Friday 14 December 2012


Bob Marley died in 1981 of cancer that started in an unusual  place-in his toe. The world's almanac of truth,bka wikipedia informs us "In July 1977, Marley was found to have malignant melanoma in a football wound on his right hallux (big toe). Marley refused amputation, citing worries that the operation would affect his dancing, as well as the Rastafari belief that the body must be "whole".....The cancer then spread to Marley's brain, lungs, liver, and stomach. After playing two shows at Madison Square Garden as part of his fall 1980 Uprising Tour, he collapsed while jogging in NYC's Central Park.....While flying home from Germany to Jamaica for his final days, Marley became ill, and landed in Miami for immediate medical attention. He died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami, Florida on the morning of May 11, 1981 at the age of 36."
If only that were the whole truth but things are rarely if ever so simple. Let's look at Bob's political background  and examine some truths. At independence in 1962 Jamaica like nearly all the other newly independent colonies was little more than a Caribbean island labour dormitory for Britain. Entire Kingston neighbourhoods emigrated to fill low wage jobs in the British transport ,construction& health sectors.

Like all ex colonies the nation was destined to stumble along the path of preordained fiscal conservatism,a low wage primary product exporter like most of the 3rd world,in this case bauxite til the early 70s when the PNP under Michael Manley won power. His party had 2 main goals:
 -reducing the rigid class structures
-gaining the support of both the traditional Christian community and the long neglected  Rastafarian community.
The electorate responded positively and the PNP won with nearly 60% of the vote as even Manley's critics conceded that his popular wide ranging social reforms were the  clincher,though his plans to increase the contribution of bauxite to the economy identified him to the Global Powers That Be as a trouble maker.  He helped develop the International Bauxite Association to prevent price gouging and improve returns by processing the bauxite and exporting alumina. He became an active participant in developing world issues speaking out on apartheid and the importance of the Non Aligned Movement as a Cold War counterweight.

The social consciousness of genuine Rastafarianism,found much in common with PDP policies and the 2 were in a mutually beneficial relationship for much of the Manley years-indeed it is said,with a large element of truth, that he mainstreamed Rastafaris. Soon the two,were inextricably linked
At this point the World agent of the Anglo PTB,the CIA began supplying guns and cash to their proxy,Edward Seaga of the JLP. Death squads turned the once sleepy island into a near Sri Lanka. Tourism plummeted and unemployment rose as visitors and investors like wise avoided Jamaica.

Manley’s relationship with Bob Marley also gained him support and admiration with many Jamaicans. Manley politics and Marley’s music were undeniably integrated during the rule of the PNP, with Manley and Marley even living as neighbors on Hope Road. During the first four years of the Manley regime, Marley gave many free performances as the request of the PNP — two of the most significant being the "Smile Jamaica Concert" in 1976 and the "One Love Peace Concert" in 1978. Just prior to the Smile Jamaica Concert, Marley, his wife Rita, and his manager Don Taylor, were shot by gunmen at Bob’s home on Hope Road. Many believe that this shooting was carried out by Jamaica Labour Party supporters although no concrete evidence has ever been brought forth to support this belief.  The One Love Peace Concert was marked by Marley bringing Manley and Seaga, the JLP’s leader, onstage with him and joining their hands in a sign of peace. Manley and Marley certainly had a growing impact on one another.

Just before the 1976 concert after the attempted murders an incident that many believe was actually the cancer poisoning occurred. Security after the shooting was considerably tightened with machete wielding Rastas screening all callers.A documentary 'film crew' was allowed access to shoot. One,who was remembered by reliable witnesses not to be a cameraman insisting on presenting a pair of cowboy boots to Bob Marley.This is what happened next according to everyone on the scene:“He put his foot in and said, ‘Ow!’ A friend got in there… he said, ‘let’s [get] in the boot, and he pulled a length of copper wire out – it was embedded in the boot.”

