Sunday 20 January 2013


The world finds the very nature of Royalty & Aristocracy fascinating. The strange esoteric rituals that hint at divinely ordained uniqueness. For example the Keeper of the Stool,simply put the Royal Ass-Wiper.
It is said the tradition died in 1906,I wonder. There are pages of honour whose sole duty is to see her long ermine cloak doesn't touch the ground.
There were many strange & varied tasks that demanded numerous job functions like ladies in waiting who were basically confidants who arranged discreet liaisions,abortions and appropriate friendships.

 People also find the dysfunctional nature of Britains' Royals fodder for a sitcom. Years ago Charles abandoning a young hottie to cavort with Camilla,the new princess Kate who somehow manages to repeatedly get herself photographed topless,Harry's true paternity, Philip's inhuman elitism that saw him declare he'd like to reincarnated as a virus to reduce the world's population,and on top of it all Elizabeth,heir of a legacy of centuries of drug dealing and colonial genocide committed in her name.

But then again such cuckolding is much more common in the real world,or at least in the stratospheric heights in which the Royals,international banksters and Aristocracy inhabit. Many have commented on the interesting resemblance between Jemima Goldsmith & Mama Harry,bka Princess Diana.

Hmmmm,lets take a closer look.

If not for those typically Jewish lips they could be close relatives-it seems in fact they are. Her father ,Jewish bankster,James Goldsmith,it has been established 'knew,' (cough!/cough!) Mama Diana, Frances Shand Kydd when she was still married to Edward Spencer,the 8th Earl Spencer.
However,all these fascinating vignettes of Royal life recede into irrelevance when we see evidence of the abhorrent doings of the House of Windsor. In 1964 a Canadian aborigine child William Coombes was a student at the Mohawk Institute in Kamloops ,British Columbia.

Set up by the Anglican Church in 1832 to bring the indigenous Canadians to Christ it is the epicentre of Satanic Ritual abuse and human sacrifice involving the Queen and Prince Philip. The Canadian Indian residential School system was   funded by the Canadian government, and administered by Catholics and the Anglicans. An amendment to the Indian Act in 1920 made attendance at a day, industrial or residential school compulsory for First Nations children and, in some parts of the country, residential schools were the only option. The number of residential schools reached 80 in 1931 but decreased in the years that followed. The last federally-operated residential school was closed in 1996.
Only now is the litany of inhuman horror being uncovered. Teachers and staff abused at will coupled with elite perverts who preyed upon these alienated Canadian aborigine kids. The abuse was so systemic PM Stephen Harper publicly apologised on behalf of the government June 11, 2008.
Conditions were horrible. Mortality rates 50% especially prior to the 1940s.

Officially,28 mass graves have been uncovered. Knowledgeable sources say there are at least a 100. So it was then in October 1964 , Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State of Canada and Head of the Church of England, visited the aboriginal school in Kamloops, British Columbia, choose 10 young aboriginal children, made them kiss her feet, and allegedly took them from the school for a picnic at a lake.
 They were never seen again. The eyewitness,Mr. Coombes died in February 2011 but not before leaving a videotape of his testimony which is crucial in the first ever court case in modern times to take a sitting British monarch to court. The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State established June 15 2010 to combat The abuse, trafficking, torture and murder of children appears endemic to European culture, and continues to be actively practiced, and condoned and protected, by church, state, judicial and police forces around the globe.
These same institutions are equally responsible for the historic genocide of indigenous peoples at the hands of European Christendom: an enormous crime against humanity which has never stopped, and continues to ravage and destroy the innocent and the earth.
Because these crimes have emerged from within the heart and laws of so-called western civilization, they have not faced judgment or accountability. We believe it is time for both.
Two of the main practitioners of this genocide of the innocent – the Vatican and the Crown of England – are effectively immune from prosecution under existing laws and customs.
The ITCCS,sitting in London, wants to show the Queen not only culpable as head of the Church but also an active participant. As expected there are enormous invisible dark forces fighting the court,not least of which is a total media blackout. Visas have been withheld,witnesses intimidated, slandered and even murdered.
As a realist I don't expect much to happen. As an optimist I hope at least the true face of the House of Windsor is revealed.

Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide

Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms

Court Orders them to Surrender by March 4 or face Citizens' Arrests

I held off commenting on the inevitable guilty verdict to see how things went. Ratzinger resigned 2 weeks before the conclusion of the trial due to 'ill health,' interpreted by many to mean the deafening howls of the Vatican pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse were overwhelming his 86 year old constitution. Whatever the case he still hasn't left the Vatican, which enjoys legal status as a separate country.
Within the MSM calls are growing for the Queen to step down. She was recently  hospitalised for a 'stomach bug,' researchers say was actually an assassination attempt . Stephen Harper,Canadian PM,is perhaps in the most precarious position of all. Since the Court ruled if they fail to surrender by March 4th they're subject to citizens arrest,he'd better pray his political career lasts long enough to enable him security from arrest. The day he loses his seat he may discover the hard way just how dispensable low level flunkies like himself are to the true Global Elite.
The Church itself may lose property very soon as people plan to lead reclamation campaigns against their holdings and Crown Property.

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  1. History teach us that the British royal family was involved in the genocide of Native Americans, the African slave trade and the Chinese opium trade.