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As Africans we know we constantly bear the brunt of misconceptions,propaganda, preconceived ideas and outright lies like nobody else on this earth. Apart from bullshit about HIV/AIDS/famine/ethnic conflict/poverty and political chaos the most enduring trope is that of cannibal. Often,whenever that cliche comes up the story of Idi Amin and his freezer full of human heads is told.
The truth is Amin and his Nilotic Kakwa tribe are no more cannibal than Hindus! Actually,both Kakwas would regard the eating of human flesh with equal horror.

 Were there ever regular anthropophagy in Africa? Yes. Anthropologists have divided the practice into 3 types: survival,exocannibalism and endocannibalism. The first is a product of extreme hunger,(ask the Japanese what happened to their 20,000 free Indian army 'allies' on Rabaul misused as slave labour). The second is consumption of the flesh of one's own social group be it a clan,tribe,lineage or extended family while the third refers to eating of outsiders. This is mostly associated with headhunting.
Many Congolese tribes were once cannibal as were the Bagisu of eastern Uganda. This is why the latter call themselves Bukusu,a related Kenyan community,whenever they seek work as farm labour throughout Kikuyuland. Missionaries and explorers all commented on this and one wrote a book about Bagisu cannibalism,though its unavailable online. 2 different sources all confirmed this. One was a young cane cutter on a sugar plantation in 1950s colonial W Kenya and swore he saw a Gisu woman adding human flesh to illegally brewed maize beer in the worker's lines.
The other man's story is similar and took place in late 60s central Uganda on a farm. He says he witnessed the brewer stir the fermenting maize beer with a withered human arm. Upon horrified incredulous interrogation she answered matter of factly, "this is what we do." Apparently it literally adds bite to the taste of maize beer!

Whatever the type or form of cannibalism it  was once common in certain areas among certain groups. When these same groups migrated to the Americas and S Pacific in ancient times they took these same cultures with them.

Cannibal New Guinean stars of National Geographic.

 Regarding the Chosenites,aka God's Own on This Earth,the Khazarian Jews there's more than ample evidence of Jewish Ritual Murder for human flesh eating,one of the many reasons they've been run out of  over 100 different countries since 250 AD. Usury and sharp business practices are tolerable to a certain extent but no normal human people can tolerate unevolved Ice Age Neanderthals subjecting Gentile kids to this inhumanity. The evidence strongly suggests the ritual is a function of their ancient undying hatred for the other,the outgroup,the Goy (human cattle),the Gentile.

This Ukrainian child was killed by the Jew ,Mendel Beilis in Kiev on March 1911 sparking off worldwide knowledge of ongoing Khazar cannibalism. The carotid was cut and he was hung upside down to allow the blood to drain into a container. The blood is then mixed with flour to make matsa balls for the feast of Purim;a typically bloodthirsty Jewish celebration of death and betrayal. This marks the day the Jewish Esther convinced the Persian king Ahasereus to kill the children of their enemies.

In this exceedingly rare series of their post mortem photos of Nazi officers after the semi judicial Nuremberg show trials you can see their respective blood trails inset.

 Julius Streicher


 Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel,a  German warrior and true Teutonic knight of old. On taking the surrender of French forces in 1940 after the astonishing blitzkreig victory he told his distraught opposite French General,"I cannot,as a soldier,let this occasion pass by without expressing to you my sympathy  for the sad moments you have experiences a s a Frenchman. You can be comforted by knowing,as I state it here expressly,that your soldiers have fought with their usual gallantry."
When his time came at the end of the judicial lynching that was Nuremberg,he went out like the born Spartan he was saying: "I call on the Almighty. May he have mercy on the German people and show them tenderness. More than 2 million German soldiers died for their Fatherland and preceded me.I will follow my own sons. All for Germany!"

Ernest Kaltenbrunner

Jewish consumption of Goy flesh as a form of hatred explains the frequency of cannibalism among the many Khazar serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer,Albert Fish, ,Andrei Chikatilo, Henry Lee Lucas were a few among at least 20 cannibals. There was also a Jewish baker in 1920s Germany who served the flesh of his victims in pastry. In fact I suspect it may be a cultural remnant of these notoriously inbred people.
So,Dear Reader,next time National Geographic goes to New Guinea to bring live cannibals to your flat screen,tell them to look closer.

Here's an extremely interesting 1989 interview on Oprah,of all places. A Jewish woman admits her Chicago  family has been involved in Satanic practices since the 1700s. Further she elaborates that cannibalism gives them 'power.'

Tellingly,she declares there's a book on Jewish mysticism relating to these Satanic practices. Yes,this shit is real! Despite many later shows on Satanic ritual child abuse featuring both victim and perpetrator Oprah never again referred to Chosenite occult cannibalism.

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