Tuesday 23 September 2014


This past 2 months the Zioilluminati had a number of ongoing critical projects: the depressingly regular episodic slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza,the W African Ebola outbreak along with ISIS atrocities in the Middle East.
They realised,as usual the lower levels here on Earth would need some strategic misdirection which would reinforce their own  media engineered criminal image of the blackman .

The Global Elite have always been schizo concerning blackman. Its a fear/hate/envy/love thing. We must be controlled-always! I suspect they know our real past not too long ago and are aware of our potential.

Therefore, huge amounts of financial and mental resources are invested in keeping us pacified,downtrodden and bamboozled.

My,my,my good gracious me! I'll digress slightly to start.

Solange Knowles unleashes on Jay Z back in May.

I actually ignored this non issue cause on its own its of minimal interest but it does tie in with what we know of the occult demands of what's known as the entertainment industry. To succeed one must sacrifice one's dearest ,usually ones own relatives. Jay Z had promised Solange he'd get rid of her elder sister Beyonce.

Whatever form her death would take it would enable Solange to ensnare her sisters' energy and with it her talent-after which would follow fame and fortune enabling  an identity of her own and not just Bey's unknown sister. Look at the suspicious deaths in which the Camel has been mentioned. Why do so many successful stars suffer family loss? J Hudson,John Travolta,Bill Cosby,Eric Clapton.....the list is looooong.

The more recent NFL Ravens star Ray Rice knockout of his fiancee Janay Palmer. Its only one minute but full of the typical talking points that passes for informed commentary in the Anglosphere. The usual bullshit about 'hitting women.' Dear Reader,all pro sports franchises have their own security teams of ex Fed agents,FBI,Homeland Security,CIA & NCIS-this is their role.
They have the skills and resources to track down CCTV footage like this,keeping tabs on drug users,homos,gamblers who would damage their teams reputation. These private fixers are found in the NFL,NHL,MLB and the NBA .

What they don't see is she hit first and was moving to add more blows before he reacted punching her out. If she were a man it would be obvious self defense-an excellent example of what's known as the 'pussy pass.' The inexcusable and inexplicable is forgiven and forgotten all because the perpertrator is a female.Women can do anything and the world must excuse them according to the new gymnocratic sociopolitical structures.

All smiles! Hopefully she's learned never to raise her fist at any man. Ray,Janay and daughter

Soon,US elevators may require federal Surgeon General warnings:"Married People of Color are advised that the confined spaces may lead to stress that trigger interpersonal violence."

This is what I know about the real nature of women,though it must be admitted these are based on observations of Kikuyu women,infamous for genuine or willful ignorance of the universal qualities of a cooperative woman listed here,in case Dear Reader,you've imbibed the koolaid of these times and are also confused:
Looking good-females without time to make an effort to be presentable are passively/aggressively dissing their men,plain and simple. In other words they're indirectly expressing hostility.

 This is good example of classic misdirected  passive/aggressive behaviour. Scout Willis,daughter of Demi and Bruce staging a one woman protest to allow woman the right of ;wait for it-toplessness. What's actually happening is a middle finger aimed at her parents and society though the traumatic lives of Hollywood kids can only be guessed at.

So when your date appears like this keep it moving.


Doing what they're told-women must know to take instruction and abandon stubbornness and anger which is an unwelcome attribute of ego.

Frankly,that Angry Black Woman stereotype is played out.

The female screwface look is done.

Fuck properly-self explanatory!

About the same time the Ray Rice fracas was hitting computer screens around the world Floyd 'Money' Mayweather was being taken to court. Allegedly he beat his ex fiancee Shantel Jackson. What she didn't say is that she aborted his twins-yes,twins.

Dallas cowboys owner,Jerry Jones

Jana Weckerly,the stripper,(excuse the hell out of me!) exotic dancer accusing him of sexual assault in 2009

Jana had pics of her fellow hoes and JJ,doubtless to bolster her extortion attempt.

It really isn't a good look for a 70 year old Oilman worth over 3bn$ to find himself the object of criminal extortion by skrippas (sic) and pole boogers! One would think at that age discernment and quality count-really!

She ran to court alleging he fingered her at a late night hotel room assignation and forced her to watch him engage oral sex with another woman.(Sob!) Of course she thought they were going for midnight prayers,but such is the sociolegal climate in America.
On September 8th she filed papers and the following day the Ray Rice elevator tape hit TMZ from where it barreled its way into world consciousness. Diversion-plain and simple!

Tuesday 16 September 2014


Kenya and Zionists have always had a close relationship. The Chosenites were one of the first to establish diplomatic relations.

