Thursday 22 August 2013


A new Reality dating show Tujuane (getting to know each other) on KTN has confirmed what most Kenyan men and many women already know: Bitches in Kenya done lost their minds! The natural women have been outnumbered by skanky,demanding, pretentious  and low class females intent on living life ripped out of the pages of an American urban lifestyle magazine. Here is Happy (Edda) Atieno listing her demands like the delusional zombie she is.

Here are just 2 of her classier FB photos.

The pussy beggar cohost calls her a "strong woman!'

Here's Mirfat ,('I don't do fries! Look at me!I like fencing!) inflicting herself on George ,a pro photog.

Even if there were Kenyan fencing clubs I'd lay good money this is the only fencing she knows.

Not the rasp of rapier ,strike of sabre or the blinding feint of foil.

How did the Kenyan gender sphere reach such an abysmal point? When was dishonest pseudosophistication valorised and when was ill mannered dishonesty ever a virtue? It was a long time coming but was as sure a development as the chronology of the days of the week.
This was always a more thoroughly colonised country than our neighbours. We were a settler colony and also suffered "more missions per square mile than anywhere else in Africa," as John Gunther wrote in his best selling, 'Inside Africa.' Written in the 50s it reveals him as a man of rare insight.
 His writings are still relevant. We're still the same thoroughly colonised country but the new missionaries are ushered into our lives via the cyberspace. The new gods of today are praised for anti social behaviour,mocking public mores and being 'strong,' especially women. No matter how asinine their antics legions of simpletons,especially women in countries like Kenya with a history of foreign inspired  social  are mesmerised. If in doubt look at those unfortunate hood turd poses above. With hordes of aspiring Nikki Minajs is it any wonder Ratchetness is the defining national  female norm?
The Kenyan  media of course has been an enthusiastic cheer leader of the whole women's thing further overloading the amgydalas of our females. Early in the millennium a Nation media editor told me they had 'instructions from above,' read the Aga Khan,who was obviously himself under the writ of higher authorities to push the issue to the max further alienating women from reality ,making them egomaniacs.
5 days ago the same media house announced 60% of Kenyan women are single mothers,no surprise,but the same article attempted to pass it off as men evading responsibility.
Six of every 10 Kenyan women are likely to be single mothers by the time they reach 45, one of the highest rates for single-parent families in Africa.
According to new research that reveals an astounding new face of the Kenyan family, an increasing number of women are drawn into single parenthood as more men abandon their traditional role as providers for their children.
An array of factors, including irresponsible fathers, peer pressure and the struggle to cope with modernisation, are blamed for the trend, in which three in 10 Kenyan girls become pregnant before the age of 18.
The pan-African study by two Canadian sociologists shows that Kenya has one of the highest levels of children born out of wedlock on the continent.

Compare with normal countries not swamped with fake Westernization:  Comparatively, only 18 per cent of women give birth before marriage in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, 5 per cent in Ethiopia and slightly more than 10 per cent in Malawi.
But then again,Dear Reader,did you truly expect a mea culpa from the media?

Friday 9 August 2013


In the old days the Global Mafia would simply plant a bomb or sabotage aircraft controls to get rid of the troublesome. Those were the 90s,people-welcome to the 21st century. Apart from non lethal weapons like super high lumen dazzling lights which not only blind but actually cause temporary cognitive dysfunction,which as you know is not a good thing,just ask Herve Paul,Diana's driver of her speeding Merc in that Paris tunnel on that fateful August 97 night.

Nowadays killers and assassins use powerful computer hardware with multicore processors ,formula one like BUS speeds and literally gargantuan RAM capacity to take control of planes ,trains,drones and automobiles.

On July 24th the high speed  Madrid to Ferrol train derailed. The Rail operator had an excellent safety record though matters weren't helped when the driver  said it was speeding at 200 kph and the brakes were not responding and the MSM claimed he was on the phone at the time. Officially 78 died and we do know many were top Catholic hierarchy headed to Compostela for a major festival.

The thing is most trains over the past decade are actually computer controlled. The driver is more of a semi redundant  operator to simply manage the various systems. In many first world cities the trains are driverless. In this particular case we know nothing about the passenger manifest;only that there were high level Catholics on board,many of whom were killed.

Dear Reader,who would want to kill Catholics? Who has been at war with them and every other major religion in recorded history? Hint: Pope John Paul was secretly of their tribe. 

In early December 2011,Iranian TV broadcast footage of a captured US RQ 170 drone. They announced they'd successfully hacked into the signal while the MSM claimed it had crashed. The undamaged condition supports the Iranian narrative. Whether the Russians or Chinese assisted is immaterial and only provides some face saving for the US.

Michael Hastings ,the Rolling Stones journo whose scathing article of Gen. Stanley McChrystal infuriated Washington  died June 23rd in the inferno of his wrecked 2013 Mercedes C 250 coupe. People talked of a bomb even a missile but experienced observers thought otherwise.

No less an authority than Richard Clarke,former chief counter terrorism advisor to the American National Security Council publicly announced it was a cyber attack on the vehicle.

In 2011,University of California,San Diego computer scientists in conjunction with the University of Washington made a study of how easy it is to hack into a vehicle computer. The results were sobering: researchers, led by UW professor Tadayoshi Kohno and UCSD professor Stefan Savage, were able to hack just about everything electronic in a car. They demonstrated the ability to mess with the car's radio and instrument panel cluster (to falsify fuel level and speedometer readings), jam locks, pop the trunk, honk the horn, enable/disable windshield wipers, control the A/C environment. Most importantly, they were able to disable the engine, disable or enable brakes, and create a general denial of service while the car's wheels were doing 40 mph. 

Even worse,evidence of the attack code is easily erased.

In July 6th a 777-200 Air Asiana on the Seoul-San Fransisco route with 280 aboard crashed on landing killing 2 ,wounding 49. Almost instantly the MSM  claimed the pilot was inexperienced though they didn't repeat his reports of being blinded by a flash of light 30 seconds prior to touchdown.

