mama Harry,bka Princess Diana.

Hmmmm,lets take a closer look.

If not for those typically Jewish lips they could be close relatives-it seems in fact they are. Her father ,Jewish bankster,James Goldsmith,it has been established 'knew,' (cough!/cough!) Mama Diana, Frances Shand Kydd when she was still married to Edward Spencer,the 8th Earl Spencer.
However,all these fascinating vignettes of Royal life recede into irrelevance when we see evidence of the abhorrent doings of the House of Windsor. In 1964 a Canadian aborigine child William Coombes was a student at the Mohawk Institute in Kamloops ,British Columbia.

Set up by the Anglican Church in 1832 to bring the indigenous Canadians to Christ it is the epicentre of Satanic Ritual abuse and human sacrifice involving the Queen and Prince Philip. The Canadian Indian residential School system was   funded by the Canadian government, and administered by Catholics and the Anglicans. An amendment to the Indian Act in 1920 made attendance at a day, industrial or residential school compulsory for First Nations children and, in some parts of the country, residential schools were the only option. The number of residential schools reached 80 in 1931 but decreased in the years that followed. The last federally-operated residential school was closed in 1996.
Only now is the litany of inhuman horror being uncovered. Teachers and staff abused at will coupled with elite perverts who preyed upon these alienated Canadian aborigine kids. The abuse was so systemic PM Stephen Harper publicly apologised on behalf of the government June 11, 2008.
Conditions were horrible. Mortality rates 50% especially prior to the 1940s.

Officially,28 mass graves have been uncovered. Knowledgeable sources say there are at least a 100. So it was then in October 1964 , Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State of Canada and Head of the Church of England, visited the aboriginal school in Kamloops, British Columbia, choose 10 young aboriginal children, made them kiss her feet, and allegedly took them from the school for a picnic at a lake.
 They were never seen again. The eyewitness,Mr. Coombes died in February 2011 but not before leaving a videotape of his testimony which is crucial in the first ever court case in modern times to take a sitting British monarch to court. The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State established June 15 2010 to combat The abuse, trafficking, torture and murder of children appears endemic to European culture, and continues to be actively practiced, and condoned and protected, by church, state, judicial and police forces around the globe.
These same institutions are equally responsible for the historic genocide of indigenous peoples at the hands of European Christendom: an enormous crime against humanity which has never stopped, and continues to ravage and destroy the innocent and the earth.
Because these crimes have emerged from within the heart and laws of so-called western civilization, they have not faced judgment or accountability. We believe it is time for both.
Two of the main practitioners of this genocide of the innocent – the Vatican and the Crown of England – are effectively immune from prosecution under existing laws and customs.
The ITCCS,sitting in London, wants to show the Queen not only culpable as head of the Church but also an active participant. As expected there are enormous invisible dark forces fighting the court,not least of which is a total media blackout. Visas have been withheld,witnesses intimidated, slandered and even murdered.
As a realist I don't expect much to happen. As an optimist I hope at least the true face of the House of Windsor is revealed.

Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide

Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms

Court Orders them to Surrender by March 4 or face Citizens' Arrests


I held off commenting on the inevitable guilty verdict to see how things went. Ratzinger resigned 2 weeks before the conclusion of the trial due to 'ill health,' interpreted by many to mean the deafening howls of the Vatican pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse were overwhelming his 86 year old constitution. Whatever the case he still hasn't left the Vatican, which enjoys legal status as a separate country.
Within the MSM calls are growing for the Queen to step down. She was recently  hospitalised for a 'stomach bug,' researchers say was actually an assassination attempt . Stephen Harper,Canadian PM,is perhaps in the most precarious position of all. Since the Court ruled if they fail to surrender by March 4th they're subject to citizens arrest,he'd better pray his political career lasts long enough to enable him security from arrest. The day he loses his seat he may discover the hard way just how dispensable low level flunkies like himself are to the true Global Elite.
The Church itself may lose property very soon as people plan to lead reclamation campaigns against their holdings and Crown Property.

