Friday 1 February 2013


Famous people the world over have always had a history of using doubles. Hitler had at least 2, Saddam 4 and Gaddafi at least one . There are normally tells that give the game away to a family member or trusted insider. Subtle micromillimetre differences in shape of ears,nose,skull and dental formula

IMO,this is the real Hitler who escaped Germany either in 1944 or at the very lastm,inute a year later and died in Argentina in 1962. The bottom guy was killed in the bunker as the Russians closed in, in May 1945.

One of these is Tim Osman,favourite CIA Osama double,living in London-which one is real?

These are all Saddam doubles. One of whom was jailed,though I can't say for sure if he was actually hanged. His wife Sajida,went to visit him during his Abu Ghraib incarceration and  demanded:"who is this?This isn't my husband. Take me to him immediately. "

Don't despair,good information has him in Minsk,capital of Belarus,where he's been with his sons,Uday and Qusay since the 2003 invasion. You didn't believe the US killed his sons in 2003 did you?

Lacking facial recognition software check the position,length and size of nose,eyes and ears. Photoshop and/or surgery can't account for these differences.

Earlier pics show the gap in her teeth-which is which?

Apart from doubles,impostors and actors,serious researchers swear there are also genetic clones in use. The problem is apart from  aging rapidly they are unable to process anything but the shallowest of human emotion and are prone to extreme social inadequacy bordering on sociopathic. Dear Reader, I admit I'm unable to confirm or deny the cloning info but its within the bounds of possibility. Due to the prohibitive cost and the nature of the technology its only done with the Elite.
One of the indicators is the usual photo anomalies as seen with Hillary and also a book sized black box worn usually under the clothes  but always within reach of the clone.This is supposedly the targets' total life experience encapsulated & transmitted real time to the clone much like a cd rom. Make up your own mind-to me its quite possible.

You'll notice the last pic has a mole on the left of her mouth,but not the first.

This is only one of the black box photos I could find of Dubya with his 'black box' during his 2004 presidential debates-remember?

Craig David took music by storm with his 2000 debut,'Slicker than your Average.' Adoring fans made an anthem out of '7 days' while 'walking away,' was the most requested song on many radio phone in programs.

At some point his handlers decided on a switch. This is who they now present as Craig David- a particularly  shoddy job,indeed the clumsiest of all the fakes,impostors,clones,actors, and doubles I've seen.

The music industry is a ruthless business but I can't comprehend the David switch with this bloke.
Anyway,this is just more proof that smoke & mirrors of fakery may often be all we ever see leading us to question-is anything truly real?.


  1. Michael Jackson had a double.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Of course! There are so many of them.

  3. Check this out:

    They arent so stupid to tell the truth, are they?

  4. Sorry for the delayed response,Christinne! Been offline for a while. Look at the latest 'Hillary'

    Fyi,as far back as 2008 people realised smth was amiss. This shit is REAL!