Saturday 13 December 2014


On the surface both incidents were identical. Innocent black kids shot by white or near white semi-cops.In the Trayvon case,the father colluding with his girlfriend sacrificed his own son to move up the Masonic ladder. In the Mike Brown case almost immediately after the August 9th shooting parallels were drawn.

They seemed convincing.

Brown's dad on the left and Trayvon's dad could be brothers.

Many,with what seems premature haste, rushed to claim the Brown case a similar affair. As always,things are never what they seem. The truth is now apparent-like Hurricane Katrina in 2005 the endgame is scripted by the usual Corporate Interests to buy up black real estate cheaply.
To refresh your memory in late August 2005 Hurricane Katrina formed over the Caribbean like any other tropical cyclone. Its trajectory was so strange veteran weathermen publicly declared it was 'steered.'

On August 25th it hit S Florida with heavy rains and 70 knot winds.Much weakened, the storm system shifted back to the Caribbean. Over a 24 hour period it grew to a  Category 5 hurricane defying the laws of physics: due to the direction of the earth's rotation hurricanes above the equator tending west always curve north east.
At one time it was headed for Mexico and then Texas! Northwest news affiliate meteorologist Scott Stevens was sure the weather was being deliberately manipulated. With 72-hour forecasts persistently and wildly wrong across the USA, this veteran TV weatherman was convinced that sophisticated forecasting models were not accounting for “artificial weather” betraying the “hand of man” in formerly natural processes.

When the Hurricane hit the disaster was compounded by the destruction of the levees holding Lake Ponchartrain just above New Orleans. The lower part of the city, the poorer 9th ward had the highest rate of Black American home ownership.

The hurricane and L Ponchartrain waters flooded New Orleans with the greatest disaster in the lower black areas. Federal and state authorities forbid blacks to evacuate. Many residents were stranded for days on their rooftops in what resembled 3rd world scenes.

Indeed many African observers publicly wondered aloud whether this was the same America that launched space missions and ruled the Earths  waves with its impregnable supercarriers.

These musings totally missed the real story. Federal and state authorities along with private military contractors prevented black residents from fleeing using deadly force. Worse,of the 3500 death toll are over a 1000 kids,65% black still unaccounted for. Many told of helicopters hovering above rooftops with the crew chiefs insisting on saving the kids first after which they'd return for the parents and guardians-in all too many cases they never returned.
Yes,Dear Reader,over a thousand kids are still missing from Hurricane Katrina,kidnapped in all likelihood by the US government. Ban ki Moon,Oprah,Sting and the Pope,the usual collective conscience of the world have all remained silent. In all likelihood their suffering ended in Elite ritual sacrifice rituals with their bodies (mis)used for medical research-there's a long running American program to harvest melanin rich organs from dead blacks especially youth.
At Ground Zero,the 9th ward only 10% of the original black householders returned. New Orleans,a historically black city is now only 20% black. Prominent Zionists along with Californian actors such as Sandra Bullock and Sean Penn bought large flood damaged properties for pennies on the dollar-the program continues to this day assisted by a State legislature actively conniving to disenfranchise blacks.

Ferguson,Missouri riots were all part of a wider plan with similar elements-big Zionist business,poor blacks,deliberate media distortions and unresponsive local authorities. Possibly the only complete innocent in all this was poor 18 year old  Mike Brown whose role in the script was to lie dead for 4 hours in full view inflaming everyone.

Nobody can say for sure exactly when the script was written :what's known is that the plan for Ferguson's urban renewal was unveiled the previous year. The plan called for reducing the value of the existing businesses,obviously to encourage selling.

2 months to the unrest,in a fit of hubris the developers produced this brochure unwisely detailing their intent.

For the work of an insider and experienced researcher who breaks it all down from the use of bussed in agent provocateurs with incendiary devices and strangely reticent cops read this:

Its truly an eyeopener toward understanding the depths the ZioElite will go. All the pathologies of their behaviour are there-the conceit,the racist arrogance that made them take the life of a  black kid  and of course greed.
Dear Reader,read the above link.


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  1. It is very sad, evil satanic rich people are killing black people to worship satan, cause riot and make money.