Wednesday 29 July 2015


Obama was in town recently for the Global Entrepreneurial Summit. As expected he found a way to raise the issue that disgusts Africans and a surprising majority of silent Westerners. Dear Reader,its imperative to know from whence the whole LGBT matter is coming from to make sense of the matter.

Its not the named elite associations,the Bilderbergers,Trilaterists,Club of Rome or the Jesuits behind the popularisation  of this unfortunate arrested developmental disorder-they're just the vessels  spreading the disorder. Its more of a nameless pathology  of degeneracy,narcissism and contempt for others externalised as homosexuality,a behaviour shared by many among The Powers That Be. Gregory Klimov,a Soviet intel officer defected to the West in 1947. His observations of his own and the American sociopolitical environment were a stunning parallel-but,perhaps not: 

"Klimov believed that the Soviet system was dominated by a secret society of sociopaths bonded by a common pathology termed 'the power complex'. "This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is the result of latent homosexuality...

As a man wholly manufactured by the power complex,Obama,like the actor with scripted lines that he is ,has little choice-though we shall see he's been exposed to homos his whole life and is sworn by insiders to be one himself.

  Lolo Soetoro,Anne Dunham,holding her daughter and Obama in the 60s in Indonesia

This is Evie,little Obama's nanny during his Indonesian childhood. He was an open homo and  a frequent crossdresser

There s/he/it is on the left all dolled up.

Michelle is definitely not what she appears to be. Those are unedited photos.

Many careful observers have commented on her mannish physique. Apparently she's actually Micheal Le Vaughn Robinson,no 18 who underwent a sex change in 1983. (The obvious question is then are Maliah and Sasha adopted? Are they test tube babies?)

A perfectly healthy Joan Rivers last year called her a tranny and Obama 'gay.' Barely a month later she was dead.

As shocking as it seems this game has been played before albeit in a much more media controlled environment.
Wallis Simpson,seen here soon after the abdication of her paramour,Edward the VIII,Prince of Wales in 1936 was an Intersex. She could therefore never have kids which is why Brit intel plucked her from the Shanghai brothel wherein she was gainfully employed and dumped her into his lap.
He much preferred other men anyway,so probably didn't care too much she didn't have functioning womens' plumbing.

In this yt video a fellow schoolmate reveals Obama's lifestyle-drugs,narcissism and perverts.

During his school days,Barry was known as a male hoe! His classmates say he tricked off older white homos for cocaine.

Larry Sinclair has made astonishing allegation about  Obama and written a book in which he says he fellated him as he smoked crack in a limo in 1999!!

Apparently he's outraged Barry's hiding his drug use-ok!

It is known that Obama's pastor,Jeremiah Wright secretly provided wives for the homo congregation at his United Trinity Church. In late 2007,within a 2 month period the choirmaster Donald Young and Larry Bland were shot dead while another homo died reportedly of septicaemia and AIDS complications.

This type of behaviour is exceedingly common among the Elite as the following illustrations show:this is Jeff Gannon in 2005 a conservative journo  and male escort.

At the same time this photo came out with Dubya himself kissing Jeff.

This is Victor Ashe,Knoxville Tennessee mayor during the 80s. He was Dubya's college fratmate,a fellow Bonesman and sodomite. SS guards swear they saw him crying in Bush's arms alleging he'd given him AIDS. Later he was made ambassador to Poland.

None of these stories of night time fags creeping accessing the White house is actually new-as far back as the Reagan era it was a concern.

Churchill,the destroyer of Dresden,who as a cadet at the Royal Military Academy was notorious for raping younger boys is another epitome of the essence of the 'power complex.'

In 1942 he exported the entire Bengali grain harvest. Predictably hunger began and worsened exponentially. All food was spoiled to deny the Japanese whose invasion seemed imminent.

Within a year 3 mn Bengalis were dead while the "Greatest Englishmen Ever", said,"I hate Indians;they are a beastly people."

The Nazis are the most unfairly reviled and slandered people in modern times. Hysterical lies of natural born story tellers and professional liars were accepted at face value and the world believed they killed 6 mn Jews-thankfully that lie is at last being laid to rest even in the Mainstream Media.

This doesn't excuse the reality that the Elite Nazis were largely homo-Hess and Goering were cross dressers. Here is Ernst Roehm,a founder member,a well known homo pedophile, he didn't survive the Night of the long knives in 1936 when many of the old guard were executed.

Its only natural the Nazi Elite praised German intellectuals like Nietsche to the skies. It was he and poets like Stefan George who formulated the idea of a homofascist elite loyal to the idea of conquest and national honour which was merely window dressing for the inclination to dominate. 
Not for nothing did Wilhelm Reich say the homoNazis were “a male state organized on a homosexual basis.”

 The concept of militarism entwined with a lust for conquest underpinned with the usual homo pathologies isn't new. Alexander the Great,that starcrossed Macedonian mulatto of old was a notorious sodomite. His armies literally buggered their way halfway around the world.

Depicted in the movie,Alexander kissing his Persian slave Bagoas.

 The popularity of this type of Greek artwork shows pederasty was not only tolerated but common.

The  Islamic world still carries unfortunately strong vestiges of this mix of pederasty and love of violence. It was Hindu India's greatest ill luck  to be in their path once religion gave the latter a religious impetus for their natural inclinations.The first invasions of newly Islamised Central Asian Caucasoids who looked much like Imran Khan began in around 700ad. At this time Pakistan,Afghanistan as well as much of SE Asia were largely Hindu.