Intel insiders say this was all about apparent NSA defector Mark Snowden,who they thought was  a passenger. Also the US since the mid 90s has had the ability to override all and any Boeings in flight and control them from the ground regardless of all and any pilot input.
When the Germans discovered this in the late 90s they yanked them all from their entire Lufthansa fleet.

Remember the last second high speed swerve the Boeing 767 made just before it hit Tower 2? Such a manoeuvre at that speed is impossible for a human pilot. The strength required to turn the stick and get the control surfaces to respond is too great.

That was the major clue the whole hijackers and Osama story was all bullshit. Sadly,the American Empire learned on that day their technology can be (mis)used to score own goals.

You'll have noticed the secret Airbus vs Boeing war is still being fought. How many Boeing engines have suddenly burst into flames of late?

In today's era of GPS and laptop the mechanics of killing has changed but the death,the end result is still the same.

The PTB now declare Michael Hastings ,the assassinated Rolling Stones writer had marijuana and amphetamines in his system and his family were trying to get him into detox. However,their same media outlets admit he told a neighbour,"he feared his Mercedes had been tampered with."
Also he had contacted a Wikileaks lawyer complaining of FBI harassment  and had finished an expose of the CIA. Of what exactly,the secret drone wars,control of the global drug war or handling of worldwide Islamic terror,now we'll never know.
Coupled with what we know of intel assassinations and hacking technology it just makes official reports of his accidental  death all the more unlikely.


 As soon as MH-17 went missing over the S China sea. A number of mutually reinforcing aspects of the matter pointed directly to a plan:
The 20 microelectronic engineers among the passengers;the fact that the MSM alleged the plan disappeared from the radar screens an impossible task especially in that region-even if true the Rolls Royce factory in Trent in the UK monitors each working engine worldwide in real time.
As the media circus of the sea search continued my suspicions solidified. My usual contacts were silent offering only informed speculation but nothing solid. Dear Reader,here is the truth of flight 370-who did it,why and how.
The writer,Yoichi Shimatsu is a science writer with excellent worldwide intel connections. He investigated the 1992 El Al plane crash in Bjilmeer when it failed on takeoff from Schiphol airport,Amsterdam crashing into an apartment block.

That would have been the end of it but the surviving tenants soon began to suffer projectile vomiting.

It turned out the Israelis were illegally carrying precursors for their chemical warfare program using Schiphol airport as a logistics base. Nothing new to see here;just Normal Human People suffering the crimes of Jews-again.
I'll print in full. It may disappear from the net.

