Thursday 28 March 2013


Apart from the usual bankster instigated resource wars and genocides across the world is another secret war- a battle waged with nuclear weapons against the innocent. In this case small suitcase bombs ,SADMs,Special Atomic Deliverable Munitions yielding from 0.01 Kilotons to 5 kilotons. Developed in the sixties,they're small man portable systems designed to destroy bridges and other tactically significant chokepoints to impede the enemy.

That was in the sixties-now they're smaller and cleaner leaving even less radiation but still leave an unmistakable feature even the layman can identify. Apart from totally vaporised victims the hallmarks are:
-deep flash burns
-a huge crater of thrown up soil around the detonation signifying an underground explosion
-overwhelming destructive power beyond the scope of normal explosives

This was the Islamabad Marriott bombing in 2007 that killed 200+.

The micronuke that killed Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri in 2005 left the unmistakable crater..

Normal aircraft delivered ordnance,ie bombs,the most common of which is the 1000 pound GBU 31 shown here

Leaves this kind of impact crater shown in these 2 photos. Both are from Iraq.

This was the crater left by the Bali micronuke in October 2002. This was the AngloJewish elite punishment upon Australians for refusing the Iraq war hysteria at the time.

A 5 ' BY 20" hole

The 20' by 85' 1996 al khobar micronuke crater.

 The Nairobi attack was recorded by a broadband seismometer operated by the geology department of the University of Nairobi at a site 3 kilometers (less than 2 miles) northwest of the blast. This seismic station was the only station that recorded the embassy attack, but Wallace, Koper and Hollnack used its high-quality data in an analysis that found precisely when the explosion occurred, at 10:39:19.8 local time -- plus or minus two-tenths of a second, and the size of the bomb. The Nairobi bomb was deadly but fairly small, equivalent to 3 metric tonnes of TNT.
The Nairobi embassy bomb was obviously hidden in the carpark,perhaps a car. It killed people as far as the top 22nd floor of the twin Coop house in the photo. The total death toll in the Dar and Nairobi bombings was over 240.
In future Gentle Reader,when watching the news and hearing the talking head bleating about a ton of RDX/C4/Ammonium Nitrate in Karachi/Dubai/London of such explosive power it left a 20 foot crater just know one thing-the blast wave travels in the point of least resistance which is air. There is no way a blast can dig a crater unless it occurs subsurface

Here was the very first nuke test in Port Chicago,California, July 17th 1944. Even on the net this story is hard to find. In those days the US Navy like all branches of the armed forces was strictly segregated unlike the Nazi forces who had Mongolians,Indians and blacks serving through all their arms.

Black stevedores shown above were left loading on the docks,human collateral for a cold blooded real life test of the new plutonium implosive device. Hidden on a civilian merchant ammo carrier ship, the EA Bryan it went off at 1017 pm,local time. An army flier at 9000 feet described the typical nuclear event:
It seemed to me that there was a huge ring of fire spread out to all sides, first covering approximately three miles - I would estimate it to be about three miles - and then it seemed to come straight up.

We were cruising at nine thousand feet above sea level and there were pieces of metal that were white and orange in color, hot, that went quite a ways above us. They were quite large. I would say they, were as big as a house or a garage. They went up above our altitude. The entire explosion seemed to last about a minute. These pieces gradually disintegrated and fell to the ground in small pieces.

The thing that struck me about it was that it was so spontaneous, seemed to happen all at once, didn't seem to be any small explosions except in the air. There were pieces that flew off and exploded on all sides.

A good many stars and [it] looked like a fireworks display.'"
This single episode accounted for 15% of all black US Navy men KIA in WW2,over 200 died instantly. The EA Bryan itself practically disintegrated while a ship berthed nearby was lifted clear out of the water,reversed and hurled 500 feet away stern first.

Later the USN claimed the fully laden ammo ship exploded. In those simpler times the sheeple believed it without investigation. Even now the story of the Port Chicago nuke test  on the net is told as an accident;ammo was mishandled and went off causing a cataclysmic explosion on the ship -so successful was the coverup. With proof of the destructive power of the plutonium implosive type bomb,America decided to use it twice in Japan a year later.