The same witness swears when Bob broke the same toe playing soccer and it never healed a thorough scan showed it was cancerous and had metastized throughout the body. He ignored doctors orders and went on touring and recording. Bob seemed to know his time was up and accepted it. His best work was done in this period. In 1980 he had cancer of the brain lung and liver. He attempted a last ditch holistic treataent with an eccentric German Dr.Josef Issels,who greeted him on arrival thusly:  “I hear that you’re one of the most dangerous black men in the world.” 
Marley suffered  a strange regimen of exercise, vaccines [some illegal], ozone injections, vitamins and trace minerals and what some called torture. Long needles were plunged through Marley’s stomach through to the spine. The patient-victim was told that this was part of his “treatment.” The torture continued until Marley foundered on the threshold of death.
His mother suffered the sight of just one such 'treatment,'that makes one wonder how Marley must have suffered. One time I went with Nesta to the clinic, and we settled down in a treatment room. Issels came in and announced to Nesta, ‘I’m going to give you a needle.’” Dr. Issels “plunged the needle straight into Nesta’s navel right down to the syringe. [Marley] grunted and winced. He could only lie there helplessly, writhing on the table, trying his best to hide his pain. ‘Jesus Christ,’ I heard myself mumbling.” Issels yanked out the needle and strolled casually out of the room. Marley was left groaning with pain. “
When he died on May 11 1981 he weighed an astonishingly skeletal 82 pounds. While Jamaicans,Caribbeans and the wider World wept the agents of the Lords of Misrule,the CIA shed no tears. A cultural icon who had helped stymie their neocolonial plans had died;and so had his sociopolitical commentaries of upliftment.
(Dear Reader,bear in mind the wave of cancer that afflicted every 'controversial' Latin American president recently. Paraguay's Fernando Lugo, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, Hugo Chavez, and recently Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina were given this diagnosis,almost simultaneously;a near statistical impossibility.)

It was later learned the name of the 'kind' hearted cameraman was Carl Colby,son of serving CIA chief William Colby. Colby jr,himself somehow popped up in the OJ case. As neighbour of murdered Nicole Simpson's he and his wife testified OJ frequently threatened her. This pretrial testimony was instrumental in the filing of murder charges.

After the shooting death of Peter Tosh in 1987,true reggae was all but dead-it stumbled on for a while but  morphed into pure commercialism-by the 90s a dancehall version appeared. 'Artistes' singing about sex,prostitutes,dope,gangsters and killing all interspersed with self praise. Below is an example of one of its derivatives called 'daggering.' It simulates sex on stage and is the lead cause of broken penises in the Caribbean;in fact that's why the Jamaican government banned it.
Babylon has won.

This is an extreme example of skin bleaching. Yes,among today's best known inheritors of what was once reggae is an enthusiastic self hater as this before and after photo of Jamaican dance hall artiste,Vybz Kartel. In the heyday of Reggae,Rastas wouldn't have tolerated sight nor sound of such pathological idiocy.

This passapassa is now what the genre has become. A once deliberately socially conscious music form has degenerated to displays of soft porn outtakes of idle ignorant juvenile minds. 

Now,at least his music lives on;the message is definitely forgotten.

Tuesday 11 December 2012


Recently I saw his photo up close and realised I should have had it up with the collection on Jewish faces-oh well,here's more here's more you should know on this billionaire cocaine smuggler,CIA superspy, fake revolutionary hero and octogenarian Jew,lionised by the young and progressives (ignorant) around the world.

From the start he was identified,funded,assisted,armed and trained by the CIA so intensively even the Soviets were wary at the beginning. At the start of his 'heroic' campaign against Battista,with his scruffy murderous Argentine sidekick,Che Guevara in tow.

Guevara's military knowledge was sadly limited to leading firing squads,and he's known to have personally shot at least 3 kids and one pregnant woman. There's something about the excitement and adrenaline of political turmoil that appeals to certain psyches-they camouflage their blood lust with slogans and mantras but in truth the blood and smoke is a magnet for such individuals;which ius all they live for. Deaf to the tears and entreaties of widows and orphans they're the real movers of 'revolutions,' not the political science professors with their polite theories of class struggle and scientific marxism. They,the Guevaras, always crop up in times of bloodshed like Robespierre,enthusiastic executioner of  the French Revolution who started a holocaust that later consumed him or Beria,Stalin's satanic pedophile security head-and they generally meet stick ends.
Here he is in his preffered pose.