Jomo Kenyatta,Golda Meir and Tom Mboya in 1960 before independence

 Gil Heskel,Zionist ambassador presents prez Uhuru with a photo of his dad and Golda Meir laying the cornerstone of the Israeli embassy in 1963.

The Israelis gave scholarships to Kenyans for agriculture and trained the General Service Unit commandos.  Ties were always tight even through the Arab oil embargoes of the 70s. In fact Nairobi is one of the few African cities with a a synagogue.

The Zionists realised immediately the strategic importance of Kenya. Gateway to Central Africa and next to the Horn it afforded ideal opportunities for strategic planning-or mischief. They had double,possibly triple agent Bruce McKenzie,Kenyatta's agriculture minister looking out for them.

This ex RAF flier was one busy dude. While it was known  he worked for Kenya's Special Branch,many were aware he not only a Brit agent but Mossad as well. It has been said homos easily compartmentalise their lives and this cocksmoker proved the truth of that.

He was doubtless involved in the January 1976 PLO false flag to blow up an El Al plane on the runway at the old Embakasi airport. One 'terrorist' was killed and 2 captured. For years the Peugeot 504 they used with a bullet hole mid windscreen gathered dust in the underground carpark of Kingsway house,HQ of the former Special Branch now NIS.
He died in 1978 when his single engine Cessna blew up on a return flight from visiting Idi Amin in Uganda. Reliable sources say it was actually the doing of Tutsi saboteurs embarrassing Amin who never did a fraction of the evils he was accused of.

 The New Years Eve1980 bombing of the Norfolk hotel owned by the prominent Jewish Block family. An alleged Maltese left at least 20 kgs of plastic explosive his room above the main dining room that detonated over 7 hours later.

  Later it transpired he was working for a PLO splinter group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and was avenging Kenyatta's help 4 years previously at the Entebbe raid -itself a false flag. In a document released by the National Archives, Mr Colvin, citing an unnamed contact at the Euro-Arab parliamentary association, wrote: "According to his information, the hijack was the work of the PFLP [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine], with help from the Israeli secret service, the Shin Beit."

Dear Reader,its already been established multiple times all the PLO factions including Yasser Arafat himself were Mossad agents. Meaning everything you read or watched about the mythical "Raid on Entebbe," was bullshit!

Predictably, the press went to town with the story.

Bibi's elder brother,Lt-Col Jonathan Netanyahu,the commando team leader was the sole Zionist KIA. This doesn't detract from the fact it was a false flag all the way.

 The hijackers were known by the Mossad and their PLO agents encouraged the operation. Sorry! I digress,which is very easy once you begin peeling back the history of these Caucasoid Neanderthals mass murder-some context was needed.
Another important factoid is that the Israelis implemented the coup that brought in Idi Amin. Brit PM,Edward Heath,Satanist,homo and child killer told then Ugandan prez Milton Obote to his face at the Singapore Commonwealth heads of government meeting in 1971, "I wonder if  some of will still be in power when you return home."

The latter was making increasingly loud noises about London's growing arms trade with the recalcitrant Afrikaners. The fake Jews also found a way to control the source of the Nile,which is in Uganda and thus keep their Egyptian enemy worried.

Back to the Norfolk.

Before extensive explosive remodelling. It was Jewish Abraham Block from RSA who really gave the Norfolk its mystique though it wasn't new when he acquired it in the 20s. It later became the flagship of Block hotels

In late November 2002 just before the presidential elections of December there was a double attack on Israeli interests,this time in Mombasa. A powerful car bomb rammed into the lobby of Yehuda Sulami's Paradise hotel in Kikambala and exploded. Later the same' survivors,'(that word has intense emotional magnetism) were nearly shot down by the same terrorists on departing the airport.

The truth was the Mombasa Paradise hotel was a hoe-tel. The Kenyan workers were underpaid and sex enslaved without their consent.

Most likely there was no car bomb just as there was no Army of God that claimed responsibility and has never been heard from since.

The usual headlines whenever Shlomo is at his shenanigans.

Here lie some of the 10 Kenyan dead,all dancers. Finally,beyond worries of non payment and dignity.

For the whole story go here:http://karanjazplace.blogspot.com/2014/07/what-sufering-mombasa-paradise-hotel.html

The biggest Israeli false flag in Kenya is undoubtedly the Westgate.Our media is currently commemorating the attack,meaning-rehashing the same bullshit about  Al Shabab and the Global War on Terror and still haven't told us the mall owner's links to the WTC 911.

