Tuesday 29 January 2013


Kenyans were pleasantly surprised by your interview performance with Kidero. You consistently came across articulate,practical and dedicated while the ex-Mumias MD looked redundant,pompous and egotistical. As a revealing post interview tweet proclaimed succintly,"Waititu talked to millions while Kidero talked to millionaires."
We've seen your colourful past since your election as Embakasi MP. Repeated run ins with the police for protesting land grabbing and protecting public land.

These episodes scared off the middle & upper class. Some of whom saw your ardent defence of the Eastlands proles as a propensity for the worst kind of media limelight-the love of the sound of chants,screams,police sirens and breaking glass interspersed with gun shots while striking heroic poses dripping fiery speeches. Some Kenyans who would otherwise inhabit solely the criminal and comedic professions in more politically developed countries have manged to dominate the national imagination with precisely these ultimately self defeating antics.
From your impassioned input at the Kiambu county consultative forum I know you care-deeply. As things stand now the race for Nairobi governor is yours to lose. In the real world things are never as black & white as we'd like: there's give and take,pettiness,sloth,stupidity and the all too frequent problem of dealing with committees  who not only don't share your vision but are too ignorant to be of any use-the democratic system is all that ensures the continued existence of useless parasites;alas!,they're found in every form of government. If this city of 4 mn plus can see you achieve your major goals you will reside at this residence in post-Uhuru 2022.

Your job function is the perfect platform for high visibility across national ethnic boundaries-I'm sure you already know.

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