Saturday 20 April 2013


Dear Reader,if you've read any of these posts about World War 2 or Jews/Khazars/Israelis you'll know this isn't about fantastic Jewish tales of Nazi masturbation machines or Khazar kids who escaped from 'death camps' to be raised by wolves while before undertaking horrific revenge fantasies a la 'Inglorious Basterds'.
Rather this is about the truly diabolical fate suffered by a  white European Christian people whose greatest misfortune was to live amongst the original homeland of the world's premier mass murderers.

Shown here is the Jews real southern Russian homeland,Khazaria.Though it varied considerably over the centuries as the maps will show,it encompassed the area between the Black and Caspian sea including much of modern Georgia.

                                                      850 ce

                                                   350-650 ce

                                               Khazaria on the ascendancy 600-900 ce

                                        The end of Khazaria 900-960 ce

In 1900 before the Jews initiated their Bolshevik revolution which was simply an elaborate con job to steal and loot everything in sight Russia had the 4th largest population in the world with some 132 mn spread out over its 23 mn km 2. In 1991 the figure peaked at just under 150 mn raising the question-what happened?
The Israelis themselves admit they killed 20 mn Russians by shooting,hanging,starving,burning and other methods only Satanic minds can invent.
The most reliable Russian estimates give a figure of 5 mn dead annually between 1918-38 tally with Alexander Solzhenitsyn who claims upwards of 100 million deaths throughout Bolshevism. . Historian,Nikolai Tolstoy states half the 40 mn WW2 deaths were actually killed by the Communists. In the immediate 5 year post war period another Counter Revolution killed 5 mn while in the Ukraine another famine killed 2 mn-this is separate from the famine of the 30s that killed at least 12 mn Ukrainians. In the 50s another million Russians died after atmospheric nuclear tests.

Here's a look at the pioneer Bolshevik elite,over 90% Jewish.

Mind you in the 80s after Brezhnev died both his successors Yuri Andropov/Fleckenstein and Chernenko were Jews. It was rumoured he himself was a Chosenite though the only 'proof' seen is his Jewish wife.

 The Romanovs.Russia's last ruling royal dynasty in 1913 5 years before their inevitable fate in the basement of the Yekaterinberg House Of Special Purpose. From left to right: Olga, Maria,Nicholas 2 Alexandria,Anastasia,Alexei and Tatiana. They were lucky-they died quickly though the jewels sewed into the children's clothing blocked the bullets and their Jewish murderers were forced to stab them and strip them-whereupon they sated their ghoulish lusts though reports say the executioners were prevented from raping the Empress' dead body. 

Here are some of  the diabolical sufferings they inflicted upon Russians and related ethnic Slavs.

 The satanic Communist Chekists took pleasure in brutally torturing their victims- Many of who were Roman Catholics: The priests in Kherson were crucified. Archbishop Andronnikov of Perm had his eyes poked out and his ears and nose cut off. There were Chekists who cut open their victim's stomach, pulled out a length of small intestine, nailed it to a telegraph pole, and with a whip forced the victim to run circles around the pole until the whole intestine became unraveled. Eyes of Church dignitaries were poked out, their tongues cut off, and they were buried alive. The Bishop of Voronezh was boiled alive in a big pot, after which monks, revolvers at their heads, were ordered to drink. In Kharkov people were scalped. In Tsaritsyn and Kamyshin peoples hands were amputated with a saw. In Poltava and Kremchug the victims were impaled. In Odessa they were roasted alive in ovens or ripped to pieces. In Kiev, victims were placed in coffins with decomposing bodies and buried alive.

 Some say Stalin personally ordered the farm collectivisation which the Ukrainians resisted and confiscation of all livestock and grain was the punishment- others say the confiscation was to repay the 20 mn $ gold loan New York Jews made in 1917 to fund the 'Glorious Revolution.'

Whatever the case,this was the result.

 For a fuller view of the tortures see this excellent 2 hour documentary. After watching the catalogue of horrors I agreed with the film maker Juri Lina's conclusion that the mass deaths were necessitated by Jewish Bolshevik adherence to Moloch which demands constant human sacrifice.

Also,perhaps only naturally,given their sadism many of the elite Marxists were a mixed bag of homos and pedophiles including Stalin and Lenin.
One can only wonder-where would Russia be without the 70 year trauma of false Marxist gods and their inhuman enforcers here on Earth? The trillions lost in looting and opportunity cost in a neurotically inefficient system. Most importantly,what would be the population without the many mass killings? Assuming a natural population increase Russia should have at the least 250 mn people.
Do the math using the 1900 population of 132 mn and average pre and post war European growth rates. We know who is the responsible for those murdered millions.

Stalin the Satanist

There is unimpeachable evidence the atrocities of this Georgian Jew were rooted in Satanism. His own daughter and insiders claimed Communism was simply the desire to smash,destroy and kill with hasty underpinnings of political dogma as justification. In actual fact hatred and contempt for human life were the core of Communism.
This book by a Rumanian priest,Richard Wurmbrand,jailed for 14 years by the Caucescu regime, reveals the true belief system of the early Marxists.

This extremely important book begins with Marx wishing to avenge himself against the One above and that the very idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilisation and must be destroyed. Available on pdf here:  its packed with hideous revelations of Stalin by his contemporaries. How he made his wife climb trees for the hell of it-in only stockings!
Or how he imagines people to whom he must say goodbye to 'shitting,farting and vomiting,' by which means he loses all sympathy for them. He infected the entire national fabric and for protection inevitably many imitated his foul ways:

Other evidences of Satanist persuasion among Marxist leaders are also significant. Troitskaia, daugh­ter of the Soviet marshal Tuhatchevsky, one of the top men of the Red Army who was later shot by Stalin, wrote of her father that he had a picture of Satan in the east corner of his bedroom, where the Orthodox usual­ly put their ikons.

