Wednesday 31 July 2013


After a heroic 11 labour last week at the 4500 gbp a night Lindo wing of St Mary's hospital,where William himself was born in 1982, Kate Middleton squeezed out this royal scion to a combined roar of happiness from Royal watchers,the wide eyed public and assorted idlers.

The Controlled Corporate Media,Ministry of Truth,Mainstream Media bka CNN/Sky/ITV/CNN/BBC eagerly informed us that the delivery team consisted of
Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, professor of midwifery at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Arona Ahmed, from East London
Jacqueline Venkatesh, from Harlow, Essex 
Lisa Greene, from East London.
and was all natural,no painkillers or surgery was resorted to.

Ohh,happy day! Now that the deafening bleats of the overjoyed sheeple have subsided its time for the truth. Kate and William married on April 29 2011 and immediately announced their intention to inflict,err sorry gift the Brits with an heir. 18 months later people were discussing the Prince's alleged lack of fertility/virility and Kate's very real anorexia issues.
What is fact is that Camilla,as early as 2 years ago had openly stated Kate was infertile due to heavy cocaine use and frequent 'social diseases' caught at her friends sex club,killing kittens a private establishment catering strictly to the jaded tastes of the Aristocracy. Here is the mission statement from their website:  Populist myth has it that every time a woman 'sins' by pleasuring herself God, in retribution, kills a kitten. Overtime, 'Killing Kittens' has become a colloquialism for female masturbation. What better name for a movement and community whose sole aim is the pursuit of female sexual pleasure!

Founded by Kate's boarding school friend Emma Sayle,the club features vetted members,millionaires,Brit and European aristocracy who enjoy the services of strippers,bisexuality or normal encounters,bondage,role playing indeed all that wealthy constantly over indulged adults could possibly imagine.  Kate was a regular on this circuit,from whence sprang her diseases,a consequence of which was infertility. Whatever the case,the situation wasn't helped by her anorexia,as she weighed just over 40 kg late last year,casting further doubt about her pregnancy.

Usually there is swelling in the ankles,face and neck partculuarly the 3rd trimester. As you can see no such thing in the first photo.
In December last year was the odd case of the  nurse Jacinta Saldanha suicide. A pair of Aussie DJs prank called her at the King Edward VII hospital when Kate had gone for a checkup into believing they were representing the Queen herself.
When she hung herself 'in shame 'she left no less than 3 suicide notes and had defensive injuries on her forearms. Also,she forgot to mention to coworkers,friends and family that she was depressed.
Of extreme importance also is the birth date. Though I try to avoid talk of Illuminati, its clear the Royal Family are at the apex of that organisation. Dates of birth are critical for Occultic reasons which experienced researchers swear are the source of  the Illuminati and by extension Royal power. To perpetuate the power of the latter ,indeed the very institution of Royalty itself it was imperative William's first son be born under the sign of the lion, July 22-August 22.
Dear Reader,think back-how many dead bodies have been discovered outside Royal  households the past 2 years? Remember the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State early this year found Queen Liz guilty of the murder of indigenous Canadian kids over 40 years ago. These incidents are all connected by the Occultic demands of Satanism.
Whether,Prince William is truly the father we may never know outside of a dna test. I have my suspicions based on numerous if not most of his forebears. Like all Royalty,the Windsors have suffered episodes of changelings,impostors,cuckolding,inbreeding and illegitimacy-Victoria and King Edward VII were in this last category. The Queen Mother was the daughter of a French cook. Prince Albert ,the royal consort of Victoria was actually the son of a stable boy.
So,George Alexander Louis Windsor,welcome to the world.

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