Thursday 14 February 2013


Winston Churchill was many things. In many ways he was a product of his aristocratic lineage and late 19th century England. Nearly half the world was coloured the pink of Pax Brittanica. As a young man he fought in Pakistan,S. Africa and Sudan.Arch imperialist,hero of the English speaking world,consummate politician,adroit military strategist and unparalleled weaver of word tapestries. That,at least is how he is known today and after all he did say,"history will be kind to me,for I intend to write it."

If only things were that simple;if only narratives adhered however loosely to historical fact. The narrative isn't straightforward bullshit-its not a bunch of people waking up one morning and deciding,"alright,these are the lies we're going to tell today." No,not by any means-its much more subtle and insidious;being the sum of casual nonrigorous assertions people  believe in  that validates their presence in the wider world. Eg,remember the WMD? Dubya,said he was invading Iraq because  Saddam was hiding them and the Mainstream Media all helped reinforce that particular narrative.The enduring power of the narrative is exemplified by the official 911 story. Over a decade later,with the 'hijackers,' having been seen alive and well throughout the Arab World after their supposed 'suicides',with 2 of the WTC buildings collapsing without any aircraft strikes people still believe the official version. Closer home in Kenya,people still  parrot the 'stolen elections,' mantra of 2007. However when proof of WHO exactly rigged and still lost is shown they uniformly change the subject or seek refuge in fake anger.
Back to the real Winston,enthusiastic warlord,destroyer of Dresden,druid,male rapist of younger cadets at Sandhurst Military Academy, he reveled in death and destruction. Not just 3rd world tribes,the Pathans,Iraqi Arabs and Kurds suffered his wrath but also his own lower classes. During the general strike of 1926 when miners went on strike protesting a mandatory 20% paycut he seriously suggested using machine guns on them.
As early as pre WW 1 when he was still a new MP his amorality was noticed. The Spectator on Churchill in 1911: "We cannot detect in his career any principles or even any constant outlook upon public affairs; his ear is always to the ground; he is the true demagogue." Lloyd George in this period compared Churchill to "a chauffeur who apparently is perfectly sane and drives with great skill for months, then suddenly takes you over a precipice."

I find proof of his druidism amusing. Obviously this move was to gain him access to the upper reaches of Society with their familiar practices of esoteric occultism and witchcraft-it must have worked. (The druids were the original priests of Neolithic Britain,those who built Stonehenge in either 2000 or 8000 bc. Did he know he was entering an ancient African religion? A post for another day.)
What is true is that as Britain's youngest ever First Sea Lord in WW 1 he unwisely pushed an amphibious landing in Turkey to relieve pressure on the Western Front. A total of 500,000 Brit,Aussie,New Zealand,French and Indian troops ultimately took part in the doomed battle of Gallipoli. Between the successful amphibious  landing in February 1915 and their evacuation in December they suffered 50% casualties-with nothing to show for the immense human cost. Today,Gallipoli remains a byword for military incompetence.

The constant unrelieved fighting over barren,featureless ground for little gain was so intense 7 VCs were awarded to the Aussie unit in one relatively minor engagement at Lone Pine Hill.

Just before WW 2 its known by many he was  in such serious debt he was in danger of losing the family home, Bleinheim Palace,seat of the Churchills for generations. Jewish banksters bailed him put on condition he destroys Germany. From unabashed admirer of Nazism he performed the somersault for which he was rightly famous.
He also practiced peculiar rituals,perhaps a vestige of his not so dormant Druidism.
Dennis Wheatley, Dion Fortune, Dr Alexander Cannon and Ian Fleming both claimed that Churchill had wartime dealings with Aleister Crowley, advertised as the world’s “wickedest man,” and the famous east end spirit medium Joe Benjamin, who was often advertised in the sixties as, Winston’s favourite medium.
Sefton Delmer the black propaganda and psyops leader, confirmed that 33rd degree masons Churchill and Aleister Crowley were involved in wartime sacrifices at the devils chimney on the south coast.
  Bengal suffered serious food shortages because mainly the Brits feared a Japanese invasion and implemented a scorched earth policy,destroying and confiscating all food stuffs. the available grain was all exported. By late 1943 an estimated 3.5 mn Bengalis had died one of the slowest most horrible deaths imaginable. Churchill,viewed Hindus as entirely expendable,a lesser species-typical of his ilk. He remarked openly, "I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion."

This was the result. But then again this is the man ,not the Germans,the most unfairly slandered people in history who instigated the deliberate bombing of civilians. His greatest war crimes involved the terror bombing of German cities that killed 600,000 civilians and left some 800,000 injured. Arthur Harris ("Bomber Harris"), the head of Bomber Command, stated "In Bomber Command we have always worked on the assumption that bombing anything in Germany is better than bombing nothing."
This is Dresden before the great RAF air raid in February 1945 that killed at least 300,000 Germans.

Dresden after 700,000 phosphorous bombs caused kilometer high flames leading to firestorms that sucked trees out the ground hurling them into the tornado of fire.

