Tuesday 23 July 2013


As Africans we're constantly shouted at about the need for ethnic tolerance by people who themselves still haven't outgrown their primordial nationalistic rivalries.  In the pre colonial era Tutsi were extremely careful choosing mates wanting to keep certain phenotypes within their lineage. Before the Germans came in the early 1900s they married first cousins and step siblings,extremely unusual kinship patterns for Africa.

Here are Tutsi profiles. Typically they're more angular high nosed and oval faced than Hutus.

 Paul Kagame,the butcher of the DRC is a typical Tutsi.

 Hutus are rounder faced,wider nosed and more bantu.

 The MSM and their numerous local agents remind us endlessly of the Rwanda events of 1994 . Ad nauseum they parrot how ethnic differences should be not only tolerated but celebrated. Even homos have hijacked the same argument for their agenda.
It seems ,however even in the white world they suffer similar if not identical issues.French,English,Germans,Poles and Russians have never been friends and it seems will never be. As for the Southern Europeans,GASSSSP! "They're practically negroes! Look."

A Portuguese lady

A southern Italian

A Sicilian

A Greek

These are fairly representative samples of the Southern European population types,the Greeks,Italians,Spanish and Portuguese. Below are what the media informs us is the norm for Northern European populations.

The Nicole Kidman type fairly represents Germans,Scandinavians and Anglo saxons.

These minor differences,dressed up with politics, encouraged by religion were responsible for much of Europe's tribal bloodshed these past centuries. The 30 years war in the 1600s killed an estimated 25% of the entire European population.
More recently,Hitler's more rabid  followers referred to Frenchmen as Negroes during their WW invasion. Italians despise Romanians as lazy shiftless gypsies mocking their near 3rd world state. In an unforgettable episode of historical revisionism Poles hate Germans for 'starting WW2 by attacking them" while it was actually they themselves who allowed their misuse by the banksters intent on world war. A massive inferiority complex,self delusion and chauvinism combined to lead the Poles on the path to war.
When things turned south for Hitler's boys,Poland's Catholic clergy nearly unanimously assisted pogroms against their numerous German countrymen . Slaughter,rape and looting was on a scale like the fall of Berlin. However the Poles had shown the anti German hatred as early as 1919 after WW1. By official order they:
 Closed German schools
  Prohibited the German language
Prohibited German church services
Prohibited prayer in the German language
Prohibited German names
  Closed German newspapers and confiscated all printing presses
  Closed all German cultural institutions.

At the close of the war the hardworking productive German farmer and settler whose labour civilised the lands of E Europe as far as the Volga 500 years ago was made homeless,chased away by envious Hungarians.,Romanians,Ukrainians and Russians.

Newly dispossessed  Germans leave Poland.

 As for the Brits,whoa! The Germans predictably sneer at their moral schizophrenia while the French suffer an inferiority complex. In the late 1890s they humiliatingly backed down in Africa at the threshold of owning colonial holdings across the continent-stymied by Albion. That Johnny Brit later pulled their brioches out of the Teutonic fire twice withing a generation in both world wars  worsened their sense of frustrated powerlessness. Many say French robustness of action in Africa is rooted in this mindset of compensation.

Look at their long history of military intervention in their ex colonies;a left handed way of telling the Anglo saxon,"we're strong and mighty,see how we vanquish the enemies of Paris!"

Perhaps the most victimised group in Europe are the Irish. Ever since  Cromwell depopulated the emerald isle selling 500,000 into slavery after he defeated the Royalists in the mid 1600s they've constituted the majority slave population in the Americas and Caribbean,not blacks.

The anti Catholic war continued on the socio-legal front. Laws were instituted to dispossess Irish Catholics and were so effective a French sociologist wrote in 1835 "I have seen the Indian in his forests, and the Negro in his chains, and thought, as I contemplated their pitiable condition, that I saw the very extreme of human wretchedness; but I did not then know the condition of unfortunate Ireland...In all countries, more or less, paupers may be discovered; but an entire nation of paupers is what was never seen until it was shown in Ireland."

When the potato famine rolled round a decade later the new British overlords finalised their plans for the Irish people. Pauperised starving farmers lost their holdings after defaulting on rent on their farm plots-over 500,000 were evicted. By 1848 at least 1 million died while another million fled ,mostly into slavery. 

The British remained remained remarkably unbothered. Maybe these cartoons from the time show their attitude.

These white slave kids of mid 1800s America  were most likely Irish.

We don't all sit in a circle of love and sing kumbaya. Ideally,we should be honest in our ethnic narratives  First world chronicles of tribalism are as depressing as in the 3rd world-the motivations are equally simple. Distortions of the truth ,chauvinism and misguided ethnic pride all play a part.


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