Here lies,Guevara in Bolivia after his failed revolution. He tried to bargain for his life assuming he was much more valuable alive  and was shocked to learn the Bolivians actually preferred him dead. What a blow to his ego it must have been! For a glimpse into his genuine mindframe,sans the sympathetic Hollywood bullshit,what's better than his own writings?
"Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate
 while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for
 the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!" 
"Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his
natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is
what our soldiers must become … " Che Guevara
   Quite! Back to Fidel. Firstly,Dear Reader,Fidel's function becomes clear once we understand the true nature of how the World Works. Our (Mis)Ruling Elites need a compliant populace. We're easier to rule when a visible danger threatens us all. We can be conveniently herded into groups and sections that makes it more efficient to counter said threat. Remember the Cold War? Russians and the Eastern European BFFs were supposedly salivating at the thought of conquering Europe;only America and their NATO allies armed by Lockheed,Boeing,Raytheon and co were keeping them out. The Y2K bug that was supposed to end civilisation and send Earth crashing into Uranus-that catastrophe was only narrowly averted with the installation of special Y2K software for only 19.95 plus tax;the software manufacturers made half a trillion dollars. More recently we now have Al Qaeda who are working tirelessly for the fall of Christianity,Western Christianity and the 5 day working work-if their frequent video releases are anything to go by.
These are all psyops designed to get us united behind our (mis)leaders. Castro's career began ironically enough as a staunch anti Communist of the Orthodoxo party in 1948 while a university sophomore. After a quarrel with a fellow student he exiled himself to New York with his wife for a year and a half-until today he has never explained what he did in that period.
What is known for a fact is that in the early 50s he was back in Havana immersing himself in the rough and tumble of a rabble rousing Socialist leader. He gained a respectable following until a disastrous attempt to overthrow President Fulgencio Battista with a an attack on Moncada Barracks in July 1953 in the town of Santiago. Predictably,they suffered heavy casualties.
Castro ,himself used the opportunity to grow his stature while jailed for treason. He escaped after 2 years leading supporters fighting in the Sierra Madre mountains. At this stage is when the first reports of direct CIA assistance were heard. At the same time the NY Times published a series of extremely supportive articles depiciting him as a modern day Latin Robin Hood . His exposure grew with generous writeups and interviews with Life magazine,CBS as the NY Times repeated what was basically a PR exercise,with another hugely helpful article.
The accomodating media blitz reached such a fever pitch that the US Ambassador,still stuck in familiar Cold War narratives ,who thought his brief was containing ther spread of communism in 1957  accused the United States government, i.e. certain members of the Congress, the CIA, the State Department, as well as some segments of the press, of being directly responsible for Castro coming to power. "Castro never won a military victory," declared Smith. "The fact that the U.S. was no longer supporting Batista had a devastating psychological effect upon the Cuban armed forces and upon the leaders of the labor movement. The U.S. actions were responsible for the rise of Castro to power."
Inevitably,the tidal wave of media,material and official support won the day and the 'Revolution' triumphed in 1959. Quickly,in between organising firing squads and building a cult of personality,Castro requisitioned as much property of the defeated Batista allies as he could. Everything was copacetic-for a while.
Trouble appeared in the form of official US hostility a year later which was strange to say the least. They decided to overthrow him with an army of disaffected ex Communists allies and defeated ex Batista soldiers exiled in Miami. The operation itself was an exercise in futility that confirmed in the minds of the suspicious Soviets that Castro was actually past of an extremely elaborate setup.
On April 7, 1961, 1400 Cuban exiles sent by the United States were wading toward disaster at a beach called Playa GirĂ³n, near a bay south of the central part of the island-the Bay of Pigs. The first news about the invasion that appeared in the Soviet press reflected the general consensus that Fidel's revolution was living its very last hours in the face of an American direct invasion.39 But then, the Soviet leaders and the intelligence analysts watched in disbelief as John F. Kennedy, with enough military force at hand to destroy the world, did nothing as Fidel Castro rounded up prisoners off the beach.
They were sacrificed when America refused air support at the last minute despite having 2 carriers within range. Anti Castro forces were also tricked into the open to support the invasion and totally neutralised with the effect that his international prestige grew even more. In retrospect perhaps the Cuban patriots were naive since the plan amounted to asking the fifteen hundred patriots landed at the Bay of Pigs to seize control of seven million fellow citizens from over a hundred thousand relatively well-trained, well-armed Castroite soldiers and militia-it was doomed to failure.
Interestingly, at the trial in Havana of 1,179 captives of the failed operation, some of them reportedly said that false intelligence, presumably by the U.S., led them to disaster and the complex logistics seemed to guarantee failure. The CIA armed the 1400 men with weapons requiring 30 different types of ammunition-in the heat of battle speedy resupply under fire thus becomes enormously complicated.