At this late stage the Nazis has already lost;in fact they were attempting peace talks by autumn 1943. Also the city had no military significance whatsoever as it was filled with refugees and civilian inhabitants. The true number of casualties can never be known. many were vaporised with thousands cooked in their clothes by the dry heat. As a final injustice many of the characteristically charred Dresden dead were misused by the Jews to later 'prove' their hysterical cremation allegations. The famous Khazarian chutzpah at work? Irony?

The Germans undoubtedly suffered the most from Churchill's pathology. After the war he supported their forced emigration from the lands they'd farmed for generations in East and West Prussia, Silesia, Pomerania, parts of Romania,the Ukraine,Russia and the Sudetenland, leading to a further 2 million German dead.
This then is a sketch of the man commonly referred to as one of the Greatest Ever Englishmen. Perhaps,his tendencies more suitable to an Attila the Hun,Kublai Khan are the biggest indicator of what Imperial Britain truly stood for behind the platitudes and patriotic praise singing? Could it be that its this uber racism,contempt for all commoners,love of self and complete amorality were the true reflection of his

Before we answer, the question is-has anything truly changed? Is the old Britain gone for good?

Friday 8 February 2013


The AngloJew is a familiar creature in these parts. Almost as ubiquitous as the wildebeest, the official representative of this tribe is usually found in what has come to be recognised as his ecology. The conference centres,hotels,seminars and workshops in the leafier urban areas variously advising,entreating,encouraging deploring, on the need for increased foreign investment,greater girl child school enrollment,wildlife poaching or deforestation.

The Anglo Jewish tribe isn't a giant ethnic family;there are clans,sub clans and subtle differences within just like every other extended family. However one thing is obvious -the British version is universally regarded as more wordly and exposed than his loud,brash Transatlantic American brother. Centuries of empire building have made him more circumspect. Where the American will bark his unsolicited advice from the rooftops/Oprah/ pre Superbowl or the PTA meeting Johnny Brit prefers the gentlemans way;a quiet word in the ear over post dinner port at the club.Which is why the entire post Moi Foreign Office method of engaging Kenya has revealed their true nature like never before.

Throughout the Moi kleptocracy,the Brits were his faithful allies. Through the worst periods,the instigation of ethnic clashes at the onset of multipartyism,the outright transfer of public property that was actually wholesale theft or the 1992 election rigging,London raised hardly a whimper. Suddenly a new Kibaki led government was sworn in and overnight things changed-no more no bid contracts,unrestricted access to the President or favoured attentions for British business.
The Chinese were asserting themselves as well as the locals who were beginning to question certain long held colonial presumptions of droits de signeur. At this time the 40 year chronicle of British army rapes in Samburu as well as Mau Mau atrocities were being uncovered.IMO,it was these last 2 issues that irrevocably changed London/Nairobi relations forever. More than most,Englishmen are particularly morally schizophrenic-they truly believe the world is a better place  since they ended the slave trade/introduced christianity the all important European work ethic and developed their colonies all for altruistic motives.
With this extraordinary self delusion Johnny Brit can organise the coup that places Idi Amin in power,sell weapons to apartheid S Africa or genocidal Indonesia in the type of brutal self interest that helped kill over 10 million 3 rd worlders since the end of WW2. For a look at this nearly pathological self interest see how the highest sections of British society,the aristocracy in conjunction with the Church sold opium to China for over 2 centuries making London home of trillionaires. Or how the heirs to that same tradition,Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were named as defendants in the disappearance of Canadian aboriginals in 1964  in the first ever court case of a sitting British queen in modern times.
When the mask of understated politeness and gentle affability slips the visage of a ravening arrogant warlord appears. Edward Clay's unforgettable remarks about 'vomiting on our shoes,'were the mild iteration of this mindset. Its the unmistakable attitude of colonial prerogative that refuses to recognise the world has moved on.
So when the latest High Commissioner,Christian Turner, assumes the airs of a governor, 'advising the natives,' don't be surprised.

This week he took it upon himself to visit Kalenjin elders in the Rift Valley to have them dissolve the unbeatable URP/TNA alliance by withdrawing their support for Uhuru. Though,unsuccessful it shows how low London will go-to derail the promising trajectory of 3rd world country and hand it over to a potential Yeltsin all to return to the days of old;when their writ ruled.
Incidentally Dr.Christian Turner has some very serious allegations to answer over the orchestrated Middle East chaos that came to be known as the Arab spring.Here he is lecturing wide eyed Strathmore students on diplomacy. As Director for the Middle East and North Africa at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office at the start of the Arab insurrection he was obviously one of the key script writers of that bankster led drama.
When those same forces send him here and he exceeds his mandate by far personally meeting and advising voters its time to reexamine his true function.

Last year his predecessor,Rob McCaire actually led a delegation to Mombasa to 'discuss,' matters with the secessionist Mombasa Republican Council,a gang of superstitious illiterate unemployable youths fooled into negative ethnicity by forces they nether know nor comprehend. At this time they had already killed several including a handful of policemen.

