Thursday 14 March 2013


Dear Reader,that's not a rhetorical question because by now you should know things are never the way they seem. Most of the time even if we manage to see through the smoke and mirrors produced by the PTB agents we still can't quite process what exactly it is we're looking at.
On the surface they were best of friends. Chavez was determined to follow in his hero's footsteps and liberate his people-sadly his mentor.Castro was no more of a true revolutionary than he was the King of Swaziland.
Which is not a surprise since this Jewish trickster,billionaire drug smuggler and mass murderer was invented by the CIA decades ago and has done their bidding throughout his long career. Basking in his role as anti imperialist,destroyer of American hegemony,hero of underdogs everywhere its only natural Chavez would trust him.
Alas! Hindsight is 20/20. This is Laura Pollan,founder of Ladies in White being led away to jail some time in 2009. This is typical treatment for hose who don't agree with el Jefe's revolution. In 2011 she died within a week of a mysterious illness.

There were many other erstwhile allies and enemies who died quite mysteriously. There is evidence:Montaner wrote that the Castro jailers love to torture their prisoners and often boast about it to others imprisoned for political “crimes.” On one occasion, his jailers told political prisoner Leonel Morejón Almagro, “We are going to put you in Sebastián’s cell so you, too, can get cancer.” When Arcos first became ill, the prison doctor told him the problem was nothing but bone fatigue. The pains he suffered gradually grew worse. Then Castro decided Arcos was beyond the possibility of cure but did not want him dying as a martyr inside a Cuban prison. So Arcos was allowed to go to Miami before the cancer killed him.

Che Guevara's daughter,Hilda; fellow drug smuggler  General José Abrahantes; Manuel Artime, political chief of the Bay of Pigs invaders, who died in exile at age 38 all died of cancer-this is by no means a complete list.
In theory its quite easy to infect people with cancer. A radioactive isotope in a sofa,car seat,favourite jacket
and voila! the deed is done. Depending on strength of radioactivity, victim's constitution and  rapidity of treatment the victim will be seriously ill within weeks.
Could this be the real source of the cancer that recently afflicted a number of L American leaders? In my own opinion its more than likely. Kirchner,Morales,Lula,Dilma Roussef and Fernando Lugo, all S.American presidents with a genuine desire to uplift their citizens  regularly visited Castro got cancer within the past 4 years. All of them trusted Castro,the CIA agent who does not deviate from their script.


  1. Excellent research. Sadly It seems like I'm the only one who has posted a comment. However there is something missing and that is an old saying that goes like this "All roads lead to Rome". Do a little bit of research on CIA Vatican complicity. Find Oliver Baker's Award web page with the list of all those awarded and you'll see that Castro has been Jesuit trained Vatican asset. When it comes to education Jesuit's motto has been like this:"Give us a child to train him until the age of 5 and you can have it for the rest of his life". The very fact that nothing has been mentioned about them in your research is something to rise your brow. They are masters of deception puling strings behind the scene while they let the rest go for the obvious.

  2. 28/03/2012
    Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said in an article published on Tuesday that he would “gladly” meet Pope Benedict XVI, who arrived in Cuba on Monday.
    “I will gladly greet His Excellency the Pope as I did (Pope) John Paul II,” Castro wrote. “That is why I decided to ask for a few minutes of his very busy time when I heard from our foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez that he would be agreeable to a modest and simple meeting.”
    The pontiff arrived on an apostolic visit to the Caribbean island nation on Monday. On Tuesday he met with Cuban President Raul Castro. It is expected that on Wednesday morning Pope will celebrate Mass on Havana’s José Martí Revolution Square.
    In the article, “Hard Times for Mankind,” Castro said that Marxists and Christians should work together to fight for the survival of the planet.

  3. People are learning the Vatican is an integral part of the wider conspiracy of the Global Elite to misrule the sheeple-finally we're waking up!

  4. I am surprise to learn that Fidel Castro poisoned Hugo Chavez with cancer. I agree with Mwaura Kinauthia F Castro was the only person that Chavez trusted who had the opportunity to poisoned Hugo Chavez. Ididnt know Castro was a Jew billionaire CIA drug dealer. I knew Fidel Castro was a Vatican Knight Malta and probably Jesuit that's why the USA cant depose his regime.