Thursday 6 December 2012


Yesterday ,Musalia Mudavadi,a peripheral player in Kenya's presidential race  defected to the The National Alliance,the front runner,and actually the winner of the March 4th election. Immediately all manner of fanciful permutations were conjured up by media analysts and experts 'explaining' how Uhuru would step down for him,transfer his 5 million vote bank along with his considerable material support virtually escorting him effortlessly into State House.
In all these write ups the main issue of WHY Uhuru with at least 4.5 mn votes and Ruto,his running mate with 1.5 mn would take orders from a Johnny Come lately with at most 50% of his Luhya peoples 3.5 mn vote basket.Instead all these 'analysts', concentrated on how Uhuru had finally decided to endorse Musalia in a completely unprofessional manner without pretence of objectivity:(it recalled one Kwamchetsi Makokha,then Nation,political editor spent  a whole week on KTN announcing Kibaki's imminent resignation in the wake of the 2005 referendum which had been unnecessarily turned into a political contest by the ever combative Raila Odinga).
 Thursday December 6, 2012 - Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta may not run for Presidency on March 4 and will instead back Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, DAILY POST has established.

Also left out was that Musalia must first undergo a nomination process to allow the TNA Coalition pick its presidential candidate. His chances are as good as any newcomer stumbling into a prepared election vehicle with the leading two heavy weights supported by millions of eager voters.
Its not just an an indictment of our media standards but a development that may have serious future consequences when reality rudely intervenes as usual with an embarrassing electoral defeat for Odinga-as in 2007 people will have been primed with unrealistic opinion polls and frankly dishonest analyses setting the stage for a rejection of results.
This time ,hopefully they won't escape the consequences of the fire and storm they helped create.

Update: Finally Uhuru broke his silence as he registered in his Gatundu constituency,killing the worrying speculation. Speaking when he addressed a series of political rallies enroute to Gatundu where he registered as a voter on Saturday, the deputy premier pointed out that he will respect the coalition’s choice of presidential candidate after the nomination exercise.

Anyone who thinks Mudavadi will somehow snatch the nomination from a prepared team is either hallucinating or a hardcore ODMer. Hopefully,this episode will remind the Dear Reader of the need for a more mature type of politics,which regressed in 2007 thanks to Odinga. When you're opponent has grown the economy by 7.1% there's little but bullshit you can tell your undereducated supporters.
The situation still hasn't changed-its Uhuru's to lose. Only those fooled by the numerous witchcraft polls and their palm reading methodology believe otherwise.

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