Larry Silverstein,main WTC shareholder

His partner,Frank Lowy,owner of shopping malls worldwide and the Marriott hotel chain.

As you can see they're both prime suspects for 911. Though in my own opinion the attack was an asymmetrical European warfare manoeuvre. Russia,France,Germany and Japanese wanted revenge for numerous AngloZionist slights,swindles,Boeing/Airbus hostility and mass murder dating back to WW2. The latter found themselves wrongfooted-for once.

In fact they lost billions in cash and gold when the building pancaked onto the basement treasure hoard in WTC 4.

Actually,Bwana Lowy has many questions concerning bombings at his hotel chain-at last count 2 have been extensively damaged!

Telltale crater of a buried micronuke detonation in the 2008 Islamabad Marriott hotel bomb that killed 50.

So when terrorists attack a mall owned by this particular Zionist,especially terrorists whose greatest tactical proficiency is hurling grenades into churches anyone can see a monumental scam.

Almost 70 died.

There were dead and wounded from the basement car park to the rooftop.

Once the gunshots stopped and the remaining terrorists were dead the mall collapsed in on itself. Apparently fire,grenades and RPGs fatally weakened the supporting pillars.

Yes,Dear Reader,people actually believe that-just like they still believe over a decade later burning avgas melted the steel supports of all WTC skyscrapers.

Ideally we should ask Frank Lowy himself what happened:

Unfortunately,until a critical mass of Kenyans achieves awareness to see through smoke and mirrors to the reality these incidents will recur.





Thursday 11 September 2014


In October 1969 Jomo Kenyatta travelled to Kisumu in the heartland of Nyanza province,bastion of opposition leader Jaramogi Odinga, flamboyant political leader of the Luo people to open a government hospital. Many of his security advised him not to since a prominent Luo,Tom Mboya had been killed a few months earlier and the Luo were still angry with him they felt,correctly,as it turned out, Jaramogi would misuse the occasion as a provocation. He left,but a company of the General Service Unit was placed on standby near Kisumu.

Jaramogi,himself had been warned by party officials of his communist Kenya Peoples Union to keep off the event. However the inveterate lover of crowds knowing the cheering adoring masses were his very life blood could no more keep off than cut off his own arm.

2 different sources,one an ex bodyguard the other famed photographer,the late Mo Amin both independently verify the sequence of events. Rowdy youths stoned the presidential motorcade on the way into Kisumu forcing his security to open fire. Some among his team strongly urged a cancellation of the visit or at the very least a postponement but Kenyatta was having none of that.

As they arrived at the hospital grounds tensions though still high had cooled somewhat. Immediately a crowd of at least 2000 began shouting KPU slogans and hurling chairs at the presidential dias ignoring Jomo's pleas for calm.
His entourage surrounded him and again opened fire physically carrying him to his Pullman limo. The oldman insisted on doing what he came for-"opening the hospital." With a handful of security he returned to the dias while the rest struggled to restore order. At this stage barely ten minutes since his arrival the entire town had degenerated into chaos with rioters seeking to confront Kenyatta in the hospital and police keeping them out.

Amazingly calm was restored as Kenyatta entered  the main building for the official opening . It was just a lull that lasted til Jaramogi lusting for the long waited public provocation confronted him. He accused him of mass murder, collaboration with imperialists,misuse of government resources,indeed everything but practicing witchcraft.

At this point all notion of perimeter security had broken down. Both were surrounded by a large crown within spitting distance.

Infuriated,Kenyatta shot back with  insults aimed at Jaramogi and his people. Angry Luos by this time were wild and some were shot inside inside the building-all control had broken down.
This time Kenyatta didn't resist being dragged away. His personal security and the attached GSU company literally shot their way out of the town:an estimated 120 lay dead in what the Luos christened the Kisumu massacre.
Massacre? Hardly. That's what any trained protection unit does-protect their charge with deadly force when necessary.

Here's a typically self serving 'explanation' of the event: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kisumu_Massacre

What followed was the detention of Prominent KPU leaders including Ker Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. The Luo community also became marginalised. In an effort to quell the Luo, the government stalled all projects in Luo Nyanza such as the Ahero irrigation scheme.
Really? The Kenyatta government instituted industrial plans for Nyanza just as anywhere else. KICOMI textile mills,the largest in E Africa was set up in Kisumu the lakeside city to process textiles from the cotton plantations within Nyanza around this time. It died from the usual combination of Moi era corruption and used clothes imports.

