Sunday 6 January 2013


Popular media is full of outlaw drug smugglers. Wrongly romanticized in film as iconoclasts flouting their destiny of generational poverty and deprivation they are seen as heroes by hordes of gullible youth and wide eyed adults. The truth as usual is far more prosaic. The street gangs as depicted in Hollywood no more control the world drug traffic than they do the weather despite all the movies and the fresh avalanche of 'real' crime documentaries on the history channel stating otherwise.

According to these media disinfo specialists guys like this tattoed thug with his distinctive hand symbolising the Mexican Mafia,la eme, the letter M are solely responsible for the river of crack cocaine flooding California and beyond and the ensuing crime and societal breakdown. If you honestly think these guys annually organise the smuggling of 600 tons of cocaine into the US stop reading now-the truth would be not only be shocking but unwelcome.
The thing is people like him are throwaways,a convenient sacrifice thrown up by the real dope pushers to appease the public whenever their rude noise about drugs and crime becomes intolerable. "What?You mean the street drug gangs are now sexually enslaving addicted underage girls! Quick get a DEA/FBI/LAPD/Sheriffs Department taskforce/undercover unit underway."
Watch this short video about strange masonic/gang parallels.This other one reveals how the major street gangs share Masonic symbology in their gang signs and grafitti. Though I don't agree with everything,especially his terminology his basic thesis is sound.

The first London based truly multinational firms discovered the enormous wealth and sociopolitical benefits resulting from mass drug traffic 250 years ago-they set up the template that operates to this day. In 1715 the British East India Company established an office in Canton,China. King George 3 mandated them
to ship Bengali opium for Chinese consumption.
The results were only to be expected. Between 1829 and 1840 an astounding 56 million silver dollar profit was made. The Brit trading companies sponsored local criminal gangs to smuggle the opium from their own concessions granted under duress by the Emperor to poor areas.
The Emperor tried to stop the rapacious opium smugglers  thereby giving them what they wanted-the perfect casus belli. With then  PM Palmerstons' backing, the opium trading houses delivered a series of demands
-full legalisation of opium trade throughout China not just the Coast
-compensation for confiscated stocks
-territorial sovereignty for the British Crown over several offshore islands
The conflict came to be known as the first Opium war and it ended predictably. After  over a century of massive opium smoking among Chinese poor their army was in no position to resist the ruthless professionally led Brits. As a direct consequence the entire mainland was opened up to opium importers,the Qing dynasty ceded Hong Kong while being forced to pay the British Crown the unheard of sum of 21 million silver dollars.

Lin Zexu was appointed Commissioner to attempt to ameliorate the effects of the century long opium business. He wrote a poignant letter to Queen Victoria. ``this poisonous article is manufactured by certain devilish persons in places subject to your rule.... What is here forbidden to consume, your dependencies must be forbidden to manufacture.''
The second and third Opium wars were basically repetitions of the first. The Brit drug merchants kept upping their demands manufacturing fantastic amounts of money while China sank ever deeper into opium addiction,poverty and national humiliation. By 1850 a Canton-based British doctor estimated 12 million Chinese addicts. In 1900 ,the time of Boxer rebellion aka,the 3rd Opium war a Chinese official expressed the animosity towards foreigners succinctly, "Take away your missionaries and your opium and you will be welcome."
Like all Chinese attempts at resisting drug fuelled imperialism this episode ended badly for the Boxer patriots-at least 25,000 including Imperial troops were killed. In those pre-Geneva convention days this is how many ended up.

In the period 1911-1914 licensed opium dens in Shanghai jumped from 87 to 663. All sectors of society,the poor,who were the original target when the trade began 200 years ago,the middle class and even the highest echelons of the Imperial Court had become hopeless dreamers of the 'sleep of morpheus,' as the opium high is known. Patriots deeply felt the pain of decades of opium-induced national stagnation;the series of devastating losses to foreign military might while succumbing to their cynical blatant greed,the horrendous losses of millenia old national treasure in looting-in fact the opium wars inform modern Chinese geopolitics.

Having set the template for the multinational drug business the barons weren't about to let go of the superprofits. As time passed they simply tweaked their operations as circumstances dictated. Today the same names that dominated the heinous business are mentioned in worshipful tones in London,Hong Kong and the US east coast. Hong Kong Shanghai bank,Jardine Matheson,Swire's and Charterhouse  all household names in world finance with deep connections to British aristocracy and Royalty started off on the misery of Chinese opium addicts.
Afghanistan ,after seeing opium production reduced to almost zero by the Taliban saw a dramatic post invasion reversal. The UNDCP stated around 90 per cent of the world's opium comes from Afghanistan. The survey showed that the area of land used for opium poppy cultivation in 2011 was 131,000 hectares, 7 per cent higher than in 2010. The amount of opium produced increased by 61 per cent, from 3,600 metric tons in 2010 to 5,800 metric tons in 2011.
This, many  say was the real reason for the invasion;Osama and his non existant Al Qaeda were simply written into the script as justification. Whenever public outcry over drugs becomes intolerable the Elites serve up the 'American Gangsters,' like Frank Lucas.
Their media reinforce the fiction with award winning films and we go to bed happy. Heroin,cocaine and crack continue to pour into their targeted markets without let and we're all none the wiser. Its the way of the drug business.


  1. Great article Mwaura, it is an historical fact that the Britishs were the first modern world international drug dealer. The British went to war with China to force opium on the Chinese people. Today the Britishs are lecturing the world about human rights and democracy.

  2. Most of Britain's wealth of this era came from opium. The media tells us its the industrial age developments-the steam engine,textile manufacture technology,factories etc etc. The City of London,the square mile at the heart of the City today is the private fiefdom of the trillionaire descendants of these drug dealers.