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In October 1969 Jomo Kenyatta travelled to Kisumu in the heartland of Nyanza province,bastion of opposition leader Jaramogi Odinga, flamboyant political leader of the Luo people to open a government hospital. Many of his security advised him not to since a prominent Luo,Tom Mboya had been killed a few months earlier and the Luo were still angry with him they felt,correctly,as it turned out, Jaramogi would misuse the occasion as a provocation. He left,but a company of the General Service Unit was placed on standby near Kisumu.

Jaramogi,himself had been warned by party officials of his communist Kenya Peoples Union to keep off the event. However the inveterate lover of crowds knowing the cheering adoring masses were his very life blood could no more keep off than cut off his own arm.

2 different sources,one an ex bodyguard the other famed photographer,the late Mo Amin both independently verify the sequence of events. Rowdy youths stoned the presidential motorcade on the way into Kisumu forcing his security to open fire. Some among his team strongly urged a cancellation of the visit or at the very least a postponement but Kenyatta was having none of that.

As they arrived at the hospital grounds tensions though still high had cooled somewhat. Immediately a crowd of at least 2000 began shouting KPU slogans and hurling chairs at the presidential dias ignoring Jomo's pleas for calm.
His entourage surrounded him and again opened fire physically carrying him to his Pullman limo. The oldman insisted on doing what he came for-"opening the hospital." With a handful of security he returned to the dias while the rest struggled to restore order. At this stage barely ten minutes since his arrival the entire town had degenerated into chaos with rioters seeking to confront Kenyatta in the hospital and police keeping them out.

Amazingly calm was restored as Kenyatta entered  the main building for the official opening . It was just a lull that lasted til Jaramogi lusting for the long waited public provocation confronted him. He accused him of mass murder, collaboration with imperialists,misuse of government resources,indeed everything but practicing witchcraft.

At this point all notion of perimeter security had broken down. Both were surrounded by a large crown within spitting distance.

Infuriated,Kenyatta shot back with  insults aimed at Jaramogi and his people. Angry Luos by this time were wild and some were shot inside inside the building-all control had broken down.
This time Kenyatta didn't resist being dragged away. His personal security and the attached GSU company literally shot their way out of the town:an estimated 120 lay dead in what the Luos christened the Kisumu massacre.
Massacre? Hardly. That's what any trained protection unit does-protect their charge with deadly force when necessary.

Here's a typically self serving 'explanation' of the event:

What followed was the detention of Prominent KPU leaders including Ker Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. The Luo community also became marginalised. In an effort to quell the Luo, the government stalled all projects in Luo Nyanza such as the Ahero irrigation scheme.
Really? The Kenyatta government instituted industrial plans for Nyanza just as anywhere else. KICOMI textile mills,the largest in E Africa was set up in Kisumu the lakeside city to process textiles from the cotton plantations within Nyanza around this time. It died from the usual combination of Moi era corruption and used clothes imports.

Kenya Breweries established the second largest brewing facility in the 70s. They did roaring business til they closed down in 95. Ahero Irrigation scheme,a 2000 ha rice project involving small scale farmers just outside the town began operations after this incident. Ahero made a sizeable contribution to our yearly rice contribution til local politics sabotaged the effort in the late 90s.

The Kisumu Molasses Plant was a wholly government effort to add value to the sugarcane industry. Apart from mere sugar processing it was envisioned as an ethanol factory much like Brazil in the 70s with their own successful sugar based ethanol distillation as a fuel additive.

 Debts and a poor business plan seemed to have doomed the project from the start though the Kenyatta government was serious.
Dear Reader,are these the actions of an administration hostile to its own people?

After Jaramogi passed in 94 his ruthlessly self aggrandising son,Raila Amolo Odinga took over mantle of Luo leadership. Before that he'd given us a foretaste of his style.
In 1982 a section of KAF Luo noncoms attempted  a coup. The whole thing would've been laughed off-their coordination and discipline was poor. They had no coherent plan and many were drunk.

Within hours the attempted putschists of the Peoples Redemption Council were scurrying for cover while Nairobi suffered an orgy of looting like the French revolution. An observer said,"the looters would have carried away Kenyatta Conference Centre,brick by brick!"

The shambolic coup planners indirectly killed over a 1000 and were responsible for the rapes of hundreds. Many correctly state,the post coup Moi was the true dictator. To the great lack of surprise of Kenyans,RAO admitted planning the coup in a fawning praise singing biography by a Nigerian academic.

Senior pvte. Ochuka in court before his well deserved hanging ,one of the main ringleaders loyal to his tribal king RAO.

In the 2007 prez campaign the West pulled out all the stops to ensure Odinga jr won. Everyone from friends of Obama to shady S African tycoons sponsored him to the tune of at least 20 mn $. When Kibaki won a razor thin majority RAO's supporters plunged the country into chaos-photos of arson and displaced populations dominated the international press.
Nobody stopped to ask-did Kibaki actually rig? Evidence,though was clear the Orange Democratic Movement,themselves rigged massively with many of their strongholds registering 95% turnouts. I personally know a woman who admitted voting   6 times in Rachuonyo,Nyanza province. Another voter in Rongai in the Rift Valley,also then an Odinga zone confessed many including himself voted multiple times.

That death and destruction resulted in the unwieldy Grand Coalition in which the winner Kibaki shared power with RAO as a non executive PM.
As sure as night follows day the perpetual loser lost the following election last year.

The political culture he developed of the grievance industry,fake victimology and crude violence didn't die. In March,his State House bound vehicle,the Orange Democratic Party held long delayed elections at Kasarani stadium.

This was the stage to enthrone RAO for yet another failed  presidential attempt in 2017.

Fools and other believers hadn't read the script and made their feelings felt.

How do you know RAO was around? Disgruntled voters,overturned chairs and spilled ballot papers.

Immediately afterward there was the 3 month sabbatical in which RAO was in America,supposedly for leadership training. We all knew something was up and were shockingly proved correct.
The US had given an ultimatum to prove his usefulness by coordinating Arab Spring type incidents and civil disturbances,straight from the CIA playbook of how destabilize  the 3rd world.

The Mpeketoni massacre of Lamu in June was the result.

This bloodtrail in a hotel hallway hints just how bad it was.

Torched government offices.

Some of the nearly 70 dead men.

If you read this yourself,RAO know that your linkman, the local  ODM chairman was caught on CCTV helping the attackers loot.Yes,we know of your involvement! We also know many of the attackers were from your Mombasa stronghold of the Majengo slum. Nothing your apologists and sychophants say will change facts.
Thankfully,Lamu has cooled down since the KDF was deployed.

Thus it was on Monday the 9th ,Uhuru Kenyatta was in Migori-not so strong an ODM fortress as it once was but still definitely Orange. Soon after the rally began your youths began the now tedious boorishness heckling,throwing shoes and stones.

A few minutes after the fracas started.

Uhuru surrounded by his protection.

What happened? Raila,that's what!

It was intended to be a1969 redux which would have revitalised RAO's flagging career no end. The Odinga type,with a pathological disregard for human life need dead bodies as  a platform.
The ODM hierarchy will deny til Kenya is finally a first world nation but we know RAO was directly involved-the very crudeness,public insults,stones and chairs is a fatal tell.
If you're still reading face the fact that the ultimate prize will always elude you regardless of the strength of the remaining peoples support-you may get a  taste that will inflame your ambition further but the real responsibility of the guardianship of the republic of Kenya is beyond you.

Until then,you're good for a laugh! Go to.55 seconds

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