Unsuccessful at first they never accepted defeat. In the early 1000s Mahmoud Ghazni's hordes  finally found victory over Hindu forces after over 10 attempts-such was their undying fervour.

The accumulated wealth of centuries was lost. Thousand year old temples were torn down or dismantled
and the bricks reused to build mosques while the population was slaughtered,raped, forcibly converted and deliberately starved. It was a true genocide that killed at least 80 mn Hindus from the first Islamic invaders in the 1000s to the Mughals of the 1700s.
American historian,Will Durant wrote: “the Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilisation is a precious good, whose delicate complex order and freedom can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without and multiplying within”.

The peaceful Hindus didn't fatalistically accept their lot-by no means. However,like all Normal Human People they were simply unprepared for the hateful energy of the homo berserker and his innate capacity to destroy. An enemy who took no prisoners,despoiled women and had no respect for non combatants was unknown in indigenous culture.

The older dancing boys generally turn to prostitution once they grow  a moustache.

Eugene Terreblanche was an ex state policeman and the flamboyant head of the Afrikaner Resistance movement,the AWB.

In the run up to the first election he loved to dress up and issue dire warning to the media while surrounded by his Ystergarde,Iron guard,a hand picked force of Afrikaner youth. (These people do take their role playing quite seriously!)

It came as a shock a decade or so ago when one of them sued him for GASSPPPP-sexual harassment! The matter was hushed up but later during his murder trial strong evidence emerged he'd been forcing himself on male farm hands. and his death was simply revenge

What happens when these deeply maladjusted individuals are allowed responsibility and unlimited access to young men? Look no further than the US military in the post "don't ask,don't tell,"era when they were allowed to enlist like normal young men.
In fact When a man enters the military he is ten times likelier to be sexually abused, and in 2012 alone there were an estimated 14,200 reports of male rape.
Those figures are regarded as 20% of actual with most rapes going unrecorded.

In California during the Governator's first term the education board approved a series of text books to teach kids 'alternative lifestyles.'

Yes,Dear Reader! 5 year old kids are 'educated' in homoism and carpet munchery.

This shouldn't actually surprise anyone knowing who was behind Arnold Schwarzenegger. On his left is Warren Buffet while he's flanked by Lord Rothschild,the shot caller among the Global Elite.

. As far back as 1989 Global Faggotry announced how they'd normalise themselves by media whitewashing and the marginalisation of contrary opinion. Alas! Humanity was too busy watching the game/paying the rent/entranced by politics to pay any attention.

However the LGBT crew DOES NOT want another facet of their 'lifestyle' to come to light. The frequency of their tribe committing mass murder. One study says almost 70%  of serial killers are homo while another says its 43%-extremely significant.

69% of the serial killers in this study were homosexuals (i.e., people who were self-described homosexuals or people who had engaged in homosexual behavior immediately prior to, during, or after committing their murders). The lower statistic of 43% cited above is the proportion who were homosexual among people who molested or raped and then murdered children: 43% of these perpetrators were homosexuals.

Naturally many of the murderous Zio Bolsheviks who put the ethnic Russians through  a true holocaust killing millions were afflicted with rectal impulses. The Satanic Stalin,Trotsky and Lenin were all known to be bisexual.

Dear Reader,its not written in stone that you must accept the nightmare dreamscapes of Organised Faggotry. Say no to the parade of faggots,freaks and monsters they would foist upon us. If you still don't see why,then:

 I was actually done with this piece when news of Bobbi Kristina came in. Bobbi Kristina Brown,daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston mid last year got into a social network war (hobby of idlers and millennial kids!) with Angela Bassett. She wanted to play her last mother in a biopic and Angela unwisely challenged her acting ability.

Bobbi outed her as a tranny! Early this year she was found facedown in the bath at her home. She was brain dead since and passed yesterday morning in an obvious replay of Joan Rivers death for revealing unwelcome truths about the creatures infesting our public consciousness.

In calling out Mr/Mrs Bassett, Bobbi ruined the sex fantasies of millions and has now paid the price.


My goodness;the Homo Elite have pulled out all the stops. They're getting so blatant  they're not even attempting to camouflage their agenda.

Here are young cadets wearing heels in the name of 'sexual assault awareness.'

Not even serving army guys were spared!

US Army servicemember who told us that his unit – Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 172nd Infantry Brigade – was also FORCED to participate in the ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ event in 2011.
“I was deployed in Afghanistan during this time, but my comrades in the rear told me this event was a MANDATORY,” he writes. “As a former medic, I know that the only way out of this was to lie about injuries or pull some form of guard duty at this time.”
In a former,more normal era the coy,battalion and brigade commanders would have been shot,.the men would have mutinied and the SecDef would've resigned and moved to Micronesia;things have changed. Such is the power of Organised Faggotry. 
Only a special mind with extremely simple operating software could assume this is all about 'alternative lifestyle/same love/don't ask don't tell.' The homos are inadvertently revealing the true nature of their rectal compulsions-contempt for others,overweening narcissism and of course the desire for more ass. There is no poetry,love or music in this most unfortunate manifestation of arrested development.
Pretending otherwise is dishonesty.