Saturday 19 January 2013


 From missing ballot papers to delayed voting by up to seven hours the nominations were simply a sham and a shame perhaps a true reflection of the leadership we expect to derive from such a process.
Apart from laughs,surprises and some genuine shockers our recent party nominations revealed the underlying ugliness of democracy as a system of government. No process will ever guarantee morally upright leaders.No magic formula exists to make a saint out of an ordinary individual aspiring to leadership. Democracy by its nature can't manufacture such an undemocratic process. Therefore we will continue to suffer the sight of clowns,comedians and criminals and fools feted as democratically chosen leaders.
This isn't mutually exclusive to Kenya,Africa or indeed the 3rd world;contrary to the unformed notions of first year political science students its a worldwide phenomenon. The 'mature democracies' in Europe and N.America also experience political conmanship. The people project all their hopes onto cardboard characters ,charlatans & ruthless mind controlled candidates and suffer the consequences-again and again.

This is Rod Blagojevich.Until his arrest in 2008 he was the Illinois governor. This 'reformer,'allegedly attempted to sell his seat for 6 mn $. Here is his charge sheet:wire fraud, attempted extortion, bribery, extortion conspiracy and bribery conspiracy. The charges involved a series of situations in which, prosecutors say, he tried to gain campaign contributions or other benefits for enacting legislation, for releasing grant money and for appointing a new senator, as Illinois law requires the governor to do, after Mr. Obama was elected in 2008.

But this is small potatoes compared to the shenanigans of the patriarch of the foremost political clan in the US,toasted by all as American Royalty. Joseph P. Kennedy,father of Ted  and the famous martyrs to secret oligarchy JFK and RFK was widely reported by researchers and criminals to have been a bootlegger in prohibition days. Unlike his confreres,his drive and education enabled him to reinvent himself and go completely legit.
 In 1973 mob boss Frank Costello said he and Kennedy had been bootlegging partners. Other underworld figures have also claimed Joe was in pretty deep. At least one writer (Davis, 1984) thinks bootlegging enabled Joe to earn his initial financial stake, but that's hard to believe; he had plenty of chances to make money more or less legally.


By the mid 50s,Forbes declared his net worth to be roughly 300 mn $. He was able to use his influence with hoodlums to get JFK elected.
Even China's burgeoning mega rich show that politics,big money and shady life styles are inextricably linked . No less an authority than Forbes recently stated 90% of the riches are Politburo members.
So,Dear Reader,the next time a youngster in the diaspora lectures us on the unsuitability of our leaders buy him this special brew-on me.

Saturday 12 January 2013


There are at least 2 reproductions of America's first slave owner in the 1650s. Anthony Johnson is referred to as an Angolan.

There's another picture,purportedly of the same man. IMO,the dress is too modern to be of the 1600s. Anyway there are deeper matters to be looked into.

