Tuesday 23 September 2014


This past 2 months the Zioilluminati had a number of ongoing critical projects: the depressingly regular episodic slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza,the W African Ebola outbreak along with ISIS atrocities in the Middle East.
They realised,as usual the lower levels here on Earth would need some strategic misdirection which would reinforce their own  media engineered criminal image of the blackman .

The Global Elite have always been schizo concerning blackman. Its a fear/hate/envy/love thing. We must be controlled-always! I suspect they know our real past not too long ago and are aware of our potential.

Therefore, huge amounts of financial and mental resources are invested in keeping us pacified,downtrodden and bamboozled.

My,my,my good gracious me! I'll digress slightly to start.

Solange Knowles unleashes on Jay Z back in May.

I actually ignored this non issue cause on its own its of minimal interest but it does tie in with what we know of the occult demands of what's known as the entertainment industry. To succeed one must sacrifice one's dearest ,usually ones own relatives. Jay Z had promised Solange he'd get rid of her elder sister Beyonce.

Whatever form her death would take it would enable Solange to ensnare her sisters' energy and with it her talent-after which would follow fame and fortune enabling  an identity of her own and not just Bey's unknown sister. Look at the suspicious deaths in which the Camel has been mentioned. Why do so many successful stars suffer family loss? J Hudson,John Travolta,Bill Cosby,Eric Clapton.....the list is looooong.

The more recent NFL Ravens star Ray Rice knockout of his fiancee Janay Palmer. Its only one minute but full of the typical talking points that passes for informed commentary in the Anglosphere. The usual bullshit about 'hitting women.' Dear Reader,all pro sports franchises have their own security teams of ex Fed agents,FBI,Homeland Security,CIA & NCIS-this is their role.
They have the skills and resources to track down CCTV footage like this,keeping tabs on drug users,homos,gamblers who would damage their teams reputation. These private fixers are found in the NFL,NHL,MLB and the NBA .

What they don't see is she hit first and was moving to add more blows before he reacted punching her out. If she were a man it would be obvious self defense-an excellent example of what's known as the 'pussy pass.' The inexcusable and inexplicable is forgiven and forgotten all because the perpertrator is a female.Women can do anything and the world must excuse them according to the new gymnocratic sociopolitical structures.

All smiles! Hopefully she's learned never to raise her fist at any man. Ray,Janay and daughter

Soon,US elevators may require federal Surgeon General warnings:"Married People of Color are advised that the confined spaces may lead to stress that trigger interpersonal violence."

This is what I know about the real nature of women,though it must be admitted these are based on observations of Kikuyu women,infamous for genuine or willful ignorance of the universal qualities of a cooperative woman listed here,in case Dear Reader,you've imbibed the koolaid of these times and are also confused:
Looking good-females without time to make an effort to be presentable are passively/aggressively dissing their men,plain and simple. In other words they're indirectly expressing hostility.

 This is good example of classic misdirected  passive/aggressive behaviour. Scout Willis,daughter of Demi and Bruce staging a one woman protest to allow woman the right of ;wait for it-toplessness. What's actually happening is a middle finger aimed at her parents and society though the traumatic lives of Hollywood kids can only be guessed at.

So when your date appears like this keep it moving.


Doing what they're told-women must know to take instruction and abandon stubbornness and anger which is an unwelcome attribute of ego.

Frankly,that Angry Black Woman stereotype is played out.

The female screwface look is done.

Fuck properly-self explanatory!

About the same time the Ray Rice fracas was hitting computer screens around the world Floyd 'Money' Mayweather was being taken to court. Allegedly he beat his ex fiancee Shantel Jackson. What she didn't say is that she aborted his twins-yes,twins.

Dallas cowboys owner,Jerry Jones

Jana Weckerly,the stripper,(excuse the hell out of me!) exotic dancer accusing him of sexual assault in 2009

Jana had pics of her fellow hoes and JJ,doubtless to bolster her extortion attempt.

It really isn't a good look for a 70 year old Oilman worth over 3bn$ to find himself the object of criminal extortion by skrippas (sic) and pole boogers! One would think at that age discernment and quality count-really!

She ran to court alleging he fingered her at a late night hotel room assignation and forced her to watch him engage oral sex with another woman.(Sob!) Of course she thought they were going for midnight prayers,but such is the sociolegal climate in America.
On September 8th she filed papers and the following day the Ray Rice elevator tape hit TMZ from where it barreled its way into world consciousness. Diversion-plain and simple!

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