Thursday 21 March 2013


Dear Reader as you're no doubt aware Kenya is on the East coast of the most benighted continent.....where everyone dies young/in pain/despair and abandoned by God of snakebite/malaria/AIDS/poverty and sheer ignorance.
Even the most objective observer unconsciously internalises these memes after decades of media programming-however there's another story;concerning Kenya. Its not about the usual stereotypes,so there are no lions,riotous crowds or seriously sick babies.
Kenya is famous among a small set of world travellers for its public transport art;yes,among a handful of knowledgeable experienced tourists are connoiseurs of matatu art some of whom come largely for the visual appreciation of the latest designs.

One of the most wildly successful initiatives in the entire 3rd world is the mobile phone money transfer service m-pesa. Basically ,a phone user places money onto his phone by depositing the money with an m-pesa agent who then transfers the sum onto his phone via text. The cash is then transmitted via text-a simple idea that leaves everyone asking-why didn't we think of this before?Since its 2007 introduction after development by Kenyan IT specialists mobile money transfer is regarded as the new frontier by the big mobile phone companies. A nokia manager recently admitted that they would have to come to Kenya to learn the financial apps side of the business.

The green of the m-pesa agent is now as ubiquitous to the Kenyan as the wildebeest to the tourist.
Another unsung ICT story is that of ushahidi (witness). Ushahidi is a web based reporting system that utilizes crowdsourced data to formulate visual map information of a crisis on a real-time basis.
It proved its worth first in the Chile tsunami of early 2008 and later in the Fukushima disaster. 
On the agricultural front there is also positive news. Our dairy industry now produces over 4.4 bn litres of milk as of last year supporting some 800,000 households, with over 350,000 Kenyans being employed directly and indirectly by the industry. Kenya has overtaken S.Africa which produces a total average of 230 mn litres monthly. Currently the 3 largest producers KCC,Brookside and Fresha have captured the local market and are expanding rapidly in the COMESA zone and beyond searching for markets.
Another unique  success story on the agricultural front can be found in the tea sector. Small holders owning 1-2 acre tea farms are contracted to supply green leaf to the Kenya Tea Development Agency in the respective catchment area. Set up in 1957 the KTDA produces,sells ,markets and pays the farmer guaranteeing a steady income.
For the first time in the history of tea growing in Kenya, farmers earned an average of KSh43.02 per kilo of green leaf delivered, making them among the highest paid smallscale tea farmers in the world.

A KTDA truck transports green leaf from a collection center to a factory for drying and manufacture into black tea.

Indeed the prosperity of tea zones can be directly tied to the KTDA. Banks now offer loans solely on a farmers delivery receipts to the local factory allowing hitherto unseen avenues for rural upward mobility. A well managed 2 acre tea farm can earn  the farmer 400,000  kshs (4,600 $) annually. Banks now lend up to 80% of this sum.
Other countries have attempted to imitate the KTDA model with zero success. Uganda,Tanzania and Rwanda have tried to initiate similar schemes but failed. Rwanda recently picked KTDA managers to manage their state run tea plantations and it remains to be seen if synergies can be found.
In January 2003 national electrical power generation due to years of underfunding and maintenance was just over 1000 MW. Now its over 1500 MW with Africa's largest windpower project planned for L.Turkana,increased geothermal generation in the Rift Valley and even nuclear power under consideration. As of now 30% of all Kenyans are connected to the power grid including formerly remote areas in Samburu and Turkana as far as the S.Sudan border.

All these are signs that our development is real not the stuff confined to party propaganda outtakes.

The biggest most reliable indicator of positive national trajectory is one of the worlds fastest growing middle class. To the great dismay of the professional hecklers and doomsayers in Civil Society,going by the World Bank definition of a per capita income of 4$ daily  about 43 per cent of Kenyans are categorised as middle class. According to the British Asset Management, 16 million Kenyans are in this class.

Dear Reader,where do you think Kenya lies today?

