Wednesday 17 December 2014


The citizens of the land down under have always been a loyal ally of the Mother Country;or rather they've been a loyal pillar of the London based AngloZionist Elite. Oz has participated in all their Masters resource grabs and wars-they've sent contingents to the Boer war,Gallipoli campaign in WW1,WW2,Korea,Vietnam,Iraq and Afghanistan.

Capt.Peter Shilston in S Vietnam

Aussies in Iraq

In Afghanistan

Yes,Dear Reader,the Digger has for long been famous for his yeomen service to the ZioElite.
I heard this song in preschool and it remained burned in my conscience ever since:Waltzing Matilda,a tribute to the Digger for their Iraq service.

The worlds largest,sparsely populated island is also home to many US bases. These include all 4 US armed forces branches for communications purposes ,jointly run facilities,training,weather and secret scientific research involving mind control and  even more unbelievable stuff.

During the Iraq war their PM was John Howard;a typical yesman to Londons dictates.

He tried to strike the Churchilian pose during his 1996-2007 tenure but is best remembered for the Hobart massacre false flag which happened barely a month after he became PM in mid March 96.

Martin Bryant,then 28, allegedly shot 35 people in Port Arthur. Each victim was shot twice in the head

at close range in a cafeteria. In an enclosed space like the Broad Arrow Café, targets would have to be shot in a careful sequence with split-second timing to maximise the kill rate. Yet the Broad Arrow Café gunman managed a kill rate well above that required of a fully trained soldier—an impossible task for a man like Bryant, with an IQ in the mid-60s and his total lack of military training. Vialls concluded that the shooter was a military-trained marksman who would probably rank among the top 10 or 20 shooters in the world.

He was simply a patsy, the fall guy there to deflect attention away from the real shooters.

In truth the shooters were a pair of specially imported Chosenites-the killing was to fulfill one of their favourite programs;creating a climate conducive to gun control. It worked-Howard worked to take away guns with predictable results.

From here isn't too far to the gripping drama of last nights Sydney cafe siege. 2 customers,and Monis himself died  as Aussie cops stormed in freeing the captives.

Its very likely that like Osama and purportedly,even Ahmedinahjad,Monis was Jewish. The 50 year old Sheikh Haron Monis aka Manteghi Bourjerdi comes from Borujerd in Louristan,western Iran. The town has always been a haven for Jews,ever since the Islamic conquest of Persia in the 640s.
Hard numbers weren't possible to find but there are enough Chosenites in Borujerd to have their own dialect.   in western Iran), Judeo-Borujerdi (spoken in the city of Borujerd and elsewhere in Lorestan Province, in western Iran),

What's known apart from his interesting history is that he worked very hard to be the Big Bad Muslim: he wrote abusive letters to the families of KIA Aussie diggers, was accessory to his ex-wife Noleen Payson Hal's murder in November 2013 (she was stabbed and set alight) and was very likely not even a real sheikh which means a man learned in Islamic jursiprudence.
In his last October court appearance he was charged with over 30 indecent assault cases relating to over 30 women! Only a man well connected with official intel agencies and law enforcement can keep his head above such tides of judicial wrath. Obviously all this was to establish his bona fides as a Muslim Beast.
As far back as 2009 real Shia clergy publicly challenged his knowledge on a Melbourne radio station. One real clergyman said he was incoherent and could only repeat himself.

All deaths are horrible but compared to other false flags this operation was merciful. Only the manager,Tory Johnson and a customer,Katrina Dawson,along with Manteghi Bourjerdi aka Sheikh Haron Monis  died.Predictably Oz PM,Tony Abbott called for increased  terror surveillance and gun control-thankfully he stopped short of bleating about carbon emissions  and the other ZioIlluminati obsessions.

 This particular false flag as is often the case was a diversion for another ongoing operation-a massive murder of kids in Pakistan. While our collective conscience was fixed on the siege of the Lindt cafe in Sydney, Australia, a truly satanic undertaking exhibiting the true nature of the Beast that rules London.
In Peshawar,in the North west,Taliban fighters attacked an army school killing 130 kids. Supposedly it was revenge for an army operation against the Taliban in the North Waziristan tribal area.

Some of the fortunate few survivors

By now,Dear Reader,you should know there is no horror to which the Architects of Disorder will not stoop. Nothing ,not even the slaughter of kids is beneath them:the worst thing is its not even their first  time.

In September 2004 a group of terrorists variously described as between 10-15 took almost 800 kids and over 200 adults hostage at School Number One in Beslan,North Ossetia. CNN immediately gave the game away somehow they had live footage of the basketball court wherein the captives were held,indirectly confirming it was  a false flag.

All laptops and phones had already been confiscated by this point. 2 days later,paramedics were called to remove bodies lying outside the building. Bombs began exploding;the Russian specops went in and 19 were shot from behind. This opened up a perimeter gap through which many terrorists escaped.

 The aftermath of Beslan:what we've come to expect of Zionist false flags. Some of the 385 dead.

Less than a week later the broadcast quality videos of the interior of the building were released-they originated from CNN HQ,Atlanta ,Georgia. The Zionist agents paid-in Egypt. Putin who had sworn to make the perps pay was true to his word.

A month later on October 7th,a micronuke went off at the Hilton in the Sinai peninsula Egypt.The hotel was preferred by CIA/Mossad types since it was in protected territory of Mubarak's Egypt  and close to Eilat

A day later Israeli IDF commenced rescue operations.

The explosion happened amidst a round table discussion amongst CIA/Chosenites and Russian executives of oil giant Yukos on how to sabotage Russian oil industry.

4 of the latter are still listed as missing-their bodies completely disintegrated. You can see the damage in the wing they were meeting.

For the ZioElite agents;this is for you: we,your victims won't always be poor,ignorant and confused. That's a promise;tell your bosses. There's a limit to your mass murdering contempt of the Ordinary. Our present 3rd world situation as desperate as it seems,isn't preordained;despite your racial belief system we can overcome as many of us are doing.
When that day comes and enough of us we have our own micronukes and delivery systems,or even higher tech weapons  and are capable of seeking justice not vengeance for the ocean of pain and suffering inflicted by Zionism you'll understand the pain of bad karma.


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