Tuesday 18 June 2013


On June 3rd a chartered East African Safari jet left Nairobi for Lagos with 7 officials and 3 Nigerian nationals,declared prohibited immigrants. In a drama worthy of a horrible Nollywood script the script was turned on the Kenyans when authorities at Murtala Moh'd airport seized them and their jet swearing not to release them til they allowed the 3, Christopher Nnanyelu, Oluwatosin Adebiyi and Antony Chinedu to return to Nairobi.

Antony Chinedu arrived in Nairobi some 6 years back.

 He married one Joyce Akinyi,who herself had interesting drug involved run ins with the police. Those who know her roots in grimy Eastleigh say only  her kisnhip with a serving topcop kept her out of the slammer. At this time she had a penchant for threatening bank managers who questioned the source of the tens of thousands of dollar deposits she regularly made.

When the marriage soured she used her contacts with police to grab his property including the deep west resort in Nairobi West.

Its obvious to anyone in Nairobi  these Nigerians are as crooked as bananas. What is perturbing is the (semi?) official Nigerian government unilateralism that flouts international conventions. To seize and detain foreign working civil servants on government business was often the pretext for war in less settled times. Chinedu's interview indirectly confirmed he has Lagos authorities on his team.
He said by phone yesterday: “They detained me till Monday (last week) when they finally deported me via a chartered flight. They seized my three iphones, those of my wife (another Nigerian wife) and my friends that were in my house. They then took us to an isolated place and held me incommunicado without food, bathing water and ventilation.
I saw hell, my brother. In fact, they treated me like an animal and made it difficult for the Nigerian mission in Nairobi officials to know where we were.” The Nigerian High Commission could not be reached for comment yesterday. Chinedu added: “I commend the decision of the Nigerian authorities to ground that controversial chattered aircraft.
That plane would be enough to pay for my property. I can even forget about pressing for other damages because I don’t even want to go back to Kenya.”

This episode is surprising only to those unversed in the real face of Nigeria,away from the PR of anticorruption drives and endless FDI seminars. The land where law means nothing,where everything is for sale and life itself  is cheap and the men with guns charged to protect  life are simply uniformed thugs.

The following anecdote is the reality of Nigerian law enforcement. A Kenyan cop was returning home via Lagos from Sierra Leonian peacekeeping duties about a decade ago. At Murtala Moh'd airport the local cops discovered he had his whole years pay- in dollars!
To cut a long story short he was forced to trade his heard earned 30 k $ for his life. Such accounts are legion. Cash is like crack under the nose of a crack hoe to these people. There is also an arrogant contempt for those deemed beneath them expressed as almost US style unilateralism of action-ask Cameroonians,Ghanians or Ivorians how Nigerians destroyed their credentials rushing to remove legally elected Gbagbo from office in Cote de Ivoire January 2011 on behalf of the West.
They were openly boasting how the Nigeria army could destroy the entire country. Sierra Leonians and Liberians could also tell tales of how much they lost during the decade long Nigerian led ECOMOG intervention through mass looting,murder and rape.
However this deportee saga plays out,it won't end well for Nigeria.

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