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Kenya and Zionists have always had a close relationship. The Chosenites were one of the first to establish diplomatic relations.

Jomo Kenyatta,Golda Meir and Tom Mboya in 1960 before independence

 Gil Heskel,Zionist ambassador presents prez Uhuru with a photo of his dad and Golda Meir laying the cornerstone of the Israeli embassy in 1963.

The Israelis gave scholarships to Kenyans for agriculture and trained the General Service Unit commandos.  Ties were always tight even through the Arab oil embargoes of the 70s. In fact Nairobi is one of the few African cities with a a synagogue.

The Zionists realised immediately the strategic importance of Kenya. Gateway to Central Africa and next to the Horn it afforded ideal opportunities for strategic planning-or mischief. They had double,possibly triple agent Bruce McKenzie,Kenyatta's agriculture minister looking out for them.

This ex RAF flier was one busy dude. While it was known  he worked for Kenya's Special Branch,many were aware he not only a Brit agent but Mossad as well. It has been said homos easily compartmentalise their lives and this cocksmoker proved the truth of that.

He was doubtless involved in the January 1976 PLO false flag to blow up an El Al plane on the runway at the old Embakasi airport. One 'terrorist' was killed and 2 captured. For years the Peugeot 504 they used with a bullet hole mid windscreen gathered dust in the underground carpark of Kingsway house,HQ of the former Special Branch now NIS.
He died in 1978 when his single engine Cessna blew up on a return flight from visiting Idi Amin in Uganda. Reliable sources say it was actually the doing of Tutsi saboteurs embarrassing Amin who never did a fraction of the evils he was accused of.

 The New Years Eve1980 bombing of the Norfolk hotel owned by the prominent Jewish Block family. An alleged Maltese left at least 20 kgs of plastic explosive his room above the main dining room that detonated over 7 hours later.

  Later it transpired he was working for a PLO splinter group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and was avenging Kenyatta's help 4 years previously at the Entebbe raid -itself a false flag. In a document released by the National Archives, Mr Colvin, citing an unnamed contact at the Euro-Arab parliamentary association, wrote: "According to his information, the hijack was the work of the PFLP [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine], with help from the Israeli secret service, the Shin Beit."

Dear Reader,its already been established multiple times all the PLO factions including Yasser Arafat himself were Mossad agents. Meaning everything you read or watched about the mythical "Raid on Entebbe," was bullshit!

Predictably, the press went to town with the story.

Bibi's elder brother,Lt-Col Jonathan Netanyahu,the commando team leader was the sole Zionist KIA. This doesn't detract from the fact it was a false flag all the way.

 The hijackers were known by the Mossad and their PLO agents encouraged the operation. Sorry! I digress,which is very easy once you begin peeling back the history of these Caucasoid Neanderthals mass murder-some context was needed.
Another important factoid is that the Israelis implemented the coup that brought in Idi Amin. Brit PM,Edward Heath,Satanist,homo and child killer told then Ugandan prez Milton Obote to his face at the Singapore Commonwealth heads of government meeting in 1971, "I wonder if  some of will still be in power when you return home."

The latter was making increasingly loud noises about London's growing arms trade with the recalcitrant Afrikaners. The fake Jews also found a way to control the source of the Nile,which is in Uganda and thus keep their Egyptian enemy worried.

Back to the Norfolk.

Before extensive explosive remodelling. It was Jewish Abraham Block from RSA who really gave the Norfolk its mystique though it wasn't new when he acquired it in the 20s. It later became the flagship of Block hotels

In late November 2002 just before the presidential elections of December there was a double attack on Israeli interests,this time in Mombasa. A powerful car bomb rammed into the lobby of Yehuda Sulami's Paradise hotel in Kikambala and exploded. Later the same' survivors,'(that word has intense emotional magnetism) were nearly shot down by the same terrorists on departing the airport.

The truth was the Mombasa Paradise hotel was a hoe-tel. The Kenyan workers were underpaid and sex enslaved without their consent.

Most likely there was no car bomb just as there was no Army of God that claimed responsibility and has never been heard from since.

The usual headlines whenever Shlomo is at his shenanigans.

Here lie some of the 10 Kenyan dead,all dancers. Finally,beyond worries of non payment and dignity.

For the whole story go here:http://karanjazplace.blogspot.com/2014/07/what-sufering-mombasa-paradise-hotel.html

The biggest Israeli false flag in Kenya is undoubtedly the Westgate.Our media is currently commemorating the attack,meaning-rehashing the same bullshit about  Al Shabab and the Global War on Terror and still haven't told us the mall owner's links to the WTC 911.

Larry Silverstein,main WTC shareholder

His partner,Frank Lowy,owner of shopping malls worldwide and the Marriott hotel chain.

As you can see they're both prime suspects for 911. Though in my own opinion the attack was an asymmetrical European warfare manoeuvre. Russia,France,Germany and Japanese wanted revenge for numerous AngloZionist slights,swindles,Boeing/Airbus hostility and mass murder dating back to WW2. The latter found themselves wrongfooted-for once.

In fact they lost billions in cash and gold when the building pancaked onto the basement treasure hoard in WTC 4.

Actually,Bwana Lowy has many questions concerning bombings at his hotel chain-at last count 2 have been extensively damaged!

Telltale crater of a buried micronuke detonation in the 2008 Islamabad Marriott hotel bomb that killed 50.

So when terrorists attack a mall owned by this particular Zionist,especially terrorists whose greatest tactical proficiency is hurling grenades into churches anyone can see a monumental scam.

Almost 70 died.

There were dead and wounded from the basement car park to the rooftop.

Once the gunshots stopped and the remaining terrorists were dead the mall collapsed in on itself. Apparently fire,grenades and RPGs fatally weakened the supporting pillars.

Yes,Dear Reader,people actually believe that-just like they still believe over a decade later burning avgas melted the steel supports of all WTC skyscrapers.

Ideally we should ask Frank Lowy himself what happened:

Unfortunately,until a critical mass of Kenyans achieves awareness to see through smoke and mirrors to the reality these incidents will recur.





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  1. Since 911 people around the world are more knowledgeable about conspiracy theory, false flag terrorism, because of that I think false flag terrorism will become very rare. I heard that Hamas was created by the Mossad to stage conflicts but I didn't know that Yasser Arafat was a Mossad agent. Lenin states to control the opposition we have to lead it ourselves, that's why the Western elite create fake opposition and that's why the International bankers control both sides of wars and politic.