MH370 Revisited Part 1: Malaysians Defy Zionist Disinformation
At a closed-door seminar on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, veteran police commanders and retired military officers said that erroneous media reports and bizarre blogger theories are aimed at debunking the logical conclusion that the jetliner was hijacked. Trivialized speculation and futile searching have presented a mid-sea crash as the only possible scenario and a given fact without a shred of evidence.
Meanwhile the country’s largest ad agency is pushing a cynical publicity campaign to persuade families and friends to give up the search for their loved ones. Across the capital Kuala Lumpur, gigantic billboards and electronic signs are posted with “condolences” and “mourning” for those aboard MH370, asserting without an iota of proof that the passengers are dead. The shadowy ad firm Ganad behind this cruel hoax is hardly a moral standard bearer, after admitting to unreported business contracts and bribery in a court of law last year.
Who could be behind this campaign to demoralize the Malaysian public? A veteran Malaysian police detective at the seminar said that psychological-warfare tactics are being orchestrated from the Mossad station in neighboring Singapore, a stronghold of Zionist influence since the colonial era. The SingaIsraeli cover-up has backfired, however, as millions of skeptical Malaysians filter fact from corporate media lies and hold on to the possibility that someday, somehow the hostages will be freed from captivity.
Emerging Consensus Points to Israel as Perpetrator
The consensus among the gathering, which included veteran police and military officers who have insider access to government information, includes:
- The last radar detection of MH370, picked up by an airport at Surathani, Thailand, showed the jetliner moving due west between Penang and Lankawi island, past 2 a.m. when radar at the local international airports had already closed. The plane was not following a southerly arc toward Australia as erroneously suggested by European aircraft experts cited in the mass media.
- Eyewitness accounts of a low-flying jetliner over the Maldives are bona fide and consistent with other evidence showing the jetliner was forced to land on nearby Diego Garcia island, a US military facility in the British-controlled Chagos Islands group, where a large contingent of Israeli Defense Force personnel are stationed.
- The early-on claim that two Iranian terrorists were aboard was a red herring planted by the Mossad. The European passports in their possession were stolen in Thailand and their air tickets were purchased over the phone, suggesting a frame-up by Israeli spies, who operate out of the Chabad Houses in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The false terror scare was a ruse to convince the US military to permit MH370 to land at Diego Garcia.
- Before departure from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) the pilot ordered extra aircraft fuel, indicating a plan to fly the jetliner after transiting at Diego Garcia. With full fuel tanks, a Boeing 777 can easily reach Israel.
The map of southern tip of Diego Garcia shows where the MH370 passengers were detained, at an abandoned NSA complex at the top of the map, recently used as a prison for rendition suspects. Formerly called the Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance center, it was used by the NSA to track and process data from spy satellites. Its functions have been replaced by USAF-NSA orbital platforms. The demolished satellite dish park is shown below the NSA complex.
The Unknown Soldiers
On March 18, some 10 days after the hijack, American passenger Philip Wood managed to send an i-Phone message, consisting of a dark “selfie” photo of his hooded head. His voice message was probably received, transcribed and edited into a standard SOS text by his fiance Sarah Bajc, a business executive in Beijing with intelligence connections. His message reads:
“I have been held hostage by unknown military personnel after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the other passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.
The key words here are “unknown military”. A trained security expert, Wood would have detected British, Australian or Turkish accents among the hostage takers. The only other military contingent on Diego Garcia, second only to Americans in numbers of personnel, are the Israelis. Dressed in unmarked uniforms, the Israels would speak in English with a variety of accents and therefore fit his description of an “unknown military.”
Wood was unaware of his location. GPS data from his i-Phone phone indicate that the passengers were held in the southeast sector of the ring-shaped atoll at an abandoned NSA facility. Formerly known as the Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance center, the fenced site with several structures has been used for extraordinary renditions in the war on terror, as attested to in a 2009 lawsuit in a London court by two Egyptian prisoners secretly detained there, as reported by The Guardian.
As shown in the Egyptian suspects’ court testimony against the British military, allied forces have had free rein to run their own operations on Diego Garcia without interference from the US military. Therefore, it was possible for the Israelis to remain in control of the Flight 370 passengers and crew at the remote NSA facility, after turning over the two Iranians to American interrogators.
Wood’s role as the security expert for the Freescale Semiconductor team aboard MH370 would have prompted the Israel team to separate him from other passengers for solitary confinement. He was taken the switching facility for an abandoned array of satellite dishes, which appear as circles on the ground, south of the NSA compound.
The Israeli commandos isolated Wood because, as the team security expert, he was the only person who knew how to organize the computer programmers and other passengers to refuse to disclose their names and job titles to their captors. By hiding or exchanging their passports, and refusing any cooperation, the passengers could prevent the hijackers from completing their mission of identifying the Freesoft staffers and taking them on a smaller military aircraft to Israel. Wood’s task, in contrast, was to protect the data, so vital to American national security, whatever the sacrifice.
By March 24, Sarah Bajc’s on camera interviews with CNN and BBC bureaus in Beijing, and her pleas to the US Embassy, spurred the State Department and CIA officials to launch an inquiry as to why an American security expert was being held by a foreign military. Once investigators examined the GPS data sent with the i-Phone photo, American intelligence officials realized to their dismay that MH370 was parked on the US military base in Diego Garcia.
That shocking discovery caused the American officers at Diego Garcia to order the Israelis to remove the plane and its passengers from their jurisdiction. Since a return to Kuala Lumpur would have caused an uproar, the only acceptable destination was a Royal Australian Air Force base in the Outback, north of Perth. RAAF Base Pearce at Bullsbrook is a joint-use base with the Singapore Air Force, putting it under de facto control of the Israel Air and Space Wing, which organized the MH370 hijacking.
By hiding the plane in Western Australia, the military allies could to buy time to resolve the diplomatically embarrassing crisis. The plane never reached that holding center.
IBM security expert Philip Wood was kept in solitary confinement at this power switching station after “unknown military personnel” separated him from other passengers. The circles are foundations of dismantled satellite dishes and microwave-relay towers used by the NSA satellite-tracking station. From this site, he managed to send an SOS message from an i-Phone that he had hidden in his underpants.
Prenuptial Tragedy
The probable recipient of Wood’s smart-phone message is his Beijing-based fiance Sarah Bajc. A marketing expert for high-tech companies, she has professional links with the US Commerce Department, which began early in her career as a member of a federal committee on foreign trade. Former Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was US Ambassador to Beijing until the end of 2013, so she had personal access to the Embassy. As such, she has connections with US intelligence officer and the Western news media, including CNN and BBC, which covered her shocking statements that governments were running a cover-up over the hijacking and that the MH370 passengers were still alive.
In many ways, the romantic link between Wood and Bajc as tech-security experts was similar to the relationship between CIA counter-proliferation agent Valerie Plame and Ambaassador Joe Wilson. By no odd coincidence, the opponent of both brainy couples was the same: Israel along with its neoconservative operatives in the Pentagon.
Bajac claimed the jetliner was escorted by fighter jets . That sighting on descent to Diego Garcia was possible due to Wood’s security training, which enables an agent to regain consciousness against a dosage of sedatives, in this case sleeping gas released inside the airplane cabin. While civilians tend to succumb to drowsiness aboard vehicles, security agents undergo psychologial training to revive themselves from sedative-induced slumber. As a result, Wood saw the jet escort and realized that MH370 had been remotely hijacked.
