Thursday 8 January 2015


On December 2 a fire broke out at house in leafy Runda. To the surprise of the fire brigade and the accompanying cops  an astonishing number of both neighbouring and occupying Chinese objected to their presence.

They occupied 3 houses. Here's one.

The other.

The home at which one died in a fire incident.

The boys in blue quickly discovered a reason for their collective reticence. Firstly all the homes had mattresses blocking the windows,dormitory type accommodation to handle the 70+  Chinese occupants and enough hardware to almost run a ground satellite station. There were satellite dishes ,secure hi speed  internet and in house servers suggesting a serious operation .

Some in court on December15th  where they were charged with providing unlicensed telecommunication services. Blank bank chip style ATMs were also recovered.

Everyone assumed it was a case of hackers getting busted-which it was;but not quite. These guys had been in business for the last 3 years. They'd been hired by the Chinese embassy who were formally requested by the Kenya government to run a counter intel hacking operation on the local Brits and Israelis. The Chinese are certainly experienced and they are our friends.

The CIA thinks this 12 story Shanghai building is the HQ of their elite government sponsored warfare centre.

Ideally the NIS technical branch should have their own hacking  set up (and they do) but foreigners provide deniability which is always paramount in these cases. In this case relevant players in the local police hadn't been informed and did their duty but notice since the arraignment mid last month everything's gone silent.
 Its apparent that some,  maybe many of the 76 or so Chinese were diligent hackers reading emails,stealing data and inserting malware in the Anglo Zionist secure e networks but at least a few were freelancing,witness the many blank chip cards found.
Dear Reader,this episode is simply another in the long running tale of developing nations fighting back wisely. Using proxies and playing in the shadows-our 'allies' have mislead us for long enough.

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  1. Great Job Kenya government for hiring the Chinese hackers for counterintelligence .The Kenyan government is becoming very sophisticated, the Nigerian government should do the same.