Monday 19 May 2014


On the 15th of this month the British FCO issued an imminent terror warning saying intel reports indicated imminent attacks on Western interests in the coastal city of Mombasa. Unlike other occasions when they were content to simply issue warnings they evacuated their citizens from Mombasa. Also,a day later like clockwork ten Kenyans were killed in the capital Nairobi from a double IED bombing.
As of now 4 days later 500 of their citizens have been flown out by charter jet. These acts are all scripted in Terror Central,the Western world,Washington,London,Paris and Tel Aviv. A highly experienced retired Russian general Leonid Ivashov explained the whole phenomenon almost a decade ago.

he now explains that international terrorism does not exist and that the September 11 attacks were the result of a set-up. What we are seeing is a manipulation by the big powers; this terrorism would not exist without them

The whole article is really worth a read. Basically Gen. Ivashov,with his wealth of insider international geopolitical knowledge breaks down the mechanics of terror naming the players involved,the retired and serving intel officers all working to manipulate individuals through the use of terror to accept a unipolar world.
The actions of Boko Haram,a group of ignorant Islamic hardliners who burst upon the scene in 2009 with their predictable atrocities can thus be better understood.

The aftermath of the first Maiduguri massacre in 2009 when the world first heard of Boko Haram. The army attacked a BH base in Maiduguri killing hundreds. Seen here are the prisoners shot after the operation.

Behind their hundreds of videos are interesting facts:
-There are Nigerian Christians in Boko Haram with their own anti Islamic agenda
-there are 2 maybe even 3 or 4 BH franchises;the Nigerian DSS stated last year the BH Leader Shekau was killed in action last year.Pray tell,who then is the Shekau purportedly behind the schoolgirl kidnap?

There have been no new videos of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau that have been released through the usual channels to Nigeria’s media used prior to his stated death. All new purported videos have surprisingly come from a single source, France news, and have been released as 10 second clips, sometimes of old videos with superimposed vocals.

For an incisive analysis of these media shenanigans go here:

Incidentally,the  Nigerian schoolgirl crisis allows for the next phase-internationalisation through the arrival of foreign troops to assist in anti BH efforts;though judging from numerous blogs and websites Nigerians are now aware of the real terror controllers. To their credit unlike Kenyans,they've seen through the dog eared playbook of the World Rapers control mechanisms and have seen the terror game for what it is.
 The timing of the latest Al Shabab double bombings raises questions for the observer: it came barely 3 days after Chinese PM Li Qeqiang came to Nairobi for a face to face with Kenyatta and signed a series of deals worth almost 4 bn $.

Dear Reader,take it from the General,international terrorism does not exist!


On the other end of the continent,Nigeria has suffered horribly from Boko Haram depradations. Last year there was the Chibok Girls psyop where over 200 girls were kidnapped from their school dorm.

They were kidnapped from far flung Bornu state bordering Cameroon and Chad.

Their case played  a major role bringing BH to the worlds consciousness-as it was meant to. Everybody from John and Jane Q. Public to Kanye West,Madonna and Beyonce to the First Tran-(oops,sorry!) First Lady spread the message about cruel misogynistic Islamofascists.

Anglo Zionists fav media gal,Christianne Amanpour and David Cameron.

And then- GASSSSPP! Like a comic book bad guy,the BH leader,Abubakar Shekau,in either his second or third reincarnation threatened to sell the girls as slaves! Yes,he did!

As the Nigerian election reached their predetermined conclusion,one of the worlds most experienced counter insurgency warfare specialists was on the ground.

Eeben Barlow,a former S African army officer and founder of Executive Outcomes,a private military contracting firm comprising ex SADF and Namibian veterans from the 1980s bush war. His outfit was instrumental in defeating  rebels in both Angola and Sierra Leone.

EO was banned by the S African government in the mid 90s and it morphed into another outfit named STTEP,Specialised Tasks,Training  Equipment and Protection International. STTEP was on scene Nigeria first quarter 2015 doing what they do  and suffered 2 KIA in March in a friendly fire accident with the army.

When someone with his CV explains how BH is armed you REALLY should listen: The smuggling is conducted “largely by coerced and co-opted members and supporters of the enemy. In some instances, it has been by helicopter delivery to the enemy’s strongholds. We are unaware of any African-based anti-government force that flies around in helicopters,” Barlow said. “The weapons consist mainly of small arms, machine guns, explosives, and shoulder-launched anti-tank systems. However, unless the enemy is totally destroyed, it is only a matter of time before more sophisticated weaponry makes its way into Nigeria.”

He further added:
“Prisoners have told us that Boko Haram is and has been supplied and supported by ‘Europeans’ who have arrived in their safe areas by helicopter.”

Dear Reader,I am now done because

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  1. Glad to see you back Mwaura Kinuthia, I like your developing world analysis of world politic. I agree with the Russian general Ivashov the world terrorist groups are the mercenary army of the world imperialist and neo colonial power.