Freescale Kinetis KL03 microcontroller unit
Asleep at the Wheel
The possibility that the passengers and crew were sedated via the air vents was confirmed by a police detective and a military officer at the Kuala Lumpur seminar. Calls to mobile phones of passengers aboard MH370 by relatives triggered ring tones that went unanswered, indicating the passengers had been drugged. That scenario gains credible support from the erratic steering just before MH370 made its U-turn to cross over the peninsula, indicating that the pilot was struggling with drowsiness just before the controls were taken from his hands by an electronic hijack.
The release of airborne-tranquilizers via the interior vents was patented in August 2003 by inventor Jose Paul Moretta, as part of a remote-piloting system to foil terrorist hijackers. Aircraft manufacturers may have developed a working system a decade earlier, at least since 1995, for installation on high risks air routes, for example, the Middle East.
Oxygen deprivation is not used in emergency situations because it can cause permanent damage to the brain and sensory organs. That false media claim by so-called aircraft experts is obviously intended to maintain airline secrecy about the anti-hijacking system aboard many large jetliners. The existence of a gassing system explains why airline regulations forbid oxygen cannisters aboard passenger jets, since an independent air supply would enable terrorists to stay in control of a hijacked jet.
(There is inconsistency over the specific Boeing 777 used for Flight 370 on March 8, with the Malaysian Air Service claiming it is a wholly owned aircraft delivered in March 2002. In contrast, the Planespotters group surfaced a document indicating the plane is an older model leased to MAS by GA Telesis. A change of plane number, with cooperation from Boeing Southeast Asia, is not inconceivable for two purposes: insurance claims for the loss of a plane and passengers; and to hide the past installation of a tranquilizing system when the jet was owned by the Kuwait aircraft leasing firm ALARCO. Corruption and cover-ups are standard practice at Boeing Southeast Asia, which under its current management is allegedly engaged in criminal trafficking activities along with bribery and kickbacks for plane sales.)
The electronic takeover of MH370′s controls over the Gulf of Thailand is a telltale sign that the pilot lost his nerve at the last minute and had failed to turn the aircraft westward as ordered by his spymaster. It will never be known whether the pilot realized that he was under Israel command, since espionage agencies use “cut outs”, middlemen who appear not to be associated with the operation planners. His assumption was probably one of aiding Islamic extremists, as is the case in many so-called jihadist false-flag attacks secretly organized by the Mossad against US or Arab interests.
The Titiwangsa Mountains, which forms the backbone of the Kra Peninsula, is risky for pilots even in daylight hours because of its jagged peaks. During nighttime, downdrafts are especially dangerous, and MH370 crossed one of the highest passes of the Main Range.
A Loss of Nerve
After takeoff from Kuala Lumpur airport just after midnight, the pilot should have veered off the scheduled route to Beijing while the aircraft was still overland and not yet reached the seacoast. To the northeast of Kuala Lumpur, the jetliner could have safely slipped between the lower-elevation Genting Highlands and Fraser Hills for radar invisibility and turned westward, remaining far south of radar range of the international airports at Penang and Langkawi island.
The pilot, however, missed the easiest turning points and proceeded beyond the Pacific coast, missing other possible crossing lanes over the increasing higher Main Range. When the plane crossed the extended Malaysian-Thai maritime boundary, a radar station at Kota Terengganu, south of the Thai border, picked up signals indicating sudden erratic right and then left turns, first rising and then dropping to a much lower elevation. These out-of-control movements indicate the pilot was having problems with steering the aircraft. The plane’s radio communications was suddenly cut off, as indicated by the co-pilot’s futile attempt to make a distress call from his mobile phone.
If the cockpit vents were indeed spewing tranquilizer gas, the pilots could have easily put on their oxygen masks and ordered the loosening of breathing masks inside the passenger cabin. Obviously, the emergency oxygen system had tampered with by a Boeing mechanic at Kuala Lumpur International Airport or earlier at Tarbes-Lourdes Airport in the French Pyrenees, where the leased planes was parked and serviced by GA Telesis for six months of 2013. The plane actual production number is therefore vital to the investigation, regardless of insurance claims.
Within minutes, a Thai military radar unit at an undisclosed location, picked up signals indicating the plane turned around and was flying back toward Malaysia. That U-turn, following some confused movements, indicates that an Israeli satellite or electronic-warfare aircraft had successfully taken over the controls of MH370.
The Boeing 777 then crossed over a series of peaks of three Malaysian states, including Terengganu, Perak and Kedah. After 2 a.m., the jetliner slipped through the gap between Penang and Lankawi airports, where its trajectory over Butterworth rail station was picked up by a radar unit at Surathani Airport in Thailand, which was probably alerted by Thai military aircraft trackers. Thailand will not disclose what it knows because of its recent purchase of a fleet of SAAB fighter jets to counterbalance Malaysia’s Sukhoi attack planes.
No pilot would attempt such such a crazed high-risk flight path over a series of mountains at nighttime. Therefore the only possible explanation is that the pilot failed to perform his assigned task, and an electronic hijacking system took over the cockpit for a mad dash toward Diego Garcia with the crown jewels of American technology and a cargo of unsuspecting passengers fast asleep under the effects of drugged air.
Faking a Mid-Sea Crash
After their harrowing stopover at Diego Garcia, what could have happened to MH370? With Phil Wood out of their way and possibly dead by March 20 at an isolated corner of Diego Garcia, the passengers apparently continued to refuse cooperation with their Israeli captors.
Thus, delays stymied the Israeli effort to identify the computer programmers who had developed the game-changing Kinetis KL02 and KL03 microcontroller chips, the core of a new generation of ultra-small weapons, which Israel hopes to deploy against Iranian military installations and underground nuclear plants. The debriefing of passengers would thus a require more interrogation time and more interrogators with Malay and Chinese language skills than available on Diego Garcia.
Then, as State Department intelligence began its inquiry into the solitary confinement of the American security expert at an US military base, the Israeli had to quickly move the passengers off Diego Garcia. The American garrison obviously could not have the physical evidence of the Malaysian plane nor the illegal detention of more than 200 civilians uncovered by diplomatic intelligence and CIA agents.
Sleight of Hand
The planned move to Australia was unacceptable to IDF Headquarters in Tel Aviv. The Freescale chip designers were urgently needed to produce their breakthrough microcontrollers in Israel. The Israeli military-industrial complex was obsessed with a crash program to design and build ultra-small self-guided weapons for the coming attack on Iran’s underground nuclear plants, air-defense system and command-and-control centers.
Therefore, the Israeli pilots headed toward Australia as ordered by the American military but then faked an air crash in the southern Indian Ocean. A steep nosedive with last-second pullout was enough to deceive the Australian and US governments. After a radar image was picked up in Perth, the pilot turned the plane around in the opposite direction, toward the Red Sea and Israel. This is why the sea search was not launched until more than two weeks after the plane went missing.
Once again, MH370 evaded radar detection, this time on its final journey, to the Promised Land.
MH370 Revisited Part 2: Protecting US Defense Technology
Several blogs are using dubious photo analysis to question the credibility of Philip Wood, the American aboard MH370 whose i-Phone message showed that the plane had been hijacked, its passengers detained by “unknown military personnel” and the detention center to be on the Diego Garcia military base. The secrecy surrounding Wood’s background does not mean that he and his fiance Sarah Bajc are “crisis actors”. On the contrary, the facts point to his status as a tech-security agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
Across Asia, the DIA has a reputation for professionalism far surpassing the CIA’s armchair scholars, narcissist neophytes and diplomatic cocktail freeloaders. Wood fits the DIA profile to a tee, being computer savvy, knowledgeable about defense-related technology, careful in maintaining his cover at IBM, silent about his military record and physically tough.
