Thursday 28 March 2013


Apart from the usual bankster instigated resource wars and genocides across the world is another secret war- a battle waged with nuclear weapons against the innocent. In this case small suitcase bombs ,SADMs,Special Atomic Deliverable Munitions yielding from 0.01 Kilotons to 5 kilotons. Developed in the sixties,they're small man portable systems designed to destroy bridges and other tactically significant chokepoints to impede the enemy.

That was in the sixties-now they're smaller and cleaner leaving even less radiation but still leave an unmistakable feature even the layman can identify. Apart from totally vaporised victims the hallmarks are:
-deep flash burns
-a huge crater of thrown up soil around the detonation signifying an underground explosion
-overwhelming destructive power beyond the scope of normal explosives

This was the Islamabad Marriott bombing in 2007 that killed 200+.

The micronuke that killed Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri in 2005 left the unmistakable crater..

Normal aircraft delivered ordnance,ie bombs,the most common of which is the 1000 pound GBU 31 shown here

Leaves this kind of impact crater shown in these 2 photos. Both are from Iraq.

This was the crater left by the Bali micronuke in October 2002. This was the AngloJewish elite punishment upon Australians for refusing the Iraq war hysteria at the time.

A 5 ' BY 20" hole

The 20' by 85' 1996 al khobar micronuke crater.

 The Nairobi attack was recorded by a broadband seismometer operated by the geology department of the University of Nairobi at a site 3 kilometers (less than 2 miles) northwest of the blast. This seismic station was the only station that recorded the embassy attack, but Wallace, Koper and Hollnack used its high-quality data in an analysis that found precisely when the explosion occurred, at 10:39:19.8 local time -- plus or minus two-tenths of a second, and the size of the bomb. The Nairobi bomb was deadly but fairly small, equivalent to 3 metric tonnes of TNT.
The Nairobi embassy bomb was obviously hidden in the carpark,perhaps a car. It killed people as far as the top 22nd floor of the twin Coop house in the photo. The total death toll in the Dar and Nairobi bombings was over 240.
In future Gentle Reader,when watching the news and hearing the talking head bleating about a ton of RDX/C4/Ammonium Nitrate in Karachi/Dubai/London of such explosive power it left a 20 foot crater just know one thing-the blast wave travels in the point of least resistance which is air. There is no way a blast can dig a crater unless it occurs subsurface

Here was the very first nuke test in Port Chicago,California, July 17th 1944. Even on the net this story is hard to find. In those days the US Navy like all branches of the armed forces was strictly segregated unlike the Nazi forces who had Mongolians,Indians and blacks serving through all their arms.

Black stevedores shown above were left loading on the docks,human collateral for a cold blooded real life test of the new plutonium implosive device. Hidden on a civilian merchant ammo carrier ship, the EA Bryan it went off at 1017 pm,local time. An army flier at 9000 feet described the typical nuclear event:
It seemed to me that there was a huge ring of fire spread out to all sides, first covering approximately three miles - I would estimate it to be about three miles - and then it seemed to come straight up.

We were cruising at nine thousand feet above sea level and there were pieces of metal that were white and orange in color, hot, that went quite a ways above us. They were quite large. I would say they, were as big as a house or a garage. They went up above our altitude. The entire explosion seemed to last about a minute. These pieces gradually disintegrated and fell to the ground in small pieces.

The thing that struck me about it was that it was so spontaneous, seemed to happen all at once, didn't seem to be any small explosions except in the air. There were pieces that flew off and exploded on all sides.

A good many stars and [it] looked like a fireworks display.'"
This single episode accounted for 15% of all black US Navy men KIA in WW2,over 200 died instantly. The EA Bryan itself practically disintegrated while a ship berthed nearby was lifted clear out of the water,reversed and hurled 500 feet away stern first.

Later the USN claimed the fully laden ammo ship exploded. In those simpler times the sheeple believed it without investigation. Even now the story of the Port Chicago nuke test  on the net is told as an accident;ammo was mishandled and went off causing a cataclysmic explosion on the ship -so successful was the coverup. With proof of the destructive power of the plutonium implosive type bomb,America decided to use it twice in Japan a year later.

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