This tragicomic military invasion convinced the immensely practical Soviets Castro was actually a CIA agent since the Bay of Pigs fiasco could only be explained as a PR exercise to build up his reputation at the expense of gullible lower level American allies who believed in the anti Communist struggle. Khruschev,who had declared an end to foreign entanglements decided upon a plan of provoking President Kennedy to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro-the Cuban missile crisis was born.
Castro,with his enormous ego most likely never knew he was being played and harboured dreams of taking them over ,but unbeknown to him the nuclear warheads hadn't been sent along. However Khrushchev used every possible means to make the Americans believe that, after the installation and further training of Cuban personnel, the missiles would be under Castro's control.
To Khruschev's horror,Kennedy chose to blame the Russians and threatened thermonuclear retaliation. Wisely they climbed down from the brink. After this Castro tried to force the Russian's hand in endless provocations in L.America and the wider world funding and leading armed insurrections in places as diverse as Bolivia and the Congo-in so doing he did what the American military Industrial complex needed;enemies.
In the seventies Castro discovered Africa.With all the fervour of a 19th century Brit explorer he sent his forces to Ethiopia against the Somalis in the Ogaden and Angola where they assisted the 'progressive,' MPLA against the alliance of Unita & Boers-and lost terribly. The motivated SADF destroyed the Cuban infantry in all engagements culminating in the battle of Cuito Cunavale in 1987,which was a stunning defeat for the Cubans. Some called it an African Stalingrad;at any rate 2 years later,Arnaldo Ochoa the commanding general of Cuban forces in Angola was executed in Havana.
The results of the campaign up to April 1988 were 4,785 killed on the Cuban/Faplan side, with 94 tanks and hundreds of combat vehicles destroyed, against 31 South Africans killed in action, 3 tanks destroyed (SADF tanks entered the war after the Lomba River campaign) and 11 SADF armoured cars and troop carriers lost. A total of 9 Migs were destroyed and only 1 SAAF Mirage shot down.
 After 13 years in Angola the Cubans had still not achieved their aim of destroying Unita and marching into Namibia as "liberators.

Castro is a survivor. Though his former sponsors have long abandoned him his reputation is still so strong nobody,not even his strongest supporters ever wonders about the continued existence of Guantanamo bay. and his brother now rules.
Since 1903,the US have held the harbour and surrounding land as a Marine base and Castro has quietly continued accepting lease payments.

 In case you've forgotten this is todays role of Gitmo-prison for so-called Al Qaeda are held indefinitely.
 IMO,the true importance of Castro's history is to force a reexamination of 'progressives' and left wingers. Without exception Pol Pot,Lenin,Stalin et al have repeatedly revealed their true anti human agenda numerous times only to be sanitised by a compliant media in the reins of their owners and masters.
Dear reader,next time you hear of the heroic Castro and his merry revolutionaries think twice. 

Thursday 6 December 2012


Yesterday ,Musalia Mudavadi,a peripheral player in Kenya's presidential race  defected to the The National Alliance,the front runner,and actually the winner of the March 4th election. Immediately all manner of fanciful permutations were conjured up by media analysts and experts 'explaining' how Uhuru would step down for him,transfer his 5 million vote bank along with his considerable material support virtually escorting him effortlessly into State House.
In all these write ups the main issue of WHY Uhuru with at least 4.5 mn votes and Ruto,his running mate with 1.5 mn would take orders from a Johnny Come lately with at most 50% of his Luhya peoples 3.5 mn vote basket.Instead all these 'analysts', concentrated on how Uhuru had finally decided to endorse Musalia in a completely unprofessional manner without pretence of objectivity:(it recalled one Kwamchetsi Makokha,then Nation,political editor spent  a whole week on KTN announcing Kibaki's imminent resignation in the wake of the 2005 referendum which had been unnecessarily turned into a political contest by the ever combative Raila Odinga).
 Thursday December 6, 2012 - Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta may not run for Presidency on March 4 and will instead back Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, DAILY POST has established.

Also left out was that Musalia must first undergo a nomination process to allow the TNA Coalition pick its presidential candidate. His chances are as good as any newcomer stumbling into a prepared election vehicle with the leading two heavy weights supported by millions of eager voters.
Its not just an an indictment of our media standards but a development that may have serious future consequences when reality rudely intervenes as usual with an embarrassing electoral defeat for Odinga-as in 2007 people will have been primed with unrealistic opinion polls and frankly dishonest analyses setting the stage for a rejection of results.
This time ,hopefully they won't escape the consequences of the fire and storm they helped create.

Update: Finally Uhuru broke his silence as he registered in his Gatundu constituency,killing the worrying speculation. Speaking when he addressed a series of political rallies enroute to Gatundu where he registered as a voter on Saturday, the deputy premier pointed out that he will respect the coalition’s choice of presidential candidate after the nomination exercise.

Anyone who thinks Mudavadi will somehow snatch the nomination from a prepared team is either hallucinating or a hardcore ODMer. Hopefully,this episode will remind the Dear Reader of the need for a more mature type of politics,which regressed in 2007 thanks to Odinga. When you're opponent has grown the economy by 7.1% there's little but bullshit you can tell your undereducated supporters.
The situation still hasn't changed-its Uhuru's to lose. Only those fooled by the numerous witchcraft polls and their palm reading methodology believe otherwise.