The fact that the Israelis confined and likely murdered a DIA agent reveals the extreme desperation that compelled the theft of America’s most advanced defense technology. The midair hijack aimed at abducting 20 computer-technology experts with Freescale Semiconductor exposes the outlaw mentality of a rogue state that holds its closest ally and benefactor in utter contempt. Simply put, Israel has emerged as America’s most implacable enemy and all the more dangerous because it poses as an ally and friend.
Israel resorted to stealing the Freescale Kinetis KL02 and KL03 techology, rather than waiting to pay for licensing rights, because the micro-controller is urgently needed for the upcoming military assault on Iran. The widening divide between the State Department and Israel over Iran policy, particularly the question of a bombing campaign, put the hawkish and fanatic Netyanhu government onto a “go it alone” warpath against Tehran.
Since it is logistically impossible for the Israel Air Force to fly long-distance sorties against Iranian military sites without control over Syrian airspace, the only feasible alternative to aerial bombing is to unleash hordes of lightweight ultra-small robotic weapons that can fly and crawl into underground military facilities.
The KL series microcontroller units (MCU) are the brains for these tiny self-guided weapons, whose sensors can find pathways through air ducts, power conduits and plumbing pipes to attack electronic controls and incapacitate personnel with nerve gas or biowarfare agents. When launched from Dolphin submarines under the cover of nightfall, there is no effective defense against an army of tiny ninja robots.
The one person who stood in the way of Israel’s devious plans was Philip Wood, who was not a crisis actor, as suggested in a disinformation campaign, but instead an American patriot. Without his courageous efforts to organize resistance against the hostage-takers, the Israelis would have gotten away with the perfect crime. Now, thanks to his sense of duty and personal sacrifice, the perpetrators stand naked before the world as the despicable thugs they really are. The test of American honor rides on whether the White House or Congress dares to defy Israeli treachery by acknowledging Phil Wood with a posthumous medal.
Get Off of My Cloud
Texas resident Wood was, on the surface, a quiet and unassuming computer memory expert with IBM, following his father’s career path. Oddly, no details of his work on cloud computing and computer security in Dallas-Fort Worth are listed on his Linked-in page.
The omission of a local client list is due to the fact that Big Blue’s largest customer in Fort Worth is USAF-Lockheed Plant 4 at Carswell military airfield. Plant 4 is where the Air Force and its aerospace contractors install, test and improve the aviation electronics for America’s most advanced fighters, including the F-22, F-35 and F-18, along with the navigation systems for drones, missiles and smart bombs. Computer security against hackers and human-based industrial espionage is, therefore, all-important to protecting American defense-technology edge against its many adversaries and friendly rivals.
The Air Force upgraded its longtime partnership with IBM computer services with a 2010 master contract to transfer its production data, including weapons design and personnel matters, to a cloud computing platform with strong security. Even well-protected servers in any lab or office can be hacked with relative ease with newer software. Cloud computing, in contrast, establishes a virtual network protected by the latest firewall software even before its public release. The network is constantly monitored to determine user behavior and to track down any attempts to break into unauthorized areas.
The other advantage of the Cloud is its flexibility, moving as it can across different computer nodes. If a major node is disrupted or destroyed by a virus attack, terrorist bombing or a nuclear strike, the data network simply moves onto other computers in safer locations. Therefore, in event of a nuclear war, America’s command-and-control system will survive intact to deliver a precision counterstrike with its remaining arsenal.
Called to Kuala Lumpur
After much of Plant 4, with all its components, came under cloud protection, Wood was transferred to Kuala Lumpur and Beijing following an IBM contract signing with Freescale Semicondutor.
The Austin-headquartered firm, a spinoff of Motorola, is heavily dependent on Asian programmers, with their excellent design skills, mathematical prowess, lower salaries and persistence at quality control. This is why the world’s smallest MCUs were designed and perfected at the Freescale plant in Petaling Jaya, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.
The creation of the KL series prompted top defense-technology experts to assign watchdogs over Freescale’s Asian operations. In November 2013, Joanne Maguire with Lockheed was appointed to the Freescale board of directors. Her career record shows her to be a veteran defense-tech executive as vice president of Lockheed, a member of the national Defense Technology commission, and a director of the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, a cutting-edge weapons research center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
At the same moment, Phil Wood was appointed as fulltime technology manager with IBM Malaysia. For the first time in his career, he was given the executive privilege of having a public life and personal freedom, which was disclosed mainly through his courtship of Beijing-based Sarah Bajc. Besides their late-life romance, the couple “covered the bases” of high-tech security, he in the defense-related sector and she in the civilian corporate economy. A wedding could only increase their professional synergy. Their pre-nuptial plan was to set up house in Kuala Lumpur. Instead, their relationship proved to be tragic, cut short by an Israeli special forces team on Diego Garcia.
Israel’s Best and Cruelest
Narrowing down the possible suspects in the MH370 hijacking is not especially difficult. The operation requires a unique set of resources, skills and experience. The remote control of a larger jetliner requires a mobile satellite with GPS guidance hardware to chart the path and narrow-band radar to determine the captured aircraft’s altitude. In short, guidance through three dimensions plus time, through a spatial-temporal matrix with variable factors including weather, potential mid-flight collision with other aircraft and evasion of radar detection.
In short, the operation requires a well-equipped and highly trained Air Force with the most advanced, which reduces the field to the USAF and the Israeli Air and Space Wing. The operation also involves an on-the-ground military intelligence corps, thoroughly knowledgeable about passenger and crew behavior in a hijacking situation. Among the world’s 192 countries, no air force unit has as much air-hijacking expertise as the Special Surface-Air Designation Team Unit 5101, Israel’s most secret special forces group, which is known by the Hebrew term for “kingfisher” or Shaldag.
In recent years, Shaldag conducted the deep infiltration into Syrian territory to target a suspected nuclear plant being built by North Korean technicians. Later, Kingfishers aboard helicopters, flying undetected amid white-hot phosphorus barrages, used short-range missiles and gunfire to suppress nearly every Hamas rocket-launch site during Operation Pillar of Fire against Gaza. All the credit was given to Israel’s Iron Dome missile shield, while the real story of highly disciplined forward-deployed soldiers will never see the light of day.
The commander of Shaldag has earned a sterling reputation for accurate intelligence work, meticulous preparation, boldness in attack and personal bravery for his many successful operations. As a result, General Benjamin “Benny” Ganz was promoted to Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Force in 2011. His first major decision was to combine the land, sea and air special forces into a combined spearhead called the Iran Force. War is on the horizon.
The electronic hijacking of MH370 to seize the Firewall KL technology has all the hallmarks of Ganz’s tactical genius, steel determination and utter ruthlessness. One team led by one leader pulled off the airborne equivalent of an Ocean’s 11 heist. On a good day in a certain light, the general even looks like George Clooney.
Outgunned and outnumbered by Israel’s best and cruelest, Phil Wood had no chance in this fight, but he tripped up his Israeli captors long enough for this ongoing investigation by many veteran analysis in the US and Malaysia, networked through, to pick up the trail and pursue the Ganz gang. The American hero’s body will probably never be found, when there are so many places to dig holes in the Chagos Islands.
To the Promised Land
So what happened to the Malaysian Airline passengers if they did not die on impact in the southern Indian Ocean?