Thursday 14 March 2013


Dear Reader,that's not a rhetorical question because by now you should know things are never the way they seem. Most of the time even if we manage to see through the smoke and mirrors produced by the PTB agents we still can't quite process what exactly it is we're looking at.
On the surface they were best of friends. Chavez was determined to follow in his hero's footsteps and liberate his people-sadly his mentor.Castro was no more of a true revolutionary than he was the King of Swaziland.
Which is not a surprise since this Jewish trickster,billionaire drug smuggler and mass murderer was invented by the CIA decades ago and has done their bidding throughout his long career. Basking in his role as anti imperialist,destroyer of American hegemony,hero of underdogs everywhere its only natural Chavez would trust him.
Alas! Hindsight is 20/20. This is Laura Pollan,founder of Ladies in White being led away to jail some time in 2009. This is typical treatment for hose who don't agree with el Jefe's revolution. In 2011 she died within a week of a mysterious illness.

There were many other erstwhile allies and enemies who died quite mysteriously. There is evidence:Montaner wrote that the Castro jailers love to torture their prisoners and often boast about it to others imprisoned for political “crimes.” On one occasion, his jailers told political prisoner Leonel Morejón Almagro, “We are going to put you in Sebastián’s cell so you, too, can get cancer.” When Arcos first became ill, the prison doctor told him the problem was nothing but bone fatigue. The pains he suffered gradually grew worse. Then Castro decided Arcos was beyond the possibility of cure but did not want him dying as a martyr inside a Cuban prison. So Arcos was allowed to go to Miami before the cancer killed him.

Che Guevara's daughter,Hilda; fellow drug smuggler  General José Abrahantes; Manuel Artime, political chief of the Bay of Pigs invaders, who died in exile at age 38 all died of cancer-this is by no means a complete list.
In theory its quite easy to infect people with cancer. A radioactive isotope in a sofa,car seat,favourite jacket
and voila! the deed is done. Depending on strength of radioactivity, victim's constitution and  rapidity of treatment the victim will be seriously ill within weeks.
Could this be the real source of the cancer that recently afflicted a number of L American leaders? In my own opinion its more than likely. Kirchner,Morales,Lula,Dilma Roussef and Fernando Lugo, all S.American presidents with a genuine desire to uplift their citizens  regularly visited Castro got cancer within the past 4 years. All of them trusted Castro,the CIA agent who does not deviate from their script.

Wednesday 13 March 2013


To see what happens when formerly first world countries experience a meltdown and approach 3rd world conditions look no further than the PIIGS,Portugal Ireland,Italy,Greece and Spain.The ongoing economic crisis has now seen the normalisation of African style macroeconomic indicators: 40% youth unemployment,vanishing pensions,ever shrinking wages,worsening poverty,chronic hunger and malnutrition. and massive social rage against those believed to have designed the crisis-worst of all practically non existent social services.
In Greece,the worst hit two recent opinion polls from established pollsters MRB and Public Issue show that disappointment (65.6%), rage (64.1%), fear (48.1%) and shame (38.4%) are by far the four prominent sentiments in Greek society at the moment. Two in three Greeks feel rage about what’s been inflicted upon them.
When questioned about how they see the economic situation in the country over the next 12 months, 86.4% think it’s going to get worse, with 58.8% significantly worse. With regard to their personal financial situation, 81.2% expect it to get worse, 54.2% significantly worse.In Portugal last September in the largest public protest since 1974 over a half million in Lisbon chanted “IMF out of here”, “government resignation now” and “we want our lives”.

 In Athens teachers no longer insist on mandatory PE-many kids are too malnourished and often faint amidst jumping jacks and press ups. In the formerly middle class areas churches are offering discreet home delivery of food parcels. All over the country unclaimed bodies pile up in mortuaries as impoverished families having seen household budget now half or a third of what they were can't afford burial fees.

The reality for people who did what they were told-work hard ,go to school ,get qualifications,accept workplace hierarchy and work your way up is unbelievably bitter. Increasingly they're realising there are no answers in the political process. This case is typical:"After nearly 50 years of work and paying into an expensive pension fund, I have been forced to retire on €1,000 a month and if they pass these measures it will be even less," said 60-year-old Nikos Xeros, who until this year had repaired ships since the age of 16. "It's like having a noose about your neck that is getting ever tighter. The next time I come out to demonstrate it's going to be with a gas mask and a big wooden club."

