Saturday 12 October 2013


Human beings know only what they've been exposed to. Their life experiences are limited to what they can see,touch,feel and smell-that forms the basis of our collective reality. Therefore we know that the global dirty tricksters,the CIA are here to help humanity by arresting terrorists and keeping tabs on evildoers with unorthodox,highly entertaining means.
We Know this because we have been so informed repeatedly by the owners of the CIA via their various entertainment interlinked media arms in film and print.

Jon Voigt's degenerate anorexic carpet munching daughter,Angelina Jolie as a CIA agent on the run in Salt.

Claire Danes,playing bipolar Carrie Mathison of the CIA obsessed with secret terror cells. 

Piper Perabo stars in Covert Affairs

Maya of Zero dark thirty who personally led the hunt for Osama.

The naive public having been successfully predictively programmed with images of passionate attractive young Anglo women will go to sleep knowing the CIA only wants to vanquish evil bearded misogynistic suicide bombers (so Muslim females can find their inner hoe like Miley et al and be free!)after which they can fight global warming and then save the whales.
The fact that the real function of this Langley, Virginia based organisation is mass murder, global drug trafficking,ensnaring countries in the grip of London and Washington based banksters is thus consigned to the loony bin known as 'conspiracy theory.'
A Russian defector in the eighties gave a startling insight into the pathologies of the premier intel agencies. He found identical complexes in both the Russian  and American systems rooted in latent homosexuality.

Gregory Klimov found that behaviours stemming from the homo ethos,mainly sadism,narcissism and contempt for human life were at the foundations of both Communism and the 'free' American system. The leaders projected their pathologies throughout their respective national fabrics.Obviously,they therefore actively sought out individuals with these same traits to do their bidding.

Bond,James Bond as we all know. Or is he?

Or is s/he/it the real one?

The innate mindframe of the top ecehelon intel operators of the World Mafia Reich brings us to the horrible death of an Indian man in the mid 60s. By all accounts,extremely intelligent,highly educated but more-he was useful,the kind of selfless patriot any nation would be glad to have. Homi Jehangir Babha,the father of India's nuclear program was a visionary. It was he who convinced then PM Jawahrlal Nehru to develop nukes after the disastrous defeat in the Himalayas at Chinese hands in 1962.

He directed the first nuclear research institutes,Trombay Atomic Energy Establishment,renamed in his honour and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.
 By now,Dear Reader,you should know this is a serious no-no. The 3rd world isn't meant to develop such technology. He was warned and when he ignored all threats the decision was made in Washington.

A former CIA officer made a death bed confession of how they blew up his plane over the Swiss alps. What is remarkable is that even in the late winter of his life,Robert Crowley,of the Directorate of Plans was still unaffected by the deaths of innocents.
The human condition is such that we all desire absolution when we sense the road of life is at an end. All of us buddhists,Muslims,Christians and/or Jews no matter how casual in our faith seek to depart this world with a clean conscience. This ex CIA agent instead gives us a lesson in psychotic glee and sadistic non chalance in his personal role in the death of over a hundred human beings.

We had trouble,
you know, with India back in the 60s when they got uppity and started
work on an atomic bomb. Loud mouthed cow-lovers bragging about how
clever they were and how they, too, were going to be a great power in
the world.
The thing is, they were getting into bed with the Russians.
Of course, Pakistan was in bed with the ****** so India had to find
another bed partner. And we did not want them to have any kind of
nuclear weaponry because God knows what they would have done with it.
Probably strut their stuff like a Washington nigger with a brass
watch. Probably nuke the *****.
They're all a bunch of neo-coons
anyway. Oh yes, and their head expert was fully capable of building a
bomb and we knew just what he was up to. He was warned several times
but what an arrogant prick that one was. Told our people to **** off
and then made it clear that no one would stop him and India from
getting nuclear parity with the big boys. Loud mouths bring it all
down on themselves. Do you know about any of this?
 FORMER CIA OFFICER ROBERT T CROWLEY: Was, Gregory, let's use the
past tense if you please. Name was Homi Bhabha. That one was
dangerous, believe me. He had an unfortunate accident. He was flying
to Vienna to stir up more trouble when his BOEING 707 had a bomb go
off in the cargo hold and they all came down on a high mountain way up
in the Alps . No real evidence and the world was much safer.

FORMER CIA OFFICER ROBERT T CROWLEY: Well, I call it as it see it.
At the time, it was our best shot. And we nailed Shastri as well.

Another cow-loving rag head. Gregory, you say you don't know about
these people. Believe me, they were close to getting a bomb and so
what if they nuked their deadly **** enemies? So what? Too many people
in both countries. Breed like rabbits and full of snake-worshipping
I don't for the life of me see what the Brits wanted in India .
And then threaten us?

When asked if there was any way to kill Bhabha and lessen the collateral damage he could only say , Well, you've been in that game
so why be so holy over a bunch of dead ragheads?Who cares, Gregory? We got the
main man and that was all that mattered. You ought not criticize when
you don't have the whole story.

Air India flight 101 Bombay-London

 The Swiss alps

 That's the Satanic mentality of the gatekeepers for the Elites. Unparalleled racism vies for supremacy with utter contempt for humanity. With such individuals anything is possible-its wise to ask whenever a plane crashes:who was flying;equally important who was meant to be flying?
In a pointer to CIA involvement in the Lockerbie crash Magnus Malan,then S African chief of Defence forces and Pik Botha,the foreign minister cancelled their Europe to New York flight and have never explained why.
Alternative theories of the exposure of agency heroin dealing in Beirut and the murder of whistle blowers aboard Pan am 103 have since come forward. Again,with the Crowley types in charge at the CIA expect anything.


  1. The global Elite are malignant narcissists. Most of their misdeeds are rooted in this pathology. Those they chose or allow to serve them share this dysfunction.

  2. This CIA agent Robert Crowley is a racist, a mass murderer and have no conscience. Crowley called the Indian neo coons, rag heads, cow worshipers, snake worshipers. He called African American niggers with a brass watch. I think those people still have the same racism mentality today hidden behind their racist smile.

  3. I really cried afrter reading this. We lost 2 great man who were capable of changing the India's future

    1. Yes,Gopi. Its important to realise the West will DO ANYTHING TO RETAIN THEIR TECHNOLOGICAL SUPERIORITY. Lives,especially non Western lives don't matter.