The jet flew toward the Red Sea, where electronic-warfare planes with Israeli Air Force routinely jam Saudi and Egyptian radar. Nearing the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, the Israel pilot would then veer the jetliner into the Gulf of Aqaba and over the Israeli-controlled Negev Desert, while trying not to be spotted near the port of Eilat. The plane was therefore probably flown at night.
To guarantee a safe landing, a Boeing 777 requires a 3900 meter runway like the one at Diego Garcia. There are only three such long airfields in Israel, including the international airports of Tel Aviv Ben Gurion and Ovda outside Eilat. Landing a Malaysian jetliner at either civilian airport would be too conspicuous since Malaysia does not recognize the “Zionist entity” as a legitimate nation-state. Conversely, it would seem equally strange to ground crews for an El Al jet land at Kuala Lumpur. There is no love lost between these two small countries.
That leaves only one possible destination, which is Nevatim Air Base south of Beersheba and close to the Dimona Nuclear Weapons Reactor. The largest airfield in the Middle East, Nevatim is the base for Israel’s strategic nuclear strike force and was used for tactical bombing campaigns against Gaza. Its secret facilities include hardened underground hangars large enough to hide a Boeing 777.
There inside the labyrinth below sand, gravel and concrete slabs, Israel Air Force interrogators have by now filtered out the Freescale programmers for dispatch to IDF electronics-warfare laboratories at smaller military bases. Their design concepts and production data will establish production of tiny microcontroller chips at some of the 60 semiconductor companies that are members of the Israel Advanced Technology Alliance (IATI), which is owned by the Paris-based Rothschild Group.
Lord Jacob Rothschild, head of London-based Rothschild Capital and dominant investor in the Blackstone Group, was unable to pry the Kinetis KL series, from the American executive management at Freescale’s Austin headquarters. Thus the head of the Rothschild dynasty made a lateral pass to his French nephew Benjamin, whose IATI group is directly connected with the IDF electronic warfare division. The history of the Rothschild fortune follows an iron rule: Whenever you can’t buy, steal.
Gen. Benny Ganz and his Shaldag force were given the complicated assignment to obtain the microcontroller by any necessary means. In cooperation with the Mossad station in Singapore and Beijing, the Israeli Air and Space Wing’s special operations group devised the operational plan to seize the Freescale programmers and their hard drives aboard MH370.
The operation proceeded much like one of the intricate plots of the Ocean’s 11 series, beset with unexpected crises, but in the end brilliantly successful.
The loser in the MH370 heist is not just Malaysia, but also the United States of America, which has been humiliated as well as burned by its little upstart ally. Punishing Israel won’t be easy, even for a superpower.
Chandra Muzaffar, head of the Malaysia human-rights group JUST International, described the present situation as: “Barack Obama is only the second president to move away from support for Israel. The first American leader who openly opposed Israel was John Kennedy, and look what happened to him.”
The theft of the tiny Kinetis microchip is a giant step toward a war on Iran. The success of the hijack operation is also a major challenge to America’s superpower status. A new global empire headquartered in Israel, Wall Street and the City of London now feels confident enough to slap around the Pentagon and the White House with impunity, and kill an American defense intelligence agent inside a US military base.
If history offers any lessons, two centuries ago the Rothschild-financed and controlled Royal British Army smashed through US Marine Corps defenses and stormed into Washington DC. After eating dinner inside the presidential residence, the British troopers set fire to the White House. It is happening again.
Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor with the Japan Times group, is a Hong Kong-based science writer.
Postscript: Illuminati Magic Behind a Disappearing Act
The MH370 mystery is inspiring psychics to conjure the location of the missing plane and has spurred online discussion of its numerological, astrological and occult implications. These eerie musings tend to focus on picayune details like the logo of Malaysia airlines with its double trident that resembles 33, a number redolent of Freemasonry, which is nearly as loaded as the Boeing model number 777 (666 plus 111).
Such Harry Potter-style dabbling is child’s play compared with the real-world linkages of the MH370 hijacking to the actual historical, political and economic foundations of Illuminati power. The codebook is an occult classic, the Shakespeare-Roger Bacon play “The Tempest.”
The strange tale focuses on the relationship between the Kabbalist sorcerer Prospero, who is exiled and shipwrecked on a tropical island inhabited by fantastical creatures including a rebellious half-human/half-demon named Caliban and the dainty trickster Ariel. Both are enslaved by the superior magical power of Prospero, a character who much like Goethe’s Faust is admired and feared as an Illuminati master.
Caliban’s description of strange sounds over his native island were recited by actpr Kenneth Branaugh at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. The themes are reflected in reference to Diego Garcia, an atoll shaped like the letter C, where the dazed passengers aboard MH370 landed like Prospero in forced exile.
The isle is full of noises,
Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears . . .”
Recast in our high-tech era, his words describe with wonder the full spectrum of electronic-warfare from radar and radio communications to the remote piloting software used to hijack MH370 and the pinger in the darkest depths of the Indian Ocean. Yesterday’s magic is today’s technology.
“And sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep
Will make me sleep again; and then in dreaming
The clouds methought would open and show riches
Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked
I cried to dream again.”
Mobile phones were ringing as passengers fell asleep under the influence of a tranquilizing gas, while faraway remote pilots took ghostly control of the cockpit over the Gulf of Thailand. The clouds suggest the Cloud Computing with which IBM security expert Phil Wood tried to protect the secrets of the Air Force, those flying angels. A sweet dream is more comforting than waking up inside a cell with a hood over your head.
Caliban today would not be a monster but a transhuman chimera, a man interfaced with bionic machines guided by tiny Kinetis microcontroller chips.
The nimble and clever sprite Ariel, in contrast, is a study in espionage, sabotage and psychological warfare as he carries out Prospero’s orders.
Now in the waist, the deck, in every cabin,
I flamed amazement: sometime I’d divide
And burn in many places.
The perfect secret agent for an airplane hijack or to destroy a nuclear power plant, Ariel is the Mossad, Shaldag and the Israel Space Agency. The Rothschild dynast happens to sponsor Ariel University, Israel’s emerging cauldron for the black arts of advanced weapons development, electronic warfare, security studies and media propaganda.
Then there is Lord Rothschild himself, Prospero incarnate in our time, with the Kinetis microcontroller on his palm like a flawless crystal palantir, the source of invincible magic against which humanity is powerless.
“These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air;
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve;
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind.
Never mind the human toll, everything fades into nothingness. In the instantaneous realm of globalism, nothing survives for no one exists. There are just fleeting images that come and go like phantasms on a smart phone screen. David Copperfield can only make an elephant disappear, so how much more amazing it is for a jumbo jet to vanish into thin air.
We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.
Now, before you drift off, let’s cut to the quick of the politick. Israel’s top software testing company Tescom has as its primary client Rafael Armaments, which develops avionics for warplanes and missiles. Rafael is also the angel of the Apocalypse, who blows a horn three times to signal that the End Days have arrived. All shall die.
Tescom has an regional office in Singapore, the hub for Mossad espionage and hacking by the ghouls of Google across Southeast Asia. The sorcerer is a spy.
Coincidentally, Sarah Bajc in the past served as the managing director of Tescom US and organized its IPO on the AIM (alternative index) of the London Stock Exchange. Tescom may have since then secretly monitored her email to track IBM-Freescale security expert Philip Wood. Good men will surely die.
Curiously, Tescom’s internet domain was registered at Prospero House located on Old Jewry street, in the City of London, the heart of Britain’s financial markets and the domicile of the English branch of the Rothschild family. Inside Prospero House, there is a conference hall called the Illuminate Center.
So remember Ariel’s warning:
“While you here do snoring lie,
Open-eyed Conspiracy
His time doth take.
If of life you keep a care,
Shake off slumber, and beware.
Awake, awake!”