But such small matters of moral decency are as irrelevant as the issue of national sovereignty to these agents of London. The informed reader will know how London based mining syndicates fuelled the E DRC carnage which has claimed 5 mn + dead since the late 90s,carried out by their enthusiastic regional prefects,Kagame and Museveni.One shudders to think of the future if McCaire had his way with Omar Mwamnuadzi, MRC leader of a putative breakaway state rich in titanium and offshore oil and gas-another Biafra or a Kuwait?
Luckily the security forces were onto him. Here he is looking slightly the worse for wear having publicly renounced traitorous intentions.

Dear Reader,the mask has slipped-do you like the true face of Johnny Brit?

Tuesday 5 February 2013


...or rather ,why do his handlers (controllers) make such a major issue of this extremely unfortunate pathology of arrested development?
Do homos secretly control the coming & going of the seasons? Do their perversions somehow keep the sun's UV rays from destroying the world and all the Normal Human People living upon it? No-then why have the cultural imagineers reinvented & repackaged   this developmental disorder as 'cool,'and its practitioners as unfairly persecuted as panda bears?
How and why did acceptance of the whole LGBT agenda become the new morality? These creatures can already serve openly in all branches of the US armed forces;they have a special month,June,when they and an increasing number of brainwashed humans 'celebrate' their (mis) deeds, in 2011 of that same month the Fed Reserve allowed them to fly their flag on the property!!

Its obvious to everyone with a working mind the script has been written and everything is unfolding accordingly. That's why when Obama ordered the Boys Scouts of America to accept homos 2 days ago a  pre-Superbowl CBS interview,few were shocked. Basically,he demands these youth must fend off the advances of faggot Scout Masters on camping trips.

Generally sodomites are ruled by their desires. Their rectal urges are at the centre of everything, the alpha and omega of their existence. This also explains why in normal times they were universally banned from sensitive intelligence and/or security related fields,indeed all areas of responsibility were off limits. In times past people had more innate common sense rooted in life experience and morals than in this information overloaded era where ten minute Google browsing passes for knowledge.
Its fitting and by no means ironic that the Kenyan occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue should be so friendly to the LGBT brigade-very good authority has had him among their numbers for quite a while. Veteran researcher,Wayne Madsen has identified him and Rahm Emmanuel as  members of a sodomite Chicago  bathhouse called Man's Country where he plays 'top' to elderly Anglo bottoms.

Gentle Reader,when such people practically order their misbegotten broke back kind among kids ,Satan has already won.

Friday 1 February 2013


Famous people the world over have always had a history of using doubles. Hitler had at least 2, Saddam 4 and Gaddafi at least one . There are normally tells that give the game away to a family member or trusted insider. Subtle micromillimetre differences in shape of ears,nose,skull and dental formula

IMO,this is the real Hitler who escaped Germany either in 1944 or at the very lastm,inute a year later and died in Argentina in 1962. The bottom guy was killed in the bunker as the Russians closed in, in May 1945.

One of these is Tim Osman,favourite CIA Osama double,living in London-which one is real?

These are all Saddam doubles. One of whom was jailed,though I can't say for sure if he was actually hanged. His wife Sajida,went to visit him during his Abu Ghraib incarceration and  demanded:"who is this?This isn't my husband. Take me to him immediately. "

Don't despair,good information has him in Minsk,capital of Belarus,where he's been with his sons,Uday and Qusay since the 2003 invasion. You didn't believe the US killed his sons in 2003 did you?

Lacking facial recognition software check the position,length and size of nose,eyes and ears. Photoshop and/or surgery can't account for these differences.

Earlier pics show the gap in her teeth-which is which?

Apart from doubles,impostors and actors,serious researchers swear there are also genetic clones in use. The problem is apart from  aging rapidly they are unable to process anything but the shallowest of human emotion and are prone to extreme social inadequacy bordering on sociopathic. Dear Reader, I admit I'm unable to confirm or deny the cloning info but its within the bounds of possibility. Due to the prohibitive cost and the nature of the technology its only done with the Elite.
One of the indicators is the usual photo anomalies as seen with Hillary and also a book sized black box worn usually under the clothes  but always within reach of the clone.This is supposedly the targets' total life experience encapsulated & transmitted real time to the clone much like a cd rom. Make up your own mind-to me its quite possible.

You'll notice the last pic has a mole on the left of her mouth,but not the first.

This is only one of the black box photos I could find of Dubya with his 'black box' during his 2004 presidential debates-remember?

Craig David took music by storm with his 2000 debut,'Slicker than your Average.' Adoring fans made an anthem out of '7 days' while 'walking away,' was the most requested song on many radio phone in programs.

At some point his handlers decided on a switch. This is who they now present as Craig David- a particularly  shoddy job,indeed the clumsiest of all the fakes,impostors,clones,actors, and doubles I've seen.

The music industry is a ruthless business but I can't comprehend the David switch with this bloke.
Anyway,this is just more proof that smoke & mirrors of fakery may often be all we ever see leading us to question-is anything truly real?.