Yes,Dear Reader,these are our Real Rulers!

Thursday 18 April 2013


No surprise its African-as old as the the first anatomically modern humans who walked out of Africa. Its also no surprise the MSM (mis)informs us that Ifa,which is actually the sum total of Yoruba cultural components;the songs,myths and beliefs that make a people; is a syncretism of Catholicism and indigenous Yoruba religious beliefs. Basically Ifa,morphed into local variants of Voodoo,Santeria and Candomble in the New World.
Starting in the 16th century, large numbers of Yoruba natives were transported as slaves to the Caribbean and the Americas. They combined beliefs and practices from their Ifa religion with elements of Roman Catholicism to produce the syncretistic religions of Candomblé, Palo Mayombe, Santeria, Vodun, etc. These are now flourishing in the Caribbean, South America and North America, notably in Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Grenada, the Guyanas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Tobago, and Trinidad.

In their mind everything African is chained to slavery,never mind there were always African populations in the Caribbean and S.America dating from ancient times.
Ifa,and its derivatives are actually extremely complicated with extensive pantheons and detailed requirements of its devotees and practitioners. However they all share certain  main  themes
  • Prominence of female priests
  • Ritual music and dance
  • exorcism
  • Human and Animal sacrifice
  • execration ritual
  • Belief in spirits
  • Ancestor Veneration   
  From the earliest period snakes were worshipped as a representation of rebirth due to the shedding of skin. This is a 70 kya example of python worship in Tsodilo,N.Botswana. You can just make out the snake carved on the upper rock surface.

"You could see the mouth and eyes of the snake. It looked like a real python," said Sheila Coulson of the University of Oslo. "The play of sunlight over the indentations gave them the appearance of snake skin. At night, the firelight gave one the feeling that the snake was actually moving."

From the wall of Apep.
Cotzolcoatl,the feathered serpent of the Aztecs is a direct product of the ancient African religious concept of the snake and ideas of death and rebirth.

Snakes,particularly pythons are still an important part of modern voodoo.

Beninese voodoo priestesses.

A typical S.Indian carving of the snake gods.

Krishna dancing on the kaliya serpent.

The god Shiva,king of all nagas.

3000 year old Afro Minoan carving of the female snake motiff.Yes,Africans were also there!

This religion morphed into the Nile Valley faiths and even Hinduism. Even a casual glance will show the same elements apart from female priestesses which died out as the Turkic Caucasoids introduced patriarchy in their society as they spread out from the Central Asian homeland.

Monday 8 April 2013


The history books declare that Bantus left Cameroon 2000 to 1500 years ago and settled the continent via the Congo Forest. All bantu speakers came from Cameroon-period! There was little if any migrations from the North or East at any time.Therefore ethnic classifications can be conveniently set in stone as the language map shows. A glance at the Tikar people's history of NW Cameroon shows the fallacy of such a viewpoint.
Officially they're classified as Bantu speakers. These 50,000 or so Cameroonians live in the northwest along the Nigerian border. The truth is they migrated from Ethiopia,Tigre to be exact roughly a millenia ago. Their original home however was Saudi Arabia-they left when Mohamed brought Islam which ushered in a generation of conflict. From there they sojourned as a group to Egypt then Sudan and finally Tigre where they stayed at least 2 centuries.

Apart from a number of famous  black Americans having discovered Tikar ancestry among them Quincy Jones they are of interest due to the practice of a unique form of divination involving the Giant Spider,the Black ngam.

The diviner,duly licensed by the government,first finds a likely burrow of the Red Baboon Spider ,Hysterocrates gigas or a tarantula. These nightmare creatures can inflict a painful bite  and symbolize truth and the spirit world.
The person with the issue,be it witchcraft/business/sickness or women consults the diviner who places specially made  plum tree cards seen here in an upside down 2 foot container atop the burrow. The spider emerges and is 'questioned.' Its rearrangement of the cards is then 'interpreted.'
This form of divination has been practiced since they settled in their present location of N.Cameroon some 900 years ago. The French colonialists accepted the practice and licenced the diviners while the present government continues to do so.
Returning to the point-its long past time for us as a people to write our own history. Until today educated African adults still repeat the story of the Bantu Migration like a religious mantra. We've allowed others with their own agenda to write about our past with obvious results. We've been pigeonholed into fake boxes for long enough and must know tell our own stories.

Thursday 4 April 2013


Officially they start out at 55k$ pa but an audit revealed they actually earn 3 or 4 times that on average-tax free! Yes,its true. A 2011 audit revealed many Beverly Hills,LAPD and LA County deputies were earning 200-300 k annually.

 G-A-S-P!! How can this be? Could it be the fine officers as portrayed by Riggs and Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon aren't actually the real deal? Could it be that the Satanic Hollywood based social reengineers have deliberately bamboozled us with a diametrically opposed make believe?

Let's see-what do we know about California? It is home to millions of illegal Mexican immigrants,ground zero of the 80s crack epidemic and home to America's largest drug gangs. There are opportunities galore for a cop to make money since such activities CAN'T happen without their knowledge and active participation. Forget what the MSM would have you believe of daring inner city master criminals.

Since,as consumers of Anglo Jewish narratives we swallow such tales wholesale we never see the true picture. We're also bombarded with images of our own petty corrupt cops who embarrass themselves allowing  these misdemeanours. Daily,Transparency International and a host of interlinked local NGOs throw these pictures in our face 'proving' our deserved reputation for corruption yet are strangely silent on Western sleaze.

Sadly,people,that's how the script was written.