Yes,200+ plus innocents dead; Rothschilds and Israelis plotting for an Iranian invasion-what's new?

Wednesday 7 August 2013


Ever since,George Zimmerman was acquitted last week of murder in the Sanford,Florida Trayvon Martin shooting certain elements of the case have remained underwater, hidden from view totally overlooked in the cacophony of anger,disbelief and expert judicial analysis.

For those living under a rock or newly arrived from Mars this 17 year old was shot dead by a neighbourhod watch guard,27 year old George Zimmerman in February last year who thought he looked suspicious due to his hoodie. Mind you, this happened in a struggle when Zimmerman accosted the late Trayvon at the affluent middle class gated community of The Retreat,after being specifically ordered by 911 dispatch to leave him alone.

Florida's 'stand your ground' laws which allow one to stand his ground in a confrontation and use deadly force. Right from the beginning the MSM inflamed matters. Incendiary radio call in programs praised George ignoring the fact both men had equal right to be in the gated community since Trayvon was also resident. The prosecution 'accidentally 'leaked Trayvon's death photo.

In further injustice his body sat unattended at the mortuary for 3 days despite police knowledge. Maybe, not altogether unattended-there's an ongoing program in all N. American hospitals, health facilities and medical research institutes to recover melanin,the pineal gland and even body parts from healthy black males,though that may not be the case here it happens frequently enough. Any black people living in the US/UK or Canada can see for themselves how blood services need their rhesus negative blood type.

The Zimmerman family has some longstanding intel and military connections dating back to World War2. Robert Walter Zimmerman,the grandafather worked in the US Naval Intelligence. He was on a first name basis with the CIA founders Allen Dulles,John Foster Dulles,James Jesus Angleton,Richard Helms and Bill Donovan.

In 1947 he married Silvia Brull a Spanish citizen.and was posted to Lima,Peru to cover the American Empire's burgeoning post war neocolonial  holdings. This is where George's dad was born. Evidently,he succeeded in his tasks  since he was then entrusted with coordinating  CIA heroin operations in  S E Asia when he was posted to Bangkok in 1950 with official cover of economic attache,obviously a major promotion for a young ambitious officer.

From there a decade later he was posted to Spain where he worked closely with Gen Franco and ex Nazis. In the 70s he was seen many times in S America with Stroessner of Paraguay and Pinochet of Chile helping to plan anti communist repression operations and crimes against humanity like Operation Condor where the regions right wing rulers formed a cross border alliance based on the murder and torture of dissidents.

George's dad,Roberto has an equally interesting career. He served one tour in Vietnam 1970 and in the mid 80s worked in the DoD,in the office of the SecDef,Frank Charles Carlucci III,the top tier of the sharp end of the ugly face of US foreign policy. Carlucci, a former Catholic seminarian is a man who if so inclined could pull back the curtains on most if not all post war dealings like the Anglo Jewish expansion into S America and the 3rd world or US government deals with Italian mafia.

Such,then were the man papa George worked with. In turn he was trusted as was shown when after his 2000 retirement these same forces practically ushered him into a Virginia court seat where he is now a judge.

As for the Martin family,they have direct links with Freemasonry and black street gangs.

The Crip (a major Los Angeles street gang) tattoo was on his neck but covered with another of praying hands. If you've been reading this blog you'll know these are simply the low level street soldiers for the higher level transnational Global Elites who control the international drug trade . These are the guys that take the blame and are served up to the police to make arrests.

