Tuesday 5 March 2013


Its still early with only 30% of the vote or  4 million votes counted but glaringly obvious. His momentum is simply too strong. There were some surprises where his performance was unexpectedly weak like Maasailand which seemed heavily Jubilee or Ukambani where it appeared Kambas would vote for their Kikuyu cousin Uhuru instead of a Nilote from 500 kilometers away but its simply a minor detail.
He'll win with 52-56% of the vote.Our national trajectory toward middle income status started by Kibaki can continue. On an equally happy note the endless bleating and whining without performing that accompanied Raila Odinga's time in government and is his singular style has been rejected by most Kenyans. The permanent distraction of cloud pleasing antics will now be history-the clumsy press conferences,(look at the rigging claims on the FT!) ,agent of foreigners,recall how he went to bat for France forcing out Gbagbo in Cote de Ivoire,embarassingly contradicted by both Netanyahu and Peres after an unscheduled trip to Israel for the War on Terror,publicly fought over executive exclusive  toilet facilities befitting his station and yet irrevocably soiled his image with maize import scandals in his office-actually his list of amusing open air faux pas should be savoured for another day.
This post is to welcome our 4th president Uhuru Kenyatta.
Official results just in have Uhuru at just over 50% with Raila at 43%;a difference of roughly 800,000 votes. Lower than I though but good enough. As is to be expected the faux revolutionary had his team invent all manner of monkey tricks at the IEBC hall to 'prove' their claims of rigging but to no avail.
Some interesting electoral shenanigans definitely did occur,however proving the West went beyond moral support of Raila Amolo Odinga, a man whose history would convince intelligent voters not to place him within walking distance of State House.
On the first day there was a near total failure of the IEBC computer system-results couldn't be transmitted to Nairobi for tallying. Reliable reports indicate the Americans hacked the system-remember their man, Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of African Affairs on U.S ,a relatively junior officer,publicly stated there would be consequences for electing ICC indictees? Though he was immediately contradicted by his boss , Jendayi Frazier,many Kenyans felt his was the Washington voice.
As the ballot count reached day 2,well known agents of the Brits,in the person on Maina Kiai, an experienced civil society agitprop specialist began demanding the unthinkable-to include spoiled votes,the numbering 300,000 in the count,doubtless to inflate Odinga's number. That this has never happened in elections anywhere shows their determination in pushing Raila.
In the end,however the 'tyranny of numbers' was too strong. The West has accepted the inevitable-for now. They'll simply recalibrate restrategize and return with yet more tricks to gain control. For the reader unaware of exactly whats at stake,a reminder. Lamu port will be the terminal of all S.Sudanese,Ugandan,Kenyan and possibly S.Somali oil from Jubbaland(at least in the near future). When all the oil fields are at optimum capacity expect some 2mn bpd.conservatively,roughly 200 mn $ daily.

Apart from the obvious economic benefits,Kenya will escape the Western economic strait jacket,the tread mill of London/Washington bankster mandated action without progress that marks nearly the whole 3rd world.The perpetual grind of a low wage,primary exporter nation non mineral economy can be escaped.
Also the Middle East as an oil market will decrease in importance as Lamu comes of age. Ships can cut shipping times and reduce  risks ultimately significantly lowering the consumer oil price,a win-win for everyone.
Verily,the stakes of this election  for the Anglo jews were almost as important as those of the Kenyan voter. Uhuru,underrated by many,understands these issues better than most. Like his successor,Kibaki, the quiet Keynesian he has the will and the skills to compel Kenya to new middle income status.

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