New info has come to light. Whether or not either is an accurate reproduction of America's first known slave holder there are certain inconsistencies in the official history wherein he's referred to as an ex Angolan slave.The trouble is according to the same accepted sources, during the 1600s Angola's slaves were overwhelmingly destined for Brazil,the Caribbean,Europe and S.E Latin America. The implications are as unbelievable to a history student as they are obvious to the real researcher.
It is increasingly likely he was one of the losing Black Catholic survivors of the 30 years war that embroiled the whole of Europe in the mid 1600s. (Yes,there were European blacks from as far back as the Neolithic era even beyond circa 40,000 bc settled as far as the Caucus mountains in S.Russia. Nowadays they're referred to as slaves and/or freedmen but they always existed and were part and parcel of Europe.) This war from 1620-1650 began in modern day Germany,the Holy Roman Empire between adherents of the new Protestant faith and followers of traditional Catholicism,many of whom were among the original black Europeans.
Returning to Anthony,his son later owned eleven Irish slaves. By 1700 there were 6000 white and 2000 black slaves.The transatlantic crossing was even worse than that of black slaves. Here's an excerpt from a German immigrant diary in the 1750s.
Children from one to seven years rarely survive the voyage; and many a time parents are compelled to see their children miserably suffer and die from hunger, thirst, and sickness, and then to see them cast into the water. I witnessed such misery in no less than thirty-two children in our ship, all of whom were thrown into the sea. The parents grieve all the more since their children find no resting place in the earth, but are devoured by the monsters of the sea. It is a notable fact that children who have not yet had the measles or smallpox generally get them on board the ship, and mostly die of them.
Early slave holding patterns continued and by the civil war blacks were actually larger slave owners per capita than whites.According to the U.S. census report for that last year before the Civil War, there were nearly 27 million whites in the country. Some eight million of them lived in the slaveholding states.
The census also determined that there were fewer than 400,000 individuals who owned slaves . Even if all slaveholders had been white, that would amount to only 1.4 percent of whites in the country (or 4.8 percent of southern whites owning one or more slaves). In fact Duke University professor professor John Hope Franklin, records that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned slaves, or 28 percent of the free Negroes in that city.
Despite decades of Hollywood Mandingo/Roots type propaganda both black and white masters shared the same conditions with their charges; be it in house, helping planting in the field or workshop carpentry & ironmongery ,and owned between 1 and 5 slaves. The few individuals who owned 50 or more slaves were confined to the top one percent, and have been defined as slave magnates.
Of this small subset there was a significant number of blacks including 6 in Louisiana ,the largest of them the widow C. Richards and her son P.C. Richards, who owned a large sugar cane plantation. who possessed over 150. The non racial pattern of slave owning was part of a socioeconomic system that allowed blacks upward mobility in slave owning America-it was such a successful system 65,000 blacks volunteered and  fought for Confederate forces.

 "When you eliminate the black Confederate soldier, you've eliminated the history of the South." quoted from General Robert E. Lee, in 1864. 

n late August 1868, General Nathan Bedford Forrest gave an interview to a reporter. Forrest said of the black men who served with him:

...these boys stayed with me...and better Confederates did not live.
Black Confederate Nim Wilkes once said:

I was in every battle General Forrest fought after leaving Columbia...I was mustered out at Gainesville (Alabama,May 1865)



 The Caribbean had many numbers of Irish slaves. Jamaica was typical. "Surplus poor," and hated Catholics were considered "inside out niggers" and 80% didn't survive their first year on the cane fields since they were anyway undervalued compared to their black counterparts.In Trinidad Fr Anthony De Verteuil (Seven Slaves and Slavery: Trinidad 1777-1838) estimated  that at least 60 per cent of the owners were coloured, and concluded "with certainty" that at least half to two-thirds of the slave-owners in Trinidad were coloured and that they owned about 20 per cent of the slaves.
Dear Reader,things are never as black and white as the guardians of history would have us believe.


Sunday 6 January 2013


Popular media is full of outlaw drug smugglers. Wrongly romanticized in film as iconoclasts flouting their destiny of generational poverty and deprivation they are seen as heroes by hordes of gullible youth and wide eyed adults. The truth as usual is far more prosaic. The street gangs as depicted in Hollywood no more control the world drug traffic than they do the weather despite all the movies and the fresh avalanche of 'real' crime documentaries on the history channel stating otherwise.

According to these media disinfo specialists guys like this tattoed thug with his distinctive hand symbolising the Mexican Mafia,la eme, the letter M are solely responsible for the river of crack cocaine flooding California and beyond and the ensuing crime and societal breakdown. If you honestly think these guys annually organise the smuggling of 600 tons of cocaine into the US stop reading now-the truth would be not only be shocking but unwelcome.
The thing is people like him are throwaways,a convenient sacrifice thrown up by the real dope pushers to appease the public whenever their rude noise about drugs and crime becomes intolerable. "What?You mean the street drug gangs are now sexually enslaving addicted underage girls! Quick get a DEA/FBI/LAPD/Sheriffs Department taskforce/undercover unit underway."
Watch this short video about strange masonic/gang parallels.This other one reveals how the major street gangs share Masonic symbology in their gang signs and grafitti. Though I don't agree with everything,especially his terminology his basic thesis is sound.

