Friday 5 September 2014


Early July,celebrated Jewish comedienne broke all the rules of play publicly outing Prez Obama as a homo and Michelle as a tranny.

If you didn't know about Obama's true rectal leanings you're obviously from Mars or a Kenyan-I'll only say this:check out Wayne Madsen's expose on the Chicago bath house.
A classmate of Barry's dropped some bombshells on his Haawai high school days-even then Barry Soetoro's 'tendencies' were well established. The video is short and revealing.

Truly,we're in interesting times. Formerly,such info would've been restricted strictly to the 'leaders' immediate handlers from among his/her Global Elite team. The 81 year old comic was obviously not following the script with her outing and was admitted to Mt.Sinai hospital,New York late last month where she was said to be on life support. Obviously,she was meant to pay with her life.
Here's a  video specifically detailing Michelle's mannish features including shoulders and long index finger,typical male traits.

In fact,a Japan based  researcher released this photo purportedly of a younger Michelle in her younger, male football playing days.

This shouldn't surprise the Reader with average awareness. The World Rapers need a handle over those they chose as frontmen;they need compromised individuals,what better in their eyes than freaks and weirdos?After all this is androgynous being  they all worship:

The Michelle/Barry issue raises a troubling question-what about Sasha and Malia? Are they adopted?

Who are their real parents or were they test tube babies born of anonymous donors? The fact is there are no known photos of  a pregnant Michelle Obama. Nor is anything known of the kids birth records.

This explains why our Planetary Rulers are  so keen on homosexualising everyone pretending gender differences are artificial-every individual is alienated bereft of even a gender identity,merely a drone built to serve the hierarchy. Among the few thousand Lords of Chaos,at most ten thousand ruling the earth,these kind of marital arrangements aren't rare.

When King Edward the 8th in the 30s gave up the throne for a divorced American socialite,the world ululated with joy at the power of romantic love-countless movies and true documentaries have told us this,so it must be true. The truth was Eddie was nearly a 40 year old cocksmoker like most of his aristocratic kin and Brit intel settled on Wallis cause of her condition that made her a novelty in the Shanghai brothel from whence they plucked her.

She was neither male nor female and could thus never have kids ensuring emotional entanglements would be minimised and her female parts such as they were could perhaps wean Eddie from other men.

The writer Michael Bloch, who lived and worked in Wallis’s house in Paris for years during the later years of her life, claimed that he’d discussed her sexuality with doctors.
He came to the conclusion that she may have been suffering from Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, or AIS, which is at the milder end of the intersexuality spectrum.
A girl with AIS is born genetically male as she has the XY chromosome.

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Mind you,that's the Daily Mail,as Mainstream as you can get. Anyway,the Wallises and Michelles aren't alone among the servants of the World Elite. Look at M-"sorry," Ann Coulter.

"My,what huge hands you have!" Medication,surgery and/or hormone therapy can make a reasonable simulacre of a human,but can't hide the basic gender difference of male and female hands. This is because the more testosterone the longer the index finger while estrogen gives a longer ring finger.

There are several videos showing Lady Gaga's unmistakable man meat.

That was in 2009 and it seems she's had the operation and is now fully female.At a London show recently she proudly displayed her 'vertical smile,' so lets leave it at that.

It seems I published before the script played itself out. Joan Alexandra Molinsky,aka Joan Rivers, has actually paid in full for defying Illuminati rules telling the truth about the Obamas. She died an hour ago,allegedly from post vocal cord surgery complications .
Lesson being if you defy their codes,be prepared to pay with your life.


  1. I am an open mind Afrocentrist and conspiracy theorist I was shocked when comedienne Joan Rivers stated USA President Barack Obama was gay and first lady Michel Obama was a transgender. I don't know if it is a lie or if it is true, only time will tell. I heard in a youtube video Joan Rivers dying of throat surgery is a symbol of talking to much .

  2. About Baphomet the God of the Knight Templar, It looks like Freemason the religion of the Knight Templar is the same religion as British Isle Druidism, Canaanite Baalism or Elohism and Hebrew Kabala/Cabala. It looks like the Knight Templar learned Freemasonry from the Moors in Spain or the Canaanite/Palestinian in Palestine.

    1000 families may indeed rule the world, we have the 13 Illuminati banking and royal families of the West, the 13 papal families of Italy and the Li family of China.