Wednesday 7 August 2013


Ever since,George Zimmerman was acquitted last week of murder in the Sanford,Florida Trayvon Martin shooting certain elements of the case have remained underwater, hidden from view totally overlooked in the cacophony of anger,disbelief and expert judicial analysis.

For those living under a rock or newly arrived from Mars this 17 year old was shot dead by a neighbourhod watch guard,27 year old George Zimmerman in February last year who thought he looked suspicious due to his hoodie. Mind you, this happened in a struggle when Zimmerman accosted the late Trayvon at the affluent middle class gated community of The Retreat,after being specifically ordered by 911 dispatch to leave him alone.

Florida's 'stand your ground' laws which allow one to stand his ground in a confrontation and use deadly force. Right from the beginning the MSM inflamed matters. Incendiary radio call in programs praised George ignoring the fact both men had equal right to be in the gated community since Trayvon was also resident. The prosecution 'accidentally 'leaked Trayvon's death photo.

In further injustice his body sat unattended at the mortuary for 3 days despite police knowledge. Maybe, not altogether unattended-there's an ongoing program in all N. American hospitals, health facilities and medical research institutes to recover melanin,the pineal gland and even body parts from healthy black males,though that may not be the case here it happens frequently enough. Any black people living in the US/UK or Canada can see for themselves how blood services need their rhesus negative blood type.

The Zimmerman family has some longstanding intel and military connections dating back to World War2. Robert Walter Zimmerman,the grandafather worked in the US Naval Intelligence. He was on a first name basis with the CIA founders Allen Dulles,John Foster Dulles,James Jesus Angleton,Richard Helms and Bill Donovan.

In 1947 he married Silvia Brull a Spanish citizen.and was posted to Lima,Peru to cover the American Empire's burgeoning post war neocolonial  holdings. This is where George's dad was born. Evidently,he succeeded in his tasks  since he was then entrusted with coordinating  CIA heroin operations in  S E Asia when he was posted to Bangkok in 1950 with official cover of economic attache,obviously a major promotion for a young ambitious officer.

From there a decade later he was posted to Spain where he worked closely with Gen Franco and ex Nazis. In the 70s he was seen many times in S America with Stroessner of Paraguay and Pinochet of Chile helping to plan anti communist repression operations and crimes against humanity like Operation Condor where the regions right wing rulers formed a cross border alliance based on the murder and torture of dissidents.

George's dad,Roberto has an equally interesting career. He served one tour in Vietnam 1970 and in the mid 80s worked in the DoD,in the office of the SecDef,Frank Charles Carlucci III,the top tier of the sharp end of the ugly face of US foreign policy. Carlucci, a former Catholic seminarian is a man who if so inclined could pull back the curtains on most if not all post war dealings like the Anglo Jewish expansion into S America and the 3rd world or US government deals with Italian mafia.

Such,then were the man papa George worked with. In turn he was trusted as was shown when after his 2000 retirement these same forces practically ushered him into a Virginia court seat where he is now a judge.

As for the Martin family,they have direct links with Freemasonry and black street gangs.

The Crip (a major Los Angeles street gang) tattoo was on his neck but covered with another of praying hands. If you've been reading this blog you'll know these are simply the low level street soldiers for the higher level transnational Global Elites who control the international drug trade . These are the guys that take the blame and are served up to the police to make arrests.

Also,but not no surprising he is a full fledged  Freemason,in fact the District Grand Master of the International Free and Accepted Modern Masons  and Order of the Eastern Star.

It is also apparent that Tracy's girlfriend Brandi Green of about 2 years who was staying at the home in The Retreat  was also a Freemason of the same Eastern Order.

Brandi Green and her sister Zakiya Richardson below

On the night of the shooting on 2/26 the 2 sisters were attending a crucial Masonic ceremony in Kissimee, Florida. It was the ritual observance of the sacrifice of a Grand Master's first born to Moloch.

Frankly we'll never know all the details-but we do know what we know,which is this. The Global Elites have a tried and tested means to control the masses. Tensions are deliberately inflamed,ethnic groups are incited and often deliberately targeted as a safety valve;"at least my people are better off than (insert race here)," and the whole Trayvon case could have been a chapter in this playbook.

Did Tracy willingly sacrifice his son? Impossible to say but given his history its likely. The case for a deliberate sacrifice would be strengthened if it could be shown irrefutably that George had taken psychotropic substances in advance of the shooting to lower his inhibitions. There are reports he acted strangely afterward but the police didn't take any blood or urine samples.

Whatever the case,the narrative is about the meaningless death of an innocent 17 year old-a child. Not guns or violence though the question must be asked-would this have happened if he were white? What do you think?

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