Kenya Breweries established the second largest brewing facility in the 70s. They did roaring business til they closed down in 95. Ahero Irrigation scheme,a 2000 ha rice project involving small scale farmers just outside the town began operations after this incident. Ahero made a sizeable contribution to our yearly rice contribution til local politics sabotaged the effort in the late 90s.

The Kisumu Molasses Plant was a wholly government effort to add value to the sugarcane industry. Apart from mere sugar processing it was envisioned as an ethanol factory much like Brazil in the 70s with their own successful sugar based ethanol distillation as a fuel additive.

 Debts and a poor business plan seemed to have doomed the project from the start though the Kenyatta government was serious.
Dear Reader,are these the actions of an administration hostile to its own people?

After Jaramogi passed in 94 his ruthlessly self aggrandising son,Raila Amolo Odinga took over mantle of Luo leadership. Before that he'd given us a foretaste of his style.
In 1982 a section of KAF Luo noncoms attempted  a coup. The whole thing would've been laughed off-their coordination and discipline was poor. They had no coherent plan and many were drunk.

Within hours the attempted putschists of the Peoples Redemption Council were scurrying for cover while Nairobi suffered an orgy of looting like the French revolution. An observer said,"the looters would have carried away Kenyatta Conference Centre,brick by brick!"

The shambolic coup planners indirectly killed over a 1000 and were responsible for the rapes of hundreds. Many correctly state,the post coup Moi was the true dictator. To the great lack of surprise of Kenyans,RAO admitted planning the coup in a fawning praise singing biography by a Nigerian academic.

Senior pvte. Ochuka in court before his well deserved hanging ,one of the main ringleaders loyal to his tribal king RAO.

In the 2007 prez campaign the West pulled out all the stops to ensure Odinga jr won. Everyone from friends of Obama to shady S African tycoons sponsored him to the tune of at least 20 mn $. When Kibaki won a razor thin majority RAO's supporters plunged the country into chaos-photos of arson and displaced populations dominated the international press.
Nobody stopped to ask-did Kibaki actually rig? Evidence,though was clear the Orange Democratic Movement,themselves rigged massively with many of their strongholds registering 95% turnouts. I personally know a woman who admitted voting   6 times in Rachuonyo,Nyanza province. Another voter in Rongai in the Rift Valley,also then an Odinga zone confessed many including himself voted multiple times.

That death and destruction resulted in the unwieldy Grand Coalition in which the winner Kibaki shared power with RAO as a non executive PM.
As sure as night follows day the perpetual loser lost the following election last year.

The political culture he developed of the grievance industry,fake victimology and crude violence didn't die. In March,his State House bound vehicle,the Orange Democratic Party held long delayed elections at Kasarani stadium.

This was the stage to enthrone RAO for yet another failed  presidential attempt in 2017.

Fools and other believers hadn't read the script and made their feelings felt.

How do you know RAO was around? Disgruntled voters,overturned chairs and spilled ballot papers.

Immediately afterward there was the 3 month sabbatical in which RAO was in America,supposedly for leadership training. We all knew something was up and were shockingly proved correct.
The US had given an ultimatum to prove his usefulness by coordinating Arab Spring type incidents and civil disturbances,straight from the CIA playbook of how destabilize  the 3rd world.

The Mpeketoni massacre of Lamu in June was the result.

This bloodtrail in a hotel hallway hints just how bad it was.

Torched government offices.

Some of the nearly 70 dead men.

If you read this yourself,RAO know that your linkman, the local  ODM chairman was caught on CCTV helping the attackers loot.Yes,we know of your involvement! We also know many of the attackers were from your Mombasa stronghold of the Majengo slum. Nothing your apologists and sychophants say will change facts.
Thankfully,Lamu has cooled down since the KDF was deployed.

Thus it was on Monday the 9th ,Uhuru Kenyatta was in Migori-not so strong an ODM fortress as it once was but still definitely Orange. Soon after the rally began your youths began the now tedious boorishness heckling,throwing shoes and stones.

A few minutes after the fracas started.

Uhuru surrounded by his protection.

What happened? Raila,that's what!

It was intended to be a1969 redux which would have revitalised RAO's flagging career no end. The Odinga type,with a pathological disregard for human life need dead bodies as  a platform.
The ODM hierarchy will deny til Kenya is finally a first world nation but we know RAO was directly involved-the very crudeness,public insults,stones and chairs is a fatal tell.
If you're still reading face the fact that the ultimate prize will always elude you regardless of the strength of the remaining peoples support-you may get a  taste that will inflame your ambition further but the real responsibility of the guardianship of the republic of Kenya is beyond you.

Until then,you're good for a laugh! Go to.55 seconds