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At first he epitomised all the AngloJewish Imperium hated: black,male,Communist and a lawyer he was the embodiment of evil often caricatured with horns and a tail in the early 60s. Later the same people would idealise him with teary eyed affection exemplified by Brit PM David Cameron's Saul like conversion. In the 80s as  a Young Tory studying in Cambridge he publicly called for Mandela' hanging.

However he denies any role in this and after Mandela's death tweeted: "Nelson Mandela was a hero of our time. A great light has gone out in the world."The word of a professional politician.

Whatever the case in the late 60s the S A intel bureau,BOSS tried to kill him instigating a fake escape attempt from Robben Island but Brit intel scotched the plan. This was the first hint that  TPTB with their notoriously long range strategic planning perhaps had an eye on the Xhosa lawyer from the Transkei.
In fact some go as far as to say he was a Brit agent beginning at this period. While impossible to confirm he was definitely an active player in the World's neo colonial agenda for Africa.

He was a Knight of Malta,the Global Elite's preferred secret society.

Also,he was very close,too close in the eyes of many ANC cadres to S A's real rulers,the Jews,the richest homogenous community on the continent. No surprise since the Mossad trained him back in 1962.

Here he is just after his 1990 prison release with Ronnie Kasrils,a senior ANC figure and later intel  minister.

Joe Slovo,like many of his tribe double timed as a member of the SA communist party  and the ANC.
He actually commanded the ANC armed wing.

In fact the famous Rivonia farm where prisoner 46664 was captured was owned by one Arthur Goldreich,an active communist who left to assist in the mass murder of the true Semites of Israel's state formation. Jailed for life along with the other co conspirators to sabotage and violent insurrection he somehow escaped-GASPPP!

But then again the ANC like the NAACP was always top heavy with Jews. Here's Albie Sachs,later Supreme Court judge.

At 80,000 of the 5 million white population given their presence in the upper reaches of SA society,the Chosenites surely can't complain about marginalisation in the new dispensation

Mandela,though he often gave his considerable moral weight to the Palestinian cause,and led a secret effort along with Tutu and Kofi Annan facilitated by Richard Branson to avert the Iraq War 2,(Saddam had agreed to go into exile and hand over power but the Zionists needed their war) he was surprisingly pro TPTB on African issues.
He supported the official Global Elite line:
 -on the theory that HIV causes AIDS causes death
-the Tutsi invasion of the DRC in 98,though it was still early and most had not pierced the angelic halo of these 'genocide survivors' 
When Mbeki,his successor reversed his policies on these 2 matters insiders say he wrote himself out of a job. Similarly Mugabe's,or rather Zimbabwe's sufferings began when he decided to assist the Congolese against the ever eager Anglo Jewish regional errand boys,the Tutsi. The 20 trillion dollar plus known mineral reserves of the DRC have always been a source of  instability and trauma.
The true left wing ANC followers were disappointed. Expecting to see dispossessed whites flee en masse leaving behind their wealth they now seek succour in Julius Malema's siren songs of anger and revenge.

 The more exposed observers accept though Mandela's hands were tied by the usual Zionist forces he meant the best. S Africa has been one of the most profitable outposts of their world syndicate- right from the start,many of the mining magnates were Jews. The first Randlords, the Alfred Beits and Barney Barnatos were Jews while many say the arch land grabber and  mineral thief Cecil Rhodes was himself a crypto Zionist.

Also fact is that the Oppenheimers,todays undisputed overlords of the new S Africa holding tens of billions throughout all sectors of the economy are also the leaders of that country's Jewish community.

Nicky,present ,scion of the Oppenheimer clan worth an accepted 7 bn $

Dear Reader,Mandela was many  things: while he was no conman like Fidel or a pathological mass murderer like Mao questions must always remain as to his true feelings and place in history. Was he content to be a mere Obama basking in unearned plaudits as a saviour while merely being a face transplant for the real rulers?
Hopefully this will help answer.

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  1. The Western banking and royal elite use the law of duality or Hegelian dialectic to control both the right and left side of the political system. During WW1, WW2 and the cold war the international banking family controlled both side of the conflicts. International banking agent the communist Lenin states to control the opposition we have to lead it ourselves. The European banking and royal elites have used Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and, Nelson Mandela to pacified Indian and black people and protected their interest.