Also,but not no surprising he is a full fledged  Freemason,in fact the District Grand Master of the International Free and Accepted Modern Masons  and Order of the Eastern Star.

It is also apparent that Tracy's girlfriend Brandi Green of about 2 years who was staying at the home in The Retreat  was also a Freemason of the same Eastern Order.

Brandi Green and her sister Zakiya Richardson below

On the night of the shooting on 2/26 the 2 sisters were attending a crucial Masonic ceremony in Kissimee, Florida. It was the ritual observance of the sacrifice of a Grand Master's first born to Moloch.

Frankly we'll never know all the details-but we do know what we know,which is this. The Global Elites have a tried and tested means to control the masses. Tensions are deliberately inflamed,ethnic groups are incited and often deliberately targeted as a safety valve;"at least my people are better off than (insert race here)," and the whole Trayvon case could have been a chapter in this playbook.

Did Tracy willingly sacrifice his son? Impossible to say but given his history its likely. The case for a deliberate sacrifice would be strengthened if it could be shown irrefutably that George had taken psychotropic substances in advance of the shooting to lower his inhibitions. There are reports he acted strangely afterward but the police didn't take any blood or urine samples.

Whatever the case,the narrative is about the meaningless death of an innocent 17 year old-a child. Not guns or violence though the question must be asked-would this have happened if he were white? What do you think?

Thursday 1 August 2013


As Africans we know we constantly bear the brunt of misconceptions,propaganda, preconceived ideas and outright lies like nobody else on this earth. Apart from bullshit about HIV/AIDS/famine/ethnic conflict/poverty and political chaos the most enduring trope is that of cannibal. Often,whenever that cliche comes up the story of Idi Amin and his freezer full of human heads is told.
The truth is Amin and his Nilotic Kakwa tribe are no more cannibal than Hindus! Actually,both Kakwas would regard the eating of human flesh with equal horror.

 Were there ever regular anthropophagy in Africa? Yes. Anthropologists have divided the practice into 3 types: survival,exocannibalism and endocannibalism. The first is a product of extreme hunger,(ask the Japanese what happened to their 20,000 free Indian army 'allies' on Rabaul misused as slave labour). The second is consumption of the flesh of one's own social group be it a clan,tribe,lineage or extended family while the third refers to eating of outsiders. This is mostly associated with headhunting.
Many Congolese tribes were once cannibal as were the Bagisu of eastern Uganda. This is why the latter call themselves Bukusu,a related Kenyan community,whenever they seek work as farm labour throughout Kikuyuland. Missionaries and explorers all commented on this and one wrote a book about Bagisu cannibalism,though its unavailable online. 2 different sources all confirmed this. One was a young cane cutter on a sugar plantation in 1950s colonial W Kenya and swore he saw a Gisu woman adding human flesh to illegally brewed maize beer in the worker's lines.
The other man's story is similar and took place in late 60s central Uganda on a farm. He says he witnessed the brewer stir the fermenting maize beer with a withered human arm. Upon horrified incredulous interrogation she answered matter of factly, "this is what we do." Apparently it literally adds bite to the taste of maize beer!

Whatever the type or form of cannibalism it  was once common in certain areas among certain groups. When these same groups migrated to the Americas and S Pacific in ancient times they took these same cultures with them.

Cannibal New Guinean stars of National Geographic.

 Regarding the Chosenites,aka God's Own on This Earth,the Khazarian Jews there's more than ample evidence of Jewish Ritual Murder for human flesh eating,one of the many reasons they've been run out of  over 100 different countries since 250 AD. Usury and sharp business practices are tolerable to a certain extent but no normal human people can tolerate unevolved Ice Age Neanderthals subjecting Gentile kids to this inhumanity. The evidence strongly suggests the ritual is a function of their ancient undying hatred for the other,the outgroup,the Goy (human cattle),the Gentile.

This Ukrainian child was killed by the Jew ,Mendel Beilis in Kiev on March 1911 sparking off worldwide knowledge of ongoing Khazar cannibalism. The carotid was cut and he was hung upside down to allow the blood to drain into a container. The blood is then mixed with flour to make matsa balls for the feast of Purim;a typically bloodthirsty Jewish celebration of death and betrayal. This marks the day the Jewish Esther convinced the Persian king Ahasereus to kill the children of their enemies.

In this exceedingly rare series of their post mortem photos of Nazi officers after the semi judicial Nuremberg show trials you can see their respective blood trails inset.

 Julius Streicher


 Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel,a  German warrior and true Teutonic knight of old. On taking the surrender of French forces in 1940 after the astonishing blitzkreig victory he told his distraught opposite French General,"I cannot,as a soldier,let this occasion pass by without expressing to you my sympathy  for the sad moments you have experiences a s a Frenchman. You can be comforted by knowing,as I state it here expressly,that your soldiers have fought with their usual gallantry."
When his time came at the end of the judicial lynching that was Nuremberg,he went out like the born Spartan he was saying: "I call on the Almighty. May he have mercy on the German people and show them tenderness. More than 2 million German soldiers died for their Fatherland and preceded me.I will follow my own sons. All for Germany!"

Ernest Kaltenbrunner

Jewish consumption of Goy flesh as a form of hatred explains the frequency of cannibalism among the many Khazar serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer,Albert Fish, ,Andrei Chikatilo, Henry Lee Lucas were a few among at least 20 cannibals. There was also a Jewish baker in 1920s Germany who served the flesh of his victims in pastry. In fact I suspect it may be a cultural remnant of these notoriously inbred people.
So,Dear Reader,next time National Geographic goes to New Guinea to bring live cannibals to your flat screen,tell them to look closer.

Here's an extremely interesting 1989 interview on Oprah,of all places. A Jewish woman admits her Chicago  family has been involved in Satanic practices since the 1700s. Further she elaborates that cannibalism gives them 'power.'

Tellingly,she declares there's a book on Jewish mysticism relating to these Satanic practices. Yes,this shit is real! Despite many later shows on Satanic ritual child abuse featuring both victim and perpetrator Oprah never again referred to Chosenite occult cannibalism.