The first London based truly multinational firms discovered the enormous wealth and sociopolitical benefits resulting from mass drug traffic 250 years ago-they set up the template that operates to this day. In 1715 the British East India Company established an office in Canton,China. King George 3 mandated them
to ship Bengali opium for Chinese consumption.
The results were only to be expected. Between 1829 and 1840 an astounding 56 million silver dollar profit was made. The Brit trading companies sponsored local criminal gangs to smuggle the opium from their own concessions granted under duress by the Emperor to poor areas.
The Emperor tried to stop the rapacious opium smugglers  thereby giving them what they wanted-the perfect casus belli. With then  PM Palmerstons' backing, the opium trading houses delivered a series of demands
-full legalisation of opium trade throughout China not just the Coast
-compensation for confiscated stocks
-territorial sovereignty for the British Crown over several offshore islands
The conflict came to be known as the first Opium war and it ended predictably. After  over a century of massive opium smoking among Chinese poor their army was in no position to resist the ruthless professionally led Brits. As a direct consequence the entire mainland was opened up to opium importers,the Qing dynasty ceded Hong Kong while being forced to pay the British Crown the unheard of sum of 21 million silver dollars.

Lin Zexu was appointed Commissioner to attempt to ameliorate the effects of the century long opium business. He wrote a poignant letter to Queen Victoria. ``this poisonous article is manufactured by certain devilish persons in places subject to your rule.... What is here forbidden to consume, your dependencies must be forbidden to manufacture.''
The second and third Opium wars were basically repetitions of the first. The Brit drug merchants kept upping their demands manufacturing fantastic amounts of money while China sank ever deeper into opium addiction,poverty and national humiliation. By 1850 a Canton-based British doctor estimated 12 million Chinese addicts. In 1900 ,the time of Boxer rebellion aka,the 3rd Opium war a Chinese official expressed the animosity towards foreigners succinctly, "Take away your missionaries and your opium and you will be welcome."
Like all Chinese attempts at resisting drug fuelled imperialism this episode ended badly for the Boxer patriots-at least 25,000 including Imperial troops were killed. In those pre-Geneva convention days this is how many ended up.

In the period 1911-1914 licensed opium dens in Shanghai jumped from 87 to 663. All sectors of society,the poor,who were the original target when the trade began 200 years ago,the middle class and even the highest echelons of the Imperial Court had become hopeless dreamers of the 'sleep of morpheus,' as the opium high is known. Patriots deeply felt the pain of decades of opium-induced national stagnation;the series of devastating losses to foreign military might while succumbing to their cynical blatant greed,the horrendous losses of millenia old national treasure in looting-in fact the opium wars inform modern Chinese geopolitics.

Having set the template for the multinational drug business the barons weren't about to let go of the superprofits. As time passed they simply tweaked their operations as circumstances dictated. Today the same names that dominated the heinous business are mentioned in worshipful tones in London,Hong Kong and the US east coast. Hong Kong Shanghai bank,Jardine Matheson,Swire's and Charterhouse  all household names in world finance with deep connections to British aristocracy and Royalty started off on the misery of Chinese opium addicts.
Afghanistan ,after seeing opium production reduced to almost zero by the Taliban saw a dramatic post invasion reversal. The UNDCP stated around 90 per cent of the world's opium comes from Afghanistan. The survey showed that the area of land used for opium poppy cultivation in 2011 was 131,000 hectares, 7 per cent higher than in 2010. The amount of opium produced increased by 61 per cent, from 3,600 metric tons in 2010 to 5,800 metric tons in 2011.
This, many  say was the real reason for the invasion;Osama and his non existant Al Qaeda were simply written into the script as justification. Whenever public outcry over drugs becomes intolerable the Elites serve up the 'American Gangsters,' like Frank Lucas.
Their media reinforce the fiction with award winning films and we go to bed happy. Heroin,cocaine and crack continue to pour into their targeted markets without let and we're all none the wiser. Its the way of the drug business.