When the elderly openly embrace hardline tactics it signals a rejection of sociopolitical norms. It is the hard earned knowledge that the old way was simply a monumental fraud. To do one's best for a lifetime only to suffer austerity packages,social spending cuts,drastically reduced wages and pensions and all the other compulsory cures of the International banksters is beyond their comprehension.
Its no wonder that in Spain where the charity Caritas reports of middle class diners at their soup kitchens there is serious talk of the secession of Catalunya. There are reports Portugal's armed forces have vowed should the economically induced unrest worsen into fullblown civil insurrection they won't fire on the public. Greek police often join protestors and refuse to make arrests.
Truly,the social costs are as painful in Europe as when they were first shoehorned onto Africa's underdeveloped economies in the guise of 'structural adjustment policies' in the late 80s. Many remember the catalogue of social disaster of the IMF/World Bank 'reforms'. Portuguese,Greeks and Spaniards,we've felt your pain. Your endgame will be different from ours but just know we hope you reach the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later.

Tuesday 5 March 2013


Its still early with only 30% of the vote or  4 million votes counted but glaringly obvious. His momentum is simply too strong. There were some surprises where his performance was unexpectedly weak like Maasailand which seemed heavily Jubilee or Ukambani where it appeared Kambas would vote for their Kikuyu cousin Uhuru instead of a Nilote from 500 kilometers away but its simply a minor detail.
He'll win with 52-56% of the vote.Our national trajectory toward middle income status started by Kibaki can continue. On an equally happy note the endless bleating and whining without performing that accompanied Raila Odinga's time in government and is his singular style has been rejected by most Kenyans. The permanent distraction of cloud pleasing antics will now be history-the clumsy press conferences,(look at the rigging claims on the FT!) ,agent of foreigners,recall how he went to bat for France forcing out Gbagbo in Cote de Ivoire,embarassingly contradicted by both Netanyahu and Peres after an unscheduled trip to Israel for the War on Terror,publicly fought over executive exclusive  toilet facilities befitting his station and yet irrevocably soiled his image with maize import scandals in his office-actually his list of amusing open air faux pas should be savoured for another day.
This post is to welcome our 4th president Uhuru Kenyatta.
Official results just in have Uhuru at just over 50% with Raila at 43%;a difference of roughly 800,000 votes. Lower than I though but good enough. As is to be expected the faux revolutionary had his team invent all manner of monkey tricks at the IEBC hall to 'prove' their claims of rigging but to no avail.
Some interesting electoral shenanigans definitely did occur,however proving the West went beyond moral support of Raila Amolo Odinga, a man whose history would convince intelligent voters not to place him within walking distance of State House.
On the first day there was a near total failure of the IEBC computer system-results couldn't be transmitted to Nairobi for tallying. Reliable reports indicate the Americans hacked the system-remember their man, Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of African Affairs on U.S ,a relatively junior officer,publicly stated there would be consequences for electing ICC indictees? Though he was immediately contradicted by his boss , Jendayi Frazier,many Kenyans felt his was the Washington voice.
As the ballot count reached day 2,well known agents of the Brits,in the person on Maina Kiai, an experienced civil society agitprop specialist began demanding the unthinkable-to include spoiled votes,the numbering 300,000 in the count,doubtless to inflate Odinga's number. That this has never happened in elections anywhere shows their determination in pushing Raila.
In the end,however the 'tyranny of numbers' was too strong. The West has accepted the inevitable-for now. They'll simply recalibrate restrategize and return with yet more tricks to gain control. For the reader unaware of exactly whats at stake,a reminder. Lamu port will be the terminal of all S.Sudanese,Ugandan,Kenyan and possibly S.Somali oil from Jubbaland(at least in the near future). When all the oil fields are at optimum capacity expect some 2mn bpd.conservatively,roughly 200 mn $ daily.

Apart from the obvious economic benefits,Kenya will escape the Western economic strait jacket,the tread mill of London/Washington bankster mandated action without progress that marks nearly the whole 3rd world.The perpetual grind of a low wage,primary exporter nation non mineral economy can be escaped.
Also the Middle East as an oil market will decrease in importance as Lamu comes of age. Ships can cut shipping times and reduce  risks ultimately significantly lowering the consumer oil price,a win-win for everyone.
Verily,the stakes of this election  for the Anglo jews were almost as important as those of the Kenyan voter. Uhuru,underrated by many,understands these issues better than most. Like his successor,Kibaki, the quiet Keynesian he has the will and the skills to compel Kenya to new middle income status.